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The Ryan Clinic


Today “Connections Luncheon” featured our Annual Healthy Lifestyles Expo! 🏥 held at Old Mill Square’s Grande Hall in City of Columbiana.

Thank you our expo showcase participants from around Shelby County Alabama :

Central Alabama Wellness
CreACTive Wellness Center
Columbiana Clinic
Inverness Eye Care
The Ryan Clinic
Shaklee Corporation - Elise Hearn
Ascension St. Vincent's Alabama
Pelham Dental Care
Middle Alabama Area Agency on Aging

And todays speaker, Richard Fallin, Executive Director of Central Alabama Wellness!
Join us tomorrow at The Ryan Clinic at 4pm for a Ribbon Cutting and stay for their open house!! 🤩🥳🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️
Learn how Tiffany got nourished naturally back to health. The Ryan Clinic
Having fun on the scan table with Helen😃

The Ryan Clinic works to bring information & resources that bring you to a better place of healthy, well-being and overall satisfaction. Naturally Healthy Lifestyles was founded by Naturopath Helen Ryan.

Helen discovered from her own experiences that disease is preventable and helping others do the same in a natural and most effective way was her calling.

Operating as usual


At the Ryan a Clinic we know healing takes time and we work to support the body and give each part what it needs to optimally heal.
To create a personalized healing plan for your body call our office today to book your appointment. 205–639-2092.


Healing can be gradual.
We don’t want anyone to feel defeated. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen over night.
We like to ask are you having more good days than bad? If so then we are headed in the right direction.


At the Ryan Clinic we look at
Bio-individuality. The idea that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to health and nutrition.
Instead, we're all unique in our biological makeup and requirements. Each person has their own specific nutritive and health needs, as well as routines, practices, and preferences that work for them.
Your health plan should change as you heal and grow. And at The Ryan Clinic we come along side all of our clients and reevaluate their health plans making adjustments to help each person heal comfortably while letting their bodies get what they need to work optimally.

To make an appointment too create your personalized health plan call our offices today at 205-639-2092.


Balancing the endocrine system is a part of everyone’s health journey.
Two supplements we love for balancing hormones are Symplex F for women and Symplex M for men.

Symplex F, a supplement for women’s health, supports the healthy function of the ovaries and the adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands.

Symplex M is a testicular health supplement that supports the healthy function of the te**es and the adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands.

If you want to see about brining one of these supplements into your program just call the clinic or ask at your next visit. 205-639-2092.


How will you get ready for the week ahead?
Sunday’s are a great day to spend with family and friends, rest and relax. But it’s also a great time to plan for the week ahead.
Wether it be meal prepping or going to the store and grabbing some healthy snacks for your car ride to and from work. Make sure to do what you can today to make your life a little easier this week!


If health is a priority for you,
you make it a priority in your life.


Please join us on Thursday, February 10 for our free emotional freedom workshop.
Stefanie Bodie
Emotion code practitioner and
Teresa Pope Stress Relief Therapist will guide you through Learning to release trapped emotions& how that can affect your health & happiness.

We will open the doors at 5:30 for a meet and greet and then the workshop will start at
6 PM and will go to 8 PM.
Please share this with others you think would benefit and bring a friend.

We do ask you RSVP at so we can have a head count before hand.
Can’t wait to see you all there!

Sounds excellent.
How about putting instead of massage therapist for this event.


Heal and seal the gut.
It is not only important that we start to heal the gut lining but we need to seal it and make the the lining have the tight conjunctures so nothing gets out or in.

Two amazing products we love are below.

Intestinal Restore is a powder you can put in any beverage. It provides multifaceted support for digestive health and intestinal integrity. 

Intestinal Restore features a source of serum antibodies and immunoglobulins, to support the healthy functioning of the gastrointestinal immune system. Glutamine is the preferred amino acid for regeneration of intestinal cells while mucilaginous herbs soothe inflamed and damaged tissues. Finally, digestive enzymes encourage healthy digestion and absorption of macronutrients.

LGUT - Leaky Gut Mastery
Is a capsule and uses botanicals to decrease intestinal permeability.

Next time you’re in the clinic ask your practitioner about these products and we can see if they are right for you.
Call 205-639-2092 to make your next appointment today.


Things that can contribute to the leaky gut
1. Poor diet
2. Stress
3. Infection
4. Low stomach acid
5. Toxic exposure
6. NDAIDS -anti-inflammatory meds
7. GMO’s
8. Lectins

Stay tuned as we post about some of the gut healing supplements we love for clients at the Ryan Clinic.

Again just because it’s a good some thing doesn’t mean a good some thing for you. We test the supplements on our clients to make sure that it’s what their bodies need. To schedule a visit at the Ryan Clinic just called


What does healthy p**p look like? At the Ryan Clinic we talk about 💩 frequently because it gives us information about the body. Healthy p**p can be as varied and as unique as the individuals who make it. But there are a few general rules to follow if you want to assess your poo artistry for optimum health.

We are looking for this shade of brown 💩 which should do to the combination of stomach bile and bilirubin contribute to this shade of brown.

Just like the chart above we are looking for a log-like shape.

P**p should come out all together rather than pellets and should be a couple of inches in length.

Anywhere between a firm and soft consistency is pretty much normal. If it sways too much one way or another, it could suggest some digestive issues.

Based on the amount of meals you are eating we are looking to have a bowl movement at least one hour after your meal.

Next time you go to the bathroom take a look and see what your p**p is trying to tell you.

Hope this information is helpful and if your worried about your digestion please contact us At The Ryan Clinic we would be happy to help in anyway we can .


Getting our nutrients from food is our main goal at the Ryan Clinic. The mineral selenium is something we recommend as Covid prevention. And one of the best foods you can eat to get selenium is a Brazil nut.

Brazil nuts are very nutritious and energy dense. A single Brazil nut contains 68 to 91 micrograms (mcg) of selenium, meaning that just one nut per day can provide the daily recommended adult allowance of 55 mcg. In addition to selenium, Brazil nuts contain plenty of protein, essential minerals, and healthful fats. Brazil Nuts can help with thyroid disorders, help with Inflammation and are good for your heart And brain.


Bring your self back to balance Monday post
We just want to remind you all to not get discouraged if you got off your health track this weekend.
If you slept less than you wanted, had more sweets than you normally would we don’t suggest you get upset with yourself. We just ask that you bring yourself back to balance. Having those negative thoughts about yourself do not promote for a healthy environment.
Yes ,you enjoyed life maybe a little more than before but once you have the tools you know what steps you need to take to refocus and start again.
Take a deep breath, drink your water, eat real food, have movement, destress and smile and get rest.
We know you can do it and we at
The Ryan Clinic are your team to give you the tools to do it better every day.
Have a great day and we can’t want to see what you all do this week.


We are so honored to be apart of every clients healing journey at
The Ryan Clinic. Offering so many services to address the whole body and create a healing plan specific to each persons needs.
If you would like to make a massage appointment with Sherry or any of our other services below please contact or office to set up your appointment today.

Nutrition Response Testing
Emotion Code

Check all we have to offer on our website
Link in bio
The Ryan Clinic 205-639-2092.


We absolutely love the holistic tinctures we get for Walden Farmacy] and we wanted to share the immune support varieties we have been using for clients this year.

Immune support tincture and syrup.
An immune-enhancing blend of herbs traditionally used to avoid or combat colds, flus, and viruses. Contains astragalus, reishi, Schisandra, ethically harvested American ginseng, and a touch of ginger. These adaptogenic and energy enhancing herbs are said to assist in providing stable energy, help the body handle stress, and strengthen immune function and recovery.

Echinacea tincture-
Some studies have shown Echinacea to lessen the severity of symptoms of the common cold. It is a well-known immune stimulant within the herbal community and a go to for illnesses such as strep, colds, and flus in our home.

You can find these at our clinic or call to purchase them 205-639-2092. Also check out their website link on their page to see the wide variety of tinctures they make and sell from their local farm Walden Farmacy]

Our Story

The Ryan Clinic was founded by Naturopath Helen Ryan. Helen discovered from her own experiences that disease is preventable and helping others do the same in a natural and most effective way was her calling.

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