B Home Mortgage

B Home Mortgage

AZ License # MB0908691
NMLS #149152
Phoenix, Arizona Mortgage Brokerage focusing on Residential Home Mortgages for Purchase and Refinance. Formerly named Burk Carpenter Financial, we are still owned and operated by Brian Carpenter and now along with Brandon Ross.

We are the same local, family-owned Arizona mortgage broker offering extraordinary personal service around the clock, while still guaranteeing the lowest rate AND the least overall cost.

Operating as usual


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B Home Mortgage


B Home Mortgage's cover photo


How Technology Plays a Part in Getting a Mortgage Today? Read more https://goo.gl/FYzgqd


Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions a person or family will make during their lives. It is a process that needs professional guidance to ensure a successful purchase. Need help weighing all the factors involved in purchasing a new home? B Home can help you! 602-953-6677


If you are getting ready to buy a new home, there is so much to consider it can be overwhelming. Here at B Home, we have broken it down into a few key factors to make it easier for you to get started! Learn more https://goo.gl/FjX4mw


Paying it forward, one step at a time! YOU GOT THIS! Share to inspire others as well!


How are mortgage rates determined? https://goo.gl/eQWfNX


Choosing the right mortgage that best fits your needs can be a challenging task. But working with us ensures you will have a trusted mortgage professional guiding you to find the mortgage that best fits your short term, and long term mortgage needs. Learn more about us, visit https://www.bhomemortgage.com/ today!


How to ensure you get the best possible interest rate you can? The key is to become a better borrower. Is it possible to influence the type of deal you get? Yes, especially if you avoid these missteps. Read more https://goo.gl/gr5Ygc


Get low mortgage rates with B Home Mortgage!! 602-953-6677


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Are you curious about mortgage rates in Arizona? The home of your dreams could be just a phone call away. Contact us at 602-953-6677 to set up your FREE consultation!


Be passionate about what you do.


Mortgage Tip: When you apply for a mortgage, you will need to provide your lender with a number of financial documents.

Having these items scanned/saved/etc as PDF files, ready to upload or email, will make your process so much easier and faster for everyone involved.

Here is a basic starter list of what to prep, in most cases:

1) past 30 days of paystubs
2) past 2 yrs of w2's and federal tax returns,
3) photo ID and SS card
4) past 2 months complete bank statements


Are you applying for a mortgage loan? See these tips to prepare, and get approved for a mortgage on the new home you want. Read here https://goo.gl/yKVB4z


Buying your first home is an exciting time, but with so many plans to make and questions to be answered it can also be a little daunting. That’s why we, as your Phoenix leading mortgage broker, provides you the perfect mortgage on the home of your dreams. Contact us, visit https://www.bhomemortgage.com/ or call at 602-953-6677 to set up your consultation!

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Commonly Asked Questions About Homeowner’s Insurance

Here we've provided answers to commonly asked questions about homeowners insurance.

bhomemortgage.com Even after your home is paid off, it is a clever idea to continue to safeguard your home along with your valuables with a homeowners insurance policy.

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Fixed or Adjustable Mortgage Rate | B Home Mortgage Phoenix

Should you get an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), or should you stick with a fixed interest rate?

Whether you plan to stay in Phoenix for a few years or you intend to put down roots here, B Home Mortgage can help you evaluate your options and qualify for the most affordable mortgage.

Call us at 602-953-6677

bhomemortgage.com Brian Carpenter at B Home can help you evaluate your options and qualify for the most affordable mortgage. Call me today at 602-953-6677 to learn more.

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Do Mortgage Inquiries Harm Your Credit? | B Home Mortgage

Do mortgage inquiries hurt your credit score?

Many consumers worry about dinging their credit scores and naturally there is a lot of confusion in this area. Read this to clear up any questions:

bhomemortgage.com A lot of consumers worry about dinging their credit scores, but they also are not sure which types of inquiries affect their scores and which ones do not.

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5 Facts To Know About Buying a Home | B Home Mortgage

5 facts which you might not know about buying a home—but which you should know if you want to ensure that you are getting an affordable loan with favorable terms

bhomemortgage.com Give us a call today at 602-953-6677, and we will assist you in circumnavigating the pitfalls involved with buying a home and make sure you're well


5 Star: Lisa B. "I can personally confirm the character & integrity of both Brian Carpenter & Brandon Ross to be stellar. Attention to detail & valiant respect at every twist & turn along the way leads their clients toward success. To anyone looking at using B|Home Mortgage for the first time, you can be certain you are in very capable hands with Brian, Brandon & their team."


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Review Us

In 2003, I started working for a large mortgage bank in Scottsdale, AZ After a year, I had learned the various positions and discovered I really had a knack for taking the loans from the initial contact with the client, figuring out the loan scenario and approach to underwriting best suited, and then taking it all the way through to the closing table. I had a pretty good team of people loyal to me by the end of 2004, and because our process was so efficient and our clients loved working with us so much: I started putting together the business plan for a new mortgage company, doing things our way.

In early 2005, Kevin & Karen Burk (now my in-laws) saw what we were doing, and they were so impressed they offered to take a huge risk and finance a new company! Kevin Burk actually resigned from his corporate job as well, and together we started Burk Carpenter Financial with the whole team on board! Needless to say, this changed my life, and the risk they took will never be forgotten.

We flourished in the boom of 2005-2007, and with what turned out to be our saving grace in never once allowing our clients the high-risk/commission-heavy "pay option ARM" and "negative amortization" loans: we actually did OK and pressed on through The Crash in 2008, while much of our competition went under.

While everyone from our original team went on to other states, other careers, etc, Kevin and I continued educating our clients and helping them with new mortgages until 2012 when he retired from the business to focus on his market and real estate investments (and being a Grandpa!!), and in stepped Brandon Ross. I've detailed Brandon's remarkable progression in this business in a previous post, and I suggest going back and reading it again because it really has been impressive.

Brandon and I have found the most reliable, accurate, and efficient possible way to take a client and/or their Agents from the initial contact, all the way through to the closing table, on either a refinance or a purchase, with the best possible loan product at the lowest rate and with the least overall cost is......to do everything ourselves.

With our technology, our availability, our loan/finance acumen, and our well-established trusting relationships with the most reliable, competent, and competitive banks in the country: we provide our clients with the unique experience of one contact all the way through....one person available pretty much 24/7....one person accountable. In the mortgage business, the more people involved: the more mistakes are made, and the more money the client pays. It wasn't possible to run with this model until everything went paperless about a year ago, and now that we have it mastered together we've decided to change the name of the company....Brian and Brandon proudly present:

B|Home Mortgage

We will continue to provide very honest and reliable expertise, along with both extraordinary service and the lowest rate/cost on residential mortgage loans in Arizona, and by year's end we will be in Iowa as well.

If you're looking for advice for your home financing, using your equity for a remodel or other investments, a home purchase. or you're a Real Estate Agent looking for a very different experience than what you're used to or you've heard about....contact us, you won't regret it.

Oh, and we'd really appreciate if you'd take a moment to share this, like this, follow this, etc....and if you've worked with us before we'd love a review, just click here it's quick and easy:


Thanks to our clients and agents over the years, and thanks to everyone who has made this company possible!




B Home Mortgage


B Home Mortgage's cover photo

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Things to do this week around Arizona

Have a wonderful weekend!

azcentral.com Check out this week's things to do around the state, including Gathering of Gunfighters, Sedona music festival, Southern Arizona Clogging Festival and more.

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Phoenix: A city worth exploring - 8 amazing things to do

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Arizona spectacular holiday lights map

Holiday Light Maps!

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Top 10 events this week in metro Phoenix

azcentral.com Fleetwood Mac, Alice Cooper, Joe Rogan and more of this weeks biggest and best events.

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44 December events in Phoenix to get your holiday spirit on like Donkey Kong

azcentral.com Thru 1/11: ZooLights The annual holiday series features 3.8 million lights across the park, strung across trees, plants and buildings, and in the

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Get A Russian Mortgage, Get A Cat

In Russia when you buy a home you also get a cat...well you actually borrow a cat for a few hours to bring good luck to your new home!

npr.org Much like your mortgage, the cat is a loan. Cats are delivered to the new residence for a two-hour visit. In Russia, it's considered good luck for...

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The Ultimate List of Holiday Events Around Arizona

azcentral.com This year's holiday events offer plenty of opportunities for fun, lights, cider and Santa.



What a day. What a view. Sit back and let it all sink in. More amazing Arizona views to be had here: http://azc.cc/1ucrcKk

AZ365 photo by Jaymz Robertson of Gold Canyon

azcentral.com 11/27/2014

Inside 3 of Arizona's priciest Super Bowl rentals

azcentral.com Inside Arizona's most expensive Super Bowl rentals you'll find luxurious cabanas, Tiki huts, gas fire pits, kegerators, wood-fired pizza ovens, flat



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