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Plant it Further


Happening this Saturday! Our friends from Plant it Further and Wild Ones Western Pennsylvania Area will be there. See the full vendor list below! πŸ‘‡
Happening this Saturday! Our friends from Plant it Further and Wild Ones Western Pennsylvania Area will be there. See the full vendor list below! πŸ‘‡
Had a great morning at Pittsburgh store meeting new people in the city from near and far, members of the Patagonia team and other local like-minded organizations. Grateful for the opportunity! And we even sent a bunch of saplings off to new homes. Thank you Patagonia!

Plant it Further Wild Ones Western PA Area Chapter Free Forest School
Visit us this weekend at Patagonia on Walnut Street in Pittsburgh, PA as we celebrate the release of Patagonia's new children's book! Plant Five for Life is one of this year's Patagonia non-profit grantee partners.

There will be fun activities offered by us, Plant it Further and our local Free Forest School. We will do a book reading in English and Spanish and have some restoration tree species to share.

Please stop by and say hello Saturday, July 30th from 11:30-1pm!
Thank you Plant it Further for sharing this helpful article! I've just noticed then near my roses for the first time this season πŸ™„
Check these out! A valuable resource for formal and non-formal EEs!
Join Melissa Reckner, program manager for the Brandywine's Penguin Court Preserve, as she teams up with various experts and researchers in exploring Pennsylvania's many state symbols, from the Eastern Hellbenderβ€”the state amphibianβ€”to PA's beautiful state flower, Mountain Laurel.
Pay-what-you-wish (unless otherwise noted). Advance registration required.
- Tuesday, Mar. 15: Ruffed Grouse:
- Tuesday, Mar. 22: Brook Trout:
- Tuesday, Mar. 29: Fireflies:

These events, hosted by the Brandywine's Penguin Court Preserve, are open to the public and held virtually. Unless otherwise noted, these programs will be recorded and are "pay what you wish." Proceeds benefit Penguin Court's education and outreach. Registration is required to receive the Zoom link. Thank you for considering a donation.

Pollinator Specific Garden Facilitating. We focus on the connectivity that comes from growing gard

Photos from Mud & Bloom's post 03/18/2023

Thank you Mud & Bloom for this great idea! Can't wait to make these this week!

Timeline photos 03/18/2023


Photos from Wildbird Recovery's post 03/18/2023

Photos from Wildbird Recovery's post


Becorn in an Ice Bubble



Farms in cities: New study offers planners and growers food for thought 03/16/2023

Farms in cities: New study offers planners and growers food for thought

Create those local πŸ‘πŸ‘

Farms in cities: New study offers planners and growers food for thought Urban agriculture as a global phenomenon is widely promoted as a sustainable land use practice. On small plots and in big projects, using sophisticated technology or simple solutions, city dwellers around the world are producing food. Growing food in a city can improve local food security and expres...

SolarSynergy 03/16/2023


Yay for programs like this 🌻🌻🌻

SolarSynergy Nutrition is the most basic and fundamental requirement for healthy pollinator populations. ​The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund works to give monarch butterflies, honey bees and native pollinators access to abundant, diverse and high-quality habitat.

Every Little Cell 03/15/2023

Every Little Cell

Mantras are great!
Sung mantras are better 🌻🌻🌻

Every Little Cell Every Little Cell is a FUN song (aren't they all though?) to use at the beginning of class just to get the kids out of the day and into the mindset for Yoga ...


Another sure to be fabulous educational series!
If you need CEUs this is a great way to get them πŸ’•


One of the funnest things I do with my time is serving as the current president for the Western Pennsylvania Wild Ones chapter. We are hosting, what in my biased opinion, will be a very exciting symposium to talk about how we could utilize our public green spaces and vacant lots to create much needed pollinator habitat. We will have food, drinks and great conversation. Come join us for a wild and wonderful evening!

If you are unfamiliar with Wild Ones check them out at to find a local chapter.

*If you are a Western Pennsylvania Wild Ones member check your emails, you will have received a code for $5 off the ticket price.


There are days when we all feel hopeless. Surrounded by people who don’t seem to realise how imminent our own extinction is. These are often people we love and care about, but who don’t seem to care about what we recognise as the collapse of nature around us. Don’t try and convince them. Just keep doing positive actions like building your Ark and inspire them instead. Keeping the faith that we are many, even though we don’t Always feel surrounded by support.
At the moment we are islands, we are the Ark, and the dream is that soon we will connect all these arks together to make a patchwork quilt of hope that will wrap its way around this earth.


That's probably significant 🌻🌻🌻

Habitat That Won’t Take a Bite Out of Your Fruit Trees 03/13/2023

Habitat That Won’t Take a Bite Out of Your Fruit Trees

Habitat That Won’t Take a Bite Out of Your Fruit Trees Fruit trees can be vulnerable to pests on farms and in gardens. Select companion plants that won’t harbor harmful fruit pests but will still bloom for pollinators. Avoid "alternative host" pants that would help potential pests thrive.

Jobs, internships & contracting opportunities - Pasa Sustainable Agriculture 03/13/2023

Jobs, internships & contracting opportunities - Pasa Sustainable Agriculture

Jobs, internships & contracting opportunities - Pasa Sustainable Agriculture Starting in March 2023, eligible frontline farm and meatpacking workers can apply for a one-time $600 COVID-19 relief payment through Pasa Sustainable Agriculture. Learn more.



How To EAT LOCALLY and SEASONALLY by Carmen Lamoureux 03/12/2023

How To EAT LOCALLY and SEASONALLY by Carmen Lamoureux

Create those sustainable food systems 🌻🌻🌻

How To EAT LOCALLY and SEASONALLY by Carmen Lamoureux Carmen's video ... What’s in Your Foodshed? is about eating locally and seasonally from your own garden.Carmen Lamoureux, owner of the Urban Farm School take...

What the Train in East Palestine Never Should Have Been Transporting 03/12/2023

What the Train in East Palestine Never Should Have Been Transporting

We really need to wake up as a nation and start recognizing how much needless plastic we consume. Everything has an environmental cost to it πŸ’”

What the Train in East Palestine Never Should Have Been Transporting It’s time for a plastic reckoning. The East Palestine train derailment shows why.



Specialist Bees and Native Plants - By Guest Author, Heather Holm - MNL: Heal the Earth 03/11/2023

Specialist Bees and Native Plants - By Guest Author, Heather Holm - MNL: Heal the Earth


Specialist Bees and Native Plants - By Guest Author, Heather Holm - MNL: Heal the Earth This article was written by Heather Holm, photos also provided by Heather Holm. Learn more about Heather and her work here. While the most famous insect specialist that visits our gardens is the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus), as many as 25% of native bee species in a particular region in the....

Death of a Prairie: Bulldozers Arrived at Bell Bowl at Dawn 03/11/2023

Death of a Prairie: Bulldozers Arrived at Bell Bowl at Dawn

Heartbreaking πŸ’”

Death of a Prairie: Bulldozers Arrived at Bell Bowl at Dawn Bell Bowl Prairie was bulldozed Thursday morning after an 18-month fight to save the ancient prairie remnant from destruction by Rockford Airport, which is carving out a roadway for an expansion of its cargo operations.


How to build an Ark - Step 4.

We are losing the magic in the world, in ourselves. We are trained to see wildness in our gardens as β€˜messy and lazy’, to see neatness as β€˜care’. Neatness in nature means there is an absence of life. There is very little life in a neat garden. There is no magic in a tidy, wall to wall carpet of lawn. There is no hope in those spaces, no sanctuary. Restoring native plant communities allows land to heal and allows life to thrive once more.
Leave the leaves, the standing dead trees, the twigs and branches. Death is an important part of life.
Standing deadwood supports a huge amount of life. A living mature oak, for example, supports over 500 species of life, but a dead or dying tree supports thousands! Leave the dead leaves, branches and old growth. There is a huge range of support for the living, from the dead and dying elements in nature. At least 40% of woodland creatures depend on dead wood at some point in their lives. Intricate relationships exist between many native plants, fungi, insects and other creatures.
Let the land explode into life under your guidance and care. Learn to love every bump and bristle. Watch in awe as it fills up with butterflies, insects, hedgehogs, wildflowers and magic. Surround yourself with life and meaning. Be patient. Every year will see more and more life restored to the land. Nature heals so quickly and word gets around so fast that there is a sanctuary available. Be ready… so many creatures and their families will turn up almost overnight!
You have made an Ark.
You are contributing to the solutions in a real and positive way.
Hope is the harvest.


Oh moss, how I love you 🌻🌻🌻

Redemption Song (Arr. Kanneh-Mason) 03/10/2023

Redemption Song (Arr. Kanneh-Mason)

Maybe my favorite version of one of my all time favorite songs. I have a feeling Bob himself enjoys this rendition as well 🌻🌻🌻

Redemption Song (Arr. Kanneh-Mason) The Kanneh-Mason family's stunning new album 'Carnival' is out now. Listen here: up to receive news from Sheku ...



Have courage.
We need you.
Do what you can.
We are her last line of defense.
All that she has left.
We are the Ark, for the flood of extinction which is already upon us.


β€œThe Gardener’s Guide to Prairie Plants” is hitting the bookshelves this month, and Prairie Nursery’s President Neil Diboll is the co-author with Hillary Cox. The authors have poured more than four decades of experience into this complete reference book for everyone passionate about native plants, and starting/maintaining prairie gardens and meadows. Detailed synopses of plant life cycles, meticulous range maps, and photographs of 148 prairie plants in every stage of development fill the pages.
Now available to order online at various booksellers such as Barnesandnoble , University of Chicago Press , Aaron's Books, and Amazon.


Gratitude for our great mother beginning to wake in the northern hemisphere 🌻🌻🌻

Perennials are popping. The seeds the soil has stored throughout the winter are sprouting to the sun. Hibernation is over, light is everywhere πŸ’“πŸŒˆ

🎨 Shanna Trumbly


About right 🀣🀣🀣


β€œWe are drawn to certain locations
where the land resonates with us
and pulls us towards it.
People can spend their entire lives
looking for the places where they belong,
places where they feel at home,
where they fit and can comfortably
set down roots.” β€” Mary Reynolds- from β€œThe Garden Awakening-Designs to nurture
our land and Ourselves.”


Some cats like lettuce πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ


Monopoly wasn't invented by the Parker Brothers, nor the man they credited. In 1904, Monopoly was originally called The Landlord's Game, and was invented by a radical woman. Elizabeth Magie's original game had not one, but two sets of rules to choose from.

One was called "Prosperity", where every player won money anytime another gained a property. And the game was won by everyone playing only when the person with the least doubled their resources. A game of collaboration and social good.

The second set of rules was called "Monopoly", where players succeeded by taking properties and rent from those with less luck rolling the dice. The winner was the person who used their power to eliminate everyone else.

Magie's mission was to teach us how different we feel when playing Prosperity vs Monopoly, hoping that it would one day change national policies.

When the Parker Bros adopted the game, they erased Magie, they erased the "Prosperity" rules and celebrated "Monopoly". What they couldn't erase was Magie's lesson.


One of the greatest loves of my life was a dog named Boudicca 🌻🌻🌻

I often imagine her at the rainbow bridge 🌈

Supplication to Boudicca

Free woman
Iceni queen
And queen of our inspiration,
Hear our call.
Through long ages of time
Your sisters call to you,
In this hour of need
We summon you.
Hear us,
Free woman
Iceni queen.

Every chance was given
You cooperated, negotiated
Just as we, your sisters, do β€”
To no avail
Their way was and is betrayal.
When word came from the west
That the sacred groves were burning,
The groans of the holy trees spiraling upward,
The curses of black-clad Druidesses paralyzing the foe β€”
You heard,
And cursed injustice and took up the spear.
One by one, their cities fell
And burned, and lay in smoke β€”
As had their promises to you; full of nothing but hot air.

Centuries have passed, at times with progression,
Of late with regression
Centuries have passed, and still, you stand
A rallying point for all who defy oppression
We are your kindred
Our daughters, r***d, as yours were,
We, too, have been flogged,
Our bodies used,
Our autonomy robbed,
As you were robbed,
Our value dismissed.

Your holy rage burns yet, a living flame
Igniting our own flaming
May your fierce bravery be ours
To do that which must be done
Stand with us, Boudicca
As we stand in defiance of those
Who would suppress us still
March with us as our ranks swell
Lead us,
Free woman
Iceni Queen.

~ Rebekah Myers
Copyright Β© by Rebekah Myers, September 10, 2021

Poem from In Defiance of Oppression - The Legacy of Boudicca
Order here:
Girl God Books

Art: Naomi Cornock
Art of Naomi Cornock

πŸŒ•BlessΓ©d Full Moon in Virgo, Shining Souls!♍️


Get ready for this Thursday's free, mega webinar (75 minutes).

Everything you've ever wanted to know about the origins of lawn and how to convert it to a more sustainable and healthy space using native plants to your region. History. Psychology. Design. Ecology. Law. HOAs.

The first 500 who log in for the live event will gain admittance -- the rest will have to wait for the YouTube recording.


Some days the mail is super exciting!

Can not wait to try these sunflowers 🌻🌻🌻

And squash 🀩

Photos from UpstreamPgh's post 03/07/2023

Photos from UpstreamPgh's post


VA friends looking for a project!!

Restoration Planting at Dewey's Creek!
We need your help for a major restoration planting along Dewey's Creek in Prince William County on March 11th and April 15th. We're replanting hundreds of canopy and understory trees, shrubs, and forbs into deer (and beaver!) exclosures to help improve a section of the creek that has succumbed to heavy invasives pressure that has smothered out native vegetation. These larger exclosures will help to protect not just the species we plant, but hopefully the natural regeneration we may see long-term on this site. Click here to register:

Pollinator habitat is good, but not quite the bee's knees 03/06/2023

Pollinator habitat is good, but not quite the bee's knees

Quality of nectar/protein definitely matters! Native bees know what plants are native to them πŸ’•

Pollinator habitat is good, but not quite the bee's knees Researchers collected more than 16,000 bees from 128 different species to evaluate pollinator habitats in North Carolina agricultural areas.

Photos from Plant it Further's post 03/06/2023

Garden wake-up...but use those leaves to tuck the new growth back in for a little longer!

Made the most of a mud pit hole we played in for months and put in a serviceberry and highbush blueberry, they got some nodding onions and spiderwort as companions.

I was a manicurist once upon a time...I prefer the mud manicure 🌻🌻🌻

Also there is a congregation of turkey vultures that hangs out in the neighborhood. I'm a bit smitten πŸ’•

Goodnight almost full worm moon...the earthworms are slow still but definitely up!



Philly to hire its first city forester, and plant thousands of trees over the next decade 03/05/2023

Philly to hire its first city forester, and plant thousands of trees over the next decade

Love πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Yay for the Philly Tree Plan! We need this all over! The key to making projects like this succeed though is the hiring of the forester for the city! The people who take care of our parks and public green spaces need to be well versed in sustainable land care and proper Tree Management 🌻🌻🌻

Philly to hire its first city forester, and plant thousands of trees over the next decade The plan would cost $25 million a year to carry out with a key goal of making areas of the city's heat island neighborhoods cooler.



You can support pollinators in PA through roadside plantings. Help in that effort with this specialty license plate available at

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We miss you Bird Park πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
Enchanted brooms are the best 🧹🧹🧹
Not so glorious morning glory πŸ˜‰
Where are all the #pollinator plants???
Creek play πŸ’—
Great Blue Lobelia πŸ’™πŸ€©πŸ’™
Companion plants πŸ’—
It is very important to leave a few spots of healthy organic soil in your garden. Also you must actually water those spo...
Tulsi Basil 😍
Fireflies under the pin oak




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