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DEAN “Diz” Laird, Hornet Docent
and WWll Ace turns 100 this Sunday February 7th
Stopped here and toured in 1988 ,as my 8 year old daughter and I were going to Disneyland in Florida.
Turned out to be the best part of the trip .everyone was More than Courteous.
My Daughter was amazed when we sat in the Moon Return Capsule , not believing they went that far in it.
I am Happy to have such Accomdating young Naval Personnel Station we felt at home and am Proud of Each one at this Station.
WWII US Aircraft Carriers. Looking for definition / difference: Gunnery Dept. Condition 1; Gunnery Dept. Condition 2; Gunnery Dept. Condition 3, etc.?
NO guesses! Prefer a link to or copy of a primary document. Thank you!
Seeking "good' image preferably color of the WW2 era F4U Corsair unit Night Fighting Squadron-101 (VF(N)-101) I've posted a "poor" repro copy but am seeking a good image/s of the actual design, please post if you can help, Much thanks :)
Please go visit our Museum on NAS Pensacola. When you do go allow at least 2 hours to see some of our American history. My grandsons have always had fun at the indoor playground with planes, jets, helicopters & more. They really enjoy the IMAX movies & the great gift shop. Hopefully they will be able to go to the Academy which is similar to Space camp in Huntsville, AL. If you can spare a few dollars please make a donation so thousands of other people can learn about our Naval Aviation history.
While you wait for this one to reopen, take a ride up to Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio. I'm a Vietnam Airwing marine, but AF museum is worth the trip. Nineteen acres indoors and 350 war planes. From the Wright flyer to the moon lander.
Always enjoy visiting the National Naval Aviation Museum. Especially seeing the A7 Corsair and the TF 41 engine, as I spent 18 yrs at NAS Cecil Field to Retirement
The most fabulous Paradise Island in the mid-Atlantic Ocean, is
the unknown Fernando de Noronha Archipelago, on the Equator. It was used by the USAAF in WWII as a 'fixed' Aircraft carrier deck.
The USA stepped into the European War theater by early 1942 and began to stream thousands of aircraft to Africa with an unprecedented ferry via air corridors. A string of airfields was constructed or extended for this purpose to create a Central Atlantic route that went from Florida into the Caribbean, on along via the Brazilian North coast. Via Belem, the aircraft came to Natal, at the NE point of that continent.
From there the longest leg had to be flown over the Atlantic to Monrovia, Liberia in W. Africa, a distance over an open ocean of 3100 km/ 1900 miles. For the single-engine fighters and twin-engine aircraft of that time quite a challenge.
A solution to shorten that hop was presented by this tiny island, 350 km. NE off Natal's shore. It was in use as a prison island, the Brazilian version of Alcatraz. The US Military bulldozered in no time an airstrip, barracks, and port facilities to bring in fuel, mechanics, and spare parts for the planned influx of ferry pilots and aircraft.
This aircraft stopover came in use in Spring 1942 and gave way for the aircraft sent to North Africa to push General Rommel's Army out of Africa. Later in the war, this route was also used for flights to the Middle East and Iran, to supply the Russian war effort with American aircraft.
As the flight range of aircraft grew, the airfield was more used as an emergency station and in 1944, it became a Naval Air station. Operations were handed over to the US Navy, which flew anti-sub patrols over the mid-Atlantic with Catalina's PBY-5A as shown in this picture.

For more information, see

Hans Wiesman
Why do I feel the "FIX" is "in" Georgia?
It would have been really nice to know that civilians were not being provided access to the museum prior to making the trip. We were refused at the gate because we have no military association but wasn’t informed of this on the social media page, website, or when we called. Very disappointing. Complete waste of our day!

Visit the finest Naval Aviation museum in the world! The National Naval Aviation Museum is now open to the general public. Museum admission is free.

Please enter through the WEST GATE ONLY on Blue Angel Parkway. Please check ID requirements:

The National Naval Aviation Museum is supported by the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation. The Foundation's mission is to be a self-sustaining Foundation that engages and educates the public by supporting and promoting the National Naval Aviation Museum e


An A-6E Intruder photographed on board USS Nimitz (CVN 68) against the backdrop of the setting sun during the early 1980s.


Grace is a Growler Electronic Warfare Officer and NROTC Aviation advisor.

"This is a rewarding and challenging field. Once you enter this community, you are part of it for life. We need you in aviation! I recommend finding a mentor to guide you, then make friends and study hard when flight school begins. You can learn something from every ground event, simulator, and flight. Naval Aviation is a team sport - speak up early and often to contribute or ask for help. If you don’t have a mentor, reach out to me!"

"Flying off aircraft carriers is one of the greatest honors and achievements for a Naval Aviator. I’ll never forget the opportunity to fly with my friends off of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and the USS Carl Vinson. On the ground, I love giving back to the Tailhook Association which provides professional development opportunities to fleet aviators. I’ve been a volunteer Public Affairs Officer for the organization, and its scholarship foundation, since early 2022."


An F-14 Tomcat assigned to the VF-213 Blacklions off USS Enterprise (CVN 65) pictured in formation with two French Navy Super Entendards over the Mediterranean Sea in 1988.


Hannah is a pilot. She flew the MH-60R with HSM-70, was a flight instructor for the T-6B with VT-2, and currently is a “shooter” or catapult officer onboard the USS George Washington.

"My father retired as a Commander after 27.5 years of service in the Navy. He flew the SH-60B. I grew up around squadrons and near aircraft. But most importantly I have an incredibly supportive family. When I was at the Naval Academy I considered, briefly, other service options but just knew I was made to fly."

"Pursue your dreams! Be willing to fail, to struggle, and see that by overcoming those challenges you are so much stronger than when you started. There is nothing greater than to be up in the sky. "


View of USS Hornet (CVS 12) entering Pearl Harbor following the recovery of the Apollo 11 astronauts following splashdown that marked the end of their historic mission to the moon in July 1969.


Kim was most recently the Commodore for Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 57 in the 5th Fleet.

The best thing about Naval Aviation is "being able to take care of amazing human beings while still flying planes."

"Show up! Own it! Crush it! "


HO3S helicopters operate from an unidentified aircraft carrier during Operation Ivy, a nuclear weapons test at Enewetak Atoll in 1952.


Brigid is a Student Naval Flight Officer.

"It is an incredible community of those who share your same goals and will support you in the process, if you want to go for it, do it! You’ll be so grateful you did."


Brandy is currently the Executive Officer of the Naval Aviation Schools Command and is passionate about helping to train and mentor the newest Aviator and Aircrew students to see them succeed.

"Stay Focused on your goals and remember with hard work and determination you can achieve anything!"


Christine is a Pilot

"Growing up, I wanted to be a pilot astronaut and I was awe-struck by the women astronauts I would read so much about. Their stories inspired me and made me realize that determination and hard work would allow me to follow in their footsteps."

"Whether you want to fly high above the clouds, build the next generation space shuttle, or expertly guide planes safely through the complex airspace, aviation has so much thrill and excitement to offer. Regardless of your background, there are endless opportunities for young women to succeed in aviation."


Victoria just pinned Naval Flight Officer in June and is working towards qualifying on the E-2D Hawkeye at VAW-120.

"Sometimes it’s hard being one of only a handful of women in a squadron, but the relationships you form are really cool because of it. Focus on what is directly in front of you: if you spend too much time looking at the entire pipeline or syllabus it can get overwhelming quickly. "


Colleen is a retired naval Aviator and former helicopter Test Pilot for the Navy.

When asked what inspired her, she said, "Parents that always encouraged me, and the first women to complete Navy Flight Training."

"If you can dream it, with hard work, tenacity and sometimes a bit of luck, you can do it."


View of the cockpit of an F4F Wildcat, an aircraft flown by more Medal of Honor recipients than any other type of aircraft in Naval Aviation history.


Join us on Sunday, September 17 for POW-MIA Night at Blue Wahoos Stadium presented by the National Naval Aviation Museum.

The first 500 fans will receive a special t-shirt, and the black jerseys we've worn all season will be auctioned off in-game to benefit the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation.



Alexis is an Instructor Pilot for Advanced & A*O

"You can do anything you set your heart to! Find a mentor you can look up to and ask questions, you are never alone. We are all stronger supporting each other in our dreams!"


One of four experimental F2Y Sea Dart seaplane fighters built for Navy evaluation during the early 1950s. Three of the four are in the National Naval Aviation Museum's collection on loan to other museums.


Sydney is a Student Naval Aviator

"I've always wanted to fly and when I was 15 I saw the Blue Angels for the first time and I fell in love with the sound you feel when they fly over."


Tamara was a Naval Aviator (H-60s) and the Commanding Officer of the Carrier Base Helicopter Squadron (HS-4/HSC-4)

"I participated in Humanitarian Relief efforts in Japan following the MAR 2011 earthquake and tsunami. It was incredible being able to help the people of Japan after such a devastating event and to be part of such an amazing team of Navy professionals making it happen!

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, I forward deployed from my aircraft carrier to work with the Navy SEALs in Southeastern Iraq. I'll never forget flying up the Euphrates River at 50 ft with a bunch of Special Forces troops in the back!"


Remembering 9/11!


Fill 'em up! An R3Y Tradewind refuels a quartet of F9F Cougars in a photograph taken in the late 1950s.


Becky is currently a Test Pilot for United Airlines and previously was a Naval Aviator, P-3C Pilot, and Navy Test Pilot. She also served as a Hurricane Hunter and Test Pilot in the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.

"I love flying and solving problems. Combining the two led me to the world of flight test. A great deal of innovation is occurring in Aerospace, Aviation, and Airborne Science, which continues to inspire me to serve in this field. "

Photos from National Naval Aviation Museum's post 09/09/2023

The "DIibert Dunker" in action on board NAS Pensacola, circa 1960. We will soon be displaying elements of the widely-used water survival device in a new exhibit devoted to Naval Aerospace Medicine.


This year in honor of 50 Years of Women in Naval Aviation and 30 Years of Women in Combat Aviation, we will be doing a countdown to our Girls in Aviation Day on October 28th here at the National Naval Aviation Museum. Each day we will be posting the women of Naval Aviation and a few from our sister services. Join us in celebrating their ongoing contributions.


A-6E Intruders assigned to the VA-196 Main Battery on the catapults for launch from USS Constellation (CV 64) during operations in the Indian Ocean in 1987. The squadron was disestablished in 1997 following retirement of the A-6, but the Main Battery nickname has been revived by VAQ-144 flying the EA-18G Growler.


F/A-18 Hornets assigned to the VFA-25 Fist of the Fleet and VFA-113 Stingers trail smoke as they roar across the Pacific island during a 1987 deployment.


It's football season and the flight deck of an aircraft carrier is not just for launching and recovering airplanes as shown in this image of personnel playing a game of football on board USS Midway (CV 41) in September 1980.


A view of the wreckage of the aft section of USS Shenandoah (ZR 3) after the rigid airship crashed after encountering a storm over Ohio in 1925.

Photos from National Naval Aviation Museum's post 09/02/2023

in 1944, future President George H.W. Bush, then a lieutenant (junior grade) flying TBF Avengers with VT-51 off USS San Jacinto (CVL 30), was shot down during a strike on Chichi Jima. An officer on board USS Finback (SS 230), the submarine that rescued Bush and others that day, cut out a section of ENS James Beckman's life raft and had everyone sign it and affix their thumbprint. It is now part of the museum's collection.


S-3B Vikings assigned to the VS-21 Fighting Redtails off USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) fly near Okinawa, Japan, in 2004.


In partnership with Florida Power & Light, we are excited to bring you a new series of Homeschool Academy events. Registration for Homeschool Academy Session 1 is now open!


A TBF Avenger pictured during the carrier strike on Marcus Island in 1943, the burning Japanese installations on the island visible in the background. The operation marked the combat debut for both the F6F Hellcat and the Essex-class aircraft carrier.


USS Kitty Hawk (CVA 63) passes by the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor in 1963.

Photos from National Naval Aviation Museum's post 08/29/2023

The National Naval Aviation Museum extends our deepest sympathies and shares in mourning the loss of legendary The Price Is Right television game show host and Naval Aviator, Robert W. “Bob” Barker (b. 12 December 1923 – d. 26 August 2023).

Barker enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve in Kansas City, Missouri, in late 1942 and was selected as an aviation cadet through the V-5 Program. He reported for active duty on 9 June 1943 and later received his wings of gold at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, on 6 December 1944.

According to Barker’s oral history, recorded in 2011 by the UCLA Library’s Center for Oral History Research, Barker stated:

“I was looking at a magazine, and there was a full-page picture of a Navy fighter plane and a young Naval Aviator wearing his whites, which were the most flattering uniforms we had, with the high collar and the shoulder boards and gold buttons, and he was leaning on the fighter plane, and he had a great tan, and he had his wings on, his wings of gold. And it said, "These wings can be yours.” And I thought, "Man, if I'm going to war, I want to go to war looking like that guy." [laughter]

Barker also famously stated that following his aircraft carrier qualifications, “I was awaiting my orders to join a seagoing squadron, and the enemy heard that I was coming out to the Pacific, and they surrendered. They surrendered.”

Following the war, Barker’s first job was with radio station KTTS as a sportscaster and news reporter, a position he credited to the interviewer’s love of airplanes. Barker wore his Naval Aviator uniform to the interview.

Thank you, Mr. Barker, for your service to our country, both as a Naval Aviator and as a national treasure. Fair Winds and Following Seas.


An AV-8B Harrier prepares to touch down on the flight deck of the amphibious assault ship USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3) in 1989. The first flight of a production AV-8B occurred in 1989.


Workers at Newport News Shipbuilding admire their work on USS Hornet (CV 12) in 1943. The carrier was launched two days later and commissioned on 20 November 1943, the beginning of a career that lasted until 1970.


USS Nimitz (CVN 68) pictured making a port visit to Wilhelmshaven in what was then West Germany in 1975. The second nuclear-powered aircraft carrier commissioned into service, Nimitz at that time of this photograph, had been operational for just a little more than three months. Today she is nearing the completion of her service.


Flight deck personnel prepare to hook the catapult bridle onto an A-1 Skyraider on the flight deck of USS Constellation (CVA 64) during operations in the Tonkin Gulf off North Vietnam in August 1964.


in 1927 the sudden arrival of a cold air front at NAS Lakehurst, NJ, lifted the tail of the rigid airship USS Los Angeles (ZR 3), causing it to rise before she could swing around the mast parallel to the new wind direction. This resulted in the unique sight of the 658-foot long airship standing on its nose.


Museum staff member Bonnie Towne with Vietnam POW CAPT Jack “Fingers” Ensch, USN (Ret.) looking at the display of the drinking cup he used while in captivity in the Hanoi Hilton. Jack donated it to the museum and we are displaying it at the annual Tailhook Association symposium in Reno this weekend.

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