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River Road Foods is a SW Michigan catering company. We deliver fresh baked goods and full meals with


Just a reminder to get your orders in by Tuesday, Dec 20, for pick up Friday or Saturday! And we WILL BE CLOSED Dec 20-JAN 3rd, and OPEN Dec 23, 24 FOR PICK UP ONLY. Yay Holidays!! Whooohoo!!! See you all soon!


Guess how you get your kids to eat spinach......well, hide it in pasta with a cream sauce and sausage!!!...of course...

But where can you get that??

Well, right here in Plainwell!!

Come on down and see us! We've got:

Creamy pasta with sausage and spinach
Creamy pasta with broccoli
Pot roast
Stuffed butternut squash
Rustic mashed potatoes
Honey roasted carrots
Tuscan herb chicken breasts!!

Happy Thursday!

See ya soon!!


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Oooooo boy!! Coconut curry Thai ginger soup with chicken aannnndd...


The holidays can be rough, but come on down to Plainwell and fill your belly! It seriously makes everything better!!

Pot roast
Roasted carrots with honey
Rustic mashed potatoes
Tuscan herb chicken
Pasta Alfredo with broccoli
Roasted sweet potato medallions with rosemary
Roasted zucchini and squash with herbs
Thai coconut curry soup with chicken
Roast beef sandwich on a croissant with melted provolone, watermelon radish, arugula, horsey-mayo, and red onion

Seriously, there is no need to cook dinner this week....

Happy Tuesday!!



This weeks specials, and Holiday Specials!!


Ok, I don't think I can capture the flavor in this shot, but this is a stuffed butternut squash with sausage, and kale, and fresh thyme, and cream cheese, and Parmesan cheese. So, like, you're all "I'M EATING SOOOO HEALTHY!! IT'S BUTTERNUT SQUASH!!!"

And we're like "You Sure Are!!!!!!!" as we slyly hide the cream cheese wrapper....

It's seriously out of this world. But we harnessed it and have it here.

Come get it while supplies last!!


Where your taste buds go to explode......


You know what you DON'T need to worry about?


We gotcha covered! Come on down and grab some dinner to go!

*pictured: lasagna roll up, rainbow radish, roasted chicken with lemon caper sauce, honey glazed carrots

Not pictured: me drooling




Are ya chilly out there? Come warm up with some turkey and rice soup. The flavor is so wonderful with fresh thyme and sage!!

Dinner tonight!:
Lasagna roll ups (veggie and meat) *after 1pm
Roasted carrots
Rainbow salad
Mac and cheese
Stuffed butternut squash with ground sausage, cheese and herbs *after 1pm
(My dinner 👆)
And more! (Working on shepherds pie boats too!!)

We made it to Thursday!!!



Tell me this doesn't make you hungry.....

White chocolate peppermint sugar short cookies...(Cross between sugar cookie and short bread)

Dessert for your dinner to go!!

Come see us today in Plainwell!!


Photos from River Road Foods's post 12/06/2022

Holy smokes!! So many great options for dinner this week! Heck, we even have lunch lady brownies!! Come on down and see us this week in Plainwell, tues -fri 11am-6!

On the menu:
-Chicken and pasta in our sundried tomato cream sauce
-Shepherd's pie boats
-Rustic mashed potatoes
-Roasted carrots with honey
-Individual bacon and asparagus quiche
-Mac and cheese
-Rainbow salad
-Potato medallions
-Herb Chicken breasts
And more!!

Happy Tuesday!!



So there's brunch....or in OUR house, bressert.

BRESSERT definition: dessert for breakfast. (With a side of bacon,of course....)

It's the way we roll......

Happy Tasty Saturday!!



Ok, so no one wants to worry about dinner on The Weeknds right?

Soooooo come on in and grab your dinners tonight! They're awesome!!!

Chicken fajita enchiladas
Cilantro lime coleslaw
Crispy herb potato medallions
Mac and cheese
Tuscan herb chicken
Chicken salad

Cheesecake with blueberry compote
Chocolate Krinkle Cookies
Blueberry Boy Bait
Double Chocolate Muffins
Lemon cookies with lemon frosting

Yay Friday!!!!!

Bring on the cocktails!!



Rainbow salad anyone!??

Ok,ok I'll stop!!

Happy Thursday!!


Photos from River Road Foods's post 12/01/2022

Ooo have we been having fun baking!! Apple almond tarts and mini cheesecakes with blueberry compote!!

We still have a fantastic roast beef sandwich as our daily special and the soup is a hearty minestrone with lots of herbs! (And kale!)

Chicken fajita enchiladas
Honey mustard chicken
Mac and cheese
Kale salad
Mexican lime cilantro slaw


Oooo, you know what makes boring old cold days, better? Blueberry cake and some giant smiles!!😀

And guess what? WE'VE GOT BOTH!!

Come eat those dreary winter blues away, down here at River Road Foods!

❤️hang in there! It's already Wednesday!!❤️❤️

Photos from River Road Foods's post 11/30/2022

Did you say you wanted something a little exciting for lunch? How about a roast beef sandwich with horsey sauce, provolone, arugula and a lil red onion on a fresh croissant! Cuz WE GOT THAT!!

Come in for lunch and grab dinner too!
Corn chowder
Honey mustard chicken
Rustic mashed potatoes
Roasted carrots
Kale salad
Chicken salad
Fresh breads

Must I go on????

See ya soon!!!!

❤️riverroadfoods ❤️


Just like Meatloaf sang, we would do anything for love, but we won't do "that". But we WILL make you meatloaf!!!yahoo!!!

Dinner menu while it lasts:
Rustic Mashed Potatoes
Garlic Honey Mustard Roasted Chicken
Roasted carrots
Roasted Broccoli
Corn Chowder with cheddar and bacon
S'mores Cookies
Mac and cheese
Kale Salad

Come on down and see us!! We'll be here til 6!!



Happy Thanksgiving!! Thank all of you who stopped in to see us this week!


Ps. Just took these beauties out of the oven!!

Come and grab one before I eat them alll!!



I mean, FIRST you gotta come in for these ridiculously tasty pecan pie bars (with a short bread crust no less!!)

SECOND you have to check out all of our SUPER CUTE kitchen items we have!!

And THIRD grab your dinner cuz who wants to cook dinner when you have to plan for thanksgiving!!!??

Dinner options tues and wed;
Chicken fajita enchiladas
Spanish rice
Chicken salad
Rainbow Salad
Roasted tomato veggie stew
Fresh bread
Winter kale salad
Mac and cheese
Herb roasted chicken

Happy Tuesday!!



Kolaches def: a pastry that I want to eat morning, noon and night.

Oh. You want one too? Well, come on in tomorrow at 11 and see us! And grab a pastry and maybe a dinner too!!

And don't forget to come by Wednesday if you placed a thanksgiving side order!!

Happy Monday!! (Mine is cuz I'm shoving this pastry into my mouth!)



You know what's so yummy on a cold snowy day? A grilled cheese with bacon and tomato, and a side of creamy tomato soup.

You know what's even cooler? We TOTALLY have that as a special today!!! You win!!

We will be open until 4pm today. Closing a little early due to sledding hills calling us (if we can dig our cars out) !

Happy snowy Friday!!!



Yeah yeah, so celery soup wasn't our favorite, but CORN CHOWDER topped with BACON IS!!!! Yeeeeeoowza!

Come on down and get a cup of this crazy creamy can't go wrong corn chowder!!

Special sandwich
Salami, turkey, provolone, red onion,lettuce and red wine vinaigrette.

Dinners to go!
Pasta bake (I've eaten it two nights in a row if you're wondering how good it is...might go for a third night)
Herb Tuscan chicken
Roasted potatoes
Rainbow salad
Kale salad
Mac and cheese
Blueberry cinnamon coffeecake
Cinnamon brown sugar coffeecake
RRF cookies
Apple cranberry scone with maple glaze
House mini loaves of bread
Must I go on?????

Happy Wednesday!!!



OK I'll admit it, we keep having new specials that I fall in love with. This is the newest love of mine. It is our pasta bake with sausage and beef and tons of cheese and herbs and pasta and it is so incredibly delicious. You gotta come in!! It's the easiest dinner ever!!

You pop it in your oven 25 minutes, take it out...and you're done!!

Pick up a side rainbow salad or roasted broccoli and dinner is set.

Heck I say you claim full responsibility for making dinner. Don't give us any credit, we just love to cook.

Come see us this afternoon or today, grab some lunch and also grab your dinner!

Other dinner options:
Our favorite macaroni and cheese
roasted herb potatoes
kale salad, (was once the autumn kale salad and is now the winter kale salad 🤪)
pimento cheese
chicken salad
molasses cookies
Apple cranberry scones
RRF chocolate chip butterscotch cookies



Holy smokes does this sandwich scream HOLIDAY PARTY TIME!!!!!!!

In your mouth....

Wait, that's weird. ANYWAY, this is our new seasonal. Turkey, house cranberry chutney with apple, cream cheese, thinly sliced red onions and lettuce! It is FANTASTIC!! And you can get it on our breads, or a croissant.... oooooo so good!!

Dinner specials to come.......and they are out of this world!!!



Thanksgiving sides and next week's dinners!

Happy (chilly) Saturday!!!!


Photos from River Road Foods's post 11/11/2022

We are getting super creative down here at River Road Foods!!

No dinnner planned tonight? Come grab a Mexican lasagna!!

Full of Mexican spiced beef, tons of cheese, tomatoes, a little rice and our favorite creamy chipotle sauce on top!

A great end to a fun week! Or a FANTASTIC late night snack after a long night of drinking soda water. Haaaaaaaaaa

We'll be open til 6!!!

Happy Friday!!!



PS--this is the seasonal sandwich! Ready for lunch now?! We are....


Hello awesome people! Today we are featuring our new seasonal sandwich-a grilled turkey with bacon, cheddar, tomato, arugula and our River Road Food sauce, our soup of the day is creamy potato with cheddar and bacon! If you are planning ahead for the weekend we have Mac and cheese, pimento cheese spread, taco peppers and this afternoon we will have Mexican lasagna and fresh rainbow salad! We also have our housemade salsa ready to go! Stop in and stock up for the weekend--baked goods too (including these fresh from the oven molasses cookies!) YUM!


Ok. You're done with lunch. Now let's move onto dinner!!

Taco Peppers!!! A bell pepper stuffed with Mexican spiced beef, rice, tomatoes, onion and cheese! Try it with our Mexican Street Corn salad and our own housemade salsa! It's Taco (Pepper) Thursday!


It's not lunch ....YET..... but let's just talk about it...

We have the tastiest creamy potato soup topped with cheddar and bacon...this side of your mom's house! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Come grab a bowl and a sandwich to go!!

Dinner specials will be posted soon!! (They are fantastic!)

Happy Thursday!!


Photos from River Road Foods's post 11/09/2022

Holy cow!!

How is it Wednesday already??!!

Just wanted to make your mouth water with some scrumptious scones and melt in your mouth coffee cake....

Come on in and grab one while we have them!!

Happy Wednesday!!



Ok, I got to work and was looking at the fridge which is STACKED with fantastic dinner items (I will list below) but I thought: I want some color!!

So!! I just put some beautiful salads with local lettuces and carrots and cucumbers and candied pecans and peppers etc with this AWESOME stone ground mustard, fresh ginger and apple cider vinaigrette in the fridge!!! So pretty, and so healthy and so tastyyy!!

In a hurry for lunch? Just come grab one of these beauties!! All made up in our deli case! (You could even grab a chicken salad to go to put on too!!)

Yay Tuesdays!!!!

Dinner menu:
Pot Roast
Twice Baked Potatoes
Roasted carrots and honey
Herbed chicken
Mac and cheese
Roasted Tomato veggie soup with kale
And more!!!!



Jena LOVES when I ask her to be in my videos ...(We're going on tour soon..)

Just wanted to give a little view of the shop (in case you haven't been in) and tell you about our specials next week!

Thank you to all who came to see us this week! What a super fun week it was! Now!! Let the weekend shenanigans begin!!!



Photos from River Road Foods's post 11/04/2022

OOOO!!! It's almost cocktail hour!!! But ya gotta feed the kids. (And of course, yourself...)

Mac and Cheese, kale salad, herbed chicken, pumpkin bread with cream cheese cinnamon frosting, roasted potatoes, even a cocktail mixer!!

Get on in here before 6 o'clock and you'll be prepared for the weekend!!!!!! (Or the next couple hours....)

Yay Friday!!!!!

Photos from River Road Foods's post 11/03/2022

Ok. Last post. I swear. Today has just been so fun!!

Look at these cute little loaves, with a cup of soup and a kale salad??!! I mean, who needs to cook when you can come here, grab it, take it home, and pretend like YOU MADE IT!!

(I'll never tell!!)

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!



We are having SO much fun down here in Plainwell!!

We are just putting out our FAVORITE housemade pimento cheese spread! (Great with Victorias Crackers!!) but don't just come for the cheese spread, check out all our specials today!! 👇

Creamy Tomato Soup with basil
Tuna melt sandwich
Fresh scones

Herbed chicken breast
Roasted Potatoes
Roasted Broccoli with lemon and parm
House Mac and Cheese
Mini Bread Loaves (great with soup!!)
Roasted chicken in Tomatoes and Basil with Parmesan
Autumn Kale Salad
River Road Foods Cookies
Heath Bar Brownies
Rice Bowls

Must I got on...??

Oh!! And working on a frosted Pumpkin Loaf!

Call or come on by and see us!!

615 East Bridge St, Plainwell



riverroadfoods Sooooo, you're all "UGH! WHAT am I going to MAKE for DINNER??!!"

Well, we gotcha!! From chicken-veggie-rice soup with a hint of cream, to Kale Salad with roasted butternut squash, feta, pecans and dried cranberries, to HEATH BAR BROWNIES (my dinner....), to roast pork loin with creamy mustard sauce, or deeeeelicious mac and cheese...must I go on?

Ok, I will. From fresh baked loaf bread, right out of the oven, to sauteed cabbage with lemon and caramelized onion, to Thai or Mediterranean Rice Bowls?

Why bother cooking??!! Get your butts in on down to Plainwell and come see us!! We're open til 6!!!!


(yeah, I had like 6 cups of coffee this morning....)



Was writing down some catering jobs for this month, and finally noticed the quote from my old friend Richard Simmons:

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, I Look Good!

Pretty fun way to start out the morning...😃

Does making dinner sound daunting tonight? Come see us in Plainwell!! We've got ya covered!!

Happy Wednesday!! You Look Gooood!!!!!





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