J & S Firestone

J & S Firestone


Another big THANK YOU to each and every business who donated a door prize to our 60th Annual Chamber Golf Outing! ⛳️

Hankerd Sportswear
Spring Grove
J & S Firestone
The Cutting Edge
Owosso Guitar
Sobaks Home Medical, Inc. Inc
eXp Realty - Jeff McIntyre
New York Life Insurance Company
Time for Flowers
Apple Tree Lane Owosso
Universal Sales
Ryan's Roadhouse
Keller Williams Realty, Inc., Inc. - Kristen Clisch
Cupcakes and Kisses Owosso
Avery Eye Care Center
The Salon 989
Adaptive Technology Solutions
MSU Federal Credit Union
Bruno's Bar & Deano's Pizza
The Home Depot
Shiawassee Family YMCA
Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capital Region
The Mint Boutique
Swany's Pub & Grub
Kymora Kandles
Elite Tax & Financial
Rathbun Public Relations
Lockhart's Authentic
St Johns Brewing Co
Grand Rapids Public Museum
Marr's Furniture & Mattress
Planet Fitness
Godwins Furniture
Murtle's Handmade Chocolates
The Laingsburg Dairy Den
Shiawassee County Fair
We are excited to thank Steve Gill and the team at J & S Firestone Tire & Service as a Lead Sponsor for this year’s River Cleanup. And of course for coming to Henderson Park to scour the river and park—their 15th annual cleanup!
Thank you to the Shaftsburg United Methodist Church and Woodhull Township Park in Shaftsburg for adopting a little food pantry! The Shaftsburg United Methodist will keep it stocked to help alleviate hunger in the Shaftsburg area. We are grateful for your partnership!! The little food pantry was built from a Youth Service America Sodexo grant with sponsorships from Ludington Electric Inc. , J & S Firestone , Owosso Rotary Club , and Tom Renwick Attorney at Law.
Make sure to thank the crew from J & S Tire and Service next time you're there for being a long-time sponsor of the Friends' River Cleanup - this year being held July 24th-31st. These fine folks also come out as a team to clean the Henderson Park area of the river during the event. Look for event registration coming soon!
Congratulations to all of our Downtown Holiday Window Display Winners!

Owosso Floral & Gifts
Sunnyside Florist
Coldwell Banker Professionals Owosso
J & S Firestone
Nail Boutique Salon & Day Spa
Sobaks Home Medical, Inc.
Hankerd Sportswear
Central Pharmacy - Owosso

Thank you to all that participated!
Happy Membership Anniversary! Thank-you for your continued involvement! We love having you in our business community!
Durand Senior Care & Rehab Center - 2 years!
Fitness Coliseum - 2 years!
Recreation Warehouse - 2 years!
Hurley Urgent Care- Durand- 2 years!
Adiska Family Dental - 3 years!
Church of Jubilee - 3 years!
PFCU of Durand - 3 years!
Qualified Staffing - Owosso - 3 years!
Home Sweet Home Cleaning Service - 4 years!
Owosso First United Methodist Church - 4 years!
Curb Appeal Property Maintenance - 5 years!
Elite Party Rental LLC - 5 years!
Old Fashioned Cleaning for a Modern World - 5 years!
Downtown Owosso Farmers Market - 6 years!
Saginaw-Shiawassee Habitat for Humanity - 6 years!
Chrest Supply Co - 8 years!
Michigan Laborers' Training and Apprenticeship Institute - 8 years!
J & S Firestone - 9 years!
McLaren Health Plan - 9 years!
Thank you for the folks from J & S Firestone and all the groups who came out.
This week, stop by (or send a note to) one of our several River Clean-Up sponsors and tell them "Thanks for being a Friend." VMD Associates, Oster Manufacturing, J & S Firestone, Hankerd Sportswear, Matador's Pizzeria and Take Out, Foster Coffee Company, Mancinos Pizza and Grinders, Cheffs Canoe Rentals, and Waste Management. And, if you want to be a better Friend, get a membership or make a donation. Thanks http://www.shiawasseeriver.org/memberships
Thank you to our sponsors who made today's clean-up possible: VMD Associates, Oster Manufacturing, J & S Firestone, Hankerd Sportswear, Matador's Pizzeria and Take Out, Foster Coffee Company, Mancinos Pizza and Grinders, Cheffs Canoe Rentals, Waste Management, Shiawassee County Health Department, and the Great Lakes Commission http://www.shiawasseeriver.org/river_cleanup
Stop by the Downtown Owosso Farmers Market tomorrow and check out this very cool kayak. For $5 you can buy a raffle ticket to win this Venture Kayaks Islay 12 kayak valued at over $1,200. You can also get raffle tickets at Friends Friday at the Rainbow in Westown, Fifth Third Bank, Gilberts Hardware and Appliance, J & S Firestone, Shiawassee Arts Center, Shiawassee Family YMCA, at our office on the River in Corunna, or from any Friends board member.
This year will be our 23rd Annual River Clean-Up. We can't do it without our generous sponsors: the Great Lakes Commission, Cheffs Canoe Rentals, Foster Coffee Company, Hankerd Sportswear, J & S Firestone, Mancinos Pizza and Grinders, Matador's Pizzeria and Take Out, Oster Manufacturing, Shiawassee County Health Department, and Waste Management. If you stop by their place of business or run into one of their principles, please tell them thanks for being a Friend and for helping to http://www.shiawasseeriver.org/calendar

Great service at an affordable price!

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 08/18/2023

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! The weather is supposed to be great. Everybody get out and Cruise!!😁😁😁😎😎😎😎😎😎

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 08/17/2023

Happy Thursday!!!!! What do you prefer to do? Go to/enter a great car show or cruise around in a cool vehicle checking out other cool cars and trucks?

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 08/16/2023

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!! Fun Fact...The caboose that we all miss from the back of trains was 1st seen around 1850 and was replaced due to technology and economic needs in the 1980's!!!!🧐😢


Happy Monday !!! Hope everyone Has a super great week!!!!😎😎

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 08/10/2023

Happy Thursday!!!! This week we ask Mustang or Chevy II ? Let us know which one you think is cooler?

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 08/09/2023

Happy Wednesday!!! Has anyone heard of C H Wills? He was a metallurgist and engineer for Henry Ford. He invented Vanadium steel, developed Molybdenum steel and designed the "FORD" logo that still to this day adorns most Ford vehicles produced. Wills built his own vehicle in Marysville Mi. called the Wills Sainte Claire from 1921-1926. You should visit his museum in Marysville (be sure to check the hours before you go though).


Happy Tuesday!! Do you know what this boat (that was built in the 1800's) was called. It's design was part Native American and part European and could be used as a row boat or sailing boat to transport goods around the Great Lakes region.🧐🤓🧐

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 08/07/2023

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!!!! Hope everybody had a fun and safe weekend!

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 08/04/2023

TGIF!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! Check out those clouds from last night's sunset! 🧐😎

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 08/03/2023

HAPPY THURSDAY!!!(it's almost Friday!) This week we want to know......... Motorhome or camper???😎😎😎😎

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 08/02/2023

Happy Wednesday!!! Did you know that there is a life size replica of a 10ft sturgeon( that was carved by one of the men that spotted it in the St. Clair river in 1975) on display at the Great Lakes Maritime Center in Port Huron. Located of course on the St. Clair River😁😁😁😁😁

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 08/01/2023

Happy Tuesday!!!!! This week we ask; Before Holley became synonymous with carburetors and high performance they built what????🧐


Happy Monday everyone!!! Hope you have a great week!!!


Happy Friday!!!! Whatever you you choose to do this weekend.....HAVE FUN!!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 07/27/2023

Happy Thursday!!! This week it's simple. Buick Skylark or Ford Torino?


Happy Wednesday everyone!! This weeks fun fact relates to yesterdays trivia. Did you know that the currents under the Blue Water Bridge were determined to be too dangerous for 2 ships to be in the bridge area at the same time after the sinking of the Sidney E. so in 1972 the shipping companies all agreed that only one ship (over 20 meters) at a time would be allowed to pass through. Also the Sarnia Traffic Centre was formed as a result of the accident.🧐🧐🧐🧐


Happy Tuesday!! After sinking under the Blue Water bridge, the hull of the Sidney E. Smith was repurposed as what in Sarnia?🧐🧐🧐

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 07/24/2023

Happy Monday!! Saw a lot of cool cars cruising Friday night!😁😁😎😎

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 07/21/2023

Happy Friday!!! Tell us what you are going to be cruising in this weekend.(send pics)😁😁😁😁😎😎😎😎😎

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 07/20/2023

Happy Thursday!!OK. Which would you rather drive cross country? A Cadillac or a BMW Isetta 300 or an early electric vehicle of your choosing?🧐🤓😎


Happy Wednesday!! Did you know that Edmond Fitzgerald ( the person )was born in Ireland in 1818 and immigrated to the U.S in 1836. He sailed the great lakes from the age of 20 and began building ships in Port Huron in1866.😁😁😁😁😁😁


Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!! This week we look at Christopher Smith who formed a boat building company that in the 30s became Chris Craft. Headquartered in Algonac Mi. in the beginning. At one time it was the largest producer of powered pleasure boats in the world. It had manufacturing plants in Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida and what foreign country?🧐


Happy Monday!!!! Hope you were able to do something you enjoy over the weekend! Have a Super Great Week!!😁😁😁😁

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 07/14/2023

Happy "Thank God It's Friday"!!!😁😁😁😁 Take some time this weekend and enjoy all that nature has to offer!

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 07/13/2023

Happy Thursday everyone!!! For this week we ask which is better??? Duesenberg or Lincoln?

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 07/12/2023

Happy Fun Fact Wednesday!!! For those of us old enough to remember The Disney movie "The Gnome Mobile". You can find some of the actual props from the movie right here in Michigan at the Gilmore Car Museum in the pedal car barn!😁😁😁😁


Happy Tuesday!!! Today we ask ; What do these vehicle manufacturers have in common? (Chevrolet, Porsche, V.W., Franklin)


Happy Monday!! Hope everyone found something fun to do last weekend even if it was a little wet.😁😁😁😁


HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!! Hopefully everyone had a safe and fun extended holiday weekend! Have a great short week.

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 06/30/2023

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!! Be safe and enjoy all of the festivities!!!!!!! Also be aware that we will be closed Monday and Tuesday(and re-open Wed. normal hours) so that we can also join in on the celebration! Have fun everyone!!😎😎😎😎🥳🥳🥳🥳

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 06/29/2023

Happy Thursday!!!! Which do you think is cooler? Lighthouse Museums or Train Depot Museums?🧐🧐


Happy "Fun Fact Wednesday"!! Did you know that the first lighthouse built on Tawas Point(then Ottawa Point) was in 1853. By 1876 it was deemed not affective due to the fact that the shifting sands had pushed the point 1 mile past the lighthouse. It was replaced by the one pictured, which has since been replaced by a marker light due to those same shifting sands.😎😎😎😎😎


Happy Tuesday!!!True or False, "They have beautiful Sunsets on the East side of the state"????


Happy Friday everyone! The skies are clearing and it's going to get warm again!🌤☀️Hope you had a super great week and are planning to do all sorts of fun stuff this weekend!😎😎😎😎😎

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 06/15/2023

Happy Thursday everyone!!!! This week we want to know what your favorite trail/dune vehicle is? A Jeep or a Dune Buggy??😁🧐😎🧐🌅

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 06/14/2023

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!! Did you know that California is the #1 state when it comes to buying ice cream with Michigan being #25. Also Ben and Jerrys is the largest ice cream brand in the U.S. with $910 million in sales for 2022. The average American eats 20lbs. of the stuff every year!!! 😁😁😁😘😘🍦🍦🍦🍦🍨🍨🍨🍨

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 06/13/2023

Happy Tuesday!!! True or false; Howell has an ice cream shop made from a real caboose?

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 06/12/2023

Happy Monday!! We are getting some much needed rain so that the grass will green up and the farmers fields will hopefully take off and produce well. Hope everyone has a super great week!!!😁😁😁

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 06/09/2023

T.G.I.F. We made it to FRIDAY😁😎😁. It's time to find a beach or a pool or a museum or a festival or a campfire or..... No matter what you plan to do this weekend HAVE FUN and BE SAFE!!!!!

Photos from J & S Firestone's post 06/08/2023

Happy Thursday everyone! This week we ask which did you like better??? The dukes of Hazard T.V. series or the movie?😎😎😎

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