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TS-Life Ghana/Africa.


Please can we get pictures of each drug and what they do. In such a way that we can post for advertisement. People love to read on pictures than watch videos.
Hello everyone
If this company and its products are so great, why hasn't it been launched in Nigeria yet???
Hello members welcome to TS-LIFE

TS-Life International, is a corporate partner of TS-Life Global, a health, wellness & beauty company. Our Vision is to connect people with business opportunities in TS Life & create financial freedom by marketing TS-Life natural products as entrepreneurs.

gofundme.com 05/09/2020

Ghana Covid-19 Education & One Million Free Mask organized by Duke Adu-Gyamfi

* Family Kindly Share & Donate To Support The Ghana Covid-19 Education. One Million Free Mask Project. Thank You & God Bless You.


Three Ghanaian Entrepreneurial bodies, VODEC Africa, Future Africa Institute and YouSort World Company have collaborated to form "COVID-19 EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS 2020 AND ONE MILLION FREE MASK GIVEAWAY INITIATIVE", a coalition against the spread of the coronavirus global pandemic in Ghana.

The Covid-19 Educational Awareness 2020 and free mask giveaway started with a sensitization campaign on the coronavirus pandemic in specific areas, markets and communities in Ghana. The initiative started in Accra and Takoradi in April 2020, and will continue to Kumasi and other areas across the country to keep citizens more Informed about how to protect themselves from the disease through social distancing, hand washing and by wearing nose mask whenever in public.

The COVID-19 Educational Awareness 2020 and Free Mask Giveaway Initiative led by HRH Prince Duke Kesse-Adu Gyamfi Danquah IV, President and CEO of Future Africa Institute, Daniel Asomani, Founder and CEO of VODEC Africa and Jude Asante, CEO of YouSort World Company has partnered with Kenzy Designs, a local fashion accessory firm, to launch the "Operation Free One Million Locally Made Nose Mask Distribution" to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The drive is aimed at funding Kenzy Designs and other local fashion entrepreneurs to manufacture for distribution one million locally made nose masks to orphanages, street children, homeless people; market women, health facilities, and the vulnerable in society to help prevent the spread of Corona Virus in Ghana.

Mr Daniel Asomani, CEO of VODEC Africa who doubles as the SRC President of Pentecost University College, briefed the media and explained that the collaboration between the three entrepreneurial entities, would ensure the education and distribution of free non-medical nose masks to the vulnerable groups in the country to help educate and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The President of Future Africa Institute, the Prince, Duke Kesse-Adu Gyamfi Danquah IV, who is currently in United States but hails from the Okyeman Royal Kingdom of Ghana, says the pandemic, which poses a global health threat to every citizen, cannot be left to governments alone, hence the decision by Future Africa Institute, VODEC Africa and YouSort World to support the public education and wearing of nose mask campaign in Ghana.

The COVID-19 Educational Awareness 2020 and One Million Free Mask campaign is thus expected to complement the efforts of the UN World Health Organization, efforts of the Office of the President of Ghana, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic through education and preventive measures such as social distancing and wearing of nose masks.

It’s with this great desire to help prevent the spread of coronavirus in Ghana by educating and giving away free nose mask to as many people as possible that we seek everyone’s assistance in raising funds for this project. Unfortunately without such social intervention projects many lives will be lost due to lack of education and availability of free nose mask to the most vulnerable in society.

We are all in this crisis together and it’s only through your support that we can help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Ghana. We appreciate every support, kindly donate to support this project. Thank You and God Bless You.


gofundme.com Vodec Africa, Future Africa Institute & YouSort World To Educate… Duke Adu-Gyamfi needs your support for Ghana Covid-19 Education & One Million Free Mask

[12/25/19]   Merry Christmas Everyone from everyone here at Corp and of course Myself and Jade personally.

We hope you had the most wonderful re-charge over this festive period and spent time with all those that make it all worth it. Family.

It's been a wonderful time and we charge into the New Year with massive vigour !!

We begin tomorrow with the Launch of ZONE and ZETO at 9am UK Time - Boxing Day.

#Xmas #MerryIndeed

[07/23/19]   Future Africa Media, Presents.
One Million Entrepreneurs Mentorship.
TS-Life Ghana/Africa, Retail To Recruit:

Secrets of Building A Health & Beauty Enhancement Business & Team.

I’m wondering if you’re a pharmacist, nutritionist, dietician, herbalist, nurse, doctor or in the health field & not part of the active TS-Life Ghana/Africa business, I don’t understand why🤷🏾‍♂️

Because for the first time you can actually recommend products that work, will help your clients with no negative side effects & make you money, enables you to create a side business that pays you well besides your salary.

I’m telling you right now if you wait until I get back you’ve lost time because I’m going after everyone in the health industry in Gh to join TSLGHA. The moment you see me & our products managers on TV & hear us on radio it’s over. 🤪👊🏾😜

Retail to Recruit:

Not everyone needs a big team to make money in this business, dedicate time to sell the products if you can’t build fast. Go after those who can afford to buy the products to use first as the foundation of building your business. Sale 4 products minimum a week, go get some regular customers ASAP, that’s your source of daily cash flow.

Make our products popular with people close to you especially health workers, sell to them & let them experience the benefits & they will get the rest of the people to buy them, follow up with them consistently until they sign up as distributors.

Not everyone’s going to join & build big teams but everyone can sell to make extra money, when they start making money then word of mouth 👄 will build your business & team.

Everything above takes time so don’t be in a rush to be successful overnight but start making money within the health industry, get health workers to recommend the products & your customers will fall in love with you & the products.

This is your hunting season before TS-Life Ghana/Africa becomes a trending business & house hold name in Gh. Happy Hunting. 😂

HRH, 🙏🏿🇬🇭✌🏿



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