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If you or someone you know need help in your marriage, contact us for help. We have two websites or

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After a long day of meetings and phone calls starting at 4 am I was finally able to do some writing and finish my book. It is DONE, well now the long edit of 230 pages begins. Rushed home to pick up Suzi that rested today to be able to go out on date night! We went to see The Blind, which was good then a small dinner at Cava-Riverchase. Now to bed... I be tired... and then I am ready for some football tomorrow.


I started a book the first part of August that I am starting to write the conclusion too... I am so excited about how God will use it. Pray as I am in the editing stage of the book, then I will work on the development of a Workbook as a companion material, and eventually work on a video series to go along with it. 🙏🙏🙏

2023 Annual Clay Shoot :: Christian Marriages in Crisis 10/19/2023

We are needing your help! Our Clay Shoot is less than 2 weeks away (Wednesday November 1, 2023) at Selwood Farm and we are needing 13 more families or businesses that will support this fundraiser by becoming a Station Partner (a sign place at each shooting station). We also would like several more 4 member shooting teams! Get all the information you need to join us as shooting team and/or a Partner by following this link...

2023 Annual Clay Shoot :: Christian Marriages in Crisis Date & Time: Wednesday, November 1, 2023 @ 8:30 Location: Selwood Farm * 696 Selwood Rd Alpine, AL 35014 Contact: 1-800-522-0403 Team of Four (4) cost: $700 Breakfast & Lunch Provided 12-gauge & 20-Gauge Ammo Provided Awards for 1st and 2nd Place Teams On course games, door prizes, and giveaways

2023 Annual Clay Shoot :: Christian Marriages in Crisis 10/13/2023

2023 Annual Clay Shoot :: Christian Marriages in Crisis Date & Time: Wednesday, November 1, 2023 @ 8:30 Location: Selwood Farm * 696 Selwood Rd Alpine, AL 35014 Contact: 1-800-522-0403 Team of Four (4) cost: $700 Breakfast & Lunch Provided 12-gauge & 20-Gauge Ammo Provided Awards for 1st and 2nd Place Teams On course games, door prizes, and giveaways

2023 Annual Clay Shoot :: Christian Marriages in Crisis 10/03/2023

Hey everyone we are looking for people who like to Clay Shoot and/or want to partner with us for partnerships in this fall fundraiser!!! Please click link to see how you can get involved.

2023 Annual Clay Shoot :: Christian Marriages in Crisis Date & Time: Wednesday, November 1, 2023 @ 8:30 Location: Selwood Farm * 696 Selwood Rd Alpine, AL 35014 Contact: 1-800-522-0403 Team of Four (4) cost: $700 Breakfast & Lunch Provided 12-gauge & 20-Gauge Ammo Provided Awards for 1st and 2nd Place Teams On course games, door prizes, and giveaways


Suzanne's Health Update


Update on Suzanne 🙏🙏 -


Update on Suzanne 🙏🙏 -


Request for Prayer for Suzanne 🙏🙏 -


Sometimes God has to make it very clear to us that he is shutting doors to open new ones. During Covid, that happened and is actually happening once again.

I am extremely excited about things in the works for me (Suzanne) and for our ministry. God has put a new excitement for helping couples prepare for marriage and life. I believe we (humans) have lost the vision of who we are and who God designed us to be. This has caused chaos in our homes, our churches and in our land. Paul and I want to begin helping people come back to what His design has been all along and help address some of the problems up front instead of only doing a ministry of marriage and family repair.

Paul and I are currently working with individuals and couples around the world, currently 2 in the country of Australia. We have worked with folks in Honduras, India, Costa Rica, and many other places over the years. Our program now is so remote and we are no longer limited with how many people we can see. The Marriage Bootcamp was designed during covid because we could not see couples in person. It was such a success that we have made that the main thing we do. Now that it is running smoothly and successful, we would like to expand what we do to helping to train churches to work with their congregations and to develop new materials and programs to get into the hands of more people around the world.

We will soon be posting information on how you can also get involved.
Right now we have an awareness that is happening with what is going on in the world and with the movie "Sounds of Freedom". If your church is interested in us coming and speaking on things like gender identity and trauma, po*******hy and s*x addiction recovery, marriage and family restoration, or the importance of respect, boundary setting and purity for teen boys and girls, we would love to come support you and your church family!

Contact us at


We are so excited to launch a New Program in our Ministry this Fall.

Why College for Marriage with a Ministry for Marriages in Crisis? Well, here's why:

We prepare ourselves for at least 13 years to learn and grow into successful adults through the school systems in our country and then 4 years of college and then another 2 to 6 years of your master's and doctorial programs. But what is our average education to having a healthy marriage and family life? 3 sessions with a pastor. No wonder so many marriages end in divorce.

We are more focused on the wedding than preparing for "Happily Ever After" and wonder why we aren't Happy at all! It isn't a fairytale y'all. I know my understanding of a good marriage was not correct at all. It took a failure in our marriage before we got help.... but it doesn't have to be that way.

Most people take an average of 6-12 months to plan a wedding but only 3 sessions for the marriage. That is backwards isn't it?

So let's change what is "normal" in our society and get an education for the most important relationship and job of our life. Marriage and Family.

Timeline photos 11/29/2022

Giving Tuesday !! -

Pay Christian Marriages In Crisis using PayPal.Me 11/29/2022

Giving Tuesday is here. When contemplating where to give please consider helping us to help marriages that are really struggling. Since 2010, we have seen well over 370 couples with only 6 divorces of those who have gone through our program!! Without your help we can not continue to do what we have done!

Here's the link to my Paypal profile.
Here's the link to the Living180 Venmo profile.
Here's the link to CMIC Donation page.

Pay Christian Marriages In Crisis using PayPal.Me Go to and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries.


Blocker- Fear.

“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.””
‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭31:8‬ ‭ESV‬‬

One of our biggest blockers that keep us from moving forward is fear. Fear of failure, fear of being misunderstood, fear of defeat, fear of judgment...etc. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom but a Spirit of fear will mess with your mind and can leave paralyzed! We can transform our minds and change our destructive narratives. (Romans 12:2)

If fear is crippling you from living the life God designed, let's start breaking through those blockers together and finding the freedom God has called you to. We can do hard things.

For a free consultation schedule here. Click on the 1 hour session to see if this program can be a fit for you.


Do you get weary in relationships? Relationships are hard. Do you feel people who should love you best love you the least? Do you feel like you need to learn healthy boundaries in relationships? I get it! Been there! We not only teach the art of setting boundaries with family and friends, we have family and friends that have hurt us too. Learning to stop the unhealthy patterns in family dynamics and letting go of toxic friendships are key to finding peace and joy.

But I think the biggest struggle for me, don't know about you, has been learning to find my value from God not what others think of me. Learning to let God be God and letting go of what I can not control, that's where real faith comes into play.

Module 1 in our Bootcamp is about finding out what triggers you have and how to overcome them and believe the truth of who you are when you are hearing from others you are worthless.

Module 2 we help you create a vision for where you want to go in life and who you want to be.

Module 3 we help you set personal boundaries to help you take responsibility for your own life and stop being controled by other's opinions of you.

Depending on if you are married or single, needing to work on your marriage or wanting to grow as individual determines the direction we take in the remainder of our coaching path. For individual coaching and counsel, we use a program that is designed to help you become the person you want to be. If you're married and need to work on that relationship, we focus on your marriage during the next 7 modules and then walk you through the additional program to continue personal growth and development.

Honduras Bound... June 2-13 ✈ 05/30/2022

We leave Thursday for Honduras! This is how you can pray...

Honduras Bound... June 2-13 ✈


I'm so proud as I watch a group of gals operate like the body of Christ should operate! I am so blessed to be a part of this. When you do things differently than the world, you are sometimes mocked and scorned. But watching the miracle happening within this group is so awesome. I am just their coach. They are doing the work. They are truly the hands and feet of Jesus to one another.

CMIC a Ministry of Living180 Ministries is not a church, it's not a counseling firm. It's true discipleship...followers of Christ leading others to support one another on their journey to be set apart and change the world.

We do:

Exercises to find out what the faulty belief system is (what doesn't line up with what God's word says about ourselves, God or others) to begin living transformed by the renewing of their mind.

Help individuals find meaning and purpose and a vision for where they want to go.

Understand anger as a secondary emotion and how to stop emotional flooding and outbursts.

Set appropriate personal boundaries and boundaries in a marriage.

Understand the cycle of addiction and how to stop unhealthy habits.

Find healthy community to operate as the body of Christ and give and receive accountability, encouragement and support.

Teach God's Word about what happened when sin entered the world in the garden of Eden to understand the struggle that every man and woman now faces.

Communication tools that will help any relationship including the marriage.

Understand what Intimacy is and is not.

Understand healthy s*xuality as God created it to be in a marriage.

Timeline photos 03/01/2022

Living180/Talley Update March 2022 -


Living by Vision not by Need.

I Just spoke to a dear sweet gal this evening who is struggling emotionally. Her life right now feels a bit hopeless and overwhelming. But as we talked, she was able to see that to live by vision is to see herself how God sees her and live in her true identity. And most of all, we weren't designed to be able to do that alone. It takes letting someone in and remind you of who you are in those moments. We can't control the world around us, or the crisis that falls upon us, but we can control only one thing...and that is our response to it all.

Living 180, we help you navigate life.


So, Paul and I are planning all the upcoming events at the “Fishin Hole Farmhouse” for 2022. Each month, Lord willing, we will be hosting a different event.

🥳 🎉💥 We will start out for January actually on the 31st of this month to ring in the New Year. This is a pot luck event though I would encourage you to please RSVP so that I can plan accordingly and not duplicate the food items. We will provide drinks and dinnerware.

Music, fun and fellowship. Message me for more details and to RSVP.

❤️ 🥰 💕 February we will be sharing our table with 10 couples on 2 different evenings/ 2 weekend events. RSVP as this is a plated dinner specifically to celebrate marriage.
February 5th and February 12th

Come hear about how God saved our Marriage, restored us, and birthed a ministry through our story of redemption. We will teach you some things that we believe were the foundational tools which changed our lives and saved our marriage. This is a great date night for you and your wife. Dinner and Music. Message me for more details and to save your place at the table.

March-December will be planned soon! Watch for all our Events and join us as we gather around the table and feast on the Lord’s goodness! This is your best year yet…if you choose for it to be.

CMIC a Ministry of Living180 Ministries 11/30/2021

CMIC a Ministry of Living180 Ministries This is "CMIC a Ministry of Living180 Ministries" by Living180 Ministries on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

CMIC a Ministry of Living180 Ministries 11/30/2021

It's ! This year, your gift could be ***doubled*** thanks to a generous challenge match donation up to $2000.00 at When considering your gift today consider helping to save a marriage...

CMIC a Ministry of Living180 Ministries This is "CMIC a Ministry of Living180 Ministries" by Living180 Ministries on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Giving Tuesday !! 11/29/2021

Giving Tuesday !! -

Giving Tuesday !! This year Giving Tuesday is tomorrow Tuesday, November 30th, 2011, and we ask you to remember us at CMIC a ministry of Living180 Ministries when giving!

Happy Thanksgiving the Talley's 11/25/2021

Happy Thanksgiving the Talley's -

Happy Thanksgiving the Talley's This year Giving Tuesday is this coming Tuesday, November 30th, 2011, and we ask you to remember us at CMIC a ministry of Living180 Ministries when giving!

Fall Praise Report and Update 11/19/2021

Where have the Talleys been?! -

Fall Praise Report and Update We apologize for our has been 6 months!  Where have we been? As we told you back in May we had the opportunity to buy my moms home. We found mold in 3 areas of the home so we tore it out and rebuilt our new home back better. Because of our limited budget we had to do alot of the wor...


Our Filters
One of the hardest things to get across to a couple is that we all have filters and we each hear things through these filters. For example you are asked "Didi you take out the trash?" The hearer because of past woundedness can hear, "You are a Failure" , "You are Lazy", "You are Stupid", and/or "You will never Measure Up"


As we conclude our discussion on Triggers and Exits, we need to embrace positive Triggers as they are invigorating! At the same time, we need to understand and work through our Negative Triggers to keep us Exiting relationships in an unhealthy way/Bad Habits which can be damaging to ourselves and to others who we love and care for. Embrace the pain/hurt of the Trigger. To do that it must be knowledges and then worked through with our grace filled community to develop a proper response to the negative emotions and develop Healthy/Good Habits


A way(s) to remove yourself physically or emotionally from the intimate connection in your relationship. This is also referred to as “rabbit hole” for some.

Continuing our discussions on Triggers and Exits...What are Exits? Some examples include:

Sleep, Television, Zone Out, Tune Out, Take a Bath
Withhold Love, Get Sick, Silent Treatment, Withdraw
Deflect, Try to Fix, Blame, Get Overly Dramatic
Addictions (P**n, Alcohol, Food, Fantasy, Smoke, Shop)
Raised Voice, Anger Outburst, Sulk, Destroy Stuff
Take a Walk, Go Outside, Physically Leave, Exercise


What is a Trigger? Any kind of stimulus that reminds you of some earlier experience. A trigger can be positive or negative but the negative ones cause pain and are magnified. Some examples include:

A Place, Person, Picture, Event
A Smell, Taste,
A Look, Mannerism, Phrase
A Name, Movie, TV
An Emotion (Loneness, Hurt, Fear, Unmet Expectations)


Our experiences of woundedness from our families of origin, other relationships and within our coupleship have an ongoing impact. Often we encounter a current situation or action that creates Emotional Triggers of things from the past, sometimes with great intensity. When we are triggered, we may cope by seeking to Exit the situation or relationship for a time. The identification or “bringing it out of the darkness and exposing it to the light” is healthy, as well as necessary, for true freedom.


On Friday Chip Ingram’s Video on the ABCD’s of Controlling Anger suggested “D” – Direct the Right Response here are some questions to ask yourself.

Here are suggestions for “Back Tracking” with your anger:
1. Ask what/who hurt you….
2. Ask what was your expectation that went unmet….
3. Ask what you are frustrated about….
4. Ask what you are afraid of….
5. Ask what you are worried about….
6. Understand Emotional Flooding


Looking for a Few Good Men...
Do you like where you are right now…
I mean in life?
Do you like who you are, what you are…
If you just did a quick survey of a few areas of your life would you agree that you need to make a change here or there…
To be more intentional in this or that…
Are you at a place where you find yourself wanting more?
To be more of a husband… father… brother… son…
The Journey is better and we get farther by doing this TOGETHER.

SO… With that in mind…

I’m inviting you men who want to journey with me in finding balance— and growth— in the seven key areas of life (Fitness, Finance, Family, Faith, Field, Friends, & Fun), while living with less stress…

… so that we can live our purpose.

Here’s what’s involved:

👉 A digital framework, wrapped in community, that "learns you” and “coaches you” thru the 7 areas. And then helps you stay on track with the goals you created for yourself.

👉 A weekly zoom call to talk about one of the 7 areas.

👉 A monthly meet up to encourage each other in every sense of that word (7 guys in a group)

If your interested message me and we can talk through what this will look like.

Anger ABCD's - Chip Ingram - Truth To Go 07/23/2021

We love Chip Ingram's approach to A, B, C, D's of Controlling Anger - Truth To Go. Go watch this video

In summary Chip says...
A - Acknowledge My Anger
B - Back Tracked to My Primary Emotion
C - Consider The Cause
D - Directed The Right Response

Anger ABCD's - Chip Ingram - Truth To Go Chip Ingram is Senior Pastor of Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, CA and President of Living on the Edge, an international teaching and discipleship min...

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