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We love our friends at the UWF Writing Lab ! 💙💚
Does your grammar need to experience healthy change and get in shape? Join Grammar Fitness Coach Mamie Webb Hixon, director of the UWF Writing Lab, every Monday for Grammarcise. Hixon will help you boost your grammar skills to the next level. Work your grammar with Grammarcise every Monday, virtually, from 7:15 am to 7:45 am CST. Visit Uwf.edu/writelab for information on access!

Here are a few upcoming Grammarcise routines:

*Gender-Inclusive Words
*Sexist English
*This is she OR her
*Between you and I OR me
*Taller than he OR him

UWF English UWF Writing Lab
Does your grammar need to get in shape and experience a healthy change? Grammar Fitness Coach Mamie Hixon, UWF Writing Lab director, will help you boost your grammar skills with Grammarcise. Join the grammar workout every Monday at 7:15am, CST.

Join on Zoom!


Meeting ID: 841 4963 0560

Passcode: 021360

Questions: Contact Grammar Fitness Coach Hixon at [email protected] or or 850-474-2987. Visit the UWF Writing Lab at uwf.edu/write or follow on Instagram at UWF Writing Lab
Did you know the UWF Writing Lab offers virtual appointments? ✏️✏️

Visit http://uwf.edu/writelab for current tutoring schedules and get expert help with writing today!
English is a professional degree. Did you know that English is also the most desired humanities degree by employers?

Study literature or writing with us and gain valuable, transferable skills.

Classes begin August 24! Visit uwf.edu/English to learn more about our programs.

UWF English UWF Writing Lab UWF Writing & Editing Interns

Today is ! Have trouble with grammar? The UWF Writing Lab can help. ✍️

The writing lab is available in-person or online to help review the mechanics of writing and help upgrade the quality of your papers.

Learn more: https://bit.ly/3a4LYWn
UWF Writing Lab is a great resource! Could you please add a bit more about APA and also add back the APA Microsoft Word Template with the margins set up and Running head etc., as there are templates for MLA, Chicago, Turabian etc. Thank you!

The Writing Lab (Bldg. 51 Rm. 157) offers paper reading/critiquing and tutoring in grammar and usage

See http://www.uwf.edu/writelab for more details about our services. Call to make tutoring or paper reading appointments: 474-2129.

Photos from UWF Writing Lab's post 11/15/2022

On Friday, November 11, Writing Lab Director Mamie Webb Hixon and some Writing Lab employees attended a reception honoring Carl Hiaasen in his receipt of an honorary degree from the University of West Florida. The reception was also a fundraiser for the Writing Lab, and we labbies were honored to attend this event at the President's Club at Timeless Tanglewood. We thank you all for any money donated to the Lab, and we look forward to using it to provide resources and improved education to the students who utilize our writing assistance services!


The Writing Lab employees are already in the Halloween spirit with this week’s blackboard question: “What’s your favorite Halloween candy?” Stop by on Monday to answer our next blackboard question in person or to utilize Real-time Writing Assistance.
Comment below what your favorite Halloween candy is!


Yes, there's a difference!


Semicolons seem to be that one punctuation mark that we all struggle to use correctly; however, the rules are quite simple!

Photos from UWF Writing Lab's post 07/13/2022

Where is the Writing Lab? We’re over in Building 51, Room 157! We’re near the business buildings, the library, and the biology lab buildings! Drop by when you can for a walk-in reading, real-time writing assistance, or an appointment scheduling.


Hey, remote learners! You don't have to live in Pensacola to meet with a UWF Writing Lab assistant (or Grampa the bear). In fact, you don't even have to live in Florida or the United States. All you need is current enrollment in a UWF course and a reliable internet connection.
Online Interactives allow Writing Lab tutors to connect with UWF students globally. To schedule a video-call session with one of our tutors to brainstorm a paper or review a final draft, call us at 474-2229, email us at [email protected], or use Navigate (in myUWF). We'll see you soon!

Labbie Table Talk! UWF Writing Lab 05/25/2022

Labbie Table Talk! UWF Writing Lab

Learn about our services from a Labbie's perspective! Check out our Labbie Table Talk video on our YouTube channel:


Labbie Table Talk! UWF Writing Lab Property of the UWF Writing Lab


Didn't have time to attend last week's Grammarcise session? Check out this videoed version from Monday, May 16! You can attend these Grammarcise Zoom meetings live every Monday morning from 7:15 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. CDT by clicking this link:



Happy Summer 2022 Term, Argos! The Labbies here at the UWF Writing Lab hope you guys are having a great start to your summer break or summer semester. For those students who are taking summer classes, we're open four days a week to read your papers! You can schedule a paper reading, brain storming, or tutoring appointment by calling us (850-474-2229), emailing us ([email protected]), or using Navigate (an app in myUWF).


If you have a paper that you need to write, why not come write it here in the UWF Writing Lab? We offer real-time writing assistance to Argos. Students from any department (from English to science) can come use one of our computers to write their paper, and our Lab Assistants will help you out when you have a question—whether it be about grammar, format, or organization.


Here at the Writing Lab, our paper readers are students just like you are. Schedule a Face-to-Face paper reading today, and get a second pair of eyes on that pesky final paper! We’re open for spring until April 29, 2022, and then we’ll reopen IN PERSON for the summer semester!


Comment below! The word I always misspell is "restraunt"; what about you?


Hey, Argos! Be sure to include a comma in a direct address.

Need to brush up your comma skills? Check out Navigate (in myUWF) to schedule an Editing Skills Workshop!

An Editing Skills Workshop is a virtual, real-time tutoring session in which the student(s) and the tutor meet to review any specific grammar skill that the student would like to practice!


The UWF Writing Lab wishes you a happy National Grammar Day 2022! Take on the challenge today to speak well, write well, and help others do the same!


Do you want to become a "Labbie" (Writing Lab assistant)? Working at the Lab is a learning experience. You don't need to be an English major or any sort of grammar expert to be a Labbie! We offer remote and in-person work hours. Check out this link to our website to see how to apply today for the Fall 2022 Semester! https://uwf.edu/cassh/resources/the-uwf-writing-lab/work-here/employment-application/

If you have any questions you can't resolve through our site, call us at 474-2229 or email us at [email protected] between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We look forward to hearing from you!


Writing Lab Director Mamie Webb Hixon's weekly Grammarcise sessions allow UWF students and people of the surrounding community to learn more about grammar and consider the English language in a new way!

You can access the Zoom link by seeing the below, scanning the featured QR code, or checking out the Writing Lab website:


Meeting ID: 841 4963 0560
Passcode: 021360


The second Labbie introduction of the semester is a Valentine’s Day special: Sarah! 📽❤️📖

Sarah has her bachelor’s degree in film, and she’s pursuing her master’s degree in English. She explains that she chose to study film for her undergraduate degree because film is a “perfect intersection of [her] interests in art and reading.” To Sarah, studying film is similar to studying literature! When asked why she chose English literature over English writing, Sarah says that she’s always loved reading and writing, but above all, she enjoys “studying how to write about writing.” The critical analysis of literary study is enjoyable for Sarah, so of course, our favorite reader shared her favorite book quote with us!

“Do anything, but let it produce joy.” —Walt Whitman from “Leaves of Grass” 😊

Schedule a paper reading appointment with Sarah or one of her Labbie friends today by calling (474-2229), emailing ([email protected]), or using Navigate (found in myUWF).

Photos from UWF Writing Lab's post 02/14/2022

Happy Valentine’s Day. Labbies love you!


Happy Valentine’s Day, Argos! This Valentine’s Day, we’d LOVE to read your papers! Check out Navigate in myUWF to schedule an appointment today.


Our first Labbie introduction of the Spring 2022 semester is Maddy:

Maddy is a graduate student here at UWF, working toward her Master of English degree. She chose to study English because she loves “reading and analyzing what [she] reads.” She explains that studying English has helped her sharpen her critical thinking skills. When asked why she loves working at the Writing Lab, she explains that she enjoys getting to be a part of those “lightbulb” moments that students have during a paper reading, and she also enjoys the community that working at the Lab brings about.

Outside of work and school, Maddy has a shipoo puppy named Lilo, and she says, “Anyone who has had an OI appointment with me has most likely heard her in the background.” 🐶❤️

Call us at 474-2229, email us at [email protected], or come into building 51 to schedule an appointment with Maddy or one of her Labbie friends today!


Welcome back, Argos! The Writing Lab is open NOW for walk-ins only. We won’t be open for appointments until Monday, January 24, but you can schedule an appointment now through Navigate to secure your spot!

Email us at [email protected] or call us at 474-2229 with any questions!


We hope all UWF students and staff had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🌽🍁 This Friday (December 3) is our last day open for Fall 2021 since our Labbies have finals, too! Submit to our OWL walk-in dropboxes in Canvas to have a paper read or check out Navigate to see if you can snag a last minute appointment.


Labbie Introduction number seven is Jurnee! This term is her first semester here at the Writing Lab, and while she’s with us, Jurnee is pursuing her bachelor’s in English with a minor in education. Jurnee’s favorite writing form is novel writing. She enjoys getting to know her characters and planning everything out to an intricate degree that only novels and long works allow. When asked why she’s drawn to writing, Jurnee said, “It’s like an inward explosion: I have the ability to create my own universe that expands infinitely within such a small space.” We also asked Jurnee what non-human animals she feels that she’d be, and she expressed that she’d love to be an owl, but she feels a dog fits her personality more so. 🦉🐶 We love the golden-retriever energy!

Email the Writing Lab ([email protected]), call us (850-474-2229), or use Navigate (found in myUWF) to schedule an appointment with paper reader Jurnee or one of her Labbie friends!


We know that student life can get busy. If you don’t have the time to attend a paper reading appointment (or if our appointment slots are fully booked)but still want feedback, consider submitting your paper to our OWL (Online Writing Lab) walk-in dropboxes in Canvas. Your paper reader will leave grammar or format corrections and suggestions using “Track Changes” in Word and then will submit the document back to you in Canvas! Here are the steps:

1.) Email [email protected] to be enrolled in the OWL Canvas course shell with the subject line “OWL ENROLLMENT REQUEST.”

2.) Once you’ve been added to the OWL shell and have accepted the invitation to join, you can enter the course shell from your Canvas dashboard and go to the “Assignments” tab.

3.) Find the walk-in dropbox assigned to your paper’s due date, and submit your paper to either the “Grammar Check” box or the “MLA/APA Check” box—depending on your preference.

4.) Await your feedback!

Please keep in mind that walk-in OWLs are read on a first-come, first-served basis, so an OWL reading is not guaranteed unless you have a scheduled appointment. OWLs are also not as thorough of a reading as Online Interactive and Face-to-Face readings are. Please also submit to only one dropbox at a time! Thank you. 🦉


Our sixth Labbie Introduction of the semester is Jay! This term is his first semester at the Writing Lab, and he’s pursuing his bachelor’s in communication with two minors! Jay loves poetry, and his favorite poet is Maya Angelou. If he were to meet any historical figure, however, he’d meet Oprah because “if it weren’t for her, [he] wouldn’t be pursuing [his] career (broadcast journalist).” Not to mention, Jay’s birthday was on Monday, so let’s all wish Jay a happy birthday! 🎉🎂

Email the Writing Lab ([email protected]), call us (850-474-2229), or use Navigate (found in myUWF) to schedule an appointment with paper reader Jay or one of his Labbie friends!


These are the hours that our front desk is open to answer phone calls and emails! Although 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday is when our office is open, we also offer morning, evening, AND weekend hours for paper readings!

Call us (850-474-2229), email us ([email protected]), or check out Navigate to see our extra paper reading availability.


In which sentence(s) is the punctuation correct?


Grammar This!


Here’s our fifth Labbie Introduction of the semester *drumroll* …Jamee! This term is Jamee’s first semester at the Writing Lab, and she’s pursuing her bachelor’s in English. Jamee loves watching the anime “Full Metal Alchemist” and drinking Dr. Pepper🥤. If someone gave Jamee $1,000,000, she would buy LOTS of cats! 🐱🦊🐯🦁

Email the Writing Lab ([email protected]), call us (850-474-2229), or use Navigate (found in myUWF) to schedule an appointment with paper reader Jamee or one of her Labbie friends!


If you’re unable to visit the Writing Lab on campus in person, our Online Interactive paper readings are the perfect resource for you! An Online Interactive appointment is conducted in real time through video call (Google Meet). The paper reader sends the student the Google Meet link 5–10 minutes before the start of the appointment, and the student can then send their paper through email and join the video call at the start of the appointment hour! We read papers on the due date as long as the paper reading is before noon.

You can schedule an Online Interactive paper reading appointment TODAY in Navigate or by calling (850-474-2229) or emailing ([email protected]) our front desk.

If you don’t see any available appointments on Navigate, try calling our front desk between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday!


Today is already our FOURTH Labbie Introduction of the semester: Darien! This semester is Darien’s first here at the Writing Lab, and she’s pursuing her bachelor’s in journalism. When asked, Darien had a hard time choosing her favorite Broadway show, but she decided it’s either “Six” or “Into the Woods.” She also loves mac and 🧀 , and her dream vacation is to take her mom to Greece and England! 🇬🇷

Call (850-474-2229) or email ([email protected]) the UWF Writing Lab or check out Navigate (in myUWF) to schedule an appointment with paper reader Darien or one of her Labbie friends!


Midterm and final papers got you spooked? Come by the Writing Lab in Building 51 for assistance with editing and revising your paper.


Here’s our third Labbie Introduction of the semester! Meet Labbie Carey! Carey has been with us here at the Lab for three semesters in 2021 but was a Labbie in previous years, too. She’s pursuing her bachelor’s in English AND in philosophy🤔📖 Carey loves chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and classic rock music. Her favorite book is Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” (Introduction to Literature students, come on by the Lab!)

Call (850-474-2229) or email ([email protected]) the UWF Writing Lab or check out Navigate (in myUWF) to schedule an appointment with paper reader Carey or one of her Labbie friends!


Test your texting skills. Is ASL the American Sign Language association or something else in our new abbreviated language? Are our abbreviations considered grammatically correct? Is "BRB, Be right Back" a grammatically correct sentence? Watch today's Grammarcise and find out!


Do you have a busy schedule? Check out the Writing Lab’s OWL (Online Writing Lab) service! You don’t need to be available during your scheduled OWL appointment hour; the appointment hour simply allows your paper reader to have a scheduled time to review your submitted document. The OWL allows you to send in your paper to our Canvas course shell and receive feedback remotely. We read OWL papers on an appointment basis and a virtual “walk-in” basis!

If you have an OWL appointment (scheduled through Navigate), submit your paper to one of our “OWL Appointment” drop boxes; if you do not have an appointment, you can submit to one of our “walk-in” drop boxes, and a paper reader will review your paper when/if they have the time.

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject “OWL ENROLLMENT REQUEST” to be invited to join our OWL Canvas shell today!


Is texting an excuse to be grammatically lackadaisical?


Welcome to our second Labbie Introduction of the semester! Here, we have Allie! Allie has been with us here at the Lab for four semesters. She’s pursuing her bachelor’s in English 📚and hopes to study veterinary medicine🐱after graduation. Allie’s favorite movie is “Flyboy,” her favorite animal is a “doggo,” and her favorite flower is a rose! 🌹

Call (850-474-2229) or email ([email protected]) the UWF Writing Lab or check out Navigate (in myUWF) to schedule an appointment with paper reader Allie or one of her Labbie friends!


The UWF Writing Lab is introducing a new style of tutoring: Editing Skills Workshop! Instead of the Skill-of-the-Week tutoring sessions with PowerPoint lectures, we are introducing an interactive-style of virtual tutoring in which students meet with the Writing Lab tutor and practice various grammar skills by editing sentences in real-time.

You can schedule an Editing Skills Workshop appointment today in Navigate (or by calling or emailing the Lab directly)!

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