Castle in the Clouds Alternative Health Center LLC

Castle in the Clouds Alternative Health Center LLC

Dr. Mark Sexton ND Sherrie Sexton Herbalist/MT All Natural Health Care, out patient and check in. Phone: 573-317-1912
We specialize in natural therapies treating the entire body.

Some of the therapies include Nutritonal Counseling, Electronic Acupunture, Rife, Urine and salivia testing, Assessment, Oxygen Baths and many more.

Operating as usual

Timeline Photos 09/23/2021

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Timeline Photos 09/11/2021

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Not too long ago, a group of doctors and public health experts at Massachusetts General Hospital noticed something striking: Many of the patients who routinely showed up in the emergency room requiring the most medical services were also the patients who seemed to be the most nutritionally vulnerable.

They were patients with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and other largely food-related chronic diseases. For hospitals and health insurers, these are among the highest cost, highest-need patients. Working with a local nonprofit group called Community Services, the doctors decided to launch a study to see whether providing these patients with nutritious meals would have an impact on their healthcare outcomes.

The researchers recruited Medicaid and Medicare patients and split them into different groups. One group received regular deliveries of healthy meals that were made from scratch and designed by a registered dietitian: Each meal contained ingredients like locally caught seafood and locally grown Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, zucchinis, fruits and other fresh produce that nearby farms donated. Another group received nutritious meals, but they weren’t specifically tailored to their individual medical needs. The third group did not receive any of the nutritious meal deliveries. What the study found in the ensuing weeks was astonishing. The two groups that had nutritious meals had fewer hospital visits, ultimately resulting in a 16 percent reduction in their health care costs. And that was after deducting meal expenses.

The average monthly medical costs for a patient in the nutrition group shrank to about $843—much lower than the roughly $1,413 in medical costs for each patient in the control group.

These types of groups recognize what our federal government sadly does not: To tackle the crisis, our national food policies must be aligned with our healthcare policies. Instead of just treating rampant chronic diseases, we have to start preventing them—and we can do that with our forks.


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[07/29/21]   New batch of cleanses ready to go.
Want to loose weight and just feel amazing?


Dr Mark's latest edition to his Ha Ha Tonka series.

Dr Mark's latest edition to his Ha Ha Tonka series.


Spring cleaning time. Spent the day making your Castle in the Clouds full body cleanses.
573 317 1912

Spring cleaning time. Spent the day making your Castle in the Clouds full body cleanses.
573 317 1912


Consultations available
573 317 1912

Consultations available
573 317 1912

Photos from Castle in the Clouds Alternative Health Center LLC's post 01/25/2021

First two paintings of Dr Mark's Ha Ha Tonka Series.

[01/04/21]   Castle in the Clouds full body cleanses are ready for pick up or delivery. Let's start the year right!!!

[11/28/20]   Castle in the Clouds LLC offering gift certificates for Treatments, Consults, Dr. Sexton's Health Books, Cleanses and supplements.



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Our bluff from the water. Castle in the Clouds LLC.

Our bluff from the water. Castle in the Clouds LLC.

[08/19/20]   Health is a daily practice. Not a 30 day diet!

[04/16/20]   As always Dr Mark Sexton is scheduling phone consultations.
573 317 1912

[03/09/20]   Time to think about your Spring Cleaning!
Castle in the Clouds has your full body cleanse ready to go!

[02/29/20]   Thinking it is probably time to stock up on your Omni Immune!!!
573 317 1912

[12/31/19]   Time to get ready for a healthy and happy year! Your cleanse is waiting for you at Castle in The Clouds. 573 317 1912 Happy New Year!


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[10/28/19]   Ok Castle in the Clouds Patients.....
Dr Marks health book he wrote over 10 years ago has been updated and added to.
Soon to be published on Amazon as an E Book and Paper back. This is the book you were asking him to publish! Will update you soon on it's release and TITLE. 09/22/2019


Now available in paperback!!!
#Amazon The Human Repair Manual is a unique, concise, step-by-step, easy to understand manual for repairing and maintaining the human body. A fresh approach, cleverly and brilliantly written in the style of an automobile repair manual. Chalked full of valuable, direct and informative techniques designed ...

[09/17/19]   Dr. Marks "Human Repair Manuel" is available on Amazon Kindle as E Book. Paper back coming soon to Amazon!


Be watching for Dr. Mark's "Human Repair Manual" coming soon to Amazon!


[08/03/19]   Castle in the Clouds is offering mineral testing.

[07/16/19]   The first wealth is health. Castle in the Clouds LLC can help you with that. 5733171912


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[06/24/19]   Take Care of Your Body. It's the Only Place You Have To Live.

[05/17/19]   Castle in the Clouds LLC has openings for Oxygen baths and Rife Sessions.
573 317 1912




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