The PYC Satori Foundation

The PYC Satori Foundation


The drawing has been postponed to September 24th. Share this message with your friends and family.

Now’s the time for you to buy your tickets for your chance to win the 20-foot Robert Perry designed Victoria and her trailer.

Win this 20’ Sailboat... Only $50 per chance.
One lucky ticket will win VICTORIA a 20’ Robert Perry design, custom built sailboat, sails, and trailer. Drawing at Pensacola YC, Sept 24, 2020

You are able to purchase a ticket at the PYC bar, from Email Sandy at [email protected] or online at: Thank you!

This is a fundraiser benefitting the nautical education mission of the PYC Satori Foundation, Inc.
a 501(c)3 Not for Profit
Buy your tickets now for the rescheduled drawing September 24... The drawing has been postponed to September 24th. You are able to purchase a ticket at the PYC bar, or online at: Thank you!

This raffle is a fundraiser benefitting the nautical education mission and patrons of the PYC Satori Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)3 Not for Profit .
S/V Victoria raffle tickets for the PYC Satori Foundation are now available to GYA members online... Only $50 each.

Tickets for the PYC Satori foundation fundraising raffle are now available online as well as through the Pensacola YC business office.
Only $50 per chance...

Here is the final-final Satori Foundation Video.
Denis McKinnon stepped down as President and is now a Trustee and Tim Burr who was a Trustee is now President.

The purpose of The Pensacola Yacht Club Satori Foundation is to inspire interest in and encourage an

The purpose of The PYC Satori Foundation is to inspire interest in and encourage and promote the sport of sailing and yachting and a broad range of maritime activities. The foundation is established to develop educational and training programs for the sports of sailing and yachting, for seamanship and for marine education.

Photos from The PYC Satori Foundation's post 07/20/2023

Having a blast on a marine science adventure with the Boys and Girls Club of Pensacola!


Gearing up for another fun outreach weekend! We hope everyone had a great Fourth of July and enjoys the Blue Angels this weekend.
See you on the water!


We appreciate the partnership of The PYC Satori Foundation and the generosity of John Merting in making a $35,000 gift in support of UWF College of Business. We look forward to the impact this gift will have on our students.


Photos from The PYC Satori Foundation's post 06/06/2023

More pictures from our Pete Moore Memorial Kids Pinfish Tournament!

We can’t thank our volunteers, partners, families, and friends enough for this great event. We look forward to it every year.

Photos from The PYC Satori Foundation's post 05/22/2023



Thanks to a grant from our friends at The PYC Satori Foundation, teens living in two Lakeview Center foster care group homes now have the opportunity to take swimming and sailing lessons. Once the teens are proficient in swimming, they can earn the chance for a weeklong sailing camp, lifeguard training, and maybe even a job at the Y. We are thrilled to be part of this community partnership! Learn more:

Satori Calendar – SATORI FOUNDATION 04/04/2023

Our outreach season is getting off to a great start. Please follow our calendar for events and outreach sessions!

Satori Calendar – SATORI FOUNDATION The PYC Satori Foundation achieves its mission by educating through STEM lessons, Inspiring through outreach sails and boating adventures, and Enlightening through improved self-esteem and well-being for our community to have a brighter tomorrow


The PYC Satori Foundation is in the news again!
Sue Straughn, with WEAR Channel 3 news, selected Satori for one of her "Angels in our Midst" segments. She and her film crew were at the club this past Wednesday to interview and film the departure of Satori's new partner The Independence for the Blind.

This group is through our supporters and friends, Kim and Julian MacQueen of Innisfree/The Hive. There are several groups under the HIVE umbrella, but this is the group they wanted the partnership to focus on
- these visually impaired youth.

It was a beautiful day with an amazing group of 12 youth that were 6-15 years old. This group had been visually impaired since birth and all were enthusiastic and incredibly engaged during the entire trip and the marine science at Deadman's Island.

Please tune in to see Your Foundation - the PYC Satori Foundation - being highlighted in the local news! The segment will air Monday from 4:30 to 5,
and Tuesday from 11 to 11:30; and Monday night on the WEAR website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Satori will add the video to our FB page and website following the airing of the story.

We hope you enjoy the segment and see the mission you are all supporting.

Photos from The PYC Satori Foundation's post 03/18/2023

We had such a great time on our first outreach of the season. Be on the lookout for a segment on WEAR 3 soon.

Thank you to Raven and the Independence for the Blind for a great day and we can’t wait to have you again in April.


Please see Satori's new video highlighting our mission expansions that have a positive impact on our community!

Satori Soiree_v2 2022 Join the web’s most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD and 4K with no ads.


Thank you to our Soiree Sponsor, Inisfree Hotels and The Hive!
Please join us November 3rd for our 2nd Annual Soiree - Sponsored tables are going fast - $1,500 per table of 10 if paid by September 15th. $1,800 after that. There are 2 tables reserved for couples and individuals at $125 per seat. They are limited and in high demand, so please reserve early to ensure you are able to attend!

7 Things Sailors Can Do to Make for a Cleaner Ocean 04/23/2022

Happy Earth Day Sailors and Boaters! To celebrate, please read and exercise the 7 things sailors (and boaters) can do to keep our waterways cleaner and healthier for all of us.

7 Things Sailors Can Do to Make for a Cleaner Ocean A sailor’s task is to keep watch over the oceans & waterways and it’s our duty to be responsible and not leave it in worse condition than when we found it.


Join us for the 2nd Annual Pete Moore Fishing Rodeo, benefitting the PYC Satori Foundation. Tickets available soon at PYC and on Eventbrite, watch for announcement. $20 each includes admission to the Captains/Supporters' Party Friday night at Pensacola Yacht Club. Low Country Boil, Free Beer and Fantastic music!

PWS_Dashboard at Pensacola Bay, Florida 12/11/2021

This is a link to the new PYC Satori Weather Station. Peter Buckley installed it Thursday an the Warrington shore of Pensacola Bay. He's making some adjustments but take a look and let us know what you think.

Satori would like to add a high res web cam looking South from downtown Pensacola.

Anyone interested in sponsoring that package?

We are thinking about a camera that rotates back and forth to show a full sweep of Pensacola Bay.

PWS_Dashboard at Pensacola Bay, Florida Personal Weather Station with the weather conditions for Pensacola Bay, Florida


Your Saturday Sailing Tip - about racing:
Define specific roles on your boat:
Boat handling issues stem from crew not knowing what to do. For example, who handles the twings in the jibe? Who pulls the topping lift when the pole goes up? Who flakes the spinnaker halyard downwind for a smooth drop? Who gets lunches and waters in the morning? Who reads the sailing instructions? Don't just leave things to chance and hope someone will get to it. Defining who does what is critically important: It ensures that you're prepared for everything and gives everyone a purpose.


New Date for Satori's Soiree: November 11th, 2021!

How To Sail Safely through a Storm | North Sails 08/21/2021

In honor of Fred, Grace and Henri leaving us alone, today's Sailing Saturday tip is about sailing in a storm. First tip: Don't do it (if you can avoid it!)

How To Sail Safely through a Storm | North Sails Compared to the quick response and sudden nature of a squall, sailing through a storm in open water is an endurance contest. In addition to big wind, you’ll have to... Read More

Photos from The PYC Satori Foundation's post 07/30/2021

Another Batch of photos from the Pete Moore Kids Pinfish Tournament benefitting the PYC Satori Foundation. Photos by Alex Barnes and Belinda Farage of Barnes and Company.


Pete Moore Fishing Rodeo and Pinfish Tournament... and the Winners are

Photos from The PYC Satori Foundation's post 07/25/2021

If you had heard the kid's scream when they caught their first fish, you would know that the First Annual Pete Moore Kid's Pinfish Tournament was fun for all and a great success.
About 80 young anglers entered. But before getting out on the Pensacola Yacht Club dock to fish, they each got free a rod & reel and a bucket and then went through a three stage fishing lesson.
Kids learned about the fish species in Bayou Chico and how to hold the fishes they would catch.
Kids learned how to tie the knots to attach the hook onto their fishing line.
and Kids learned how to cast their bait at targets on the lawn.
Here are a few photos of the Kids fishing and of the young anglers who caught the prize winning fish.
Kid's were divided into two age groups... 10 and under and 11-16. The biggest fish was a whopping .24lbs... that's almost 1/4 of a pound... Big fun catching a small fish.

Hot dogs and chips for all, too.

Photos from The PYC Satori Foundation's post 07/25/2021

The "First Annual" Pete Moore Fishing Rodeo and the Pete Moore Kid's Pinfish Tournament are in the books. Thanks to all of our sponsors— Pete Moore Automotive, Pensacola Beach AV Resort, Michelob Ultra, Santa Rosa Island Authority, Jewlers Trade Shop, Joe Pattii Seafood— and all of our program advertisers and the Satori volunteers for staying the distance.

After a year and a half of delays... COVID and Hurricane Sally finally didn't stop us.

And the rodeo winners are...


Happy Saturday everyone! Today's Sailing Saturday tip is not about sailing at all. It's about Fishing! Next week is the Pete Moore First Annual Fishing Rodeo for the Satori Foundation. Along with the Kids' Pinfish Tournament from 12-2pm. Join us for the rodeo, bring your kids or grandkids to the Kids Pinfish Tournament, or volunteer to help! We hope to see you there!


The event we've been waiting for is almost here! Join us for the 1st Annual Pete Moore Fishing Rodeo, July 24th - along with Kids Pinfish Tournament. Captains' Dinner at PYC Friday, July 23rd, 5-8pm
Tickets available at Eventbrite:


A Sailing Saturday quote for a Tropical Storm weekend:
"The sea finds out everything you did wrong." ―Francis Stokes


Happy Sailing Saturday everyone! I did not get a tip in last week-apologies to all. A quiz question for you. You probably know the answer, but can go to the ASA website and look on the "elements quiz". I thought this was appropriate after all the wind we've had this week!

What are Trade Winds?

a. Inconsistent breezes, usually in the four to seven-knot range that you wish you could “trade” for more breeze.

b. Winds over 35-knots that would torture sailors on trade routes in the 1800s.

c. Any consistent wind event that occurred along popular trade routes of the Atlantic Ocean.

d. Consistent open-ocean 15-knot breezes that occur in the tropics and sub tropics. Sailing ships used them to ply their trade.
At what point will a gale warning be issued?


Happy Weekend Friends! Here is your Sailing Saturday tip:
When you first put on a fully battened mainsail on a multihull, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s heavier than on an equivalent length monohull. So once you have that heavier sail into the lazyjacks, here are some tips for setting it up properly.

Head: Set the correct distance between the head ring and the mast. If it’s adjustable you’ll find that bringing the head ring closer to the mast will put more fullness in the top of the main and make the leech tighter.
- Credit Yachting World September 30, 2020


Happy Saturday, Friends of Satori! Here is your Saturday Sailing Tip:
“There is no such thing as bad weather-only bad clothes”. Be sure to pack right!


Greetings Friends!
Here is your Saturday Sailing Tip for today, thanks to Captain Bob Kriegel:

To tack you will alter course about 90 degrees moving the bow of the boat through the wind. The main sail will likely be “self tending” and will simply flop over to the other side. The head sail will have to be released from one side, and then trimmed in on the other. The head sail should not be released until it just begins to luff, and should not be trimmed in faster than the boat is altering course in order to avoid backwinding and stopping the boat.

The loads on the sheets are greatest when a boat is “close hauled”, and the headsail should be trimmed in as much as possible during the tack. Since the objective is to make distance to “weather” the boat should never be turned further down wind than necessary – remember that when you are steering 90 degrees from the true wind you are making zero speed to weather – or to your destination! The test of a good tack is how much speed, and distance to weather did you lose.


Greetings Sailors! Here is another Captain Bob Kriegel tip! Tune in next week for the rest of the story!

Sailboats can not go directly into the wind, but can only sail as close to the wind as the sails can be trimmed into the boat. This typically limits a sailboat from sailing closer than 35 to 45 degrees from the true wind – for a combined 90 degrees of “no sail” zone. When a boat is sailing as close to wind as possible, it is described as “beating” or sailing “close hauled” or “hard to weather”. And, more often than not, your destination is directly upwind or “hard to weather” which means you have to zig zag – or tack - 45 degrees on each side of the course line to get to your destination.


Greetings on this rainy Saturday! Here is another gem for your Sailing Saturday tip from Captain Bob Kriegel:

Sailing is a lot like life; good days, bad days – but they are all worthwhile.


Happy Good Friday everyone - posting your Saturday Sailing Tip early. This week's tip is from Captain Bob Kriegel:

"Start small and grow! The best way to learn to sail a boat is on a small boat!"

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!


Friends of Satori, here is your Sailing Saturday post - a quote, so incredibly true!
A man is never lost at sea.
-Ernest Hemingway


Your Sailing Saturday late post! A bit of trivia! The term
"Three sheets to the wind"
meant that one did not have control of the vessel because one had lost control of the sheets or lines.

Today, the term refers to losing control of what?


Congratulations Satori on winning
The Jim Kilroy Outstanding Outreach and
Inclusion Community Sailing Award.

Thank you to US Sailing for recognizing Satori's
outstanding achievements in just 5 short years as a
nonprofit. Please see the awards video:

US Sailing Satori Award Join the web’s most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD and 4K with no ads.


Greetings Friends of Satori!
Here's a little trivia for your Saturday Sailing post:
Did you know that sailing was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1896 in Athens? But they had a weather event that caused them to cancel the event. I think we can relate to that!


Greetings Friends! Your Sailing Saturday tip, is not a tip, but a quote. Care to guess who it's from?

“It is not that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better.”


Your "Sailing Saturday" tip of the week!
Start small and grow! The best way to learn to sail a boat is on a small boat!


Satori Friends - here is your "Sailing Saturday" tip of the week:

Look for the wind – shadows on the water – and anticipate what you have to do!
- Captain Bob Kriegel


This Week's "Sailing Saturday" tip:
Sailing is like flying an airplane – the air has to flow over the sail – or wing – to produce lift and move you forward.
- Captain Bob Kriegel

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