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"Overall, this is definitely my favorite meter and you see me grabbing it over my 87V or Metrahit Energy for any task I'd want to do in the field..."

5-star review of the Hioki USA DT4256 Multimeter featuring 11 basic functions and 0.3% DC basic accuracy.

Shop Now: https://bit.ly/3pe7ShN
Last chance to sign up for our FREE power quality webinar presented by Hioki USA! This free webinar is taking place today at 2pm EDT. Join us to hear from Hioki engineers and learn more about common power anomalies, remote data collection methods, international PQ standards, and more.

Sign Up: https://bit.ly/3gtwG1f
Join us Wednesday, June 3rd at 2pm EDT for a FREE power quality webinar presented by Hioki USA! In this live webinar, product experts and engineers from Hioki will discuss frequently observed power anomalies, international power quality standards, remote data collection methods, and more.

Sign Up: https://bit.ly/3cbr6NM
This is our "New Normal." We are so appreciative for the mask Donated by Jennifer Park with Hioki USA. Our staff and volunteers continue to safely working in Aunt Bette's Community Pantry during the COVID-19 crisis.

#NewNormal #AuntBettesCommunityPantry #StPhilips1600
Thanks Hioki USA for the donation of masks for our staff!
Our sincere thanks to the great team at Hioki USA - they donated 300 face masks to CitySquare to keep the Food Pantry team and volunteers safe. Thank you! #communityneverstops
In HIOKI's 2nd intercontinental WEB exhibition hosted by our colleagues of Hioki USA we present the exhibits prepared for the APEC exhibition. https://hiokiusa.com/apec-hioki-web-exhibition/
Check out hands-on T&M solutions:
1. Power analyzer PW6001 with phase shift correction function
2. High-bandwidth AC/DC current box PW9100 (up to 3MHz)
3. Industry-top high-speed recorder MR6000 (200MS/s)
4. Flat bandwith current probe CT6710
5. Imepdance Analyzer up to 3GHz bandwith IM7587
6. Flexibe test fixture IM9202 for impedance analyzers
7. New recorder LR8450 with up to 120 channels
Here's another season greetings to our Hioki fans from our friends and colleagues at Hioki USA! We may be miles apart, but our passion to build a better and safer society with Hioki instruments unites us. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
First day at ECCE 2019 happening now in Baltimore! Hioki USA
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Dear friends from HIOKI USA CORPORATION,

Nice to meet you!

It's my honor to meet your esteemed company at the CWIEME exhibition!You are welcome to send us your inquiry,thanks.

I would to like introduce myself as the marketing manager of Hangzhou Zhijing Magnetics Co.,Ltd,we are the manufacturer of permanent magnets,enclosed you can check the catalog of our factory,thanks.

Our products are widely used in motors,meters,sensors,detectors,engine,radar,and other high -tech fields,we have many customers from Europe and north America,I do hope our products can meet your requirements.

We will be stable quality, reasonable prices and better service for customers to provide satisfactory products.

Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated!

Best regards,
Hangzhou Zhijiang Magnetics Co., Ltd

Michael Cai/蔡康洪
Zhudong Village Industrial Zone,
Linpu Town,Xiaoshan,Hangzhou 311251,
Zhejiang Province,P.R.China
Tel: +86 571 82837863
Direct: +86 571 82836702
Fax: +86 571 82871538
Mobile: +86 18949032199
WhatsApp/Skype/Facebook/Wechat:+86 18949032199
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Manufacturer of Electrical, Electronic and Power testing equipment About HIOKI

Since 1935, Hioki EE. Corporation has been at the forefront of the electrical manufacturing industry, providing the finest electrical test and measuring instruments through advanced engineering and innovative technology.

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Exciting💻 live webinar coming your way with the hottest topic of the ☀️summer!
Get ready to learn how you can ""Evaluate solar system harmonics with a multimeter.""

📅Aug. 24, 2022
🕐1:00 PM CDT

You will learn:
🔹 How to use multimeters and clamp meters to analyze and manage harmonics in solar systems.
🔹 The importance of monitoring harmonics and where they come from.
🔹 An overview of how to measure harmonics, how to interpret the measurements, and how to send reports efficiently.

Grab your virtual seats today! Register online at:➡️

Timeline photos 08/03/2022

Who is ready for the ultimate solar panel maintenance? ☀️⚡
Hioki's Digital Multimeter DT4261 is the first multimeter with wireless communication to increase your work efficiency plus features that make it safer to use in the field! You can now say goodbye👋 to the complex and expensive instruments to measure harmonics.
The new DT4261 Solar Kit comes with the DC High Voltage Probe P2000 and the Wireless Adapter Z3210 which allows you to perform harmonic analysis by simply connecting to the complimentary Hioki GENNECT Cross application!

Key Features:
- Harmonics Analysis
- Ensuring safety by preventing erroneous test lead insertion
- Designed for use in extreme environments

🌐 For More Information: https://www.hioki.com/us-en/products/testers/dmm-3/id_108097

🛒 Hioki Digital Multimeter DT4261 Solar Kit: https://www.hiokiusastore.com/DT4261-Solar-KIT


What is aliasing?

💡If a measured signal oscillates at a higher frequency compared to the sampling rate you chose, the instrument may plot false waveforms oscillating at a frequency lower than that of the actual signal once the signal frequency reaches a certain level. This phenomenon is called aliasing.

☝🏼 To plot a sign wave that allows you to observe the peaks without any aliasing, the instrument needsto sample the waveform at a minimum of 25 points per cycle.

🧐 Check out the complete lineup of Hioki Data Acquisition (DAQ) Equipment here➡️


🧐Measuring coil resistances and need an accurate tester? We've got the perfect tester for you!
The Hioki Resistance Meter RM3544 utilizes the Four Terminal Method to accurately take measurements and present the true resistance with its temperature compensation function! This handy tester provides more than enough capabilities to measure solenoids, choke coils, transformers, motors, and many other coil components.

🌐Learn more about our RM3544: http://ow.ly/nQLP50K3C1X

Watch more videos at our Youtube Channel

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The Revolution of Power Analyzer is here to change the game💪
For modern inverter testing, HIOKI's latest Power Analyzer PW8001 provides the industry's highest accuracy with the largest number of channels and maximum flexibility. You can now get the most accurate efficiency measurements for the most challenging test conditions with the PW8001.

🌐 For More Information: http://ow.ly/Hp5Y50JYJyA

Key Features
✔️ Up to 8 modular power channels
✔️ Unrivalled accuracy for high currents at high frequencies
✔️ Best protection against external noise
✔️ Automatic phase shift correction
✔️ 15 MHz sampling rate and 18-bit A/D conversion
✔️ 1500 V DC CAT II voltage inputs

Get in touch with us:
➡️ [email protected]


🎞️Watch this short video to learn about electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and why it's important for analyzing a battery cell.
Nyquist (Cole-Cole) plots of Lithium-Ion batteries can provide invaluable insights into the battery chemistry and aid in research and development. This type of analysis has often been complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. Using Hioki's BT4560 Battery Impedance Analyzer connected to your PC, you can perform a frequency sweep quickly and easily, with the results plotted in real-time✌️
📘Learn More about the Battery Impedance Meter BT4560: http://ow.ly/znXW50IbQN6
Watch more videos at our Youtube Channel 📽️
Get in touch with us:
➡️ [email protected]
➡️ Live chat- www.hioki.com/us-en


Interactive, informative, and live!💻
📽️Watch our webinars and stay up to date with the latest technology in electrical test and measurement.
If you missed our latest presentation on How to build better battery cells faster, you can now re-watch it on our homepage under the Knowledge Center.


Timeline photos 07/07/2022

Have you had the chance to visit our new website?
We came back with a new url👉🏻www.hioki.com/us-en and many more features to let you explore some of the top industries as we define common issues and discuss solutions to overcome the electrical measurement challenges!
Head on over to check out the customized solutions to meet all of your Electrical Test & Measurement needs! 🌐https://www.hioki.com/us-en/industries-solutions

Get in touch with us:
➡️ [email protected]


Happy 4th of July Hioki Fans!
We wish you a happy, fun and safe Independence Day!


Grab your virtual front-row seat for Hioki USA's live [Build better battery cells faster] webinar!

📅June 29, 2022
🕐1:00 PM CDT

Registration Here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/1716546446728/WN_MkgoCXHaT7eJIuauF-ulWg

This webinar will give an overview and a demo showcasing the ultimate solutions to determine the battery's performance without extensive time, resources, and energy using the Slurry Analytical System. This holy grail system enables innovators to assess the electrical properties of the slurry before it gets deposited on an electrode sheet.

Come and tune into impactful, and actionable advice from the Hioki Experts! We'll see you soon!!

Questions? Contact us at: [email protected]

Capacitor testing with LCR meter 06/27/2022

Capacitor testing with LCR meter

Watch our video by Hioki's Application Engineer Ihsan Dalgic as he explains how an LCR meter works, and how to accurately measure the electrical parameters of a capacitor with Hioki's IM3536 LCR meter. ❓Want to find out the difference between an LCR meter and an Impedance Analyzer? Watch the video for the answer!

Watch more videos on our Youtube Channel:

🌐Learn more about our IM3536: https://www.hioki.com/us-en/products/lcr-meters/10-mhz/id_6057

Contact us today for a free Virtual Demo session: ➡️[email protected]

Capacitor testing with LCR meter Watch our video by Hioki's Application Engineer Ihsan Dalgic as he explains how an LCR meter works, and how to measure the electrical parameters of a capacit...


[Topic] Build better battery cells faster

📅June 29, 2022
🕐1:00 PM CDT

Do you want to learn how to build better battery cells faster?
Join us for our latest live webinar with the battery expert Jill Pestana on June 29th @ 1 p.m. CDT as we dive into cutting-edge technology, the Slurry Analytical System!

We will give you an overview and a demo showcasing the ultimate solutions to determine the battery's performance without extensive time, resources, and energy using the Slurry Analytical System. This holy grail system enables innovators to assess the electrical properties of the slurry before it gets deposited on an electrode sheet.

*You don't want to miss the exclusive giveaway to the lucky 3 winners! Save your virtual seat today!

❗Register for our upcoming webinar here:


Lithium-Ion batteries are everywhere! Including the device we are using to compose this post!🔋🎆

Ever wondered about its basic components? We got you!

There are four major components of a Lithium Ion battery:
• The anode (negative electrode) and cathode (positive electrode) store the lithium-ions during charging and discharging.
• Electrolyte carries the ions between the electrodes.
• Separator aids in avoiding contact between the electrodes. It blocks the flow of electrons and only allows ions to get through.

Check out how we cater to the Battery Sector➡️ https://www.hioki.com/global/learning/applications/batterys

Timeline photos 06/01/2022

🔊Hot off the press!
Meet the Slurry Analysis System SA2633! 👋

Ensuring the quality of the slurry mixing is extremely important as it enables time and cost savings.
To help you build the ideal battery, Hioki has developed a cutting edge technology that aids in optimizing the slurry process.

Batteries are integral to the transition of a sustainable future 🌎 but the processes throughout the battery manufacturing needs to be optimized to sustain quality and efficiency.

Making 'Quality' slurry is the first step in manufacturing battery cells, and perhaps the most challenging part of the process. Formulating and mixing slurry is complex, its density, viscosity, and homogeneity are a few attributes that influence battery performance.

Want to know how we did it?👇

Timeline photos 05/31/2022

At Hioki, the terms, 'Electrodes' and 'Slurry' catches everyone's attention. So now that we have yours, let us begin💪

Electrode sheets, the Anode and the Cathode are coated with a liquid called slurry, a mixture that consists of active material, conductive additives, a polymer binder, and an organic solvent.

It's critical to have these components dispersed uniformly in the slurry as the performance of a battery greatly depends on the composition of materials of the slurry and the mixing method used. In short, slurry is the key to a successful battery🔋✨

So, how do you measure the quality of the slurry? Find out below👇


Timeline photos 05/26/2022

Are you still building a complete set of Batteries just to study the Slurry and Electrode Coating parameters?

Hioki's RM2610 is the solution!💡

Leading Battery professionals use the RM2610 to confirm these parameters in a matter of seconds with just a single press-down on the electrode sheet. It is that fast, accurate and efficient!🏆

Contact us today for a free Virtual Demo session: ➡️[email protected]

🌐 For more information about the Electrode Resistance Measurement RM2610: http://ow.ly/zqeI50JiSob

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What is aliasing?💡If a measured signal oscillates at a higher frequency compared to the sampling rate you chose, the ins...
🧐Measuring coil resistances and need an accurate tester? We've got the perfect tester for you!The Hioki Resistance Meter...
🎞️Watch this short video to learn about electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and why it's important for analyzing a ba...
Interactive, informative, and live!💻📽️Watch our webinars and stay up to date with the latest technology in electrical te...



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