House Of Wheels, Inc.

House Of Wheels, Inc.


Thank you so much to Rick from House Of Wheels, Inc. for this amazing bike.
He fixes up these bikes to give to those who can't afford a new one. We know how much everyone appreciates them when they receive one.
If you can, you should go check them out they are located at
814 W. Main St, Owosso MI
We would first like to thank Rick from House Of Wheels, Inc. for donating several bikes today. We know the kids who receive them will be so blessed 😊
Today we also were able to give more families Christmas help because of donations that have been coming in.
So we want to thank the community for always being there for us and for always supporting what we do here at Angel’s Hands Community Outreach .
Below are some of the people who we were able to help ❤️
HUGE Thankyou to House Of Wheels, Inc. for always providing bikes for those in need in the community.
It's such a blessing!! The faces when they receive a bike is priceless and its all because of you all.

Please go to their page and give them a like and see what they have going on.
On Nov. 25, 2022, join us in for the Glow Owosso Parade and place a gift under our Town Tree for a local child in need.

Sometimes there are gaps in people’s lives, and Toys for Tots Shiawassee County helps local families in need fill in those gaps. Countless local volunteers work to ensure that December 25th is a magical morning for every child in our community, independent of circumstance.

100% volunteer led, they receive absolutely no compensation or reimbursement for their mission, and 100% of the financial donations go toward buying gifts for children. But their contribution does not end there; they also strive to spend as much of the donated money as locally as possible. These amazing volunteers and their golden hearts radiate so much joy to our community, and you can be a part of that too.

There are other convenient locations in Owosso to leave your gift at as well. Thank you to all of our local businesses who help support our community and the joy that comes with giving this holiday season!

-Advanced Drainage System: 770 S Chestnut
-Advance Auto Parts: 1020 E Main St
-Allied Motion: 201 S Delaney Rd
Apple Tree Lane: 207 N Washington
The Argus-Press: 201 E. Exchange
-Bj's Fine Foods: 1900 E M-21
Capital Sports Field House: 219 S Washington
-Cartronics/ Owosso Cellular: 1031 E. Main St
-Huntington Bank - Downtown Main: 100 E. Main St
-Crest Marine: 2710 S M-52
-D's Party Store (West Owosso): 220 Main St
DayStarr Communications: 307 N Ball
-Dollar General - Owosso: 344 W Main St
Owosso Eagles Club: 308 N Washington St
-Eastside Hometown Market Shell: 1788 E M-21
-Edward Jones -Minarik: 2246 E. Main St
-Edward Jones - Peter Keay: 115 Washington
-Edward Jones Investments: 720 S. Washington Ste2
-Edward Jones Investments: 100 N Washington
-Edward Jones Investments: 1486 N M-52
-Fairview Pet Center: 1451 S. M52
-Fifth Third Bank - Downtown: 123 N. Washington
-Flagg's Automotive: 6611 S M-52
-Game Stop: 1565 E Main St
-Gilberts Hardware and Appliance: 113 W. Main St
-Greg & Lous Family Dining: 1450 M-52
-Gst Michigan Works: 1975 W Main St
-House Of Wheels, Inc.: 814 W Main St
-H&R Block / Hemenway Business Service Inc: 602 W Main St
-Independent Newsgroup: 1907 W. M-21
-Itsa’ Bakery Thing: 309 N Washington
-Itsa Deli Thing: 202 W. Main St.
-J & S Firestone: 114 E. Exchange St
-Joe Lee's Crosswinds Café: 208 Airport Dr
-Kings Corner Store: 701 N Washington St
-Knights Of Columbus: 1259 E M-21
Korner Pub: 1017 W Main St
-Lafcu - West: 1720 W. Main St.
-Like Water Crossfit: 1484 N M-52
-Memorial Healthcare: 826 W. King
-Memorial - Cancer Center (New Building): 721 N M-52
-Midwest Bus Corp.: 1940 W. Stewart St
-NCG Cinema - Owosso
-Owosso Fire Dept: 202 S. Water St.
-Owosso Graphic Arts: 151 N. Delaney Rd.
Owosso Masonic Lodge #81: 301 N. Washington St
-Pfcu M-52: 1465 N. M52
-Pinecrest Animal Hospital: 1346 E Main St
-Planet Fitness Owosso: 1580 E Main St.
-Rainbow Bar: 905 W Main St
-Rugged Liner: 951 Aiken St
-Shiawassee Conservation Association: 4247 N M52
Shiawassee District Library: 502 W. Main St
-Shiawassee Resd Transport (Sata Locn): 180 N Delaney Rd
-The Sideline Owosso: 219 S Washington
-Signature Ford: 1960 E. Main St
-Sobaks Home Medical: 112 W. Exchange
-Southside Hometown Market Shell: 109 Corunna Ave
-Springrove Variety Owosso: 200 N. Washington
-Sonoco Protective Solutions: 123 N. Chipman
-Tsc: 1437 E. Main St.
-Walmart: 1621 E M-21
-Watkins Funeral Home (Formerly Jennings Lyons): 520 W Main St
-Wells Fargo Advisors: 201 N Washington St
-Westside Hometown Market Shell: 1119 W Main St
-Youngs Of Owosso: 1500 E Main St
-Young Gmc: 2010 E M-21
We recently stopped by House Of Wheels, Inc. for a trip down memory lane with Rick Morris and Bob Flynn. After 40 years of building trails out at Hopkins Lake, they explained how an old dump was transformed into some great trails.

“I was really little but I remember there was an old guy out at Hopkins Lake, he’d give us bikes from the junkyard. People would dump them out there and he would find them. He collected and sorted things at the dump.

After they closed the dump down, they dredged Hopkins Lake and dumped all of the silt and stuff on top of the dump area. After that, some motorcycle guys started riding out there and making trails.

It was probably the early 80’s when we started riding out there. We talked to John Archer at the City and asked if we could clean it up because now we had these fancy things called mountain bikes and we wanted a trail for riding. John said, “I can't see any problem with going out there”. So a bunch of us mountain biking guys just got to work and started building that up, making more and more trails.

We also cleaned up the stuff. You know, whenever a tree was down, we got it out of the way. We ended up with a lot of people who helped. We'd even blow the leaves off the trail so people wouldn't slip and fall as much.

We had Mountain bike races out there for a couple of years. You went and you did a certain route through the woods and came back, it was timed. Whoever did it the fastest, we gave a t-shirt or something.

We used to ride during the wintertime too, we would race on Sunday afternoons. We had some courses set up down in the swamp area that we rode on. It was fun. We had this one place we did flat-track racing. There was an old refrigerator and we put wood inside the refrigerator and lit it to keep warm.

All at once, people started discovering the trails. A lot of people started using them to run. And then, cross-country skiing took off out there in the wintertime.

We've had numerous people help. There's Bob Bartlett, he does most of our tree trimming now.

We had a guy from Wisconsin once. He had a relative in Laingsburg. He liked it out there so he asked if he could help. He made a cool reroute on one of the bigger hills. He spent his whole Thanksgiving vacation over there working on it.

Since COVID, there are so many people that just walk the trails. And Owosso Rocks, you find rocks everywhere.

It's cool because for 20 years, it was just us. “
Friday Sept 23. 7 pm RAINBOW. Flannel theme and maybe remember lights it's getting dark earlier now. If no lights stop into House Of Wheels, Inc. and get you some lights. Hope to see you out. PEDAL ON ****
YES!!! Today is the day. Please join the House Of Wheels, Inc. and Shiawassee Arts Center for some cool rides. refurbished Jeremy Druces mine now my son's Diamondback Race MTB. Main requirement: leave the House of Wheels sticker below the seat post.
June 4th State Championships Crystal Mtn. Gran Fondo
Reppin the House of Wheels, Internationally @ Dubreuilville, Ontario Canada!
Do y'all work on n have parts for old BMX bikes?
Thanks House Of Wheels, Inc. For having that little part that nobody has, again!! You guys are the best. Ride on!!
Someone shouldn't have a pen at an unnamed big box store 🤷‍♂️😎
Hat model ...
I'm just gonna leave this here. 😁
Ready for more local riding on mixed surfaces? Check out the Thursday evening hybrid road and trail riders group.

For more info contact Trevor Morris at The House of Wheels in Owosso.
House Of Wheels, Inc.
(989) 725-8373

“A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke.”

Dr. Scott Stoll

Bicycle sales and service and maybe some free air!!


4000 gets a surprise package…. Who will it be???


Don’t give Homer treats

He’s a well trained biscuit eating machine!


Have a week to filler u

Help if you can

Thank you


Toque Tuesday

Taco Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

All good adventures!!


Thanks Brent for the awesome customized 50th anniversary banner!

It’s great and thank you for your talents!


If you are shopping small today….. don’t forget those in need.

We are collecting for Toys for Tots till December 11th

Drop something off

Thank you for reading!


Enjoy the day and your people this thanksgiving.

This gal isn’t a Turkey but it is the right colours!

Now I need to find a good Turkey riding a bike pic………..


Cool Haro push bikes


Just getting ready for Santa duties!


Thanks Mike and Lynn for the awesome 50th trophy!!!


We are collecting for the Marine Corps Reserve……

Toys for Tots

Bring unwrapped gifts to add to
Our box

It’s for the kids you know!!!


3 more to Angels Hands Community Outreach

2 girls bikes
1 boys bike

The giving never ends at Angels


December 3rd at Sleepy Hollow State Park come enjoy everything fat bike!

You’ll be glad you did…..


Getting ready for Florida

Got you covered

Thanks for the biz…… much appreciated!!!


We have ebikes for hunters or those who want to get in the woods

We have mom and pop style for cruising the city streets and roads

Stop in for a test ride


Good luck and ride fast but safe at the annual Iceman!!!

Can’t wait to hear the stories and the weather looks great……


50th anniversary shirts and sweats in stock

Thank you for your support

Much appreciated


Get fat on a Beargrease

Cool stuff

Photos from House Of Wheels, Inc.'s post 10/01/2022

All you whitetail chasers we sell something to help you drag your harvest out of the woods …

We are a Rambo ebike dealer and repair facility and they just lowered prices October 1st!

Good luck out in the woods today and be safe


October 3rd we start closing at 5:30 till spring.

Just your friendly reminder!


Bring the family on bikes and enjoy downtown closed to vehicular traffic!

Win a bike!

Bicycle rodeo!

Test rides!

You know you want to ….so join us

See ya there!!!


Here’s another good ride to partake in if so inclined

Do it!!!


Congrats to Johns son Eli Tomac who now won the outdoor motor cross series!!

He won indoor and outdoor in the same year…..

Awesome accomplishment!!!


Spreading the bicycle love since October 1972!


Fat bikes are coming in for your winter riding season

Yes I know you ride them all year….but hey!


No chips and salsa……but we got a new chair!!!


John Hildebrant did this bike in my honor back in the day

It was all cleaned up and brought out to our bike fest a couple weeks ago

Even won a trophy!!!


We have a few good college bikes


E-Bikes in Michigan 08/22/2022

E-Bikes in Michigan

Here’s the official regulation for ebikes in Michigan.

There is an over abundance of them for sale on marketplace and elsewhere. Everyone wants a free ride all of a sudden.

It is nice to go farther than some folks can pedal on a regular bike!

Just a friendly reminder for the uninformed.

YouTube…. Ebike fires for entertainment purposes…..find out whose battery your ebike is using before you buy!

E-Bikes in Michigan Understanding electric bicycle laws and where you can and cannot ride them


50 years who would have thought?

We are celebrating by giving back in the form of $50 in free accessories till the end of the month!!!

Come and get your goodies.

Photos from House Of Wheels, Inc.'s post 08/16/2022


Owosso Bike Fest 2022 is in the books!!

There are to many people to thank for helping me out or just participating…

Main Beverage
Electra Bike Co
City of Owosso
Trevor and Molly Morris
Ken and Reech
Stacey Rick and George
My wife Pam

Friday night peddlers ride was fun and lasted till the wee hours and had many cool prizes for the participants!

Saturday was a brutal rail trail ride to Ovid for only the strong! Great food at the Main Bar was well received…

Sunday warmed up and it was slow to start but the swappers came to sell their goods and the shoppers came to get their best deal on rusty gold treasures!

We had a lot of newbies in the show and some even went away with our homemade trophies!

The Shiawassee Arts Council and the House of Wheels both are celebrating 50 years this year and we collaborated on a scavenger hunt bike ride that was fun for all!!! Plus everyone came back smarter on the history of Owosso…. Bike riding and reading…2 of the important “ R’s” in life

Thanks again for everyone who helped or took in the adventure we are all better for it!!!!


We grew more electric bikes this week!

Sorry I don’t rub it in like an election commercial but we’ve sold them since the 90’s!

Stop in for the usual House of Wheels love!


Come join us for a cool history gathering ride around Owosso!

Not a big long killer ride….just a cruise.

Prizes at the finish and a good time along the way……bring a friend


It’s our birthday and we have cake!!!

Get you some till it’s gone!!!

Happy birthday to us happy birthday to us!


We have a couple repairs to do!!!


Dad riding a hiwheeler back in 1974


The BMX department in 1980


They are all leaving China


Just this year

Or maybe the Chinese already own these other bike factories…….?


We have the greatest customers or all….. even the young ones!

I got a rock for a present!!!

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Be safe at nightBe seen at night!
This is just nuts....... enjoy the ride!



814 W Main Street
Owosso, MI

Opening Hours

Monday 9:30am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 9:30am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 9:30am - 5:30pm
Thursday 9:30am - 5:30pm
Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday 9:30am - 3pm

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