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¡¡¡Feliz Año 2023!!!

Nuestros mejores deseos para el nuevo año🥳🥳

¡¡¡Happy new year and best wishes for 2023!!!

Garrett - Advancing Motion TiAL Sport Vibrant Performance BorgWarner
Anticipating the cold weather for a few days calls for the Battery Tender to be hooked up😉

Cicio Performance MAD Sweden Injector Dynamics Battery Tender TiAL Sport ShepTrans Dodson Motorsport MandHtires.com M&H Racemaster Tires
Part one of our Camaro build series is up 😁🎥

Sorry for the very low quality video, I will invest in better camera gear and up my editing skills but I hope you wanna come along for the ride! 😎
*Turn on high quality when you watch to make it a kill’ better*

This twin turbo LS build is gonna be so much fun, we have a ton of stuff coming in from both Edelbrock Performance and Xona Rotor and we can’t wait to get started!

Watch and let me know what you wanna see more of during this build 😊

Ida Zetterström | Kim Hilander | COMP Cams | TiAL Sport
We had this gorgeous 2020 STi brought up from Oklahoma to get going in the right direction for FlexFuel.
While in there, we upgraded to a TOMEI ELH with a TiAL Sport EWG setup for more boost control.
Made sure to give the AEM Performance Electronics 340lph pump a 14v boost to kkep up with the demand.
While also making our own Modified by KC harness to monitor the Ethanol thru the Innovate Motorsports gauge & COBB Tuning AP at the same time
We also upgraded to the Extreme Turbo Systems 3.5" FMIC to assist with those high IAT's.
Contact us at 913-432-8468 or [email protected] for all of your Subaru performance & service needs in the Midwest.
🎥 : https://youtu.be/uvucdgmdXKA
5900 E. Connecticut Ave.
KCMO 64120
🌽 🌽
700+ Hp sitting in that little crate and lifted off the ute by hand 💪🏻.
The unicorn will finally get its new after all these years. Got a week to get it in and ready to go on display at the MIMICO Fielday’s stand.

NAPA Auto Parts NZ
Motorsport Plumbing Supplies NZ
Link ECU
SG Equipment Yale Forklifts NZ
RYCO 24.7
Green Brothers Racing Ltd
TiAL Sport
Flat Fox World Cup Finals highlight reel! 👀

This car exceeded our expectations and we cannot wait to see what we can accomplish next year 💪

Thanks to the Fathouse crew for making this all possible!

Billy Skinner Matt Kiernan Corbin Johnson Trevor Flora Jimmy Kirchner Ryan Pendygraft Ben Stoner Facebookless John

Also, huge thanks to all of the badass companies that were involved with this project!

Fast Forward Race Engines
Johnson Tuning
Motec Systems USA
FFP Customs
Menscer Motorsports LLC
Forced Performance Turbochargers
TiAL Sport
Injector Dynamics

Hey, Joe here! In this video, I get some parts back from coating. After I do a little work on those parts, I install them on Britney along with a bunch of other cool parts and we get a look at Britney's new splash of color!

Click the thingy in the comments!

Xona Rotor TiAL Sport Vibrant Performance Magnus Motorsports Fathouse Performance Forced Performance Turbochargers KK Finishing Co.

We don't advertise much because we've generally been so busy that we wouldn't be able to keep up with more work or cars on the lot. However, we keep hearing from people lately that they didn't even know we existed!!!

We'd love to fix that!
So, we thought we would put a post together displaying what we do, in hopes we could get it shared around for people to discover that we do in fact exist!

We've been around for roughly 7 years now, with awesome customers who have let us build some absolute monsters that roam the streets of Victoria.

If you like what we do, give us a like, and a follow!
Tell us what your favourite one of our builds has been!
And please, give us a SHARE so we can be seen by people like the ones who keep telling us that they didn't know we existed!

Services we provide:
- Full builds
- Engine/transmission/differential swaps
- Forced induction installs
- Intricate and complex wiring
- Aftermarket ECU installs and tuning (mostly Link ECU and other higher end standalone systems, but reach out with what you have)
- Fabrication - exhausts, charge piping and intakes, coolant reservoirs, catch cans, and more! (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium)
- CAD drawing for one-off parts
- CNC router service (will be operational in the new year)
- Performance parts sales and installs
- Preventative maintenance (fluid changes, track prep, etc.)
- General maintenance (brake jobs, vehicle check overs, etc.)

Some of the builds we've done...
-Supercharged Coyote swapped Porsche 928
-5.0L swapped into a Miata
-LS Swapped FD Rx7
-Supercharged LS swapped 350Z
-Fully built Evo 6
-Turbo converted Mini
-Single turbo converted Mitsubishi GTO
-Supercharged Nova
-RB30 R33 Skyline

All these builds are put together using high quality parts from companies in the industry that we know and trust:
Whipple Superchargers, Magnuson Superchargers, Garrett - Advancing Motion, BorgWarner Boosted, Turbosmart, Link ECU, K&N Filters, Full-Race Motorsports, Vibrant Performance, Lordco Parts Ltd., Mopac Auto Supply Ltd., Turn 14 Distribution, CPC - Manifolds & Machining, TiAL Sport, Mishimoto Automotive, Koyorad Cooling Systems, Inc., Injector Dynamics, Platinum Racing Products, Radium Engineering, Ford Performance, Chevrolet Performance, Magnaflow, Borla Performance, and the countless other brands and businesses that help us get these jobs done!

Thank you!
The Carmena Performance Team
What is taking so long for the website to come back? Has It been almost 2 years?
Flat Fox takes on World Cup Finals! 💪

Amazing weekend with killer weather, friends and horsepower!

Flat Fox has met or crushed every goal we had this year! From Drag Week, to 1.1x 60's and multiple 7 second passes!

Q1 we ran a soft tune up to make sure we qualified, ran a 7.8 @ 180, pass 2 and 3 where 60 foot hits that got aborted.

Q4 we cranked the boost up a bit and nailed a 7.67 @186!

Q5 more jams and a 7.47 @191!!!

E1 was all the boost the turbo would make! Ran a 7.3 @ 194 and took the win!

E2 vs the speed factory we shook the tires pretty hard and that was that!

Thanks to the Fathouse crew for making this all possible!

Billy Skinner Matt Kiernan Corbin Johnson Trevor Flora Jimmy Kirchner Ryan Pendygraft Ben Stoner Facebookless John

Also, huge thanks to all of the badass companies that were involved with this project!

Fast Forward Race Engines
Johnson Tuning
Motec Systems USA
Ryan Frazier / FFP Customs
Menscer Motorsports LLC
Robert Young / Forced Performance Turbochargers
TiAL Sport
Injector Dynamics

Full Video Coming Soon! 👀

TIAL MV-R Wastegate (44mm)❗️

As legendarias wastegate da TIAL são dos mais icônicos dispositivos no mundo dos turbos

-Liga NiCrFe de alta temperatura
-Desenho especifico para espaços reduzidos
-Acuador em alumínio anodizado em cor Roxa
-As válvulas MV-R tem opcionalmente tratamento cerâmico para altas temperaturas

Disponível no showroom e na loja online
TIAL MV-R P Wastegate (44mm) in stock

The legendary TiAL wastegate is one of the most iconic boost control devices in the turbocharging world

•High temp NiCrFe based alloy valve
•Ultra compact design fits in very tight spaces
•Color anodized aluminum actuator (Purple)
•The MV-R has an optional extreme high temp casting available for Motorsport applications

💻 www.atomic-shop.pt
✈️ Envios internacionais

📍 Rua Fonte de Carreira nr. 282, Adroana, Manique 2645-467 Alcabideche-Portugal
📱 +(351)914 272 216 / 707 507 544

⏰ Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00
Saturday-Sunday: off

TiAL Sport
Just wrapped up Erik’s EVO X, next stop Boostin Performance for its dyno tune!

Erik’s EVO X now features:
-Xona Rotor 9569S Turbo
-TiAL Sport 60mm wastegate
-Hochman Fab custom ceramic coated top mount hot parts kit
-Hochman Fab custom intercooler piping featuring Vibrant Performance HD clamps
-Hochman Fab custom tubular crash bar
-Hochman Fab custom intake

Have a project that could use our help this winter? Don’t delay, contact us today!

Hochman Fab custom hot parts kit for Erik’s EVO X looking 💎 after receiving our special ceramic coating treatment.

We built Erik this kit to accommodate his new Xona Rotor 9569S Turbo paired with a TiAL Sport 60mm wastegate.

TiAL Sport σκαστρα ανοιχτού τύπου για όλες τις εφαρμογές !

🚨🚨αυστηρά γνήσια προϊόντα της Tial Sport USA .

☑️TIAL Q BOV 50mm
☑️σε old time classic ασημι χρωμα 😎

Κάνετε online την παραγγελία σας ,



📍Vasileos Pavlou 59, Spata
📞 211 7505815

Sure do miss this ole girl... But, it's twin sister is in the works ...

Morrison Fabrications TiAL Sport GSC Power-Division Mishimoto Automotive Motegi Racing Kiggly Racing Manley Performance Products, Inc.
As a younger couple that went 100% all in after selling the house almost a year and a half ago, all of you that support this journey / subscribe to the YouTube are genuinely appreciated by Lady Gangster Racing and myself.

To the media companies that share the journey/help document the memories, Thankyou!

To the companies that help us out in any way, shape, form, y’all are special to us!

To the supporters that purchase merchandise, watch the videos, send out good vibes….you all make it easy for us to give 100% 100% of the time!

To the guys at Flying Hammer LLC that allowed us to use their shop to build after the Loss of the Thankyou there’s no way we could have built this quality of a car in 2 months without that opportunity!

The last Few years have been tough as hell but We’re at a new beginning of this journey with the new car and a little one on the way……it’s fixin to be ONE HELL OF A GOOD RIDE!

We ain’t yet making a living doing this but we’re definitely out here living everyday!

KW Photography
DNR Auto/RevLimit RP
DrD Visuals
Ohio Grudge Racing

To the companies that produce quality products/ exceptional customer support
Trick Flow Specialties
Isky Cams
Optic Armor Performance Windows
BorgWarner Boosted
Hot Shot's Secret
Extreme Automatics
OnTilt Racing Productions
Wilwood Disc Brakes
Xs Power
Flaming River Industries
TiAL Sport

As always you know we will our winners circle pics are coming 🤛

Founded in 1994 TiAL Sport is committed to manufacturing industry leading turbo components to meet th

Photos from TiAL Sport's post 01/30/2021

A pair of ECHO Series XR7164 turbos, headed off to our very patient customer and Friendly Neighbor to the North, up there in Canada. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we fill orders as rapidly as possible.

Photos from TiAL Sport's post 11/20/2020

Sad times, everyone, as the website is down. We are still here, still doing our thing, and we’ll have it back up as soon as we can. In the meantime, emails still go to the link in the bio.

Photos from TiAL Sport's post 10/29/2020

crafting up something fun using those ECHO Series turbos and wastegates and investment-cast SS housings. Need to keep an eye on this build! Posted • Dat Up Dump Doe 😉

Photos from TiAL Sport's post 10/14/2020

doing something a bit different with a set of ECHO Series units, with control by We’re definitely following this build! with
A fully custom turbo setup coming at you for 64 f100. Totally custom turbo headers built in house. Looking to put these suckers into production featuring only the best turbos by , boost management by , coyote swap kit from , HD clamps by tubing provided by and fl**ges by


We use boost control products to handle one of the most important aspects of a turbocharged engine. Nobody has been doing it longer proving American manufacturing can compete if the product is good.


Nothing to see here, just pouring molten earth into an investment casting mold. Trying to keep up with the demand for our top notch American made products. 🇺🇸

Photos from TiAL Sport's post 07/24/2020

Another stunner from using and products to create a fire-breathing 1000+HP monster Posted • This was a fun one. let his kids pick a theme and they enjoy the car together 😎 The task was to build a 1000hp stock motor car that everyone can jump in and cruise anywhere with full trunk space 🍻🎉 Delivers again!

Photos from TiAL Sport's post 07/22/2020

Setting records over with the M660 group of parts from with plenty of help from Posted • 9’s in the quarter. 5’s in the 60-130’s. 2’s in the 0-60. Driven too and from the track. Does really well while turning too. Is the 991.2 base/T the best kept secret weapon for the money? @ TiAL Sport

Timeline photos 07/08/2020

New to the family is the 1.45A/R housing option for mid-frame turbo models such as the EFR9180/9280 (pictured), S300SX/SXE, S400SX/SXE, and G42, GT42 and GT45. If you already have one on order, these are shipping. If you don’t, better order quick, as these will move fast!

Photos from TiAL Sport's post 07/01/2020

The touch, applied to the R8, has transformed this car. Using turbochargers and controls, reliable performance is acheived. Posted • R8 V10+ getting wrapped up and headed back to Miami after receiving our Stage 2+ G1000 TT package, and some reinforcement from in the transmission.

Photos from TiAL Sport's post 06/10/2020

Congrats to for setting the new Trackmod record while literally letting it all hang out, especially those MVR’s ....check out the original post by
Posted • has built one of the most menacing and insane Corvettes on the planet. So rad to see him take the TrackMod Class Record with a 1:30.548

Timeline photos 05/06/2020

Hey friends, this is what happens when companies counterfeit our stuff. Feel free to reach out to the OP and voice your opinion on how counterfeit = theft.


We know why WE love the QRJ blow-off valve so much, but we also realize we're not doing the product justice in our marketing efforts, so we're letting our customers speak. Check out this video, brought to you by Andrew DiMartino, over at Haltech, as he discusses the benefits and features of this great product, then makes some really cool noises.

Andrew can be found and is an all-around great guy. Follow him on YouTube as well, at DiMartino's Fab Garage


For those of you wondering what BOV to use on your application, please feel free to email us at [email protected] for assistance!

And now, the video!



Come see us at PRI Booth 3963 and check out the all-new, UHF Turbine designs for the Xona Rotor turbocharger product line.


Planning on coming to the PRI Show? If so, we've got something interesting happening....If not, stay tuned.


Be careful out there! A trusted customer alerted us to this counterfeit unit being marketed on this very website. Just FYI, this serial number is listed on our website as 'known counterfeit', but there are other, very visible clues that it's a fake. Don't trust your valuable performance engine to knock-off, overseas-made parts.

Photos from TiAL Sport's post 10/12/2018

Just when the RB-series Nissan owners out there were feeling like nobody cared about them.....

Photos from TiAL Sport's post 10/04/2018

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but, when it comes to copycat/counterfeit parts, well, that's just not the case. Have a look at this of our legendary V60 wastegate that's "just been released" by a U.S.-based turbo kit builder. One can only wonder where these were made, or how long they'll hold up, but seriously, is original thought now dead?

Timeline photos 10/01/2018


Although out there for some time now, we just stumbled across this super-clean Xona Rotor and TiAL Sport combination used on Klasen-Motors.com sweet 4.0 TFSI converson. What a great approach to the 'hot-vee' engine design!


Stoked about how these Xona Rotor and TiAL Sport components are helping Fathouse Fabrications build some of the best high-power turbo kits on the market for the Mustang!

Photos from Fathouse Performance's post 09/21/2018

Impressive results from our friends over at Fathouse Fabrications, using Xona Rotor turbochargers and TiAL Sport boost control products.

Home 09/19/2018

What's up this weekend, Mid-Michigan? Speedring, at M1 Concourse, is where we'll be, showcasing TiAL Sport and Xona Rotor products, as well as offering up the latest goodies.




Looking for something to do in December? Want to see the latest TiAL Sport and Xona Rotor Products? Join us in Indy for the 2018 PRI Show! http://pri2018.mapyourshow.com/7_0/floorplan/?hallID=A&selectedBooth=6017&shareguid=98DD3752-A33E-A1C7-177956DC00247967


What's everyone doing this weekend? If you're in the Chicagoland area, come by Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, and watch some great drag racing, and while you're there, stop by and see some great TiAL Sport and Xona Rotor products we'll have on display.

Black Tial Q Blow Off Valve BOV 50MM 10 psi with Aluminum Fl**ge New Version 2 | eBay 07/11/2018

COUNTERFEIT PRODUCT WARNING: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-Tial-Q-Blow-Off-Valve-BOV-50MM-10-psi-with-Aluminum-Fl**ge-New-Version-2-/112664128756?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l4275.c10

Black Tial Q Blow Off Valve BOV 50MM 10 psi with Aluminum Fl**ge New Version 2 | eBay Q is the first revision of the original Tial BOV.The Q bolts us to any standard Tial fl**ge, ni re-welding. This is the highest flowing BOV on the market. TIAL BOV Q50MM BLACK. Included with every Tial Q. | eBay!


More video featuring the robotic pour. Let’s all take a moment to respect the ‘bear hug’ of the mold as it comes out of preheat.


Here’s a quick video showing the transfer process within our foundry during a pour. The cobalt blue filter reduces the intense glare so that you can see the molten stainless in liquid form.


Ford / Chip Ganassi Racing does it again, winning the 24 Hours of Daytona. We are happy to say the Ford team has been running the TiAL MV Series gates on this platform for several years now, with many podium finishes. Check out the link to learn more!




TiAL Sport housing looking good surrounding that Forcedinductions.com 100mm turbine.


TiAL turbine housings, wastegates, and BOV's being put to work on this Quad Turbo set up.


Wearing the TiAL badge, proud!



GTX5518R (804878-5011S) - $2450
GTX5533R (804878-5012S) - $2495
1.24 a/r T6- Vband (761208-0025) - $350
1.40 a/r T6- Vband (761208-0017) - $350
1.78 a/r T6- Vband (761208-0020) - $350
1.30 a/r TiAL (TiALVB55130) - $750 ... when purchased with turbo.

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Nothing to see here, just pouring molten earth into an investment casting mold. Trying to keep up with the demand for ou...
Porsche 991 Upgrades
6.83 @ 216
Vid shows normal air leak down wastegate valve guide



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