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We will soon be releasing Ironclad Clay Part 1 & Part 2 in the coming weeks! The Juniper Tree was a place that God met the Prophet Elijah in the darkest time of his life.

Our heart's desire is that we would like to say that our God is the God of a second chance; even when we think we've failed Him. He met Elijah there and rested him, fed him, encouraged him, and gave him a second chance. We like Elijah need a second chance. If our loving Savior wasn't "The God Of The What's Next?" our lives and the Bible stories would be much shorter. We also want to encourage those to keep on fighting the good fight of faith!


Happy Thanksgiving from Juniper Tree Publishers!


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Here's a sample of what can be made!


We have new business cards!


This is one of the first books given to me when I got saved 35 years ago. Jack Chick wrote this for new believers! It's fully illustrated and very informative for the walk of a new New Born Believer! If you would like a copy you can have one free for the month of June. Just let us know through or Facebook messenger! God bless!


We have Evangelist Noah Frye's books on our website now. Come check them out and and many more books we have added recently. Our website is:


We have added a series of women's devotional books to our website. They would make a perfect Christmas gift for someone. All books $10.00 each! That's a great savings anywhere you look!


Let's embrace each day as a very special gift from God!


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Women's Devotionals coming soon from well known Christian authors !


We've changed our logo and putting a little fresh paint and air in our page! Hope you like it!
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Starting to put together a new book. Here's the book cover. I'm planning to call it "God's Seconds" I'd like to know what you think!


We haven't posted for a while since working on writing another book and taking care of ministry. We've got into about 2 chapters so far. Keep praying we finish this year!


I'm contemplating to start writing again! I have had several projects on my mind! Just where to start first!


Happy Independence Day ! God bless the USA!


Happy Thanksgiving from Juniper Tree Ministries and Publishers! Let's give thanks to our wonderful God and Savior the Lord Jesus Christ! What are you thankful for? Let us know!


Happy Fourth of July and Independence day to everyone! Remember to thank God for our nation's blessings !


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! and thank the Lord for all our blessings ! And thanks to all our people and pastors for helping us see a spiritually prosperous ministry year with the salvation of several souls! Looking forward to the future for what God is going to do! To God be the glory!


We appreciate Dr. Haywood Alcorn and the fine people of Willis Memorial Baptist Church in Cascade, VA. for letting is come and present our Youth Program this past weekend. Thank the Lord for His Spirit and the great liberty we had there. Pray for our next meeting in Charleston, SC next weekend. Looking for God to move and souls to come to know Jesus Christ as their personal saviour! If there are any Pastors and churches who would like to have a copy of our evangelistic youth program or have us come please let us know via Facebook or call us at 276 692 8775. God bless and pray for this ministry!


Cindy and I are getting ready for a couple of youth programs . We already have two scheduled in September. Pray for the building of our team and pray for souls to receive Jesus Christ as their personal savior!


We will also accept any invitations from churches to help put a VBS program together with this basketball them. It would be perfect for even a one day or even up to five day event.


I would like to remind everyone if you're still looking for a great VBS program this summer. I have the "Game of Life" available as a hard copy and also a downloadable Kindle Edition. You can message me or got to and order your hard copy. The Lord blessed this VBS program in the Philippines two years ago. We saw over A hundred people youth and adults accept Christ as personal savior. It's a great drawing card and also has spiritual substance.


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Pray for our books at the Christian Book Tradeshow in Murfreesboro , TN. this month. We also have all three books available on Kindle and Ebook download from Amazon and and Barnes Noble . Also visit our website at God bless and I hope you enjoy our books!


I finally got my book poster from the (ICRS) International Christian Retailers Show in Cleveland, Ohio back in June. When we ordered it, (I thought yeah sure a poster how great a poster can it be?) But wow! This thing is a spring loaded retractable banner with 2 fold out style poles (which I call tent poles) . And it as a real nice padded nylon bag to carry it in. I hope to use it at local churches and Festivals in the future.


We have our "Game of Life" of books in finally. And we will be sending out the first 10 FREE that responded a while back. Sorry for the delay! Also check out our website we have all our books on the site with full description of each. You can buy there on line too. We also have all books available on Ebook and Kindle format through Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Come check us out !


I want to know what is your favorite parable in the Bible! Does anyone know which one is my favorite ? I'll give you a hint ! It's in one of my books and it is in only one book of the Bible.


Hey ! Guess what just came in the mail Monday ! Our new book "The Game of Life". Right now we're in the process of final review and then we will be offering this book to Youth Leaders and Pastors. We'll do the first 10 free of charge. If you want something that will grab the attention of youth both saved and unsaved this is it! It also has snapshots of last year's Philippine Mission Trip where we had over 100 professions of faith in Jesus Christ !


Xulon Press has just uploaded one of the Ironclad Clay books to digital Ebook version! Can't wait to see it! The other 2 books are soon to follow ! Praise the Lord !


The Game of Life VBS book is being published in the next few weeks ! Also I am very humbled to get this promoted at the International Christian Retailers Tradeshow in Cleveland this spring! Please be in prayer that God is glorified and many young and old come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through this book. This is a project I have worked on for over 2 years now!


Our 3rd chapters skit. The operating room ! Salvation of a soul ! Hope to have our VBS book out in April !


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Here's the revised book cover for our 3rd book. Hope to have it out in April ! The back cover has a picture of Jayson Tulabot Filipino Missionary and myself. There has been a summary of the book on the back page which is going to be added in. Please pray! We have been in a battle over getting this book out !


This is chapter 4 called"Laying up Treasures" Where are your treasures ? Here or in Heaven ?


Ironclad Clay Part 1
Ironclad Clay Part 2



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