Bridal Beauty at the Lake

Bridal Beauty at the Lake

Makeup Artistry Services I help bring out a woman's inner beauty through the use of state-of -the-art cosmetic and anti-aging technology. Having received my apprentice and master certificate training by celebrity makeup artist Robert Jones I am currently working towards my Professional level.

I focus especially on weddings and personal consultations. My specialty is contouring and working with different eye shapes to enhance their beauty.

[06/21/15]   And from astra_sasstra we have this confession:

"Besides the usual concealer problems and raccoon eyeliner? In middle school I used to really up my eyeliner when going to the mall. This meant using pencil liner to draw little squiggles/vines/whatever coming from my eyes, and then going all over it with UD's heavy metal glitter liner."

"Another thing I did a couple times was that, whenever I wore my peacock feather earrings (another middle school mistake...), I would use UD's mildew, shattered, and last call from my ammo palette to make my eyes look like peacock feathers."

[06/11/15]   Okay, I made my confession. Now here is one from ziggystardustt:

"Wearing eyeliner so thick, that it would smudge down to my under-eye circles. And I would continually re-apply it. That was all the makeup I wore between ages 11-14. No foundation, no mascara. When I wore eyeshadow, it was one of those Hard Candy eyeshadow duo's, one end had bright green, the other was frosty blue."

[06/11/15]   I recently ran across some confessions of makeup addicts look in their youth. I plan on sharing these in the days and weeks ahead. Feel free to jump in! What was you most 'Cringe-worthy' makeup look???

Mine was THE LOOK of the late seventies: Blue eyeshadow, one color all over from lid to brow with blue eyeliner and blue mascara--on my blue eyes. But then, who wasn't wearing that? 06/11/2015

13 Makeup Mistakes Everyone Makes At Least Once

Almost too true to be funny! These are the beauty mistakes that everyone has made at least once including wearing to more blush and the wrong foundation.

[01/08/14]   Beauty Tip: Your Magic Wand (the Mascara Wand)

Most women do not realize that the bristles and shape of a mascara wand have just as much impact on the look of their lashes as the mascara's formula and their application technique.

Here are some key things to consider when deciding what you want and need from your brush or applicator. Keep in mind that, regardless of wand type, you still ultimately have control of your finished look through the application technique you choose.

1. A wand with long, fat, full, thick, dense bristles will help thicken and lengthen your lashes as you apply your mascara, because it coats each and every lash with product.

2. A wand with short, dense bristles (it might even resemble a screw) helps define your lashes because it allows you to coat each lash with a thin coat of product from the root to the tip.

3. A wand with bristles that taper from short at the tip to longer in the middle or base (it might taper from thin to thick to thin, like a football) defines, thickens, and lengthens lashes. It enables you to perform detailed defining work with the tip (because the tip bristles are shorter), while giving you volume and length from the bristles in the middle and at the base of the brush (because bristles are longer and fuller).

4. A wand with widely spaced rubber bristles defines and separates your lashes, giving you a thin, even coating of product on every lash.

5. A wand shaped like a comb defines and separates each and every lash. It provides a thin coat of product while combing and separating each lash, which completely eliminates clumping and prevents lashes from getting stuck together.





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