Allies Closet

Allies Closet

From home decor to apparel we have sewing for 20 years. And home decor for 6 years. We are a 3rd generation business, working hard to move into our 4th generation.

Also now starting Young Living essential oils. Handmade and Home Based. Allies Closet has Clothing - Textiles - Curiotsities! We are 3 generations and over 20 years in our industry of custom sewing! Were companies dont succeed, people do! Please, Keep watching for new weekly sales. We hope that you will share us to your friends.

Operating as usual

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I can’t wait for spring to arrive!

[01/06/21]   Happy New Year
Everyone !


Allies Closet

[02/17/20]   Come check out all the great deals and finds at the flipping Peddler! There will be Prizes and snakes while you shop.


The Flipping Peddler

Ladies grab your gal pals and head over to The Flipping Peddler. Enjoy a Valentine’s goody at the the customer hang out table while you shop. Great gifts for you loved ones and significant other!! 💕💕💕💕


Hey everyone go check out the Flipping Peddler
They have some great stuff!
On 3945 N. Academy Blvd CS/CO


My new Valentines wreath


Enough said.

When I’m trying to tackle something scary in business, or life for that matter, I imagine myself on my deathbed. I know, it’s morbid.

🛏 Why? Because I don’t want to be THERE wishing I had done it differently NOW!

💫 The only way to overcome fear is to walk through it.

💫 Plow through my friend! You’re getting there even when it feels like baby steps!

🙏🏻 I’m praying for your bravery today. So no matter what the fear: opening an Etsy shop, shipping an item, starting the diet, mending a relationship, asking for a promotion, doing a Facebook Live, starting that YouTube channel, saying I’m sorry, etc.

🙏🏻 I pray that you muster the courage and do that one thing you’ve been too afraid to do TODAY! #doitscared


Moving forward in my life


If you want this in your yard raise your hand! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

I’ve enjoyed this spot SO much this year. I’ve now got egg-laying hens (double-yolker this morning!) who let me pet them and come running when I’m close (my voice equals treats 😆), and the plants are all doing great as well! Getting rid of the root cellar was the best decision ever! 🙌💚🌿 (And that Lemon Coral Sedum, though! Such an amazing bright color!) 08/06/2019

25 reasons to become a Young Living member

Take the leap, and do it!

Sign up today👇 If you prefer even-numbered lists, here’s reason 26 to join Young Living: our oils are the best in the industry. Want to get the most out of our extraordinary oils? Check out this list of tips and tricks.


Young Living Essential Oils

New oil diffuser for kids! 😲😊

🚨NEW PRODUCT ALERT🚨 Our new Feather the Owl Diffuser is perfect for your little one's nightstand. This diffuser includes exclusive "Easy-Touch-Talons" which offer touch-sensitive power and light operation simple enough for kids to use. It also has a built-in speaker with five different sound variations: Rain, birds, ocean waves, fan, and lullaby to ensure a good night's sleep. 😴 05/08/2019

Treat yourself: 18 Young Living beauty products you totally deserve We believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of all things beauty! That means getting silky hair, satin-like skin, and naturally-derived makeup to match your gorgeous look. Browse these 18 must-haves—you absolutely, totally, 100 percent deserve every one! Warning: The side effects of Young Living ...


Good night moon, and happy Easter to everyone !!
🐰🐣🐇 04/16/2019

Easter Events in Colorado Springs – Pikes Peak Region Attractions

Get ready for Easter the Bunny is almost here!!
colorado-springs/ There will be loads of activities going on Easter weekend and we’ve got the breakdown of the hoppiest happenings in and around Colorado Springs.


Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Come join everyone at Dickey’s on Tuesday April 16th to give Donation. 5 of the Colorado Springs Dickey’s Barbecue pit location will be partnering with Shield 616 and El Paso County.

Taste why Dickey's barbecue has been the worlds best barbecue since 1941! On East Piñon Hills Blvd


Young living lavender farm, isn’t it beautiful! 04/11/2019

Governor activates Colorado National Guard to assist in driver rescues

Watch out for the storm everyone it’s coming!! Governor Polis has activated the Colorado National Guard to support possible rescue efforts from state and local jurisdictions to save drivers stranded in this blizzard event.


My new essential oil shelf For all my oils
I just love love it !!😊❤️😃


DIY dryer balls Easter Bunny 🐰 with essential oil
Getting ready for Easter 🐣


This months amazing promos!!!

100 PV- 10 bonus ER points

190 PV- 10 bonus ER points,Clary Sage 5 ml

250 PV- vetiver 5 ml ,lemon 15 ml ,Tangerine 15 ml

300 PV- Vetiver 5 ml ,Lemon 15 ml ,Tangerine 15 ml ,4 pack Lavender calming bath bombs,Dream Catcher 5 ml

400 PV- Vetiver 5 ml ,Lemon 15 ml ,Tangerine 15 ml ,4 pack Lavender calming bath bombs,Dream Catcher 5 ml ,Goldenrod 5 ml


Spring is here !

Isn't it wonderful to see all the fresh beginnings of spring?


Cheat sheet


Cheat sheet


Here is a cheat sheet in case you don’t remember what all your oils do.
Here is my link for you to enroll


Get your own YL monthly box!!


FLASH SALE 10 percent OFF!!!
Premium starter kit
$144 on sale

Sign up and enroll today


Get it while you can!! Go go go


A hot cup of water with lemon can really hit the spot.


Photos from Allies Closet's post


Who loves oils!

Tell me what your favorite oil is below ?


Young Living Essential Oils

The oils for your week!

Whether you have the Monday blues or you’re feeling the Fri-YAY vibes, we’ve got an oil designed for each day of the week!

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This will be so fun! See it on Etsy, or order it now ! $60.00



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