McCall Farm - Produce and Ice Cream

McCall Farm - Produce and Ice Cream


So much beauty to enjoy at the farm!
We spent a few minutes strolling through the flowers.
Thanks for letting me take pictures of your amazing dahlias!
Fresh kale, purple hulls, and tomatoes from McCall Farm - Produce and Ice Cream in Little River. Yummy 😋😋
Do you have corn yet?
I'm so happy that I just discovered your page, and I'll be there in person very soon. Bless you and all you offer to us, McCall Farm!!
Loved our ice cream break today at McCalls!!
Yum! We're enjoying the BEST tomato sandwich! First good tomato I've had since last summer.
Can't wait to cut the watermelon and cantaloupe. Thanks Dolly.
How soon will that delicious sweet corn that only you can grow be coming in? Thanks, Fred
Will be some happy for you. Not the hard work or long hours but looking forward to fresh produce
Best Produce and “ people”. Ever!!!

McCall Farm grows and sells fresh produce from our 40 acre farm. Our main crop is sweet corn but we also have many other vegetables and fruits.

We also sell a few crops from others local farmers but most of our produce is grown on our farm.

Operating as usual

[12/21/20]   You should have better sense than parking in our produce fields to see Jupiter and Saturn. It’s private property. 😡 not amused


Dahlias are all dug up and stored for winter. The flower beds look bare and different but spring will be here before we know it.

[11/03/20]   In the coming days and weeks I pray we can all remember that we are all fellow Americans regardless of our political persuasion and who wins or loses. The day after the election, no matter who wins/who loses, May we all get up and go to work and let it be just another day to spread love and kindness.


McCall Farm - Produce and Ice Cream

Sunset from our front porch overlooking our farm. God is so good to us. Just sit for a while and hear all the noises around you-it’s the voice of God.


Sunset from our front porch overlooking our farm. God is so good to us. Just sit for a while and hear all the noises around you-it’s the voice of God.


And just like that, our season came to an end. First and foremost, we give credit to our Lord and Savior for another wonderful season. We are grateful for our loyal customers and for our new customers. Extremely thankful for a hardworking group of employees who pulled extra shifts this season when needed and who are more like family than employees. Already looking forward to 2021. See you next year.


We have almost sold out of all of our pumpkins.


October 13th will be our last day for the season. Our pumpkins will be on sale today and tomorrow. Come get them while you can. We also have sacks of potatoes $22.00. We have sweet potatoes, winter squash, Hendersonville apples. Our hours will be 10-5 both days.


Sweet pictures that were brought to me by our some of our cutest, smallest customers. 🥰


Yes we do have corn today

[10/02/20]   ATTENTION: several announcements

1. We will have a few ears of corn tomorrow morning and that will end our corn season but we will stay open for a little longer (not sure when we will close)

2. HUGE SALE on ICE CREAM tomorrow. All cones/cups will be $2.50. All milkshakes will be $4.00

3. Starting Monday, October 5th, hours will change from 10-5.


Beautiful morning at the farm.


This is our last patch of sweet bicolor corn and the last week for it. $6.00 a dozen. Come see us for your corn fix.


What do our employees do on rainy days? We decorate some of our pumpkins.


Our fall display makes for great photo opportunities.


I love decorating for fall.

[09/25/20]   Saturday, September 26th we will have an ICE CREAM SALE. Hours for ice cream shop are Noon-5:00 pm.

Single ice cream scoops/cones for the price of a kids size $2.50

Double ice cream scoops/cones for the price of a single size $4.00

Kids ice cream scoops/cones will be $1.50

[09/22/20]   Unfortunately, due to heavy rains last week, we will not be able to fill any more bushel of corn orders/preorders.

We are hoping to have bicolor corn on Saturday or Monday if the weather holds out.



Happy fall y’all. Mums and pumpkins for sale. Come see us for your fall decorations.


Assortment of pumpkins and mums for sale to decorate as the weather begins to turn into fall time.


Tomatoes look good on a red tomato table if I do say so myself.


Farris Funeral Service, Inc. - Main Street Chapel

Many of you have been praying for My mother in law (Dollys mom). She passed away on Saturday. Please continue to pray for our family and Dollys family. Thank you

Nola Catherine Coleman Skeens, age 82, of Abingdon, Va., passed away peacefully on Saturday, September 5, 2020, surrounded by her family in the comfort of her home. Nola was born to Ferrell and Rosa Coleman on February 13, 1938. She was preceded in death by her parents; her brothers, Harold, Richa...

[08/30/20]   Quick update regarding bushel of corn orders: we started filling those who are on the list for bushel of corn this past week. Since all the rain from the storms held off and we haven’t had any flooding (so far), we will be able to fill ALL orders. Please be patient with us as we try to contact you. We have plenty of corn growing and will have corn all through the month of September as long as the weather stays nice.

If you aren’t on our list and still want to placed on the list, we will start taking new orders on Monday, August 31st. Please call 8288844054.


Thank you to Leighanne McJunkin, Cindy Cochran, Cathy Bond, Emily Reynolds, and James Cain for jumping in and working extra hours/days so that Dolly could be in Virginia this entire weekend with her mom and family during her moms Illness.


Mark and I sent off our sweet Molly yesterday to Liberty University to finish her degree in business. She dates our youngest son Avery and has worked 4 years around the farm for us. We are sending prayers and love to her as she follows Gods plan for her life

[08/14/20]   ANNOUNCEMENT: if you are on our list for preordered bushel of corn, it is not a guarantee that you will get corn. We do our best to fill those orders but weather sometimes hampers that.

With the rain coming in and possible flooding, it is likely we will not fill ALL orders.

You are welcome to purchase corn at $6 a dozen off the table, Monday thru Saturday when we have it available. You can always call 828-884-4054 to see if we have corn on the table that day.


Scenes from around our farm today: corn sign is officially up; sunset; dahlias are showing off after the rain


We do have bicolor corn today.


Thank you to the Desmelik family for providing pizza for our crew at McCall farm today. We love you Dave, Claire, Holmes and Vincent. #loveheals

[08/01/20]   We have white corn today


If you would like your name placed on our waiting list for a bushel of corn, please call 884-4054. The cost for a bushel will be $24.00 and 5 dozen ears are in a bushel.

Please note: bushels will not be ready until mid August or possibly later. We have plenty of corn growing but the cold spell back in May slowed the growing process. We thank you in advance for your patience.


[07/29/20]   Mark and I are blessed seems like such an understatement. So so many of you have reached out to me just simply to ask me how things are going with my mom. You will truly never know how much it means to me that you take the time to ask me. We love each and every one of you.

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