Bees For Sale Apiary

Bees For Sale Apiary


Our sister company, Bees For Sale Apiary, shipped out 3,500,000 bees this week! Way to go team!

We are the trusted packaged bees supplier. Our experienced beekeeping staff knows all the ins and ou


🐝 Bees Now On Sale for Spring 2023 (3lb packages-5 frame Nucs- Queens)

🐝 In Store Pickup On Sale Now.

🐝 Shipped Bees On Sale Now.

Best Prices for honeybee packages anywhere. Marked Queens. USDA Inspected.

Our 5 Frame Italian Bee Nuc Colony is raised in South Carolina and comes with a Queen in a Pro Nuc box.

We are Family Owned and celebrating our 25th year in business!
Supreme Service Guaranteed!

WE WILL SELL OUT! Get the date you want.



🐝 Bees Now On Sale for Spring 2023 (3lb packages and Queens)

🐝 We Ship to Most of the U.S.

Best Prices for honeybee packages anywhere. Marked Queens. USDA Inspected.

WE WILL SELL OUT! Get the date you want.



As always it’s been a successful ship week. These beauties went out Monday morning and are arriving in great health!!!! Quality over quantity 🙂


From all of us at Bees For Sale Apiary, Happy Easter!

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. - Matthew 28:6


BEES BEES BEES MONDAY SHIP DAYS ARE FUN WHEN SMOOTH!!!!! Thank you to all of our loyal customers!!!!!


HELLO !!!! What a great BEE SHIP DAY!!!!! We have been so excited about this year. We have kept our heads down and working hard! All the customers for this Monday your bees are ON THE WAY!!!! Also a huge thank you to my team! We’ll be posting a lot more soon!


We are saddened to hear about the devastation caused by the recent storms in Mayfield, KY.

Let’s come together Pickens! We can’t imagine what this town is going through, but with your help we can assist in bringing a smile to the faces of these very worthy children and families.

Bee Well Honey and Cram Electrical is hosting a “stuff the truck” campaign this week to gather items to deliver to Mayfield.

You can drop off unwrapped items at any BWH location until close of business this Thursday, December 16:

205 Hampton Ave Pickens, SC - 8:00a - 6:00p
815 West Main Street Pickens, SC - 9:00a - 5:30p
909 west Main Street Pickens, SC - 8:00a - 4:00p

Bee Well Honey: How to Install Package Bees 11/09/2021

So, you might be thinking "I want to order bees, but I'm not sure how to install them when they arrive", well, we have you covered.

Learn how to Install a 3 lb Package of Bees by clicking below. We'll walk you right through the process.

Bee Well Honey: How to Install Package Bees New to beekeeping? Unsure about how best to install a package of bees? This video guides you step by step through the process of installing your package of ...


Make sure to ORDER YOU BEES NOW BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!!!! We will sell out FAST!!!!!


WE ARE LIVE!!!!! Orders for shipping are now ON!!!!!


Bees Now On Sale for Spring 2022

We Ship 3lb Honeybee Packages to most of the U.S. via USPS Priority mail package service.

Best Prices for honeybee packages anywhere.

USDA Inspected.

We are Family Owned and it would be our pleasure to earn your business!

WE WILL SELL OUT! Get the date you want.




Been a long summer working bees and slinging honey! Just to touch base on a few upcoming things in the bee world! We will be accepting orders for the 2022 season really soon! Finalizing dates now! We will be posting ASAP when we get the final weekends!

We will be shipping to various areas where we know the bees will arrive safe and healthy per usual outcome of our orders. We hope to see many repeat customers, and always are welcoming new customers.

If you have any questions about ANYTHING you can call me the owner directly 864-417-0917 or email me [email protected]

We all handle business differently make sure your calling and emailing BEES FOR SALE APIARY all orders will have a batch number and order number. Any issues, delays, refunds, and or transaction hiccups we handle them all accordingly we don’t leave you hanging. We thrive on quality and success!!!! Thanks again for all the business!

Stetson Owen


Shipping bees this 2021 has come to an end. We had another very successful year. I would like to first off thank my amazing customers from across the country. We were limited this year by shipping outlets but we were able to adapt and overcome to ship out quality bees.

All this issues that we crossed were handled accordingly with USPS and resolved and never repeated. id like to thank the staff from Washington DC USPS for listening and learning the method of shipping bees. A lot of things to come in the future for all USPS
distribution centers.

We are now into the 2022 shipping season and will have alot of NEW information coming soon about next years shipping.


Stetson Owen

Photos from Bees For Sale Apiary's post 05/17/2021

Wow what a great shipment of bees! Quality is what we do and that’s also what you get !!!! Thank you all who shipped out MAY 17th!!!!!


May 17th ship date is in the books and off to the USPS distribution center in Greenville SC. They will scan and begin moving immediately. DO NOT worry if they don’t scan the package your package of bees will be moving quickly and to you before you know it. Call the owner as always if you have any questions.

Stetson Owen


🐝🐝🐝🐝 We are proud to announce that we have officially as of 7:32AM SOLD OUT of our 2021 ship dates!!!!! May 17th, and May 24th are the last dates that are shipping out!!!! It’s been a great year. It’s been a great experience to continue to adapt and overcome the challenges. We love what we do and we honor what we do. Bees For Sale Apiary is thriving into the 2022 season with more meetings with private shipping companies, more training for USPS, and getting to know the REAL way to continue shipping healthy bees in a timely fashion! Thank you to all of our customers and repeat customers. I’m thankful for our NEW customers that maybe didn’t have the best of luck somewhere else and gave us a shot and now have a great hive of bees 🐝 🐝🐝🐝🐝

Photos from Bees For Sale Apiary's post 05/03/2021

Seeya later ladies. Thank you again to all the customers that understand our process. We work hard we don’t forget about you. We know things happen at this volume your going to have issues. That’s why we always make it right. We have bees, we have queens, and we know how USPS is working hard to get these to you ASAP!!!! We don’t send you to a claims department to get the run around. We meet with USPS after the season to settle any issues with damaged shipments or issues. The main goal take care of the customers FIRST!!!!

Thank you
Stetson Owen


May 3rd shipment is ready and loaded!!!


We have received information from the the Greensboro NC USPS distribution center. We unfortunately had an issue with 30 packages that didn’t ship out as supposed to and most have arrived healthy but a few unfortunately did not.

Luckily we work close with the USPS HQ and they have resolved the issue. No problems ahead 👌🏻👍🏻. For the customers who’s bees will arrive today on Monday. Please call us and we can re-ship/refund!

We strive for happy customers. We understand the issues some people don’t like to process bees due to unfamiliar education of the honeybee! However this will be fixed in the off season with USPS HQ!

Thanks again for the business and as always call me the owner directly if I don’t answer leave a VM I’ll call you back when I get out of the 🐝 yard!!!!

Stetson Owen




We have some ⚠️VERY EXCITING NEWS we are going to announce in the coming weeks regarding shipping in 2022!!!!

Hint : next day air availability options
Hint: USPS HQ logistics/training

We strive for quality at BSFA. Luckily this shipping season we have been blessed with success. Every issue we have encountered has been easily fixed without our bees stopping in transit. We are about honesty, loyalty, and our customers.

We always make it right. We don’t send you to anyone’s claim department . We produce a product you deserve the product which is LIVE BEES/Queens.
Lucky for us we haven’t had any major issues with packages and the queens that have unfortunately arrived passed away are replaced VIA NEXT DAY AIR ON OUR DIME!!!! We don’t make you purchase something you already have that’s how we do business.

We aren’t going anywhere. We get bigger and better every year. Smoother and smoother every week. We love what we do we are real we are very very particular and can’t wait to take this next move to the public!!!! STAY TUNED

Bees for Sale | Package Bees for Sale| Bees for Sale Apiary 04/26/2021

April 26th ship date is on the way to you!!!!!

Our website is built with a zone system. If my website excepts your address you fall into our priority shipping with USPS. Unfortunately it does exclude a large bit of the west coast and mid-parts of the country. We will be shipping next day air next season for the fine folks of the west and mid west😎😎. We are about quality and live honeybees. We cover any issues that you may have. We have PERSONALLY worked hand in hand with both USPS AND UPS about next year.

We have received many calls regarding packages arriving dead shipped out west from other establishments. That is why we don’t even offer the availability this year because we know how long and far live bees can travel with these conditions. Please be patient with all the apiaries. We all work very hard to get these bees in the best shape for you the customer.

Bees for Sale | Package Bees for Sale| Bees for Sale Apiary Bees for Sale Apiary offers the highest quality packaged bees with marked Italian Bees, and Italian Queens. Our bees are ready for delivery in the spring, but we recommend ordering yours as early as possible. We will run out!

Photos from Bees For Sale Apiary's post 04/26/2021

April 26th Shipping in the books!!!! We love to come over to the distribution center that we worked so close with the last couple of years. They always have our ventilated crates ready and to the side for us every single time!!!!We have gotten to know them so well we even have one the great guys hooking the team up with some 🐻 bear meat!!!!!! Thanks again USPS for the above performance to make sure our ladies are taken care of!!!!


The shipping house is loaded!!!! We love what we do!! Our team works hard for quality service and quality bees. You call we answer, you leave myself a message I’ll return the call!!!!! Questions or comments please reach out!!!!! Thanks again to all the loyal and new customers for trusting Bees For Sale Apiary!


Quality is the name of the game!!!!


BOO YA SOLD OUT OF THESE LADIES TODAY!!!! All the customers that fought the rain to come see us we appreciate you!!!


May 3rd ship date is now SOLD OUT!!!! May 10th is the next available date, we will be sold out of it soon too !!!! Thank you to all of our loyal repeat customers. Also thank you to the recent flood of new customers. We’re glad you have chosen us to give you quality bees, queens and service.


Yay our teams awesome!!!!


We shipped 3,500,000 bees this week! Thank you for trusting Bees For Sale Apiary to supply your bees!


We love what we do!!!! 🐝

Photos from Bees For Sale Apiary's post 04/12/2021

First ship shipment out the door this morning. It’s quality at Bees For Sale Apiary. Next week a break for our local NUC DAY, then back at it again. Thank you to our loyal customers.


An update from Stetson.


Bees for Sale Apiary is celebrating three years of successfully shipping bee packages throughout the United States.

Order today for Spring 2021 Delivery ==>


Let's kick the New Year off with a Sale!

During the month of January 2021 take 5% Off EVERYTHING Online or In Store.

Coupon Code: JANUARY21

Good at all of our locations: Bee Well Honey Bee Supply, Bee Well Honey Natural Market, and Bees for Sale Apiary.

When we say EVERYTHING, we mean EVERYTHING... including Bees and Honey!

Shop Now ==> OR


Want to send an extra special THANK YOU!!!! To all the customers from across the Country ordering bees for 2021. We can’t thank you enough for the repeat customers we are noticing all of you!!! Again any ?s or concerns call our CEO directly. Emails/phone calls are returned usually same day! Thanks again.


Bees Now On Sale for Spring 2021 (3lb packages-5 frame Nucs- Queens) - Store Pickup and Shipped to You - On Sale Now

Best Prices for honeybee packages anywhere. Marked Queens. USDA Inspected.

We Ship 3lb Honeybee Packages to the Lower 48 States via UPS Next Day Air and USPS Priority mail.

Our 5 Frame Italian Bee Nuc Colony is raised in South Carolina and comes with a Queen in a Pro Nuc box.

We are Family Owned and celebrating our 22nd year in business!

Supreme Service Guaranteed! It would be a pleasure to earn your business. 864-898-5122 First come first serve

WE WILL SELL OUT! Get the date you want.



It’s time !!!!! ORDER ORDER

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An update from Stetson.
Bees for Sale Apiary is celebrating three years of successfully shipping bee packages throughout the United States.Order...
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Bees for Sale - Spring 2021




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