Southwestern Scale Company Inc.

Southwestern Scale Company Inc.

SWSCALE is the only full-service Sca le company in the Southwestern United Stat es. #BigBoldBlue Southwestern Scale company is t he premier full service scale company servici ng Arizona and the Regional Southwest.

Locally owned and operated since 19 48, Southwestern Scale Company exceeds in exception al customer service, professionalism, integrity, personal attenti on and honesty that valued customers ha ve received for nearly 65 years. Southweste rn Scale has proudly serviced and equipp ed customers in over 16 unique industri es. With a long established history, Southweste rn Scale has placed more equipment in s er

Operating as usual


No big deal, just another d ay in paradise! 🌵☀️

One of our Technicia ns snapped this breathtaking photo at an Aggrega te operation in southern Arizona during anoth er one of our stunning sunrises (whi ch we get a lot of in t he Grand Canyon State)!

SWSCALE is no strang er to Aggregate sites across the Southwe st (and beyond), and we’re 100% confide nt that we have the solutions f or your sand, gravel, crushed stone, ceme nt, and concrete weighment needs.

Read more abo ut the types of offerings we c an provide to Aggregates:


Without your support, we would n ot be the operation we a re today.

Thank you, and happy !


🚨 , there was a Sca le controversy at the this weeke nd:

We've reached out directly to abo ut this (seriously!), and have many questio ns to ask him:

• Were ALL of the ir Scales calibrated?
• Were their Scales plac ed on correct flooring?
• Why didn't he ca ll us first?

We'd also like to l et him (and you) know that:

• Wh en it comes to Scales and Weighi ng, we know EVERYTHING
• We provide numero us services (including Scale Calibration)
• We off er endless weight-measuring products
• We've been in busine ss for nearly 75 years
• We're t he largest weighing enterprise in the Americ an Southwest

Call 602-243-3951 or visit SWSCALE.COM today!


⛈️ The American southwest may be kno wn for its dry, sunny climate, b ut that doesn’t mean we can’t hand le a bit of the wet stuff!

As you can see, weather conditions sometim es impede our efforts, including during t he construction of this Scale foundation. Howev er, our TEAM is always prepar ed to do whatever it takes to insta ll, inspect, or otherwise service your outdo or weighment devices in a timely mann er, despite what Mother Nature throws at us. Our goal is to ensure th at you receive a quality product, top-not ch service, and minimal interruption to yo ur operation.

In other words, we can he lp Deliver Confidence in any condition!

On th at note, it might be time f or a check-up of your Scale, so gi ve our Service team a call tod ay to schedule it! 602-243-3951 ☎️

#2 47

Photos from Southwestern Scale Company Inc. 's post 04/25/2022

How about a photo dump of so me of our recent Belt Scale projec ts? ⛏️♻️

Belt Scales are the perfect soluti on for operations that wish to wei gh conveyor belt-driven materials, including items f or Recycling, Grinding, Crushing, or Aggregate businesses.

Wi th several features and options to choo se from, we’re certain there’s a Be lt Scale solution that’s perfect for yo ur operation!

Go ahead and check out o ur newest blog post, which takes a deep er dive into the advantages of Be lt Scales:

Photos from Southwestern Scale Company Inc. 's post 04/18/2022

SWSCALE is everywhere... even on Ra ce Day! 🏁

We were well-represented at t he recent NHRA drag races in Phoen ix, Arizona, where we helped to wei gh some of the best Dragsters in t he game. It was an excellent opportuni ty to not only provide our servic es to a real-time event, but al so to showcase just how flexible o ur weighing capabilities really are (and to dro ol over an array of powerful ca rs in the process 🤤).

To sum up t he races in three points:

• The weath er was perfect
• The cars were lo ud (and fast)
• Our weighing accuracy w as on point!

Photos from Southwestern Scale Company Inc. 's post 04/12/2022

Spring just doesn’t always feel spring-li ke. 🥶

These photos were captured at a j ob site in the central Arizona high-dese rt, where the temperatures were a b it lower than anticipated! The SWSCALE Technici an who snapped this scene remarked th at “it was a little cold...” 😂

Despi te the out-of-season freeze, we loved seei ng our test trucks deliver confidence throu gh the icy-cold conditions. These dynamic a nd robust vehicles can travel into t he most rugged environments, and they levera ge a multitude of products and weighi ng assets, helping to ensure that yo ur operation won’t skip a beat.

We depl oy the largest Field Service Team in t he Southwestern United States, and our Technicia ns are trained in all Scale mak es and models. How’s that for ? 👍

Mo re info here:

Photos from Southwestern Scale Company Inc. 's post 04/07/2022

Here’s an example of the streng th of 💪

A high-volume Waste operati on had severe fractures in their 1990’s-e ra steel deck Truck Scale, and t he fatigue of the Scale was leadi ng to further damage on the undersi de support beams. A new Scale w as not in the budget for th is business, so the SWSCALE Manufacturing te am performed a field triage, and prompt ly repaired the device.

As a result of the se efforts, this business kept their operati on running, and a catastrophic failure of t he Scale was completely avoided. This si te will eventually be home to a n ew SWSCALE Truck Scale, so we t ip our hats to the MFG TE AM for providing a first-rate solution in t he interim!

Heck of a job, gents! 👍

Re ad more about our Manufacturing capabilities:

Photos from Southwestern Scale Company Inc. 's post 03/28/2022

The only thing better than a go od concrete pour, are photos of a go od concrete pour!

Our rock-solid Construction TEAM deliver ed on this Truck Scale job f or a major Aggregate operation north of Tucs on, Arizona, and we couldn’t help b ut showcase the result! Heck of a po ur there, fellas. 👍

Once again, being vertical ly integrated has its privileges!

If you’re an Aggrega te operation, we’ve got heavy-duty weighing solutio ns for any part of your operati on, including Belt Scales, Rail Scales, Hopp er, and Silo Scales, and our reliab le series of Truck Scales. Whether it ’s sand, gravel, cement, concrete, or crush ed stone, there’s nothing we can’t he lp you weigh.

Don’t hesitate to give us a ca ll (602-243-3951) and click over to o ur website for more info:

Photos from Southwestern Scale Company Inc. 's post 03/23/2022

🎬 How about a behind-the-scenes lo ok at a recent SWSCALE project?

These a re photos from a Chemical Manufacturing operati on in the Phoenix, Arizona metro, whe re we added a weighing solution to sever al large tanks in order to continuous ly monitor and gauge material quantity. To do th is, we:

• Trimmed the anchors at t he tank legs
• Lifted and cribbed t he tank for safety
• Anchored custom-built plat es to the ground
• Attached single-ended be am mounts to the ground plates
• Fasten ed custom-built adapter plates between the moun ts and the legs

This project provided an opportuni ty to follow through on one of o ur Core Values (“Quality is assured throu gh workmanship, experience, and knowledge”), and o ur TEAM did just that!

More info on o ur Chemical Scale offerings:


😲 This was a bit of an eye-opener.

🎞️ In honor of , we fou nd a vintage image of our curre nt HQ and compared it to a rece nt photo from the same angle! T he upgrades to our lot over t he years is a reflection of o ur intense growth, as well as o ur commitment to providing a safer worki ng environment for our employers and supplie rs, all while showcasing the immense evoluti on of our enterprise.

We can’t wait to s ee what the future has in sto re for our operation!

Read more abo ut our history here:

Certified Scales & Truck Scales f or Sale | SWSCALE 03/08/2022

Certified Scales & Truck Scales f or Sale | SWSCALE

2️5+: That’s the number of industri es we provide weighing solutions for!

From fo od and beverage entities, to laboratory environmen ts, to the most complex industrial operatio ns, we can manufacture, provide, and servi ce industrial or commercial Scales for a ny type of application.

Simply put: We c an help you weigh ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, at A NY TIME, and have a 75-year reco rd to prove it! 😎

You can reque st information from the SWSCALE Sales te am 24/7 via our website ( or spe ak to them on the phone at 602-243-3951.

We look forward to delivering confidence to you!

Certified Scales & Truck Scales f or Sale | SWSCALE Delivering Confidence with Every Measure. T he most comprehensive, full service, vertically-integrated sca le company in Arizona, California, Colorado, Neva da, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah.

Photos from Southwestern Scale Company Inc. 's post 02/28/2022

When we come to your busine ss, we come prepared! 💪

As part of o ur annual inventory audit, we perform a thorou gh item inspection for each of o ur test trucks, in order to ensu re that they are well-stocked with a myri ad of parts, tools, and devices. Th is process gives our Service team t he flexibility to immediately address unforeseen issu es in the field, helping to mitiga te any potential interruption to your operation.

Ha ve a sheared bolt? We’ve got more!
Ne ed a replacement junction box? Not a problem!
Adjustme nt requires a specific tool? Well, y ou get the idea... 😏

And, in t he off chance that we don’t ha ve an item with us, we ha ve the resources to order it FAST!

(Phot os are of our recent test tru ck inventory audit)

☎️ 602-243-3951

Timeline photos 02/23/2022

👀 How cool is this?!

The SWSCA LE Systems team has been busy enhanci ng the way in which our Sca le measurements can be presented during t he user experience! In this example, y ou can see how they were ab le to manipulate weighment data into a correspondi ng fill level within a tank, as pa rt of an overall effort to custom-tail or our software for a Chemical operati on in Arizona.

These are just some of t he numerous, innovative concepts being drawn up by o ur inventive team members, and is furth er evidence of our willingness to be BO LD ()!

No matter your business or indust ry, we’re 100% confident in our abili ty to customize a Scale solution f or your arrangement, so head on ov er to our website and learn mo re about our system integrations:

You c an also learn about our software sui te here:

Our Story

Southwestern Scale has been providing t op quality scale and weighing system servic es for trucking, rail and industrial applicatio ns since 1948. Since our founding, we ha ve placed more equipment in service, a nd provided continuous service to more custome rs than any other single scale compa ny in our market.

We are a locally owned a nd operated company that is led by t he second generation of ownership since t he company’s inception. We offer truck scal es for sale as well as renta ls, and services such as scale calibrati on and repair, load testing and weig ht studies.

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SWSCALE - Exceeding Expectations
Burn Table
Concrete Foundation Fix
Manufacturing Mobile Repair Vehicle
120' Portable Sidewinder
Sidewinder Truck Scale Series


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2535 W Broadway Rd
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Opening Hours

Monday 7am - 4pm
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