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The Street Solutions and Mpower House Staff are a remarkable reminder of the values at Children’s Home Society of Florida. Doing what is takes to educate and reach our struggling youth and young adults! We are here with the help of many partners to make our community’s resources accessible to all people! Ages 14-21, need help, call us today! (850) 261-4117. Huge shout out to Oops Alley, our newest partner! Oops Alley Family Entertainment Center Humana, 90Works, Jeremy Ruffin, United Way of West Florida, Epilepsy Resource Center, Santa Rosa Sheriffs Department, Army recruiters, Santa Rosa Health Department
Wondering how can you help spread awareness and educate others about epilepsy for ? You can start by helping us bust common myths and misconceptions about epilepsy by sharing this episode of !

that there are many different types of seizures and it's not always easy to tell when someone is going to have one?

You can learn more about different seizure types by visiting our website: www.epilepsytoronto.org

Stay tuned for more episodes of Myths with Mike all month long.

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March is . This month is dedicated to raising awareness and educating others about epilepsy!

that many people believe that you can never drive a vehicle in Ontario if you have epilepsy? That is a MYTH.

You can learn more about epilepsy and driving in Ontario by visiting our website:http://epilepsytoronto.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/EpilepsyandDriving1.pdf

How can you help spread awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding epilepsy? You can start by sharing this episode of !

Stay tuned for more episodes of Myths with Mike all month long.

Epilepsy Ontario Epilepsy South Central Ontario Canadian Epilepsy Alliance Epilepsy Resource Center Epilepsy Durham Region Epilepsy York Region Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario
Can you control seizures by using Supplements like what USANA is marketing?
Can anyone guide me to a link of Florida Rules when it comes to driving and seizures? Specifically how many years do they have to be seizure free (and Dr. approved) before they can drive?
My son recently moved to Pensacola for college...need recommendations for local neurologist please!
Epilepsy Resource Center Athletes VS Epilesy Bozard Ford Lincoln Palencia Club Jeff-Shanna Nagy Klauk
Caring, happy, active 4 year old Jamie is as sweet as can be. He takes great care of himself and the younger children in the orphanage, especially considering how young he is. He has normal intelligence and motor skills. Jamie has epilepsy. He takes medication to control his condition, but will have a seizure every once in a while. He has had one seizure in the past three months. Our agency has never had success finding a family for a child with epilepsy. Please consider making this sweet child a part of your home!

Cradle of Hope is offering a $5,000 grant to eligible families. Contact Linda Perilstein at [email protected] for more information on Jamie. Click here to view his full posting and his video: https://www.cradlehope.org/2017/01/01/jamie/.
🎉🎈🎉🎈Loads of fun from last night's Back to School Safety Bash! Many more kids have bike helmets now, 13 bikes were given as door prizes (thanks, Mediacom!), a generous amount of school supplies were donated to FamiliesFirst Network of Santa Rosa County, critters got plenty of loving, some cool painted rocks were found, and first responders were able to meet and greet with children and show off their vehicles. Thanks to Lifeguard Ambulance Service of Santa Rosa County, Florida 🚑🚑🚑 for the hot dogs🌭🌭🌭, Santa Rosa County 4-H for the bunny🐇🍀, Santa Rosa County Animal Services for the adoptable dog🐕, Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office for the crime prevention info🚓, AT&T for the text-and-drive simulator, Healthy Start Coalition of Santa Rosa County Inc for their great info, Epilepsy Resource Center and West Florida Regional Planning Council for helping with bike helmets🚴🏻🚴🏻🚴🏻, Walmart Milton for their kids' vision information, 90Works for their shoes and other great stuff, Red. E. Fox (for being himself) plus all the cool equipment brought out by the fine folks from Bagdad Volunteer Fire Department, Avalon Fire-Rescue, Pace Fire Rescue District and City of Milton Fire Department!🚒🚒🚨🚒🚒
Deliver the Dream Retreats provide structured, therapeutic activities for families experiencing a serious illness or crisis on a 3 day, 2 night weekend experience. Families participate in assorted recreational indoor and outdoor activities, discussion groups, interactive games, creative workshops, team-building exercises and more! These activities, led by professional facilitators, are designed to have a positive outcome that can transform a family’s coping skills, improve communication between families, and strengthen the bond between each family and each family member. These therapeutic retreats also provide informative information and resources, along with an opportunity to network with other families dealing with similar situations.
Don’t miss an opportunity to attend our retreat next weekend, August 18-20 at the FFA Leadership Training Center. There is no charge for a complete 3-day, 2-night weekend which includes lodging, all meals and activities. Apply now: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2017DTDRetreatApplication or email [email protected]
November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month so “Let’s Talk About it!” Each year, the Foundation hosts several events statewide to educate the community about epilepsy and spread awareness.

This national outreach campaign is also designed to engage the community through various DIY (do-it-yourself) Let’s Talk About It (LTAI) events that can range from a bake sale to a cocktail party to a percentage of sales day at a local business. To host your own DIY Let’s Talk About It event be sure to register here, http://www.efof.org/host-a-diy-event/ download our helpful DIY Toolkit,http://www.efof.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/DIY-Toolkit.pdf and visit www.talkaboutit.org to see who is talking about epilepsy

A community of Floridians living with epilepsy in Pensacola, Florida.


Monitor your children's academic performance and always consult your doctor if you are noticing a pattern in behavior.

Learn more about epilepsy through our digital library:



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Building a network of support is extremely important for those with epilepsy, there's no reason to do it alone. EAFLA provides virtual and in-person support groups to connect those affected by epilepsy.

To learn more, visit our digital library of resources:



Don't miss out on Cappuccino Friday this week! Connect with others living with epilepsy.

See you there!

Meeting ID: 827 0638 7389


Try these steps to get started on your healthcare transition journey:

1. Talk to your doctor early about transition
2. Discuss a plan of care with your doctor that includes personal goals
3. Complete an annual transition readiness assessment
4. Review transition toolkit for helpful information
5. Maintain records of your medical history and healthcare information
6. Schedule your first appointment with a doctor for adult care


Epilepsy comes with a myriad of side effects, one may be challenges with mental health. Have you heard about our UPLIFT program? UPLIFT teaches people how to manage their mental health.

Contact us today to learn more.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1.877.553.7453


Andres, a recent immigrant to the United States, hoped for a better future but faced challenges, especially regarding his essential seizure medication.

Andres' mother, worried about running out of his anti-seizure medication. She found a low-cost health clinic that referred her to Epilepsy Alliance Florida, offering assistance in connecting with the right specialist for prescriptions.

With EAFLA's support, Andres quickly received essential care. Despite having no insurance, they located a mobile health clinic that provided a check-up and prescriptions just in time, preventing any interruptions in his treatment.


We know transitioning from pediatric to adult healthcare can be tricky. We're here to help with the process. Reach out today, and take responsibility for your own health.


You're not alone. Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological diseases. EAFLA provides support services to connect those who are affected by epilepsy.

Learn more about epilepsy and our services through our digital library:



🌶️Join us at this year's Chili Cookoff in Pensacola!
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Children with epilepsy often feel as if they have to constantly explain what epilepsy is. When talking to children, try to keep your explanation as easy-to-understand and positive as possible. With adults, you can start by giving them a copy of the Epilepsy Fact sheet to provide them with a basic overview of epilepsy.

To learn more, visit our digital library of resources:

💟 https://bit.ly/45xGH6y


🎃 Halloween Comes Early to Naples! 🎃
Gather the kiddos and your furry friends! It's costume time at our Walk the Talk event. From little wizards to playful pups, let’s see who steals the show!

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🌶️Join us at this year's Chili Cookoff in Pensacola!
⏲ Sunday, November 19 - 4PM
📍The Handlebar - 319 N Tarragona St, Pensacola, FL 32501
Get your tickets today: https://bit.ly/3Fbo1OD


The Hobscotch Institute is a memory program for people with epilepsy. Epilepsy may affect some cognitive function such as memory, Hobscotch Institute provides proactive ways to exercise your memory.

Click the link to learn more from our digital library of resources https://bit.ly/45xGH6y

Photos from Epilepsy Resource Center's post 10/18/2023

SUDEP came to the forefront of the world’s mind in 2019 when Disney star Cameron Boyce tragically passed away from SUDEP at the age of 20. While this was the first time many people heard about SUDEP, many others continue to face the risk of SUDEP every day. For people living with epilepsy, SUDEP is the leading cause of death.

Efforts to educate the public and individuals with epilepsy continue. In 2013, the Danny Stanton SUDEP Act mandated that SUDEP be considered when examining deaths of individuals with epilepsy.


At the age of four, Liam was diagnosed with epilepsy and Angelman Syndrome, a genetic disorder causing developmental delays, speech and balance issues, intellectual disability, and seizures. Despite these challenges, Liam, now a lively second-grader, enjoys school with the support of his IEP.

His mother works tirelessly with the school and Epilepsy Alliance Florida's School Advocate to ensure Liam's accommodations are met. This year, he has an assistant teacher and receives vital therapies. EAFLA provided a medical ID bracelet, neurologist appointments, and connected the family to community resources. They also attended the Children's Holiday Party and joined online support groups.

Epilepsy Alliance Florida continues supporting Liam and his mother to ensure his educational needs are met, collaborating with the school for Liam's success. Together, they strive to make Liam's journey one of growth and fulfillment.


Things to expect when you transition from pediatric to adult care:

1. Changes in healthcare providers
2. Changes in healthcare plans
3. Adjustments to medication and treatment plans
4. Changes to support systems


Visit our digital library of resources to learn more about epilepsy:



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Managing in adulthood can be challenging, but there are steps that individuals can take to help manage their condition effectively:

1. Stay on top of medication schedules
2. Manage stress
3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
4. Avoid triggers
5. Seek support


Remember, this is a team effort! When a child has epilepsy, it affects the whole family.

Making the entire family feel equally addressed may entail setting aside a certain amount of alone time to spend with other family members and inquire about their day. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

To learn more, visit our digital library of resources:

💟 https://bit.ly/45xGH6y


October is Health Literacy Month!

The Health Insurance Navigation program, powered by Epilepsy Alliance Florida works to provide healthcare assistance for all. Whether that be healthcare literacy, evaluating your plan options, or enrollment assistance our Navigation program is here to excel your health literacy and make sure you're covered.

💜 https://bit.ly/3qEZiPd


Jorge's remarkable journey with the Epilepsy Alliance of Florida embodies the profound impact of collaborative care. Amidst life's trials, Jorge found comprehensive support that not only restored his health but also brought solace, hope, and a renewed sense of belonging.

Jorge's case manager crafted a comprehensive plan that addressed his medical, emotional, and practical needs. Epilepsy Alliance of Florida facilitated crucial medication to alleviate the financial burden of expensive name-brand medications. Beyond addressing his physical needs, EAFLA extended emotional support by connecting Jorge with neurologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists at no cost to him.

His participation in support groups provided a sense of camaraderie that dispelled feelings of isolation. As Jorge's seizures remained under control, his story became a symbol of hope and resilience.

"Through their one-on-one attention and genuine care, Epilepsy Alliance of Florida has shown me that I'm not just a client – I'm part of a community. Their quick action and unwavering support have given me a newfound sense of hope and belonging." - Jorge


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Yes, you read it right! Bring along your pets and let them enjoy some paw-friendly activities. After all, why should humans have all the fun? Register now and let's make memories together!

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⭐THURSDAY, October 12 ⭐

Join us on Zoom for our Epilepsy Support Group, hosted by the wonderful Dr. Camilo Garcia from Cleveland Clinic Florida.

Meeting ID: 893 2457 5663 | Passcode: Epilepsy

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In general, auras can be a change in feeling, sensation, perception, thought, or behavior that is similar in the same person each time a seizure happens.

Learn more about epilepsy through our digital library:



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An epilepsy diagnosis is generally made when seizures occur more than once without identifiable reasons. Doctors will try to determine what caused the seizure during the diagnostic process and will begin to check for signs of epilepsy along with other treatable conditions.

To learn more, visit our digital library of resources:



⭐MONDAY, October 9th

Join Epilepsy Alliance Florida, in partnership with Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, for our virtual parent support group.

Meet neurologist, Dr. Syndi Seinfeld and other parents, just like you, who have children with epilepsy.

Meeting ID: 864 0479 7206 | Passcode: epilepsy


Grab your cafecito ☕️

Join us for Cappuccino Fridays. Each Friday of the month we host a virtual support group accompanied by our favorite warm or iced drink, coffee!

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