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Update! We are going to have honey this year. Just don’t know how much?


Sorry I have not posted. Currently in the Middle East until next year.


The honey business is on hold till summer of 2019. I’m currently mobbing to go overseas. Thanks everyone for following.


Sorry that it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here, but I have had nothing to tell that was good! We lost all three hives at Morristown, looks like mites got um. I purchased four new hives which two decide to leave. Last week we found a swarm in a cherry tree. Put the swarm in one of the empty hives. We where going to take a frame out of the one hive that was going strong, then come to find out that wax moth larvae had taken over. That’s where our swarm came from. So we have three hives in Pittsboro, one in Morristown that we need to put into a new hive. As of now the plan is to still put one out in Bainbridge, and one in Morristown if nothing else happens!


Our hives in Morristown are thriving, Pittsboro is doing good and Bainbridge is bringing up the rear. Thought for sure that Bainbridge would have honey for sale, but what they are working on is for storage over the winter. Going to keep the honey suppers on until the end of August. Should still have plenty of time to treat for mites. Our have in Bainbridge is still being feed syrup, which is not a bad thing. Just giving the hive an extra boost to pull comb and store. Should have a good idea in middle September our total on honey. Will post then. Thanks for following.


We are officially bee keepers! Both hives made it through the winter. Now I need to get busy, I hives that need primer and paint. May fifth is the day I get three boxes of bees. Going to put two out in Fountaintown with the hive that lived, and the other in Bainbridge at Hays Grass Feed Beef farms. Looking forward to seeing crop production with the hive. Thank you Jenny! Would also like to thank Geoff for helping with building future hives. I would also like to thank everyone that is following my page. Appreciate the support, will have my next update in June. Thanks again.


Well we are officially bee keepers! We did not lose hive though the winter. Now I need to get busy, still have a few pieces to prime and paint. Will be getting three boxes of bees in May. Looking forward to adding two hives with the one out in Fountaintown, and we will be putting a new hive in Bainbridge at Hays Family Grass Feed Beef. Looking forward to seeing if there crop production increase with the hive. Thank you Jenny! I would like to thank Geoff Hammond for taking the time to help with building future hives. Big money saved with his help. Next update should be in June. Thanks again for following and friending Back Porch Honey.


We did lose a hive out of the three. New it was going to happen back in August when the hive was infested with wax moth larvae. But we have two that are very stout going into the fall and winter months. Going to medicate the hives this month for mites then close them up until we have a warm day in December and then we will put on the candy board feeders. Give them another source of food incase they run out of honey. I'll post in December when we get into the hives. Thanks!

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Well out of the three hives we managed to get fourteen frames of honey. Which is better that what I though we where going to get, I told everyone we may not get anything! In the process of jarring the honey as I write this post. Should be out next week selling!
Now the bad news, you never want to see this after you have medicated your hives. Looks like a wax month managed to get into the hive. Found larvae in seven of the ten frames in the top supper. Going to freeze the frames to kill any remaining larvae, put a feeder on the hive as well as a pollen patty to fatten the hive and to bring them back to good health. Hope like hell they make it. We will see. Thanks!


It's August and we have honey suppers on all three hives. Going to wait a week and remove the suppers from the hives. Will we have honey? Don't know, but we need to get the hives medicated for mites. August is a good month to put the mite strips in, you have the heat which works well in this process of control the mites that you may have.
We are already getting everything together for next spring. Decide to put two hives in Fountaintown instead of one, we will also be putting a hive in Bainbridge as well. Both sites are next to fields that are harvested for feed. And at each site I see nothing but clover covered fields. Nice!
Will give you a update when the honey supers are pulled.
Thanks for following.



It's time for your June update. All three hives are doing well. The queen is laying her eggs. The workers are busy pulling out the comb and filling it with honey or feeding the brood. Out of the three hive we almost lost one in Pittsboro. I was changing the quart jar in the feeder when a worker decide that she did not like me around the hive. She put a stinger in my right ear. I've been stung before but this hurt like hell. I was two seconds away from lighting the hive on fire. Decided not to, so we are still at three. Going to check the hives next week to see if all ten frames have been pulled. If they have,we can add another deep supper for the hive so that the hives can store honey for the winter.
I would like to say that I have a new understudy. Luke is helping me with my Fountaintown hive. If the hive makes it through the winter we are looking at adding more. Maybe up to ten hives. We are also looking at maybe putting a hive out by Bainbridge as well. Still working on that, but we just need to get the hives through the winter, then talk about expanding. Thank you everyone for following my post, will talk to you in July.

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Ok it's May! Checked all three hives and the queen is laying eggs. Just need to make a weekly visit to make sure the hives have plenty of syrup and no wax moths, or hive beetles and or mites that have taken over the hives.
As for my hive in Fountaintown, I did take a crash course in herding cattle back to there pen. It only took me two times. Damn if they cannot scarf down some feed when there hungry!
Will post another update in June! Thanks again for following.


Well we are back in business. We have two hives in Pittsboro and one in Fountaintown. I'm going to check the Fountaintown hive tomorrow to see if the queen is laying eggs. If she is all is good, if not we need to find a queen for the hive. You don't want the workers laying eggs!
As for honey this year we may not have any. Need to get the hives full before we put honey supers on for ourselves. Figured out we have been stealing there food supplies for the winter which in turn is killing the hive.
I will give you another update in May!
Thanks for following.


Well it's all most spring and once again I have no hives! Checked the one hive that I did have two weeks ago, full of dead bees with some honey in the frames. This year we are not going to put on the honey supers until both the bottom supers are full of honey and broad. So we may be selling honey or not! My thinking is that we may be stealing the hives honey supply for the winter, that's why we are going to wait until the bottoms are full. I'm going to see if I can find another hive for Shelbyville, if not there will be next year. Fingers crossed! Thanks for your support and business.


Just put my order in for two new hives for the spring season. I hope my one lone hive made it. If it did, we will be setting up a new hive in Shelbyville. Fingers crossed! Thank you to everyone for the likes on this page. Looking forward to the spring weather and getting the hives up and running. Thank you again.


Well the hive is ready for the winter. Notice that I said the hive, the other is empty. Prepping for the winter I noticed yellow jackets in the hive but no bees. Don't know what happened! So I have one going into the winter. Next year Of course I'm going to buy a hive to replace the empty nest and we will be buying a hive for our new location near Shelbyville. Want to thank everyone your support. Talk to you in the spring, happy holidays to you and your family's.


To all my followers, if you are every in Brownstown, Indiana please stop in at Anytime Florals and checkout our honey stand and be sure to talk to Lisa about all your floral needs. Thanks!


It's that time again to get the hives ready for the winter. I just put out pollen patties in each hive to fatten them up. Also put the feeders on to give them syrup as well.
The patties are like a thick dough with vitamins and essential oils that will keep the bees healthy. The syrup is mixture of one cup water and two cups of sugar. This also contains vitamins and oils.
I will post again when we are ready to put on the candy boards which will be sometime in December. Thanks again.

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We have honey for sale.
$2.00 for the Bears.
$3.00 for the 4oz jar.
$6.00 for the 8oz jar.

Mobile Uploads 08/24/2015

Mobile Uploads

Mobile Uploads 08/23/2015

Finished pulling the frames out, ended up filling 36 2 ounce plastic bears, 36 4 ounce jelly jars and 36 8 ounce jelly jars with honey. Good way to end the end the harvest year. Now we need to get the hives ready for fall and winter.


Back in May we bought two new hives. Both started off good except one that the queen left the hive. After the third try we have a hive with a queen. Here it is in the middle of July with one hive going gang busters and the other off and running as well. Working to get both hives strong and healthy to survive the upcoming fall and winter months. Will post in the fall more information. Thanks!


Well we lost both hives to the cold winter. Purchased two new hives in the spring. One is off and running, the other is queen-less. Purchased a new queen for the queen less hive and its taking off as well. I hope by the middle of July the queen is laying and the workers are storing honey for the winter ahead.


We have honey, but the cold weather killed the hives. Will start with two new hives in the spring and get them ready for the winter.


Thank you to everyone that purchased honey today at the sale in Pittsboro. Looking forward to the fall harvest. Planning on using 4 ounce jelly jars and either 2 or 6 ounce plastic bears. Thanks again.

Mobile Uploads 09/27/2014

This is the last harvest for the year. Time to focus on getting the hives ready for the winter months.

Mobile Uploads 09/27/2014

Preparing the hives for the fall and winter months. We are adding feeders which hold about a quart of syrup for each hive. The hive beetle traps are the clear and black plastic strips on the feeders. These traps help the hive in keeping the beetle population down.

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