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I run a full-service stump grinding company in Pensacola Florida. Stump grinding service in pensacola and surrounding areas.

I can handle any size stump you have. Message with a picture and measurement for an estimate. Self-driving machine can fit through a 36" gate, free backfilling and raking flat if needed.


Tree stumps can be a tripping hazard, especially in areas frequented by children or pets. Removing stumps ensures a safer outdoor environment.


Tree stumps can attract pests such as termites, ants, and beetles, which can spread to nearby structures or plants.


Did you know that stump grinding is an eco-friendly way to remove tree stumps? How important is sustainability to you when it comes to home maintenance? And Why?


Say goodbye to those pesky tree stumps! Max Granger Stump Grinding offers professional stump grinding services to reclaim your yard. Contact us for a free estimate today!


Need a quick estimate on our stump grinding services? Visit our site today to contact us; we'd love to work with you!


We'd love to hear about your experience with us! If you're enjoying your landscape more after our stump grinding service, be sure to leave a Google review.


If you're into creative DIY projects and want to add a rustic touch to your home, you can use part of the leftover tree stump to create a side table! Check out this article for tips:


Worried about the impact of stump grinding on your yard? Our self-driving machine can fit through a 36-inch gate, ensuring a hassle-free stump grinding experience with no huge trucks or disruptions to your yard. We clean up after ourselves & leave things pristine.


Looking to plant a new tree in place of the one you removed? Check out this guide for some quick tips:


Few things pose an obstacle or hazard to landscaping and land development than tree stumps. Luckily, our experienced team has the cutting-edge tools to ensure a quick, easy, and safe removal! Visit our site today:


"A tree trunk the size of a man grows from a blade as thin as a hair. A tower nine stories high is built from a small heap of earth." - Lao-Tzu


Whether you're building a patio, constructing a new deck, or planning another landscaping project, stumps get in the way. Our experienced team can remove them, leaving your yard ready for your dream landscape design.


Stump grinding is an eco-friendly method of tree stump removal. Instead of using chemicals or harsh methods, the stump is mechanically ground into wood chips, which can then be used as mulch or compost.


Say goodbye to backbreaking work! Our professional stump grinding service not only removes stumps efficiently, but we also provide free back-filling and raking level if necessary.


Leaving stumps in your yard can attract pests such as termites, and pose safety hazards. With our expert stump grinding service, you can eliminate these risks and enjoy a safer, cleaner, and more beautiful landscape.


Our expert grinding service removes stump obstacles in your yard, leaving a smoother, safer landscape. We can remove any size stump and offer free estimates with a photo and measurements! Learn more on our site:

11 Reasons to Avoid Planting Bradford Pear Trees 06/14/2023

There are some tree species that don't stop growing even if you cut them down! Do you have a stump in your yard that’s starting to sprout? Give our professionals a call.

11 Reasons to Avoid Planting Bradford Pear Trees Thinking of adding a Bradford Pear tree to your garden this season? Make sure you read this before you do!


The stump in our yard is _____________________________, how much does it cost to get it removed?

Need an affordable way to take care of a tree stump? Contact our company today!

Oak Tree Root System – Are Oak Tree Roots Invasive? 06/09/2023

Even if you’ve cut down your tree, some species can still grow invasive roots through the stump left behind. Take care of the problem today by enlisting our stump-grinding experts!

Oak Tree Root System – Are Oak Tree Roots Invasive? Are oak tree roots invasive? Does an oak tree have deep roots? Are you wondering whether or not oak tree roots can destroy foundation, structure, and pipes? Oak tree Root System Explained Oak trees have a single root system which is very unique. Oak trees' root system consists of the taproot, latera...


Is there an ugly stump ruining your surrounding landscape? We offer swift and reliable stump grinding services!

Why Some Trees Topple In Storms While Others Don’t – The Tree Care Guide 06/05/2023

Has a tree collapsed in your yard? Do you need help clearing away the stump? Get in touch with our team members and we’ll help you get the job done!

Why Some Trees Topple In Storms While Others Don’t – The Tree Care Guide Why Some Trees Topple In Storms While Others Don’tby tree_careTree DiseasesWhether being from wind, snow, ice, either individually or in combination, blowdown (otherwise known as ‘windthrow’ and ‘windsnap’ being the breakage of the trunk instead of uprooting) is a real threat from trees th...


If a tree was removed a long time ago and that stump needs to be removed due to it becoming an eyesore or even attracting pests, give us a call!

Boxelder | The Morton Arboretum 05/31/2023

Did you know some trees could regrow if the stump is left in place? Stop aggressive and invasive trees from reseeding themselves in your yard by calling our experts today.

Boxelder | The Morton Arboretum To plant and protect trees for a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world


How often are you tripping over the stump in your backyard? Get it removed today by reaching out to our company for affordable services.


Need help uprooting a tree stump? There’s a variety of methods we can use to get the job done:

Pruning: Stump Removal - Ornamental Plant Care Information from PlantsGalore.Com Cutting down that dead tree is only the first step in restoring your landscape. It always leaves a stump behind that must be dealt with in some way. The options include:


Are you trying to grind down a tree stump on your own? For professional results, give our team members a call.

Can A Tree Grow From A Stump? (Answered) | Wood Questions 05/22/2023

Aside from being a major tripping hazard, tree stumps can also cause a hazardous tree to regrow in your yard. If you stump grinding services, give our experts a call.

Can A Tree Grow From A Stump? (Answered) | Wood Questions When a large tree is cut down, dies or is otherwise removed, what to do with the stump is often a problem that needs to…


When removing a tree, make sure to have that stump grinding as well! We'd be happy to get this project done and return the yard to what it should be:

Photos from Max Granger Stump Grinding's post 05/15/2023

Tight spaces are no problem for my machine. Call me to get your project done quicker. 850-501-9247


Have we removed a tree stump from your property? Are you pleased with the results? At Max Granger Stump Grinding, we value customer feedback. Please consider commenting about our service on Facebook, Yelp or Google.


The average lifespan of a tree stump is around 10 years, but large stumps and the stumps of some hardwood trees can last decades. So how old is your tree stump?


When you're stumped, keep that landscaping eyesore from spoiling your home's curb appeal. We can do in an afternoon what could take nature over a decade to accomplish -- getting rid of an unsightly tree stump. Let's talk today: (850) 501-9247


Pardon our pun: Why do tree stumps make bad detectives? Because they always get stumped on the case!


A tree stump isn't necessarily static in its environment. The roots of a stump can continue to grow silently underground and re**rd the development of nearby plants and trees. They can also damage nearby structures like home foundations, sidewalks, patios and driveways.


For safe, efficient stump grinding and leveling, including backfilling as needed, rely on Max Granger Stump Grinding. Our process is simple and effective, and we're careful of your existing landscaping. Schedule an appointment today: (850) 501-9247

History at 04/28/2023

Happy Arbor Day from the folks at Max Granger Stump Grinding! Just because you've lost a tree doesn't mean you shouldn't plant another in its place. Get rid of the old stump first, though.

History at Celebrate National Arbor Day every year on the last Friday in April. Learn how you can celebrate Arbor Day in your community.


Unlike chemical stump removal methods, stump grinding doesn't involve dangerous chemicals. Don't foul your organic garden by choosing chemical stump removal. Call Us: (850) 501-9247


Haven't you been mowing around, tripping over and trying to ignore that tree stump long enough? Finally, we can make short work of that decaying relic. Let's talk.


"A tree stump is a humble reminder of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. It represents the perseverance of nature, the constancy of change, and the fleeting nature of existence." - John Muir

Stump Cleanup | Pensacola, FL | Max Granger Stump Grinding 04/19/2023

Our customers have spoken, and they like our work. Please take a look at our Testimonials page for more information about us.

Stump Cleanup | Pensacola, FL | Max Granger Stump Grinding Max Granger Stump Grinding in Pensacola, FL helps landscapers with expert stump grinding for commercial businesses. Call today at 850-501-9247.

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