Pensacola State College Veterinary Technology Program

Five semester, full time, fully-accredited in 2018 by the AVMA-CVTEA. Program established in 2011.

Photos from Escambia County Department of Animal Welfare's post 12/07/2023

🐾 ICYMI: Our friends at Jojo's Paws have relocated their pet pantry program to our facility at 200 W. Fairfield Dr., providing free cat and dog food, essential pet items, and resources to pet owners in need. The pet pantry provides judgement-free assistance to anyone who needs help ensuring their pets don't go hungry. The pet pantry is open to Escambia County residents with a valid drivers license and open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

🐱 Jojo's Paws is donation-driven, and their most-needed items are cat and dog food (wet or dry), cat and dog treats, and 1-gallon or larger resealable plastic storage bags. Jo Jo’s Paws will gladly accept any pet items, including pet jackets or clothing, pet beds, blankets, collars and leashes, and kitty litter.

💛 Donations can be dropped off at our facility Monday-Friday from noon to 5 p.m., and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For questions about donations or assistance through Jojo's Paws, please call 850-760-7876 or email [email protected].

🕊 A special thank you to Jojo's Paws Director and Founder Patti Roberts and Jojo's Paws volunteer Linda Signer for their giving spirits and big hearts, and for helping us care for the pets in our community.

Photos from Pensacola State College Veterinary Technology Program's post 12/06/2023

Once we complete all required practical curriculum in lab courses, we plan "fun" lab days.
students learned how to perform several regional nerve blocks this week. Nerve blocks are performed prior to surgical procedures to prevent pain during and after surgery.
Regional nerve blocks performed were: lumbosacral epidural, brachio-plexus, stifle, ring, and four separate dentistry blocks.


Small animals are long-term commitments, not Christmas presents! 🐹❌

Any prospective owner must ensure they are ready for the responsibility of pet ownership with proper supplies, space, time, funds for veterinary care, research of the species, and a genuine desire to care for the animal. This is often not so when it comes to surprise gifts. Please do consider alternative gifts this Christmas! 🙂

The Benefits of Robotic Pets for Dementia, Loneliness 12/03/2023

The Benefits of Robotic Pets for Dementia, Loneliness Animatronic companions provide comfort, ease stress and agitation for loved ones

How one rabid kitten triggered intensive effort to contain deadly virus 11/30/2023

This, folks, is why we require rabies immunization for our program students and why all states require rabies vaccination for all dogs and cats.

How one rabid kitten triggered intensive effort to contain deadly virus If the rabies virus spreads unchecked in raccoons, transmission would easily radiate out from Omaha into other states, putting 7 million people at increased risk.


There's no excuse! Start your puppy in puppy class 2-3 days after they get their first deworming and vaccinations.

A good puppy class:
🐾 verifies vaccinations and deworming before each class
🐾 doesn't let puppies interact in unsafe ways
🐾 is taught by experienced trainers
🐾 is indoors where urine and f***s can be cleaned up
🐾 controls access with dogs who have unknown vaccination and deworming
🐾 has specific places where puppies are walked to reduce exposure to parasites and infectious agents
🐾 enforces pet parents picking up urine and f***s

That Dog on TV Might Not Be Right for Your Family 11/24/2023

Visit our local animal shelter first!

That Dog on TV Might Not Be Right for Your Family Just because a TV dog or pup in a dog show appears to be the perfect pet doesn't mean they'll fit well in your home. Here's what you need to consider.


Dog’s emotions really do matter, far more than we may realise.

Emotions matter because emotional states drive behaviour.

Think about how our emotions have a direct affect on our behaviour – we may lash out at others because of the emotions of fear, anger or frustration. Be irritable if we are tired or in pain. Struggle to focus or learn something new if we are stressed or anxious, shut down or over react if we feel insecure or unsafe ….

When a dog’s emotional needs and well-being are not supported and not addressed, behaviour problems are often seen.

Unwanted behaviour shouldn’t be looked at independently or as a specific problem that needs to be fixed.

When needs are met, when emotions are recognised, when body language is understood and listened to, a dog’s emotional state will change, which will in turn bring about positive changes in behaviour.

These are the foundations on which behaviour change is built.

Photos from Rural Area Veterinary Services - RAVS's post 11/15/2023

Volunteers needed, scholarships provided!

Photos from Pensacola State College Veterinary Technology Program's post 11/05/2023

Saturday's dog wash was a success!

students bathed 17 wonderful doggos under a blue sky and warm sunshine.

Thank you to these doggos and their people for supporting our student association and your community. ❤️

Cardiac Library 11/01/2023

Heart sounds

Cardiac Library From mitral regurgitation to atrial fibrillation, our patients’ hearts can make a lot of sounds. With recordings taken with an electronic stethoscope on actual patients, this resource can help you become more familiar with those common (and not so common) heart sounds the next time they come acros...

Careers | MSU Jobs 10/31/2023

Careers | MSU Jobs Apply now Job no: 506900 Position type: Full-Time 12-Month Department: 181350 - Vet Tech Degree Program Location: Main Campus - Starkville, MS Categories: Professional Position Open Date: Oct 25 2023


Why don't chocolate and pets mix? Here are 3 facts for pet owners to know on . You can find other dangerous foods for your pet here:


FREE membership!

The American Heartworm Society (AHS) salutes the veterinary technician profession during the 30th anniversary of Veterinary Technician Week! And to thank these hard-working professionals for all they do to help safeguard pet health, the AHS is offering a free, 1-year AHS membership to veterinary technicians who enroll over the next 30 days—a $55 value! Just click on and enter the code TechPromo. Offer good 10/15/23 – 11/15/23.


🐾🩺 If you're passionate about giving back to your community and helping the most vulnerable animals, check out our new vet position. We're looking for someone to join our team and enjoy a rewarding job with awesome benefits!

Apply now online at


We ❤️ seeing fellow credentialed veterinary technicians being recognized for their high level of care.

is all but flying by, but we wanted to take time to pause and honor the third and final winner of our 2023 Vet Tech Appreciation Week contest, presented in partnership with Parnell Livestock.

Congratulations to Megan Shireman, Lead Registered Veterinary Technician with Shireman Veterinary Services in LaPorte, Indiana!

Megan was nominated by veterinarian and owner Dr. Clint Shireman. Clint says, "Megan is a full time Food Animal Veterinary Technician and mother of two. She spends countless hours communicating with our rural clientele to ensure that we are providing the highest quality of care.

Her unique skills in animal anesthesia have made her a vital part in our food animal surgery division, allowing us to provide surgical intervention to high risk patients. Megan also serves as an Emergency On Call specialist for farrowing, lambing, and kidding, where she physically goes on the call herself and serves as “midwife” for various dystocias. Our clients are very thankful and appreciative of Megan’s sacrifice and willingness to be on call in their time of need.

Megan is a unique individual that also serves on various 4-H and FFA committees. She is an advocate to serving the agricultural youth. It would be hard for Shireman Vet Services to survive without Megan’s support and experiences."

National FFA Organization 4-H


Weigh them daily :)

Daily Challenge: How much weight should a neonatal kitten gain daily? Click the link next to your response to see if you are correct!

A. 7-10 g/day (
B. 20-25 g/day (


📢 We're hosting a drive-through rabies clinic with Florida Department of Health in Escambia County! Join us this Saturday, Oct. 21, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 3363 W. Park Place and receive free vaccinations for your pet while supplies last.

✅ The rabies clinic is only open to cats and dogs. You must be an Escambia County resident to participate. Please be sure to bring a photo ID with you!

👏 We hope to see you there!


Thank you, Woodbine Animal Clinic, for providing lunch for the program students and faculty yesterday! We felt appreciated and honored. :)

Done with Dog Daddy 10/18/2023

Done with Dog Daddy Dog trainers that use aversive training methods, including Augusto DeOliveira, also known as "The Dog Daddy," have caught the attention of concerned animal welfare groups, trainers, veterinary behaviorists, and pet owners. The American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB) recently issued a stat...

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