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Mental Health/Mental Illness ..Do you know the difference? Mental health is the absence of disease. Mental illness is a disorder that effects one's ability to think, act, feel or function. Your Mental health is just as important as your physical health. They depend on each other! You're not living your best life if you're neglecting your mental health!


Happy Monday! Today is May 1st and you know what that means...It's Mental Health Awareness Month kick off! I could think of no better way of beginning this celebration than to pay tribute to my fellow Therapist!

Thank you so much for the awesome work you do! Thank you for your dedicated commitment to creating a level playing ground so every individual can have an opportunity to live live to its fullest. Thank you for creating a safe environment for those you serve to come talk, share their lives without being judged, ridiculed or misunderstood. Because of your passionate caring, you allow a space where individuals can be seen, heard and allowed to gently unpack their problems. Thank You!

We need you! So please take care of you. Find you someone to create space for you to be heard. Take time for you. Implement self-care, exercise, pray, meditate and take longer vacations that allow you to replenish. Laugh often and celebrate each new day as a gift. Give yourself a hug and know you are valued and appreciated.


Calling girls grades 5-12! A mentoring program awaits you!

Calling girls grades 5-12! Adoledence: The struggle is real! Are you shy? Socially anxious? Can't seem to find you or your place? Experience an amazing empowering time of fun, fellowship, and relationship building with Sister B.E.E.S. For more information on this dynamic mentoring program contact us at [email protected].


Calling girls grades 5-12! Adoledence: The struggle is real! Are you shy? Socially anxious? Can't seem to find you or your place? Experience an amazing empowering time of fun, fellowship, and relationship building with Sister B.E.E.S. For more information on this dynamic mentoring program contact us at [email protected].


Here's a little informational video for those of you who are teachers are parents with children returning to the classroom. I hope you find it helpful if you do, please go to my YouTube page and like.


It's Mental Health Awareness Month and I had the tremendous opportunity to share information on The Inspirational Diva radio broadcast today. Check it out and share with a friend.


When we encounter and blessed to survive the unfortunate mishap of a major accident, our first thought is to be examined to ensure we have no injuries. We know from experience that though we might look fine on the outside, we still might have experienced internal injuries not visible to the naked eye.

The Last 14 months have represented the most horrendous life changing event imagined. Yet the majority of us have failed to examine our mental health! May is"Mental Health Awareness" month and I want you to examine your mental health and well-being. Are you suffering from internal injuries? Are you bleeding out emotionally?

Ask yourself:
Has your sleep habits changed? Are you unable to focus? Have you lost interest in things you once loved? Are you on hyper alert all the time? Have you lost your ability to function? These are signs of internal emotional injuries that will only get better with treatment! You are not living your best life if you are not mentally healthy.


Today is "World Su***de Prevention Day!"
Did you know...
According to the WHO (World Health Organization), at least 800,000 people a year, die by su***de.
In the United States alone, su***de rates have increased by 35% between 1999 and 2018.
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls su***de a "growing public health problem."

What can you do? Learn potential warning signs:

Talking about: Wanting to die, Great guilt or shame, Being a burden to others

Expressing feeling: Empty, hopeless, trapped, or having no reason to live, Extremely sad, more anxious, agitated, or full of rage
Unbearable emotional or physical pain

Watch for changing behavior, such as: Making a plan or researching ways to die, Withdrawing from friends, saying good bye, giving away important items, or making a will
Taking dangerous risks such as driving extremely fast
Displaying extreme mood swings, Eating or sleeping more or less
Using drugs or alcohol more often

If you see the signs get help! Here are some very important resources to keep handy:
National Su***de Prevention Lifeline

Crisis Text Line
Text “HELLO” to 741741

We are our brother and sister's keepers. Don't be afraid to ask that very difficult question, "Are you thinking about killing yourself?' Please help! Su***de is "preventable!"


Check-in Time. How's your mental health? July is Minority Mental Health Month and I need to know how you are feeling! Managing our emotions is not something we are taught. Quite the contrary we're taught to stuff our emotions.

2020 has been a complex year where the normalcy of life has been stolen from us. Leaving us feeling stressed, anxious, fearful and depressed. But as people of color, we seldom talk about it and certainly though we need it,don't seek counseling.

It was hard enough dealing with a pandemic in a magnitude never experienced before. But watching a human die before our eyes by those sworn to protect us, took us over the edge. I encourage you to check your emotions and seek help if not for you please do it for your children. That's right! Everything you have experienced has been experienced by your children. And if you don't need help they do.

We are experiencing Trauma like never before. Many of us are reliving the painful racist experiences from the past on top of trying to fight COVID-19. If you or your child are experiencing the following talk with a professional forhelp in healing:

Unable to go to sleep
Unable to remain sleep
Wanting to sleep all the time
Not eating
Eating all the time
Easily agitated
Feeling hopeless
Not wanting to bathe/shower, brush your teeth or change clothes

Many employers provide Employees Assistance Programs (EAP) that allow you to receive 3-8 free counseling services.
Your mental health is important! Make it a priority!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me, (512)779-3539


Did you forget? It's Mental Health Awareness Month! What are you doing to take care of YOU? In case you didn't know it, "you are valued and loved!" We need you so take care physically and mentally. If you are feeling overwhelmed slow down! Take one step at a time, one day at a time. If you need help reach out we are here for you. Know someone overwhelmed with loss? Check out my new video Grieving In The Midst Of Chaos on Facebook and YouTube. Make sure to share it with someone in need.


In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month the second edition of The Lifeline focuses on Grief.

The Lifeline: Grieving in the Midst of Chaos 05/20/2020

Don't forget May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Check out the second edition of The Lifeline as we discuss Grief. If you find information in this presentation helpful, please share with someone. Let's stomp out stigma and improve mental health awareness!

The Lifeline: Grieving in the Midst of Chaos As we continue to celebrate Mental Health Awareness month, the second edition of The Lifeline focuses on grief. What is grief? How do we cope? What is the pr...


As we continue our recognition of Mental Health Awareness month, the second edition of The Lifeline focuses on grief. The grief process, understanding it, coping appropriately and accepting'.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. To celebrate I am launching my first edition of The Lifeline, mini webinars to provide information and resources for the community to strengthen a sense of mental wellness. There is a difference between "mental health" and "mental illness" just like there is a difference between "physical health" and "physical illness." My goal is to remove stigma and promote mental wellness. Please free to leave questions, comments and even suggestions/topics for future webinars
This first edition focuses on providing parenting strategies during this COVID-19 pandemic. I hope you find the information helpful. If you do, please pass it along to a friend! If you don't share ideas on how I can improve the quality of this effort, Thanks


Did you know May is Mental Health Awareness Month ? For the remainder of the month I am going to drop some knowledge on becoming and remaining "mentally healthy!" If you read something that touches you please share it with a friend or family member. Together we can destroy the stigma around mental health and mental illness! During this extremely stressful COVID-19 season, Its ok to say you are not ok. In fact, please do! Don't suffer in silence reach out for a life line !


I am still amazed at how often I hear someone express how deeply they desire someone to love them yet when asked, they don't love themselves. My response is always," it's an unrealistic expectation to ask some one to do something for you that you are unwilling to do for yourself." The golden rule requires us to "love our neighbor as ourselves." Could be the reason we feel such a lack of love in our world today.

You must always remember, regardless of what you have experienced or been told, you are valuable and full of purpose. Stop competing! You are a one of a kind original! There is no one like you and never will be! That's the way you were created. You are not built like him or her; your hair and hips are different, doo are your eyes and lips. Why? Vecause they are supposed to be! Stop looking in the mirror finding faults and start praising and valuing your uniqueness. You have a gifting and purpose we all need. You look in the mirror and see flaws while God sees his unique work of art. Start celebrating you and watch your beauty flourish. Now get busy loving you! You are soo worth it!


Welcome back to the Lifeline! Today's topic: Counting the Cost. Usually, cost is determined by value. However, value like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It has been said,"one man's trash is another man's treasure. Everything is based upon perception. Many have a difficult time accepting one's perception is their reality. We each have our opinions, views and perceptions, all based on our experiences which shapes and forms our reality. But because it's our reality doesn't make it truth! Some of you because of your journey and your scars might percieved yourself as not having value. As such, you allow yourself to engage in toxic unhealthy relationships. Relationships where you are devalued, mistreated and abused because you don't think anyone else wants you because of your flaws. I want you to know if any relationship (family, friends, dating or otherwise), causes you to lose your peace of mind, you are paying too much!

No relationship is worth your sanity or health! Everyone has scars! We all have been dropped or broken at some point in our lives! Some cover up better than others. Scars represent your capability to survive! Yes I have been through some things, I have been dropped a time or two; but my testimony is I'm still here! I learned from my broken experience and I'm stronger than I thought. You are not less, but more valuable. You are enough! Stop paying too much!


Today's topic will cover"stinking thinking." Our greatest battles take place within our minds. The brain is the most powerful computer in existence. It contains a lifetime of data that is always accessible. One's behavior is influenced by their feelings. If I feel sad or depressed my actions/ behavior may be to cry or isolate and withdraw. So what influences our feelings? THOUGHTS! The way I think effects how I feel. What shapes my thought life is my history; my upbringing, past hurts and unresolved issues. If I grew up in a negative environment, I am programmed to think negative. If told I am a worthless and will never be anything it then becomes hard for me to achieve or even set goals because of the negative seeds planted in my mind. In these situations I can't always trust my thoughts or believe them. We have to challenge our thoughts. This is true for a great many adolescents whose parents push for perfection (which doesn't exist). As a result, they constantly battle "thoughts" of failure even if they have never failed a test before. They have to be taught how to play detective with their thoughts. The next time you are presented with thoughts (you are ugly no one will ever want you; you are never going to be promoted you are not smart enough) or any thought that says you are not enough has to be challenged not accepted. If you are always negative, or never think you are good enough, seek counseling. Don't believe the lies planted by your faulty thinking. Hopefully today's dialogue has been helpful. If you think the information provided today is helpful, please share with a friend. Well that's it for the day. Don't forget to comment and share your views and opinions. Remember suggestions for future topics are always welcomed!


Warning disclaimer: I am about to burst someone's bubble! If you are in search of someone to make you happy, stop looking outside of yourself! I'ts an unrealistic expectation that someone can "make" you happy. Happiness is based on happenings, if your life is filled with turmoil you are not going to be happy. What most of us are looking for is contentment; recognizing that life is going to happen, (ups and downs, mountain and valley experiences. But we know like seasons, things will change so we are content knowing our troubles wasn't last always. As a counselor I have heard people state"I just want to be happy!" But when asked what happy looks like, they don't know. That's why the journey to happiness begins within. What brings you joy? What puts a smile on your face? What makes life worthwhile? For each of us the answer will differ. Choose to be happy! Instead of focusing on all that's wrong in your life or the things you don't have, stop and count your blessings. My life perspective is if I made the wake-up list everything else is irrelevant because it can and will change. Look inside you! Greatness resides there and I'ts waiting to be set free. I hope this helps make life better for you in some small way. Remember to share with a friend. And don't forget to comment I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Great morning and welcome to "The Lifeline" a mental health motivation corner. Yes!! Your mental health matters very much. In fact I'd like to go as far as saying without mental health there can be no physical health. I'ts great that wr schedule or annual checkups but I want to encourage you to do emotional well checks as well. There is a difference between mental health and mental illness. Mental illness refers to one's inability to function impairing their ability to think, feel, perceive or behave appropriately. Mental health refers to our emotional well being allowing us to think, act, perceive and behave"without" impairment. So during your next physical check up make sure you share with your physician any chances occurring that affect your emotional well being such as; changes in your sleep or eating habits; stress fatigue/ lack of energy, prolonged periods of sadness, excessive worrying or lack of interest in things that once provided you pleasure. Remember mental illnesses like physical have to do with imbalances within the body. Recovery is possible with the appropriate treatment. Hopefully, you found this information helpful. Please share this message with your friends and family. If there is a topic you would like more information about, drop me a line in the comments.


Mental Health Awareness fact of the day: Depression goes far beyond sadness! Depression incapacitates, drains you of both physical and emotional energy. When the disease is in control, even the simplest task can be overwhelming. Little things like showering and brushing your teeth seem impossible to accomplish. The sooner treatment is obtained the better. Below are some symptoms to become familiar with so you will be able to help those you love get the help needed to recover! Don't suffer in silence reach out! Help is a phone call away!


Mental health thought for the day: Words hurt and their impact is lasting. Whose sprit did you kill today with your words?


Smile and give thanks you made the "wake-up" list!


Did you know May is mental health awareness month? It's the perfect time to kick off:"Breaking the Silence: Let's Talk About It !" First session will be tomorrow so stay tuned. If you have questions about mental illness or ways to stay mentally healthy, simply post them below in comments section and I will do my best to answer your questions. Also, leave topics you would like for me to address in future sessions. I am looking forward to fighting stigma by sharing knowledge and breaking the silence.


Get ready, get ready, get ready! "Talk About It" is coming your way! A mental health forum to provide education and information geared toward eliminating ignorance and the stigma associated with mental illness! So stay tuned and be prepared to participate by bringing your questions, comments and topic suggestions.


Stay tuned! Coming your way soon, "Talk About It!" An informative video chat about mental health where thou fashion information and ask questions. You can suggest topics for future videos to increase fir knowledge. Millions of men, women and children are affected by mental illness each year. Our su***de rates are increasing yet no one is talking about it. Why? Knowledge is power! Be informed.


Parenting is one of the most important roles we get to play in life yet we don't receive any training. As a result, we have limited skills resulting in our children sometimes being hurt emotionally.
When parenting, its important to be consistent especially when establishing boundaries. Boundaries keep children safe. Their role, to get you to loosen or remove boundaries. Parents role, enforce boundaries. Failure to establish boundaries fir children can result in the develipment of mental illness. Don't be afraid to seek out help. Our children are worth the effort!
, , children'smentalmatters,


A great amount of our lives are comprised living behind a mask. This is especially true for hiding our emotions. I'ts ok to admit when we are hurting instead of masking and stuffing our feelings. Stuffers are like walking volcanoes. When pressure builds up the volcano explodes and so do people. And the explosion looks like depression, anxiety, substance use. Instead of stuffing develop a mental healthy lifestyle by learning to talk instead of stuff.


Life is about living! And as we walk this road called life, we will make one us mistake-free. So dont choose to walk in guilt and shame. Forgive youself for being human. No one is perfect. Our mistakes educate us. We must learn to forgive ourselves and others. Unforgiveness breeds bitterness and resentment. Get "better" not "bitter!"


Many react negatively to anger. However anger is just like any other emotion. Our goal should always be to control our emotions and not have our emotions control us. Its not getting angry thats the problem its what we do with that anger!


Finding yourself feeling a little down? Check out for "inner circle!" Remember, May is Mental Health Awareness Month
What are you doing to stay mentally healthy?


May is Mental Health Awareness Month and May 5th is Children's Mental Health Awareness Day. Throughout the month I will share information geared towards raising awareness and eliminating stigma. So stay tuned and share the post to help others become more aware of the importance of being mentally healthy. "Without mental health there can be no physical health!"


Scars are signs that healing has occurred. Many live life with scabs. Scabs look healed on the outside until faced with a memory from a unresolved issue of the past. When they resurface, the pain comes back fresh. Don't bury your issues! Acknowledge the pain, face it, forgive it and allow the scab to become a scar. Don't suffer in silence! Help is a phone call away.


How are you managing your mental health? Without mental health there can be no physical health! Exercise mental wellness often!


Whether physical or emotional, you are not defined by your illness and it doesn't have the ability to limit you. You choose! Mental illnesses is no different from physical illness! Healing "is" possible!

The Lifeline Intro 02/11/2018

Hello friends if you didn't get an opportunity, check out my introduction to "The Lifeline". Please remember to Like and Share the video. 'sMentalHealth

The Lifeline Intro Introducing The Lifeline, an informational video to share education and information on mental health wellness and developing healthy relationships. Please fo...

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