Shale Hollow Farmstead

Shale Hollow Farmstead


If you haven't followed on insta, I hope you will! I'm not often over here, and there's lots going on!

Baby goat snuggle sessions are scheduling now, hope we'll see you! to schedule. 💜
So many folks have asked to come and cuddle the baby goats. While I'd LOVE to allow everyone to do so, we do have expenses with them, so we've made the decision to compromise a bit. will allow you and 3 others to have your own baby goat snuggle session! Times are limited for the sake of Mama and babies.
Two tiny girls arrived safely yesterday. There are lots more pictures and videos over on our Instagram page!
Eggs available for delivery this week! Please DM with interest. (Local only....)
Got a fabulous smelling box today in the mail!
How do we order? Do you have a website?
This is great! You go girl!!!

No "store," thus no store hours. If you're local or are going to be in the area and want to schedule


Need a dinner idea? Here's a favorite... buttered egg noodles and a slow cooker pork roast with bbq and onions added at the beginning. So simple, and so delicious and filling!


It is just about the end of the season of growing, gathering and hunting... and I'm ready. My soul is weary, and my heart longs for the quieter nights by the wood stove, with this trusty old girl.

and I commented about antique versus modern wheels in conversation recently, and it made me think. There are a good many things where I prefer the modern version (gas stove in summer versus a wood stove and "instant" hot water for example), but so many times I find myself reaching for the vintage tools, or the older resources for things.

Do you have a preference? Do you find yourself drawn to modern or antique tools and methods? ⬇️


I am more grateful than you can know to be able to put these little stickers on orders that are shipping out.

It's safe to say that 10 years ago when we first had chickens given to us, I never expected to be "here," living a homestead life, doing the things we're doing and running a small business.

Nor did I expect to have such a cool community of like-minded people on social media!

As I said to someone yesterday, I really don't think we'd be in the space we are without gratitude. That even when we're sad, we learn to appreciate what we have, so please know this "thank you" comes from the bottom of my heart. 💜


Wishing you the type of day that fills your soul and brings you joy, whatever that may look like. 💜


This perfectly little imperfect spot.... 💜


The process of helping your kids learn to cook isn't always a fun one. Sometimes, you end up teaching them that takeout isn't the end of the world... being so frustrated that you're in tears is worse.

And then sometimes, in the end, it pays off. This is the payoff. (I'm bummed that I don't have a pic of the other kid's concoction from this week, because while simple, it was DELISH).

Basically... this is your reminder to let them mess up your kitchen, make mistakes, cook too little to feed your crew, or too much, to burn things, to have to recook things to finish them.... help them do the things.

It isn't always easy, but it's so worth it. 💜


I don't take knitting commissions as a rule, because it sucks the fun out of it for me. But occasionally, a project comes along that intrigues you enough to agree to.

This should end up being a historically inspired woolen cap for a friend who's looking forward to doing more re-enacting.

I'm glad to start having snippets of time to sit with the needles again.


Despite not making it out for archery season this year (not entirely by choice), the deer have offered quite a show. I enjoy hunting with my camera as much as I do any other method.... and it allows me to learn more about them, too.

This beauty bedded just a few yards from our window. When I stepped out to milk and feed the goats, she stood, but watched for quite some time, until Lavender gave her some sort of look... then she hopped off.


Why these tubes, and these ingredients?

Because the tubes have a lesser impact than the plastic ones, and I felt a little better about using them (it's also why most of the lotions are in glass, but more on that layer).

The oils and butters chosen are because we have so many random allergies in our house, that I wanted to choose my products based on both quality (most of my oils are organic) and a lesser likely good of reactivity.

In these, there's no coconut oil, the beeswax comes from our bees, the cocoa butter is organic (and I just love how it smells). Now I've got 2 sizes, too!

It's what we can do to lessen that supply chain, while making a product that more people can use. Randomly, it's also gluten free. I wouldn't have given that a thought, except that the flavor oils mentioned it.

Is there an ingredient that you try to avoid when you're buying or using certain products? 👇👇


It's no secret that by the end of September, I'm mentally kind of over the garden.

I've ignored it, other than looking at the flowers that are STILL blooming in November, for several weeks.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that the beans that I planted REALLY late have actually done super well! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Guess I'm picking beans today! 😂 Do you have anything in your garden, or plant a winter garden? ⬇️⬇️


Do you know how to make (and use) these 2 knots? 👇👇 If not, that's ok! Until a couple years ago, I didn't either. I'll help soon, but I'd love to hear your comments first.

Besides an overhand knot, I think the taut line and two half hitches are my most used, both on the homestead and backpacking.

Photos from Shale Hollow Farmstead's post 11/09/2022

It's been a bit since I've introduced the here goes!

🐐Annie - one of the OG Shale Hollow goats, and the reason that all future SH goats will not have horns.
Loves napping next to me, isn't as nice to other humans, and is fiercely protective of her littles. Proving to be a good milker!

🐐Lavender - the newest addition, registered and with pretty great dairy qualities, but more than likely, our new herd queen as well. Takes no 💩 but is gentle about it.

🐐 Zinnia- snuggler extraordinaire, she loves to be in your lap or nearby, and is going to be upset if you aren't skritching her.

🐐Violet- born just 2 pounds and backwards, she has caught up quickly and loves to challenge the others.

🐱Smudge - lives with the goats, and doesn't take their nonsense... unless she's waiting for her milk. Hoping she'll be a good mouser!

🐈Daniel Kitty - the only cat I've ever met who LIKES car rides. Especially in winter, he'll invite himself into the car to warm his paws. Daniel lives at the horse barn.

🐴Last, but far from least, Tuesday. Kill pen rescue, he's had a rough go, but hope ours is his last home, and that it's a soft spot for him to have landed. Sweetest horse you'll meet, but don't be surprised if he doesn't show it right away.

🐶Sasha - another rescue, though we aren't clear on who rescued who here... 13ish year old pitty who loves EVERY human, unless you mess with hers. Then, look out. Barks at cats, is less than impressed with house goats, and is afraid of chickens. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

That's our menagerie. Which one speaks to you the most? 💜


This is the next spot where you'll be able to try some of our goodies! Hopefully we'll have even more testers for you to try, but there's one scent that definitely seems to be the most popular!


Check out this guy who followed me home from the craft fair yesterday... he's a Gonk, and needs a name.

They're rumored to have roots to Norway in the 1600's, and folks would leave porridge for them during the Winter Solstice.

He's also going to help me decorate my booth for the holidays, I think.


Some bright and pretty color for your feed. The dahlias are going strong, despite at least 3 nights of frost and a light freeze.

Kind of like a homesteader. Despite the "frosts" and "freezes" that slow us down or stunt our growth, we keep going.

We keep growing. Maybe it's in a different direction than expected, or more slowly than we hoped, but we adapt. We're strong. And we're one helluva community.

I'm honored to know each of you. 💜 To have the conversations, whether you're a homesteader, a tie dye artist, a fiber artist, a skilled watercolorist, a firefighter, or whatever other hat you feel fits you best.... thanks for being part of this community. 💜


There's beauty in the raindrops... but it's nice to see the sun for a bit! Life has phases, and aren't they weird sometimes? We're in one now that isn't completely expected, but I find myself kind of digging it. Except the busy, I'm not as crazy about that part.

What phase of life are you in right now? 👇👇


It's been a bit since I introduced "hi!" I'm grateful that you're here.

Not ever quite sure what to say here, so I'll go with:
💟 Can't stay clean to safe my life
💜Usually forget my apron and overalls
♒️ Love my family
💟Crazy goat lady/horse lady/ fiber enthusiast
💜Stubborn (maybe to a fault)
♒️ Tries not to be snarky, usually fails
💜Spiritual, but not religious
♒️Gets mad fast with political talk
💟Doesn't handle stupid particularly well.

Some of the other stuff goes without saying... coffee, fiercely loyal (maybe also to a fault), inattentive ADHD, mental health advocate and learning to be a hugger. 🤷🏼‍♀️

What do we have in common?


This is Doc. Thanks to .willow.homestead he will [hopefully] be our herd site this year, and he takes his job VERY seriously. 😂

Thankfully, he's also a gentleman to the humans, and was very quick to catch on to the routine here.

Now, to make sure the little girls stay away from him... if you missed it in my stories on Tuesday, Miss Violet wanted SO BADLY to go on a date that she lost her voice! Alas, she's too little, and needs to wait a few months.


Today was "meatball day." I am exceedingly glad for their sacrifice, and for the harvest, but am also exceedingly glad to clean that stuff up for the year, too.

Processing might take me the next several.... but keep an eye for my next reel for the saddest, cutest little sound ever from something soft and fluffy.


It's soup season, finally! Thanks to and her soup features last month, I've been craving it for a while, but mentally couldn't make them till October. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Ham and bean might be my favorite, but there's so many good ones. Cheddar broccoli.... all of them. What's your favorite? 👇👇


Fall garden prep- how do you do it?

This year, I'm covering the "raised" bed rows in leaves, hoping to keep the chickweed growth to a minimum. The stuff creeps everywhere! I'll also work on adding thick cardboard and mulch to the in-between for the same reason, and I hope to add a few more of these slab beds, in an effort to slow the erosion that inevitably happens.


Photos from Shale Hollow Farmstead's post 10/21/2022

Goat snuggles! While the babies aren't as small, they're still really snuggly most of the time, and they love greeting guests. 💜


Lavender's official introduction! This gorgeous girl came to us from - where she was so loved. She's a huge boon to our dairy (and therefore breeding) program, having earned several awards and scoring well on her ADGA linear appraisal.

She also goes absolutely bonkers for peanut butter. 😂 She's finding her place in the herd, and has the absolute sweetest, most laid back personality, and I'm so excited to see what she does as she settles in to the routines here. 💜

So glad for this opportunity, and the learning she brings with her!

Photos from Shale Hollow Farmstead's post 10/20/2022

Lavender's first full day with us. She's eating and drinking well (was concerned because she didn't drink during the trip), and is working to determine her place in the herd.

Looking forward to getting a good routine down over the next couple weeks.


Does it even need a caption? Wasn't going to post so soon after the garden summary, but....

(More in stories for how Lavender is settling in!)



Appalachia. The original reason for this trip, and a beautiful, seemingly endless space. It feels right to be appreciating the gorgeous views as we finish the drive.


One of the next places we'll be out and about... come to grab some of your holiday gift needs... hoping to have some sets for quick gifting!


It's hard to describe what this really looked like yesterday, but the fog in the valleys of West Virginia was so thick as it got light (we left before dawn) that it was like driving under a lake or driving right into the ocean.


Photos from Shale Hollow Farmstead's post 10/14/2022

The next chapter of the seed drive was one I never expected. and I will be DELIVERING all 178 pounds of seeds to Kentucky this weekend, and then continuing on for some shenanigans with !!

I won't speak for Emily, but I'm grateful that my people can still be here and run the homestead. I'm also grateful that Annie is still nursing the babies, as it makes the crew's job a little easier.

Y'all rocked this thing. I commented to someone that I'd have hoped to fill a large flat rate box with seeds... y'all far exceeded that!

Keep an eye on IG stories to see what we do this weekend... in a Prius no less. (Don't knock it till you've tried it, the mileage is killer!)


Do sunsets really need words? Glad they don't, because I just couldn't find a quote that suited. There's something kind of magical about them, though. Do you prefer sunrise or sunset? Why?

Photos from Shale Hollow Farmstead's post 10/12/2022

Loving how these turned out.... I'm not particularly creative with my swirls, but sure do enjoy it!

All-natural goat milk soap with as many local ingredients as possible. 💜


Have you ever spent time getting familiar with your property in the dark? Things look so different!

It felt a little bit like cheating, but was fun to pick out some things that I hadn't looked at (in the dark) for a little while. Being familiar with things in all weather is a great way to be ready for emergencies, too.


While cutting firewood this weekend (ok, I was stacking, hubs was cutting), I kept finding pretty little fungi...


Turkey tail... Trametes versicolor. One of the most plentiful fungi here... and one of my favorite as support for a variety of things.

These are all I harvested from a big patch though. PLEASE remember that with any wild crafting ... it's important to harvest a small portion of what you see.

And, do your research. There's a look alike, and in this case it's not likely to cause harm, but... I'd rather not risk it?

Sorry - this is as close as I get with the turkeys right now! 😂


Friendly PSA- clean your chimney before lighting that first fire of the season. Please.

Got a half bucket of "crud" from this one... not as much from the other, but.... ew.


Don't let anyone fool you. She may be a land manatee, but mama isn't going to mess around when there are leaves to be had.

Photos from Shale Hollow Farmstead's post 10/05/2022

Pretty things around the homestead today... needed that.


This is one of the most popular scents....made with essential oils versus fragrance oils, locally sourced tallow, and our own goat milk.

Photos from Shale Hollow Farmstead's post 10/02/2022

The dahlias are still gifting us bursts of color! It'll soon be time to dig them up, but I actually remembered to label the plants this year!

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