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I have been a Pro DJ for 30 years now.I remember starting out using cassette tapes.I then went to CD

Professional DJ service for weddings,receptions,dances,parties, fund raisers and all occasions.

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 11/01/2022

Tim & Bridgette Stubbs Wedding on Sept.17,2022.Some very special friends of mine were there too.Thanks to the nupitals and especially Robert King and Jess Ames! Love you guys.I had an awesome time.I'm sorry about the late posts.I could of sworn I already did.My bad guess.14 weddings this year! Enjoy the pics and memories.

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 10/26/2022

McCluskey - Cuskelly wedding in Eddington on October 22,2022.Congrats and thanks so much for allowing me to DJ for you.What a setting! :)

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 07/25/2022

DECKER-HERRERA WEDDING - July 23,2022 Had a blast DJing,even on a 90 degree sunny day.These great people were all from California and Arizona.The Deckers have moved to Corinna in a beautiful house and setting.They were all so nice to me,fed me, and we rocked out with the music.I am so blessed to get to meet new people and be able to bless them with a great time of celebration.Thank you Mike and Carla.God bless your marriage and family! Very memorable!

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 06/03/2022

DJ'd a wedding for a great young man Brad Wyman and his lovely bride Deborah Ellis.I was best of friends with his Dad, Mark Wyman in our teen years before he suddenly passed.I also know his lovely mom Vicki Easler.This is about the 4th or 5th DJ gig with the Wymans involved,lol.Love them all!! Thanks again Brad for having the privilege of DJing for you and your wonderful bride.


Gearing up for the wedding season.This is my 30th year of DJing!! Love it. :)

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 11/01/2021

October 30,2021 - DJ'd a Great Halloween Party at the Broken Putter @ JW Parks Sat night.Thanks to the Dugas family for a great and fun time.Hulkamania was running wild brother!! Even the Macho Man showed up. 🙂 Eric Dugas Gavin Dugas

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 10/25/2021

October 16,2021. Did a fundraiser for Community Fitness in Guilford.Great to hook up some old friends too.I worked out there for 8 years,taught school there for 5 years and met some awesome people.A lot of blood,sweat,tears and great memories! 🙂

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 10/25/2021

Jewett-Myers wedding October 23,2021. @ William Allen Farms in Pownal, Maine. Had one of the best times ever this weekend DJing for my past students and colleagues.Plus,some old friends from my little town of Dexter.Thanks for the great time Lucas and Kate (Myers) Jewett.
May God bless your marriage always! Love you guys!

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 10/06/2021

Gray - Weyandt Wedding October 2,2021. Great time DJing again with some really nice people.Man we had fun.Congrats to Chris and Amber and thank you so much for hiring me as your DJ.Thanks for the wonderful tip too.You guys rock!!

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 09/13/2021

Cousins-Kinney Wedding Sept. 11,2021. Incredible wedding in Dexter that I got to DJ at.Best feast I have ever had at a wedding! Thank you Wayne Cousins and Karen "Kinney" Cousins for a great time.Ran into some old friends like Buck Charles and Tracy and Cindy Bragg! What a GREAT TIME!! Wayne gave me a huge tip and took home some lobster,pork,shrimp,corn,etc.. He was so generous.You are the man Wayne.

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 09/09/2021

Walz - West Wedding - September 4,2021- Another great wedding at Ever After in Norridgewock,Me.Thanks so much to Zander and Ashley for a really fun time.72 degrees and sunny.Couldn't ask for a better day.

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Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service updated their website address.

Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service updated their website address.

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 08/27/2021

Gagnon/Stade Wedding -Aug. 21,2021.Located at Nicatous Lodge up North in the woods of Burlington,Maine.Beautiful night with some really awesome people.Love meeting new people.I stayed overnight in my van and it was so nice.I could hear the waves hitting the shore and slept like a baby.Thanks Joe and Dianne! The best man was awesome.He was a former DJ too! Thanks Griffin Couture! What a party! :)

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 08/22/2021

Annis - Larrabee Wedding! August 15,2021. Second wedding this weekend.Dog tired after this.Great time though! Got to hang out with my former sister in law Lisa and nephew Dylan.

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 08/22/2021

Hanson - Knight Wedding in Monson on August 14,2021.Great to see some old friends there too.Great couple and family.Thanks Brian and Farren!!

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 08/05/2021

Gerow - Shane Wedding on July 31,2021 at Streamside Events in Levant.Great new place along with awesome people.Thanks to Gary and Samantha for an awesome time.I am so blessed by God with my side job. 🙂

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 07/31/2021

Smith - Henckel Wedding July 24,2021 Awesome time and at a golf course too! Yee Hah! Had them dancing all night!! :)

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 07/20/2021

Monson Street Dance! Thanks to Delores Chipman-Adams for organizing the first Street Dance.Had a small attendance but should grow each year.I loved watching the kids and the big kid,"Jimmy Crockett" dancing.Thanks again to Delores,you are the best and someone who takes pride on her town with action!!

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 07/04/2021

June 26,2021 -DUGREE-BLUMENTHAL wedding and reception up at Parlin Lake Lodge beyond the Forks.Beautiful Country! Love meeting new people and rocking the crowd!! :)

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 06/16/2021

GOODWIN - LEE WEDDING : Thanks so much to the bride and groom for blessing me with getting to DJ their wedding and reception.First of many gigs for the year for me.Everyone was so nice and hospitable.Winn Lee,who is the bride's grandfather provided the property and it was a beautiful setting.God bless Trevor and Lacey Goodwin and pray for many years of marriage!!

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 09/28/2020

Meservey - Gorrior Wedding - Thanks so much to two wonderful people who make you feel like you are part of their family. Also,got to be with an old schoolmate Charles Erickson of whom I hadn't talked to since High School.He was a guest and neighbor to the Meserveys.Thanks so much Rich and Anita.Also got see my cousin Barbara Murray McIntyre who I haven't seen for at least 8 years or so.

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 09/17/2020

Thornton - Joy Wedding September 12,2020 Thanks so much to the Thorntons for such a good time.Their guests were so polite and fun! God bless you both!

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 09/17/2020

Finley - Richard Wedding August 29,2020 Awesome wedding up at Wyman Lake in Moscow.Fantastic scenery and wonderful people.I found out there that my old boss from the WIC program in Skowhegan was the mother of the groom! It was so awesome to see her again.I love my side job!

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 09/16/2020

Cormier - Grover Wedding August 22,2020 What a great time for my first wedding of the year! Thanks so much to the bride's Dad,Andy Grover,as I was able to DJ another wedding for your family.They were all so polite and respectful and we rocked East Corinth. Thanks to the Puddledock Gathering Post owners too! Very nice place to have a wedding!

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 11/19/2019

Abraham - Marcia Wedding
Great time in my home town with fantastic people.Mr Abraham personally thanked me for being such a great professional DJ.My parents always taught me to take pride in your work and I do.Thanks so much to the awesome couple and may God bless your marriage. :)

Patridge Wedding! 10/07/2019

Had some awesome weddings this year, but this was the absolute best wedding for me! First of all it was my BIRTHDAY! Secondly, as a Pro DJ and Drummer I got to DJ AND play the drums with the fabulous band Jakaras! Bob Partridge,who is a member of the band played for his son who was the groom.Congrats to Jason and Samantha Partridge for a crazy fun reception.Thank you so much for the great food,fun,friends and family in a celebratory time.The band table was the rowdiest and my wife and I had the privilege of joining them in dinner and rebellion,lol.Thanks to the band too!

Ward - Wing Wedding 09/18/2019

Another incredible wedding with some former students and athletes from Dexter and Guilford.Congrats Aaron and Kristlyn!! Just a beautiful Christian wedding with some awesome people.Love my side job!! !

Lane - Matthews Wedding 09/17/2019

Awesome time with some old friends and new ones.Love the new place in Corinth.Thanks so much to the Lanes!

Elvis Concert! 09/13/2019

Don Boudreau is the best Elvis ever! Wow,what a great night.My wife Barbara Gudroe and Morita Gray Seamans and I went to see "Elvis" Don Boudreau at Hawthorne Park last night.He started 10 min early and he played,danced and sung 2hr & 15 min straight without a break!! A couple of years ago we performed together and took turns performing,with me DJing and him being Elvis.Anyways,he spotted me and waved me over.His wife,who usually runs sound couldn't make it.He gave me a 3o second lesson on running sound and I got to do it for the whole concert! He was awesome as usual and it was the first time in 28 years I got asked to DJ.It was in the spur of the moment rather than playing the drums which has happened a lot of times,lol.Anyways,it was great to see you Don! You were awesome as usual! Elvis clearly helped forge rock n roll and I was in rock n roll heaven for a moment.I am now looking at some new updated equipment I could use.Big boys love big toys,lol.Hope to see you again next year my friend.Great job as usual! Thanks to Fred Norris for the pics! :)

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 09/11/2019

Congratulations to Jon and Kim Grant! Jon Grant played golf for me when I was a coach in Guilford 10+ years ago! Garrett Artman did too and he was in the wedding too! It was awesome and was so much fun.His wife is such a sweetheart! I am so blessed when I get to DJ for my past students and athletes.I get to do another one this Sunday.Whoo hoo!

Photos from Rokkin Rod's Pro DJ Service's post 08/23/2019

Turner-Plungy Wedding.Great time with some awesome people.Haven't been in the old Dexter Middle School for years.Sorry for the poor quality pics.Got to use my camera next time.Lighting wasn't good for the Ipad,lol.Congrats Chad and Brittany!!


Street dance tonight at the Pittsfield Fire Hall from 7-10pm.Hope to see you all!! I will be DJing.

Plummer - Stafford Wedding 6/1/2019 06/04/2019

Had so much fun at this wedding.I had Sierra in Guilford High School as a student.She turned out so great and I am proud of her.I have also known Dustin since he was small.He came from a wonderful family.Congrats to both of you and thanks for allowing me the privilege of DJing your wedding.God bless you both!! :)


I got 6 weddings already this year.If you know of anyone having a wedding and/or a party,let me know.Happy new Year friends!!

Emily Graves 30th New Year's birthday party. 01/02/2019

Emily was a New Year's baby and her mom Tammy Hubbard Mower and family put on a great party.I saw Brent Mower who I haven't seen for years when I remember he played for a great band back in the 70's called Illusion.Brent was a drummer like myself.It was so fun and thanks to the Mower family!

Knight - Lamson Wedding 10/23/2018

Knight - Lamson Wedding

Great time with some great people.Love the new look for Central Hall in Dover.I remember going there when I was a kid.

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Professional DJ service for weddings,receptions,dances,parties, fund raisers and all occasions.I started out with the love of music since I was small.I had a little snare drum that my mom got me with her S & H green stamps.She was always playing and singing twang Country music around the house with vinyl records.I finally got a cheap 2nd hand Sears drum set at 15 and began to practice by myself but I was a rocker and loved rock music like the Beatles,the Stones,Elvis,Led Zeppelin,Creedence Clearwater Revival,etc... In 1974 at age 18 I got in a band and my childhood dream began as I started playing at weddings,dances and parties.When I turned 24 our band kind of fizzled and I got married and went to college.My wife and I had 2 children and I was unable to play in bands anymore.In 1992 at age 36 I got asked by a local DJ and musician if I would like to train and work for him as a DJ.Since I am extroverted and and a lover of people,fun and especially music.I thought ,”I could do that”.A year later I ventured out on my own.I started getting more and more jobs and the rest is history.In 2005 I also started a Christian Rock band and we play at prisons,churches and fundraisers. That was 25 years ago and I don’t plan to ever quit DJing and playing in a band.I am a school teacher too,so I have a lot of contact with the community and I love it!Music is the universal language!

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