Her Strength "Hot for the Holidays Challenge"

Her Strength "Hot for the Holidays Challenge"

Fitness for women, come out and challenge the power in you!!

[12/12/11]   We are heading down the path to the end of the challenge, so where are you and how well have you done? Remember it's really up to you, if you aren't where you want to be then refocus and review the reasons you are doing this. Don't worry we'll be doing it again at the beginning of the year but don't just give up, get up in the morning and just decide to make that day better then the day before. See you soon.

[12/01/11]   Hey Ladies, How is everyone doing, I know I've slacked on keeping up but I hope you are hitting this challenge with a vengeance and doing your best. Be sure to drink lots of water at least half your body weight or 1 gallon. Follow the 21 Day program and you should be doing great. Let me know how you are doing

[11/21/11]   So we are into Week two of the challenge and everyone seems to be doing great, I know I may not see many of you this week so keep it up during these tough times. Don't let those temptations scare you off, small portions if you must and remember to use the Damage Control Kit you received, it will save you. Keep me posted on how you are doing and be sure to do the 12 Days of Christmas workout, I'll post it here as well. Check back later. Reread your goals each and every day...

[11/16/11]   Tell me what's the biggest challenge you face during the holidays when it comes to eating?

[11/16/11]   I will have the Advocare Damage Control Kits on Friday for sale for only $10 you'll get a sampling of how Advocare can help you get through the holidays guilt free. Want the full package deal go to my website at www.advocare.com/03023877

[11/16/11]   So the challenge has begun, let all your friends know about this page and let's conquer the holidays together without gaining extra weight and still enjoying all the treats and parties around us.



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