Nanny's Jammies, Jellies, and Pickles

Nanny's Jammies, Jellies, and Pickles offers everyone the best Homemade canned goods right here in Central Maine made by Nanny Carrie. We also take requests!

Nanny Carrie makes different flavored jams, jellies, pickles, relishes, pickled eggs, and more!

Photos from Nanny's Jammies, Jellies, and Pickles's post 09/26/2020

Here is a little bit of what we have available!
More will be posted tomorrow!

Mustard Pickles (4) 16oz
Sweet n' Spicey Zucchini Relish (12) 12oz & (1) 8oz
Rockin' Hot Salsa (2) 12oz
Pickled Beets (2) 12oz
Crunchy Garlicky Dill Pickles (3) 16oz & (1) 12oz


4oz- $3
8oz- $5
12oz- $6
16oz- $7

Please Share!


Good Morning!
We've been really busy selling jars!
Today, we will have an updated list of our inventory so everyone knows what we have!
Also, we are having trouble with finding PINT JARS so that we can make more pickeling products!

Edited: Nanny Carrie says that for every jar that's brought back we will give $1 off for every jar in your next order!

For anyone that brings in their OWN Jars that makes a set of 12, that did NOT come from us, will receive 3 FREE JARS of product of their choice!



Check out our UPDATED PRICES!
These are set prices for all products UNLESS written otherwise when we post what we have for products.

Example: All 4oz Jars are $3, except the Strawberry/Raspberry/Rhubarb Jam which requires more expensive ingredients. So a jar like that would be $4 for a 4oz jar.
We will always have the prices written in the posts and on the photos.

Any questions feel free to ask!

Much love!

Nanny Carrie & Kayley


Blueberry Rhubarb Jam Available!

We have:
(5) 4oz Jars - $3 each
(6) 8 oz Jars - $4 each

We Accept: Cash, Money Orders via Mail, Facebook Pay, and Cash App

Pick- Up, Shipping w/shipping fees, or Delivery up to 11 miles w/ .36 cents per mile, under 1 mile is free.

Photos from Nanny's Jammies, Jellies, and Pickles's post 07/31/2020

Pickled Brussel Sprouts Available • 12oz Jars - $5

Message or Call us on how you can get yours!

Cash, Cashapp, Facebook Pay

Pick-Up, Shipping w/shipping costs or Delivery up to 11 miles w/ .36 cents per mile, free under 1 mile.


6 loaves of Banana Bread Available! $2 per loaf

(2) Ginger Banana Bread
(2) Cinnamon Banana Bread
(2) Regular Banana Bread

☆Dried apples, daits, raisens, walnuts, and dried cherries on 1 loaf for each kind of banana bread☆


As I said before, when you put in a request we take it seriously!

Dilly Beans are on the way! We will be making a few batches over the weekend!

If you would like some, please send us a message so we can write your name down for our waiting list.

Photos from Nanny's Jammies, Jellies, and Pickles's post 07/31/2020

Pickled Asparagus Available! So GOOD 🤤

Shipping Available with shipping costs depending on size and weight.
Delivery Available up to 11 miles with .36 cents per mile.


Thank you to Perry & Aimee Eldredge for the BEAUTIFUL Zucchinis you left on the porch for us this morning! 🥰😍

We will have more Spiced Zucchini Relish in the works this weekend for those who have been asking!


Come and get your Jams up until 2pm today!
We got our tags in the mail yesterday so we are finally going to have:
- name of the product
- date made
- jar size
- ingredients
- if it's pickled goods, date when it's BEST to open and eat! 😀

We will have some more updated photos for you today!

Photos from Nanny's Jammies, Jellies, and Pickles's post 07/24/2020

Nanny Carrie in action!
Pickeling Day! 🥒🥦🧄


This is what we have available for Jams so far!

Today, we unfortunately fell behind due to Nanny Carrie's Yorkie Bradi getting out but she is home safe now and we are going to pick back up where we left off tomorrow!

We do have a couple more things made up than jam, as we will have more tomorrow 😊 I'll put that list up along with an updated jams list around tomorrow evening. We will also keep everyone updated on our progress in the kitchen by posting photos and LIVE videos of Nanny Carrie and myself in action!

We want to remind everyone that some prices of products will be different than others based off ingredients. The products with the (*) symbol will be the ones that are priced differently. Any questions regarding those products please feel free to ask! 🤗☺

We accept Cash, Cashapp, and soon Facebook Pay
Call, text, or Message Nanny's Jammies, Jellies, and Pickles Page to let us know what it is you would like and we can arrange for Pick-Up or Shipped with Shipping Fees based on weight. We are also offering Delivery with added fees of .36 cents per mile, any deliveries under 1 mile will NOT be charged a delivery fee. We do not deliver over 11 miles.

Tomorrow, I will be working on our page's online catalog so that everyone will have the option to order their goods through Facebook Pay with their Debit/Credit Cards


With Love,

Nanny Carrie & Kayley


Help us spread the word by Sharing!

Tomorrow, there will be a complete list of canned goods that we have available for sale. It will be listed in our catalog so you can purchase over Facebook pay, cash app is available, and pay in-person!

We ordered our labels today and they will arrive July 29th!

Thank you everyone for bearing with us while we make this transition! We are still learning as we go, so the support is more than appreciated ❤️

With Love,

Nanny Carrie & Kayley

Photos from Nanny's Jammies, Jellies, and Pickles's post 07/18/2020

We wanted to show you all of the hard work Nanny Carrie is putting in to build up our inventory! This is just the start of what we have and what we will be doing 😍
We will be ordering tags and labels to put on the jars so everyone knows
- what product is in the jar
- the date it was made
- ingedient list
- pricing
Where Sunday is technically our day off, we are still going to be working in the kitchen and figuring prices for all the products which we will have for you in the Services Tab on Monday and we will make a post for it as well 🧡❤💚


Good Morning Everyone!

My daughter Kayley and I would like to let you know that we will be selling Homemade Jams VERY SOON! As soon as we build up more inventory we will start our sales!
We will be transforming the page so that both the Homemade Jams and Notary services are available!
Kayley will be in charge of our page, messages, and orders while I handle the kitchen. So if anyone has any questions please feel free to send us a message or post on the page.
There will be photos posted of the different jams we make but we also would like to receive requests! We want to know what YOU like, and we are always up for a challenge!

PLEASE bear with us while we make this transformation, we are really excited about this new journey and we hope that you all will support us and spread the word!

With Love,

Carrie O.

FoodCarePackage Services; Building a Non-Profit organized by Kayley Orcutt 06/29/2020

FoodCarePackage Services; Building a Non-Profit organized by Kayley Orcutt

Food Care Packages have come to a halt for the time being. We have to raise money for a 501 (c)(3) license and then we can continue. So many families are still in need of food in their homes and having a Food Care Package Delivery Service was very beneficial to those who aren't able to make it to food pantries, banks, etc.
If you can't Donate, please Share!

FoodCarePackage Services; Building a Non-Profit organized by Kayley Orcutt Good Day!My name is Kayley Orcutt, I'm 26 years old and my mission is to… Kayley Orcutt needs your support for FoodCarePackage Services; Building a Non-Profit


Notary Public Services Schedule is WIDE OPEN!
Non-Ceremonial marriages &
Wills, Deeds, Affidavits, Vehicle Sales/Purchases, etc.

Willing to travel for services!:

Basic Services - .48 cents per mile over 5 miles
Non-Ceremonial marriages- .48 cents per mile over 25 miles

Call/Text Today!
(207) 416-4128


Still have a bunch of Echerevia Succulents!

4 plants for $4!

Pick up or Delivery! (within reason)

Call/Text/ Fb message!
(207) 416-9352

Photos from Nanny's Jammies, Jellies, and Pickles's post 04/18/2020

Baby Echerevia Succulents! $2.00 per plant!
As of right now there is 21 of them, first come first serve!

The last photo is to show what they look like as they start to grow 🌱

If you're interested please contact:
Carrie O
Call/Text (207) 416-9352
Facebook Message


Still offering Notary Services!

Willing to travel to those who need Notary Services during COVID-19. I understand that there aren't many people who may need these services right now but I want everyone to know that I'm still offering them.

Basic Notary Services $10

Non - Ceremonial Marriages $100

Call/Text/FB Message
(207) 416-9352

Spread the word!
Please "Like" & "Share"


Help Carrie Spread the Word about her now open for Business "Carrie's Notary Services"
Basic Notary Services- Wills, Deeds, Affidavits, Vehicle Sale/Purchases, etc..$10!
Marriage Non- Ceremonial $100!

Go "Like" & "Share" her page!

Carrie Orcutt
(207) 416-9352


Welcome to Carrie Orcutt's Notary Services page!
This is all brand new so help us spread the word!
Carrie is now taking new clients for her services!
You can book your own appointment with the "Book Now" button or call/text Carrie today!
(207) 416-9352





212 Hartland Avenue
Pittsfield, ME

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 5pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Wednesday 8am - 5pm
Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 5pm
Saturday 8am - 2pm

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