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On November 15th of 2015 I began my journey to heal my generational past. I had voluntarily agreed and prepared to face and battle my darkest demons. What I was not expecting was to meet God. On this day I met God. She was a woman. She was soft and strong and I’ve never felt more safe, protected loved and at peace in my entire life. We laughed, we cried, we danced and played together. And through all the darkness she never left my side. To this day I can still hear her voice and feel her love. ⁣
At that time I had never experienced anything like this. Now the closest thing I can compare it to is childbirth. In both experiences 𝙄 was born again. A pain and love so incredibly deep and giant it’s absolutely euphoric and completely out of this world. Both were truly one of the most magical and beautiful experiences of my life. Apart from my son I have never felt a love so big, so pure, so safe. ⁣
Little did I know that just a couple years later I would become a mother. And this experience would forever shape the type of mother and person I choose to be. My only purpose now is to make sure my son never experiences any of the traumas of my generations past. And that he daily feels the immense amount of love & safety that I felt when I took the sacred medicine. ⁣
I shared some of the intimate details of my ceremony experience with Megan Aadland Art and asked her to turn them into a beautiful piece of art. I knew she would understand the language I was speaking. And what she created is an absolute dream! If you need any custom artwork done do not hesitate reaching out to her! 🖤

@ Gig Harbor, Washington
This weekend I got to view the Berthe Morisot show at the MFAH with some art buddies, including Megan Aadland pictured here (with Berthe Morisot's self-portrait). I wish I could paint simply lovely landscapes like Megan does (or like Berthe!). Like Megan Aadland Art and follow her on instagram . It was so inspiring and educational to see all the paintings from the "other" female impressionist, Berthe Morisot.

contemporary landscape paintings

Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 29/12/2022

A client asked me to turn an old photo of her mother-in-law endurance horseback racing into painting, how cool is that?!
I added some intense colors into the background to capture some of that energy of the image and cropped it to focus on the characters.

Another fun project! Do you have a old photo you’d like turned into a painting? Just ask! They are so much fun to do.


Hope you are all having a joyful holiday 🎄

Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 16/12/2022

My commissions are more fun than your commissions 😝 So many Christmas paintings I have to keep under wraps still but not this one!


A 4x12” study based on the iconic Maynard Dixon. Do you love the color palette as much as I do?


Remember that nice clean studio I had the other day? I was invited to a last-minute show 🤦‍♀️ so now I’m scrambling to frame all the paintings I’ve been hording for myself these past twelve months 😆


When a client has a beautiful reference shot it’s like gold 🌈 🏆

One of my holiday commissions I am lucky enough to share with you now.

This client had a lovely photograph she took and wanted to have it made into a painting.

Check out my stories to see two framing option, one pricey, one cheap. Can you tell the difference?


Coming home to a cleaned out studio feels really great. I sold a lot of the Christmas Market, some pieces I didn’t even take photos of first! 😬 Time to make more art!

Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 13/11/2022

If you signed up for a custom painting already, prepare to score major points this holiday season! 👏 If you want to go the pre-made, but still awesome, route, go to my website for recently discounted, low-low prices for original paintings.

Let’s get ahead of the holiday craziness. Buy now and leave all the shipping holiday rush to the suckers.

“Christmas Marbles” 6x6” oil on panel


I like a little pink in my Christmas 🦩 🌲

New ornament paintings available soon!


I made this color swatch when mixing up paint and I liked it so much, I put it in a frame. Mixing paint is therapeutic and certain colors can affect your mood. I like earthy neutrals...


Because I couldn’t get enough of the first yak (cow?) I painted. I already have my next cow picked out. I sound like some sort of crazy person now. ✌️


Watching the sky....
We’ve had some pretty amazing cloudscapes these past few weeks. This latest painting is based on an evening when I took my kids to the playground and in every direction I looked, it was like a completely different sky. I love this beautiful country.

Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 22/05/2022

Painting dandelions while there’s a foot of snow on the ground... only in Colorado. 😆

Also-trying to keep the hummingbird feeder clear so our little friends wouldn’t go hungry today. We could hear them flying around when we went outside.


It’s a great exercise to paint the same subject every year. Last year I used fellow Colorado painter reference photo and this year I set up my own dandelion still life. Plenty of subject matter to be found growing outside!


Happy Mom’s Day to all the mothers ❤️
I painted this self portrait over an old landscape but I left the signature poking through the upper left corner.

I was going for the slightly haughty look the Madame Matisse portrait had but after working on it for several hours over a few days I think my face fell into just plain tired. 😆


Painting shadows and light on the water at a local treasure on the South Platte River.

Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 23/01/2022

For today’s self portrait tip- I use a digital painting process to test out background colors, simplifying subject matter, and even test out techniques.

This week I’m working from a self portrait I took about a year ago, when I was pretty pregnant with my son, Fen. A memory I’d like to capture in paint.

If you’d like to join in the self-portrait fun, and have your work shared in my stories:


•TAG and FOLLOW and


There’s a little crocheted outfit that’s been passed down and around to each baby in the family. I believe it was made by a great grandmother for her babe. That’s a lot of love stored up in one little sweater.

Digital painting done on the iPad with the Apple Pencil on

Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 22/10/2021

Having a nice frame doesn’t have to be expensive. I found a couple of great shops on Etsy to order custom mats and frames, and at a reasonable price!

This is a fun little portrait I made for a friend of her baby boy.

Happy Friday! It’s sunny and warming up so I will probably take the kiddos outdoors to enjoy this beautiful fall day. 🍁


Some of you saw my first attempt at this subject a few days ago- the teether toy. I just love the color and shape of this little guy I had to “borrow” it while my babe took a nap and paint it get it again, this time with something I regularly give him to chew on, baby carrots. Little guy has one (very sharp) bottom tooth!

Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 11/09/2021

One of the kindest, most peaceful men I know is doing something brave, right now, this very minute.

Twenty years ago, I huddled and cried with my friends while we watched the news. This man prepared to do something about it.

Now, as I pray, and cry, fearful of what the future is going to look like for myself and my kids, he’s doing something brave again.

Please consider joining him as we fight for a country we can be proud of, a place we can feel safe.

This win for Colorado will have an effect on the whole country.

Go to to read more about Erik or see what he’s been up to recently to prepare for this fight

Thank you friends, for reading this far and for caring. We may not be able to control everything happening right now, but we can control our response to it, with a peaceful strength. ❤️ 🇺🇸


Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 03/05/2021

Four of today’s releases are 1” raised panels. Which means they are ready to hang or you can stand them up anywhere. I love easy, how about you?

All paintings will be available at 4pm MST! Follow the link in my bio to go to my online gallery at ORRRR
DM me to purchase!


Cleaning up edges and putting the finishing touches on this group. I plan on releasing them all by 4pm MST tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated with details soon!

Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 25/04/2021

Slow and steady...
Second completed painting since le bebe
Working from a blurry photo I took near Moab. Trying to focus less on details and take more creative liberties.

“Moab in Blue and Gold”
6x6” oil on raised panel

Timeline photos 10/01/2021

One of my latest paintings sold within hours of posting on Daily Right now there are three more new pieces for sale! Check it out! #/category=Available&mode=search&page=1

"The Lights Are Leading You Home" ©Megan Aadland


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Bidding starts at just $12 and only goes until 5pm on Wednesday. Click on my link now to make your bid!

Timeline photos 17/07/2020

My interview with Daily Paintworks is up now! Follow my link, hit Artist Spotlight to read the interview and enter to win this painting!!

Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 15/05/2020

I did a custom painting for a very special mama and her little one. Sometimes I forget we’ve never met in person as I feel like I’ve known her sweet soul forever.

It was a little intimidating trying to capture her beauty, but she provided several gorgeous shots of her and her “little moon” that I used for reference.

It was important to try to capture her connection to Mother Nature and her grounding practice of creating meditation malas.

I enjoyed working on it, watching it unfold and am happy with how it turned out. What do you think? What do you see and feel when you look at it?

Timeline photos 01/05/2020

I was thinking about Mother’s Day and of course butterflies flew to my mind!

Nothing has changed me more than becoming a mother. Beautiful, messy, motherhood!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t counting down until my day “off”! 😂

Timeline photos 30/04/2020

I went through some older reference photos I never got around to painting. This is based on a spot near my parent’s place in Texas.

This will be available on in a day or two. If you are interested in purchasing send me a message.

If you haven’t yet- follow the link in my bio and buy a piece that’s on sale! There are a few left!


Timeline photos 24/04/2020

I had a whole different idea painted underneath this but I had to wiped it out. I just wasn’t happy with it. I’m sure I’ll try it again later. I worked fast and loose with the second idea and like it much better.

Timeline photos 15/04/2020

Another one from the road...

“Antonito Silo” 6x6” oil on panel

Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 14/04/2020

As soon as I got home from New Mexico I was able to get a few ideas out in paint. The route I take is really scenic and provides a lot of inspiration.

Here’s one heading back to Colorado, these cows were grazing near the foothills next to these trees that had a perfect ombré effect happening.

Available on my website!

Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 13/04/2020

Happy Rebirth and Renewal!

I was lucky enough to spend the week with my sister and her family. I didn’t get much painting in but there were lots of crafts, walks and hiking, talking and wine. And to top it off a real egg hunt for these beauties!

I couldn’t have asked for a better Easter week. My heart is full and feeling renewed.

@ Tijeras, New Mexico

Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 03/04/2020

Swipe to see reference shot. 🖼 📸 .

Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 03/04/2020

Wanted to paint one of these for a long time, and with some pointers from I was able the get some very buttery layers of paint. Happy Monday!
This guy is up for sale on my website. Link in bio. 🐦

Timeline photos 19/03/2020

The First Day of Spring is so special to me because it’s my youngest’s birthday. I’m grateful to be back in the house where she was born. Yup, right upstairs!

These beauties are a commissioned series by a lovely collector in Texas.

Interested in having something special made? Send me a message. No time like the present!

Here’s to Spring and looking forward to all things bright and beautiful. 💜 🌸

Photos from Megan Aadland Art's post 16/03/2020

Just put this little guy up for sale. Swipe to see the cast of the “Spring” characters so far.
Leave a comment on your favorite! 🐐 🐦 🐇

🌸 🐐

Timeline photos 15/03/2020

Remember: Spring will come!

How will you use your talents and gifts for at a time like this? Yes, you! Don’t waste them on watching the news or filling your body with anxiety.

Find some peace and share it.

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