Arium fauna & flora

Arium fauna & flora


good experience as always.animal came in healty and accept food right away ! and plants were in perfect condition couldnt ask for more 🙂 animal are still in their temporary enclosure but here some picture !
They are the best in the market they have awesome animals and awesome service ! I recommend you at 100%
Any calathea orbifolia for sale?
Do you or are you able to get Medinilla Magnifica?

Your one-stop shop for leafy greens and scaly things!

Photos from Arium fauna & flora's post 09/23/2022

Extra large burle marx flames available !!
Shipping available for Canada and USA


Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.

Photos from Arium fauna & flora's post 04/30/2021

Big secret restock just happened !
Go check it out


Going to be doing a mega purge post here today !
Stay tuned !


Sneak peak at our new greenwalls ;)

For more info email us at : [email protected]


Restock is live !


Lots of discounts on the website this weekend, especially on the plant packs.

Go check it out : - Rare exotic plants in Canada 08/26/2020 - Rare exotic plants in Canada

Just did a secret restock on the website.

some have told me they dont like fighting for the plants so I will do a few unanounced restocks this week so everyone gets a chance !

checkout the website often : - Rare exotic plants in Canada


I make street art to make people smile - Art by Rudy Willingham

Very nice idea :)

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Little restock today !

Go check it out ;)


Hey guys so today is my Bday and I am feeling generous :)

I put 15$ off on the entire store until Monday.
Discount should apply automatically at checkout.
if not code is : BDAY

Have a wonderful weekend guys :)

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New little restock is live !! Go check it out guys !!

Also use code SHIP for free shipping.

5 uses only so be quick !

Photos from Arium fauna & flora's post 07/15/2020

Todays species spotlight is anthuriums:
get 20% discount code on any of these with code : WAROC

Photos from Arium fauna & flora's post 07/15/2020

Todays species spotlight is
Philodendeon gloriosum,philodendron pastazanum silver and philodendeon rodhoaxis lewisii

I have added all 3 to the website.

There is a great 20% off discount on gloriosum for the rest of the week. Use code PHILO .

Photos from Arium fauna & flora's post 07/13/2020

Gonna do things differently this week, will be posting big mother plants and specials on smaller plants of the same species.

Today's showcase is anthurium versicolor and anthurium furcatum.
Check them out here :

Both anthurium versicolor and furcatum are on discount this week.
Use code AROIDADDICT to get the discount.

Photos from Arium fauna & flora's post 07/11/2020

New restock is live. Here is a few pics of what is available.
Happy friday everyone :)


Busy monday today, I will try and ship most orders today.

I have no promotion for this week but I am happy to announce that the top 5 biggest spenders of last month will win 75$each in instore credit.

Amanda Bryanton,
Erika Higgins,
Dominic Cyr,
Emma lenna lezard,
Kim Stever.
Please contact me to redeem your code.

For the others, be sure to join up on our points program to get great deals & freebies.


Law & Order: SPU

My new favorite tv show hahaha

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Did a half restock this friday.
received carnivorous plants right at restock time so I had to switch around my priorities,
These babies needed some tlc.

Will add more anthuriums and carnivorous plants to the website tommorrow and maybe a promo code or 3 ;)

Plant on !


Quick biological question of upmost importance !

Ps: small restock around 5pm


OK so the code thing didnt work and many of you messaged me about it. it was not fair for me to pick 3 people amongst everyone so I will expand the deal to everyone for this entire week.

Every 200$+ order placed from Today(Sunday) until next friday 5pm
will get a free anthurium waterburyanum added to their order.

To receive your free anthurium you need to contact me in private or comment your order number below.

Plant on plant fam.


Use code 30$OFF to get 30$ off your entire order. There is only 5 uses so be quick !


Restock is LIVE !


Hey, I am doing a new restock at 5 today!!!
Dont tell anyone ;)

Photos from Galápagos Conservancy's post 06/16/2020

Some good news today :)


Restock going live, slowly updating the website
Most philodendeons are up .

Photos from Arium fauna & flora's post 06/12/2020

Little restock going live in 2 hours.


We have almost reached 1500 members, we are 10 people short .

At 1500 I will be doing a small restock of our best sellers. (Sodiroi, plowmanii, albos etc)

It would mean the world to me if we could get 1500 by tommorrow, so please invite all your friends !!

Thank you


Alright most orders have been shipped. check your emails !

Only a few left in areas FEDEX doesnt ship to. I am looking at options and will contact the people concerned.

There is also 2 orders that the plant has been sold twice, 1 monstera thai constellation and 1 philodendron squamiferum.

Apparently when I was uploading to the website someone was refreshing like crazy and bought it the second I posted it and I refreshed and it said inventory 0 so I added another thinking it was my mistake.
I honnestly didnt think everything would sell so fast !
You guys are incredible !

I will give priority to the first person who purchased the plant.
And give a 25$ extra store credit for the 2nd person so they can pick another plant.

PS : Little restock tommorrow then the BIG restock next week.



In sight of the canada post delays affecting the Montreal area, I've decided to switch everyone to fedex overnight.FOR FREE

Please be patient as that takes some time on my end of things. I have to do all orders manually and there is like 80 of them from the restocks !

BUT that way, it assures you will get your plants safely and the next day once they ship.
This comes at no extra cost to you either,
lets just say its my way of saying thank you to all of you ;)

BUT WAIT, its not even over,
I have also worked my magic and applied great (HUGE) discounts to the fedex overnight shipping options. and have entirely removed canada post, (shoo be gone devil).
There will only be smooth sailing from now on.

You guys will have access to SUPER LOW fedex overnight prices.
just in time for next weeks MEGA restock ;)

Plant on my friends :)

Thank you


pic of baby toucan unrelated*

Postes Canada | 700 000 colis en attente de traitement à Montréal 06/06/2020

Postes Canada | 700 000 colis en attente de traitement à Montréal

Bad news ! exactly what I feared.
The situation in montreal is catastrophic.

I am looking at other carrier solutions and will probably bump everyone to fedex ground at the very least.

if you want to upgrade your shipping iI urge you to contact me so we can get that done.

I will not ship any canada post orders right now. it is a sure way of the plants arriving dead and no body wants that to happen.

Postes Canada | 700 000 colis en attente de traitement à Montréal Environ 700 000 colis sont présentement en attente de traitement de la part de Postes Canada et le syndicat des travailleurs des postes explique en partie cette situation parce que l'employeur refuse de livrer les colis en surtemps.


Second little restock going up tonight.
I am taking pictures right now.follow the progress on instagram :)

Photos from Arium fauna & flora's post 06/03/2020

Little announcement, I have discovered the anthurium salgarense I had are actually anthurium Decipiens which is actually way more rare.

I feel this species has been ignored by most collectors so I will give it a little history here.

Considered the holy grail of anthuriums by colletors. It has recently been described as a new species in 2019, it was known as salgarense but enough differences warranted a new species to be described and so it was split out of the salgarense species group.
With large & long bullate leaves it makes a really attractive specimen once at maturity.
Originally from the Colombian Andes in the Tamama massif at a altitude of 1300 to 2000m, it is a relatively easy species to grow and will tolerate a wide range of conditions from full sun to shade.

I have a few seedlings in 4 inch pots available.
check them out :

New helmet orchid species discovered in Palawan 06/03/2020

New helmet orchid species discovered in Palawan

Some good news in this chaotic world.

New helmet orchid species discovered in Palawan PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Palawan, Philippines —A new species of helmet orchid was discovered in Palawan province, a team of scientists has reported. Identified as Corybas circinatus, the wild

Photos from Arium fauna & flora's post 06/03/2020

First restock is up and the website is fully updated. Thank you everyone for following closely on the restock !
Sorry if I didnt answer today I wanted to get this done
I will answer everyone tonight.

Will dig around for more plants tommorrow too seeing how fast everything is going.

If you have a pending order and want to add plants but have paid shipping already, use the montreal pickup option and I will combine orders.

Ps: I have combined begonias with gesneriads and raphidophora with syngonium so its easier to find the new plants when scrolling on phone.

Thank you all


Get ready! Orders are gonna come in soon ;)

Hoyas, bromeliads,aroids,orchids ,carnivorous plants, and more.

I will post a list shortly.

Photos from Fractal Multiverse's post 05/19/2020

When someones says you are cute when you are mad XD

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contest answers and the Big winner reveal !!!
Unboxing Thailand Order !!
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