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We are a licensed (#203946)
and insured HIC business. We are available for projects consisting of t


Think about some outlet upgrades for the holidays and beyond.
There are several styles available.
This happens to be a double USB.
They have USB, USB-C, Lightning, and various variations.
Keeps you from having charging cubes everywhere.
Great in the kitchen, near the night stand, or at your favorite chair in front of the TV.
Contact us for pricing options and availability.


Your drain is slow you say……
You tried drain opener you say…..
Call us and we’ll do the real dirty work of cleaning that drain out properly……..


As I often say, you never know what the day will bring.
I went for a ride in an interesting elevator today.
This one is not designed for the squeamish……
It made lots of strange noises……

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It’s not always bad when you have to work on the weekends……..
Nice view from Gloucester, MA

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I keep saying it but I don’t keep up with the updates often enough…..
A project from a few months ago that took some extra time and thought to accomplish.
Install a nonexistent, over supported, shelf to use for storage and hang the hood vent from in the kitchen.
We installed heavy duty brackets in the wall and then built the shelf around the brackets.
Installed the hood vent and left the customer with an additional space for storage in a small city kitchen.

It's now easier to email McDonagh’s Property Services 04/01/2022

It's now easier to email McDonagh’s Property Services

It's now easier to email McDonagh’s Property Services

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As usual, we’ve been slacking with our social media presence…….
Today is an interesting day!
Today we find ourselves in an elevator pit trying to get it ready for operation. The pit requires a light, a service outlet, and sump pump outlet. Though the mechanics may seem unusual to most it’s actually simple hydraulics for this particular model.

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We’ve been slacking with our page posts but not with work. We’ve been busy! Our latest project was helping our friends at Red Dog Resort in Boston. They’re fence was having some trouble do to the wind tunnel effect of the parking lot.
We straightened the fence to the best of our ability. That’s without a complete deconstruction/reconstruction. We attached some coated stainless steel airplane wire from the fence to the building in hopes of preventing further movement of their fence.
When dealing with Mother Nature, time will tell.

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Here at MPS we are switching gears!!! Time to prepare for the next event, predictions of 12” of snow for the Southeast of MA!!! Oh boy!!


This might seem like just a bag of laundry.......
What is actually happening is the attention to detail all customers deserve. We constantly wash our drop clothes to help with keeping things looking nice inside and out!


A customer asked me how much it cost to do a particular job for them....
I answered him: $1500
He said: So expensive. For this job?
I asked: How much do you think it would cost you?
He answers me: $800 maximum... That's a pretty simple job right? !"
- For $800 I invite you to do it yourself.
- But.... I don't know how to.
- For $800 I'll teach you how to. So besides saving you $700, you'll get the knowledge for the next time you want to it for yourself.
- It seemed right to him and he agreed.
- But to get started: you'll need tools: A drill, grinder, chop saw, table saw, fish tape, oscillating tool, gloves etc...
- But I don't have all these tools and I can't buy all of these for just one job.
- Well then for another $300 I'll rent my stuff to you so you can do it.
- Okay, he says.
- Okay! Tuesday I'll be here to help you to start doing the work.
- But I can't on Tuesday I only have time on Saturday.
- I'm sorry, but I'm only available Tuesday to teach you and lend you my stuff. Other days I'm busy with other customers.
- Okay! That means I'm going to have to sacrifice my Tuesday, and give up my tasks.
- I forgot. To do the job yourself, you'll also have to pay for the off job site costs.
- What is this?"
- shopping for the materials, business liscense, bond, security, insurance, gas and wear and tear on the truck, etc.
- Oh no!... But to pay for all this, I'm going to spend more money and waste a lot of my time!
- Okay!
- I'll get everything you'll need. Just meet me Monday evening or Tuesday to help me load up the truck. I want to get started early; how about 8:00 am? Don't forget to be on time.
- At 8??? Nope! Too early for me! I'm used to getting up later.
- You know, I've been thinking; I'd rather pay you the $1500. If I had to do myself, it wouldn't be perfect and it would cost me a lot more money.

When you pay for a job, especially handcrafted, you pay not only for the material used, but also:
- Knowledge
- Experience
- Learning curve
- Tools
- Set up and clean up
- hours to complete the job
- Punctuality
- Accountability
- Professionalism
- Accuracy
- Shopping for materials
- Safety and security
- Payment of tax obligations
No one can denigrate other people's work by judging prices.
Only by knowing all the elements necessary for the production of a certain work can you estimate the actual cost.
I did not write this dialogue, but am sharing it to support craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

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As I often say, you never know what the day will bring. I went for a ride in an interesting elevator today. This one is ...




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