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Creative Media Company: I help my clients gain an unfair advantage over their competition. https://dallasbowman.com The Dallas Bowman Media Group : We're a Digital Design and Creative Media Consultancy that helps businesses and brands develop strategic and irresistible value propositions.

This positions them to gain an unfair advantage over competition and disrupt their target markets. Our focus is Digital Media and Creative Consultancy: Producing compelling content, video, marketing, news and publishing services. Visit us at http://dallasbowman.com

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Dallas Bowman Media Group updated their address. 07/22/2021

Dallas Bowman Media Group updated their address.

Dallas Bowman Media Group updated their address.

[04/28/21]   What happened to Dallas Bowman?
Where has he been? Where is he?
What the hell was he doing?
It's a secret...
Can't tell you, yet.
But will tell you soon...
All that can be said now is... IT'S BIG!
Check-back later to discover the secret...
And find out -- what REALLY happened.

[07/21/20]   If You're Like 99% of the People Who Are Trying to Make Money Online -- You're Making It Harder Than It Needs To Be... And You Aren't Getting The Results You Want.

[05/11/20]   Do you use Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams? Which is best?

[09/24/17]   Google and the Ad Networks who talk about "click fraud" never talk about how the Ad Networks defraud the publishers who publish their ads and defraud the advertisers that make them rich. It used to be that 80 cents of every dollar spent by advertisers got sucked up by the ad networks and 20 cents goes to the publishers. I wouldn't be surprised if it was 95 cents of every advertising dollar is now sucked up by Ad Networks and less than 5 cents is being paid to the publishers. Publishers are crushed by the high cost of producing quality content that attracts a quality audience -- while the Ad Networks look for ways to screw the publishers through fraud in the ad auctions. If you're a publisher you had better be exploring new income solutions to dump the Ad Networks -- if you want to stay in business.

[08/25/17]   Special Alert: The Disaster Distress Helpline 1-800-985-5990 provides immediate crisis counseling to people affected by Hurricane Harvey in the states of Louisiana and Texas

[07/04/17]   Interested in learning to operate your own Web Design & SEO business?

[07/04/17]   Interested in having your own Local Business Video Marketing company? Learn to create & market local business videos?

[07/04/17]   Interested in starting your own freelance Copywriting business?

[03/08/17]   Imagine having an expensive car that has problems. You take it to a great mechanic and they tell you what needs to be fixed. Then, you ask your receptionist, secretary, brother, sister and fork lift driver "What do you think about it?" The mechanic knows what he's doing. The others don't. So, you follow the advice of 'the others' and wonder why you failed. We deal with this everyday on websites, with search engines, and with advertising copy. We know what needs to be done, we've been doing it (some of us) for decades... but some of our client's continue to be 'the blind... following the blind' following the advice of those who 'don't know.' Don't blame the 'specialist' for your failure -- when you won't follow their suggestions.

[01/30/17]   CAUTION! WARNING: Just had another phishing/HACKING virus attack after visiting a major news website. DO NOT CLICK OK if you get a WARNING ALERT saying "Microsoft Has Detected Spy ware on your PC sending out Credit Card info, passwords, etc..." (This one even had voice telling me to 'call 1-877-768-9520) continued message "if you close this window without calling us now we have to lock your computer down and you will not be able to access it!" -- What to do? 1. Go to windows 'task manager' by pressing "Cntrl+Alt+Del" keys. 2. Look for lines that show your browser's open windows. 3. Highlight the line, and then click "End" task. ~If you do that, you should be okay. Ran my protection software to be sure and I'm Okay. ~This has happened numerous times to me and others after visiting 'normally trusted websites.' Other forms of this hack is: You'll get a phone call supposedly from "Microsoft Support" telling you same thing. If you fall for this scam YOUR COMPUTER REALLY WILL GET HACKED, YOUR FILES WILL GET ENCRYPTED AND THERE IS ALMOST NO WAY TO GET RID OF VIRUS!!! Please pass this on to friends & family and be safe!

[12/10/16]   I've had several requests me to create a video training course for 'Wordpress Specialist'. Up till now... I've questioned whether there would be that much of a demand for it. What do you think?

[11/12/16]   If you use GoDaddy -- be careful to watch your credit card statements. I've had several times now that they've made "un-authorized" charges and purchases to my credit card once they get the card number. Had I not been watching my statements and charges they would have gotten away with it. And, it's nearly impossible to get them to correct it. I've had to cancel the charges through the credit card issuing banks -- which makes it a big time consuming hassle.

youtube.com 06/06/2016

Stephanopoulos Grills Hillary: Do You Accept Report That ‘You Broke State Department Rules’?

To my students who've completed my Body Language 101 Course: 'Never Be Lied To Again' Watch this Video and Make Your Analysis!

1. Observe her directional head movements during her 'yes/no' answers.
2. Observe her facial micro-expressions, particularly the eyes.
3. Notice her jaw and lips/teeth clinch/grit on questions.
4. Observe her throat movements and high/low breathing patterns.
5. Observe the vocal tonality and rhythm changes.
6. Did you catch the 'Smirk of Disdain'? :-)
7. Notice the associational 'distancing'?
7. Play it again and observe the skin-color changes.

For each observation that you catch and get correct... I'll give you a $10 credit on the upcoming advanced Body Language 201 Course. Trust me! There is enough here -- that you could end up getting the course FREE if you pay close attention. Email me your answers when you've completed your Analysis.

youtube.com George Stephanopoulos confronted Hillary Clinton this morning over whether she accepts the State Department IG report’s conclusion that her private email use...

[05/07/16]   Currently working on a new training course for Wordpress. It will teach you everything you need to know inside and out for customizing every aspect of Wordpress websites. Wordpress is powering about 27% of CMS sites on the Internet. Will also include how to set up funnel pages and social media platform integration with Wordpress, SEO, the hole shebang. If interested -- let me know.

[05/07/16]   Copywriting is a pretty good gig. Especially, if you like to work from home or like to travel. And, if you're good w/ a camera and a good writer -- (and you like to travel) you can have a lot of fun, travel to many exciting places, get paid, and have all your travel expenses, lodging, food included in assignments. I like it. I've made a very good living doing it for many years. I'll be putting on another 3-day workshop teaching copywriting next month. This time we will video the workshop. If you're interested in attending or would like the video training -- message me.

[05/05/16]   If your browser uses the "Flash plug-in" -- and you visit ANY web page that gives you a pop up, telling you your "Flash version is out of date" and tries to get you to click on a button to "Update Flash" -- I suggest you IMMEDIATELY close all your browser windows and NOT click the update button. Then, go to the adobe.com website to check if it needs updating. Why? Virus going around through that Flash update! If you click on it, it can take over your PC, and damage your computer and files and give you a virus you can't get rid of it. And, clicking on it can cause your anti-virus to stop working and accept the virus.

[01/18/16]   For Business: Social Media is not about marketing or branding. It's about bonding. People naturally bond with those that bring greater value to their lives. For a business to benefit from Social Media, they need to focus on bring value to their lives -- instead of trying to market to them or engrave their brand in someone's head. When they do that, more people will begin to like them. We buy from those that we like and trust. We don't want to be 'sold to'. And, we resist and reject those who are always trying to sell us something.

[03/24/14]   If you're using Joomla! and Joomla! Extensions on your websites be sure to apply the security updates ASAP! Your sites are at risk!

rollingstones.com 05/29/2013

The Rolling Stones | 50 & Counting Tour

Here's a cool example of a website created with Word Press. I've been using Word Press for most all of the newer websites that we do and I highly recommend it!


rollingstones.com The new GRRR! Box set tells the fascinating ongoing story from the first single issued in June 1963 right through to the present day. Set includes 2 new studio recordings from Paris, a hardback book, 4CD (80 tracks), 7” vinyl, print, poster and postcard set.

dallasbowman.com 05/20/2013

Steve Jobs Marketing Secrets

Geezzz! I didn't remember that this page was even here! lol I guess I better post something. :-) http://www.dallasbowman.com/steve-jobs-marketing-secrets-250

dallasbowman.com All around the world, people camp out line up in droves -waiting with hopes to buy Apple Inc’s new iPhones and iPads before they are sold out! Even the buyers in Hong Kong – did not mind the $1,300 to $1,500 price tag per to get one of Apple’s latest gadgets!


Cowboys and Aliens :: Dallas Bowman Media Group


dallasbowman.com A spaceship arrives in Arizona, 1873, to take over the Earth, starting with the Wild West region. A posse of cowboys are all that stand in their way.


RIO The Movie! In Theaters Now! :: Dallas Bowman Media Group




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