Duck Creek Pastures

Duck Creek Pastures


Meet our 4-week old full blooded Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP). We are in the process of getting them registered with the IPP registry and will have these ready for new homes as breeders by January 30.

The Idaho Pasture Pig (IPP) is a newer breed of pig that is composed of the Duroc, Old Berkshire, and the Kunekune pig. These are true “grazing” pigs and are very gentle in nature, have great personalities, are easy to work with, are great mothers, are able to live outdoors all year round, and can grow extremely well with a diet of primarily grass.

Their meat is what makes them most desirable in filling your freezer and landing on your family platter for supper. The meat is marbled and much, much darker than the “other white meat” that has shamefully been marketed over the last few decades. Such a scheme created an inferior meat product compared to how real pork is to taste. If you are blessed with memories of eating a pork chop supper with soppy (fancier folks call it red eyed gravy) and biscuits, then this meat is for you. If you don’t have such a treasure of memories then perhaps it is time.

We are anxious to be able to provide our local community with quality stock for providing their own sustainable living. If empty shelves and constant price increases at the grocery store have you realizing that feeding your family is now up to you, give us a call today. Farming is truly an American dream come true. Hard work means living and eating well.
Duck Creek Pastures Mouse Creek Farm - MCF

Farm Hard…Live Well …right, Mer? Meredith Bernard - This Farm Wife
Duck Creek Pastures is giving away a pair of Idaho pasture pigs! Check out their page and enter! (Got to live in the lower 48)
Duck Creek Pastures
Lucky says Hi 🥰

Lucky was bred by Duck Creek Pastures and joined us here at Three Daughters Farm a few weeks ago. Took a little while but pretty sure I finally won her over.

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Happy to see you people on YouTube. IPP program sounds like a good organization for pig breeders. The IPP hogs are by far the most friendly pigs I have ever seen.
1500 miles and 2 days later, we are finally home. The new boys and girls are settling in nicely in their new pasture.

IPP breeders are full of fantastic folks. We couldn't be more blessed and grateful to be a part of this wonderful community.

Thank you for the beautiful pigs, for the hospitality, and the amazing conversations.
Peaceful Pastures Farm
The Shrewsberrys
Spotted Pig Farm
Duck Creek Pastures
Rosewoods Farms
That Little Farm in the Country

It was amazing meeting all of you!

#idahopasturepigs #IPP
Got a chance this weekend to visit several IPP breeders during our road trip to pick up some new lines. Here's me hanging out at Duck Creek Pastures. Apparently pigs in the house is an exception, not the norm.

Yeah Mitch... I totally believe you. 😂

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Say hello to our new boar Benedict! Between him and our other boar Pants and our six sows we will be able to make breeding pairs with our stock this spring. This guy is such a handsome fella, we think we may need to mow down his quarantine paddock a bit just so we can show him off more! Thank you Duck Creek Pastures for bringing this handsome guy all the way here from Wisconsin!
In the replacement gilt line up we have.
Rain - Rainier Heritage Farm
Gouda- Cayla Aski Duck Creek Pastures
Mirasol and Serrano - MCF Pepper line.
We wish we had gotten more pictures during, the event but it was so nice to just spend that time visiting with other growers. The first annual IPPBA show and expo is in the books! And while we didn’t want to drive a pig the 18 hours to show we were honored to have bred and selected the 1st place breeder boar, raised by Feral Fields and shown by Duck Creek Pastures !

At Duck Creek Pastures, we care deeply about our health, food, animals, and planet. We're passionate about regenerating the land and providing nutrient-dense, REAL food for our family and yours.

Our high-quality Idaho Pasture Pigs are available for purchase. Please visit our website for more information.

Operating as usual

Farm-Fresh Delivery Now In Your Area 03/26/2022

Farm-Fresh Delivery Now In Your Area

Now offering local home delivery via MarketWagon Madison🚚

Check out our pastured pork offerings at:

More products will be added this week🥓🍖

Visit to learn more about us, our IPPs, & our regenerative farming practices🌱
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Farm-Fresh Delivery Now In Your Area Market Wagon makes the farm-to-table lifestyle easy and accessible. No complicated sign-up fees. No commitments. Just healthy, nutritious food from farmers in your community.



Hope you’re having a great day!❤️

It's been a crazy busy last few weeks on the farm, lots to update you guys about; new wholesale pork pricing, new pork delivery options, upcoming pork restock, new pork offerings, new herd members & more!🥓🐽

I’ll catch you up soon via our FIRST ever newsletter, so be on the lookout for that! Not subscribed to our email list? Visit to get signed up!
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Just a piglet saying, “hi!”🥰

Socializing piglets is the hardest part of the job😉

Photos from Duck Creek Pastures's post 03/17/2022

Headed to Texas🐽🚚❤️
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Photos from Duck Creek Pastures's post 03/13/2022

Pork shares are now available for reservation!🥓

Our next available #pasturedpork harvest is just a few weeks away! We won't have bulk pork to offer again until Fall 2022, so make sure to reserve yours today!

How it works👉

USDA inspected harvest is scheduled for 4/19 at The Meat Market in Baraboo, WI.

On-farm pick-up & in-state shipping is available. Nationwide delivery coming soon!📦

Check out to learn more about us!🌱🐷
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George x Sparkle❤️

Litter Announcement🐷

Trojan (George) x Flopsy (Sparkle)


George x Black Gold😍

Litter Announcement🐷

Trojan (George) x Krista (Black Gold)



We need to allow children to develop their biophilia, their love for the living world, before we ask them to academically learn about nature and become guardians of it.

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📸 @chad_argyle



A frosty morning on the farm😍

Photos from Duck Creek Pastures's post 03/07/2022

Happy Monday!!

We woke up to a winter wonderland❄️

The first picture was taken on Saturday, second is today, and here I was thinking it was spring, NOPE, its definitely still winter🤦‍♀️

The kiddos are PUMPED to have a snow day, Mitch and I not so much😆; we have lots of plowing to do and somehow have to get our feeder paddock & trailer unburied in order to get them loaded and off to the processor; If we're successful, we’ll have IPP pork restocked soon🥓
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Happy #nationalpigday 🐽❤️
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Happy Friday!!

A-frame down! When things get wrecked around here, one of our mature herd sires is usually to blame🤦‍♀️, but not this time; the three very pregnant ladies in this paddock are getting BIG; they popped this hut like a Pillsbury biscuit tube🤣

PIGLETS ARE COMING SOON! We’re expecting 22 litters March-May, that's a 340% increase in production from our previous farrowings; dang!!! Guess I better catch up on sleep now because I'm not going to sleep much this spring😆

I hope you have a wonderful weekend❤️
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#farmer Mitch; making chores interesting since 2014😆💞

We enjoyed the nice weather yesterday and checked off a lot from our never-ending to-do list. We even found time to go ice fishing at the pond for a bit🎣

Our last round of piglets are dewormed, ear-tagged, weighed, documented, castrated, and moved into a new paddock to be electric fence trained. They’ll have their Veterinary inspections this week in preparation for going to their new homes in WY, OR, TX & NH🐷

We also limed and added a few more huts to our temporary farrowing paddock because we’re expecting spring litters to start arriving in only a few short weeks😁

How was your weekend? Did you get any projects checked off your to-do list?📝
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Bananas are our go-to treat for bonding with new arrivals and socializing piglets🍌

#idahopasturepigs are known for being affectionate and gentle; we love this breed❤️
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👩👧👶 + 🐷 = ❤️

👩👧👶 + 🐷 = ❤️
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HANGRY piggies!! 🍽️😆
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Piggy Rodeo🤠

Six reasons why we #rotationallygraze our #idahopasturepigs:

1. Improved Management🐷
Pigs rotated to new pastures in a low-stress manner are easier to manage. When the forage in the original pasture is consumed, we open the fence into the next paddock, and our piggos effortlessly move to the newly offered pasture.

2. Less Wasting of Forage🌱
Less time spent on a single paddock reduces trampling & excretions on formerly edible plants (also decreasing pathogens and parasites).

3. Increased Forage Production🍀
By minimizing the continuous consumption of an individual plant, the plant’s leaves are left intact to collect sunlight for further regrowth.

4. Control Less Desirable Plants🌿
By controlling paddock size, our piggos are encouraged to graze the plants in that location. This forces them to eat down nutritious plants they would typically ignore.

5. Increased Soil Fertility🌱
Distributes their manure all over the pasture and not just by the water tank & feed trough. Plants are given time to recover and put down roots, which increases organic matter.

6. Reduced Soil Compaction🐷
Less time on one site with fewer paths formed to allow the soil to absorb water better and encourage root growth.
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Premier 1 Supplies


A special thank you to Colleen from That Little Farm in the Country for sending the cutest #valentinesday cards & stickers for our girls to give out to their classmates💞They loved them!!

The cards say, “Happy Valen-swine Day” & “Have an Egg-cellent Valentine's Day”-how cute is that?!

Check out, and make sure to join her mailing list for an occasional email about her farm and available merchandise, as well as sales and discounts!

I hope you're having a wonderful Valentine's Day❤️
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💞Happy Valentine's Day!💞
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Photos from Duck Creek Pastures's post 02/13/2022

This handsome fellow is Romeo, our Snickers x Grace boar from Drunken Arrow Farm in WA.

We absolutely adore him❤️ He’s such a lover; he’ll loudly complain if he doesn't get his daily belly scratches and is always cracking us up with his silly personality!

He's also an excellent example of the breed; we’re looking forward to seeing his offspring this year!! So far, we have him paired up with our Chris and Destiny line gilts🐷


#duckcreekpastures #drunkenarrowfarm #idahopasturepigs #MeetTheHerd #familyfarm


“The soil is the great connector of lives, the source, and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life. Without proper care for it, we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life.”

— Wendell Berry

Repost# @marketplacebranding's @crystal_buckey
"The Regenerative Rancher: A Food Story" w/ @gtjudy4099

Photos from Duck Creek Pastures's post 02/09/2022

Our next round of litters start arriving in March!

Check out Nala & Ariel’s cute baby bumps😍💓

Our waitlist for registered breeders is almost full for 2022; only a few spots are left for fall litters!

If you're looking for feeders, please get in touch with us for availability🐷

Professional, nationwide transport available🚚
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Photos from Duck Creek Pastures's post 02/08/2022

Well, the #groundhog saw its shadow last week; #spring will be here before we know it, so it's time for us to get serious about planning this year's forage for all that call our pasture home🐷🐝🐓🦌🦜🦋🐐🐇

More than just a piece of land with grass for animals to graze on, our pasture is an orchestra of elements all working together in harmony to produce the most nutritional forage day after day, year after year🌱

One of those elements includes legumes which differ from grasses in several ways. Legumes usually have small, broad compound leaves, while grasses produce long slender leaves. Most legumes also develop tap roots that allow them to obtain moisture from deep within the soil. This helps them and the forage surrounding them, to survive prolonged periods of drought🍀

For animal grazing, legumes are essential because they offer rich amounts of digestible protein, calcium, and minerals. When mixed with grasses, the nutritional contribution of legumes dramatically improves the quality of our pasture🌱

Legumes also have another unique attribute. Thanks to special microorganisms called rhizobia that live in the root nodules, legumes are able to fix atmospheric nitrogen. Basically, legumes make their own fertilizer. This nitrogen-fixing ability allows us to eliminate the need for off-farm fertilizers🍀

Although much of this nitrogen is consumed by our #idahopasturepigs, it gets recycled back into the soil through their urine and manure, closing the nutrient loop🌱

One of the best ways to establish legumes is by frost seeding, which is simply broadcasting legume seed on existing grass pastures in late winter or very early spring when the ground is going through freeze-thaw cycles. This causes a 'honey-combing' of the soil surface, which helps to improve seed-to-soil contact🍀

Hurry up spring, LET’S DO THIS💪
#duckcreekpastures #regenerativeagriculture #pastureraised #farmher #pasturedpork

Netting: Premier 1 Supplies

Photos from Kerfluffle Fiber Farm's post 02/03/2022

Oh my goodness😍 #idahopasturepig totes coming soon from Kerfluffle Fiber Farm🐷


It's a great life❤️

It's a great life❤️

Our kiddos have been training their goaties to walk nicely on the leash, and our littlest farmer figured out on accident that his goat can give rides😆
#duckcreekpastures #farmlife #farmkids #goats #wisconsin #winter #reels #blessed #farmher #farmer #futurefarmersofamerica


Winter Heatwave💃

This winter heatwave has us doing a happy dance!!!

#duckcreekpastures #winter #idahopasturepigs #wisconsin #farmlife #reels #pigs

Photos from Duck Creek Pastures's post 01/27/2022

New Piggo Intro💖

Meet, Barbie, our George x Snowflake #idahopasturepig gilt from TX🐷

She's beautiful & as sweet as can be!

We planned to name her Rose, but once we met her, Barbie seemed to fit better; thank you to those that gave us name ideas!


Thank you, Teresa Berendowsky, for going above and beyond to make this work; we greatly appreciate you!!!!
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Just a piglet saying, “hi!”🥰
George x Sparkle❤️
George x Black Gold😍
👩👧👶 + 🐷 = ❤️



Ecologically pasture-raised pork, chevon, and eggs. (Certified organic-fed and corn/soy-free)


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