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Happy Cabs


HC is my FAVORITE ride in LOZ ♡ :-D
I would like to express my appreciation for Happy Cabs and all Mz Kim has done for and many others. And a big congratulations on the new ride!

Thank You so much
Thank You Happy Cab for the great service I received on my last visit to Lake Ozark. Your kindness, dedication and attention to detail was very much appreciated. :)
I had to call for a cab when my battery died. I found Happy Cab, I’m so glad I did. VERY personable, down to earth, honest and reasonable. If your ever in need a a cab, you’ve got to give her a call. 296-245-1630...
Thanks K
Thank you so much to our friend at Happy Cabs! Your generosity is so greatly appreciated 💙

Happy Cabs is female owned and operated. Taxi service, airport shuttle, delivery and concierge. Everyone-friendly, fun, courteous.

Our rates are competitive with rideshare. Your tenth ride is free within 10 miles. Military, Police, Fire, EMT, Teacher discounts.


Happy Cabs and Friends are taking over the Camdenton area tonight. Need a ride out, to the store, or just a joyride give us a shout. 269-245-1630. 100% committed to the Camdenton area tonight from 6pm on. PLEASE SHARE.


If you're looking for a ride or a delivery, Happy Cabs isn't afraid of a wee bit of snow. Now that I mention it, Happy Cabs is also not afraid of a sh*t ton of snow. ☃️⛄😆


If you don't already, try it for a day, see what happens.


If you are looking for a ride to/from any of our surrounding airports, please feel free to give me a call/text for a quote. Reasonable rates and available for pre-scheduled rides at any time.

Off The Cliff 09/27/2022

Off The Cliff

Penny and her business Off the Cliff/JDs Roadhouse help me do more kind things through a sponsorship. I appreciate the support immensely, as do many people who have been on the receiving end of those kindnesses. If you've never been there, please try to make it in soon. Great food, karaoke, live music, fun folks, and reasonable prices.

Off The Cliff


If you've never tried this local eatery, you're missing out. Great food, amazing sunset view.

It's a great night for dinner on our patio. We open at 4pm and have available seating. Reservations can be made online at www.ThePlaceForSteaks.com


Welcome Bikers to Bikefest 2022!!!


Need your bike detailed before BikeFest? Give me a call or shoot me a text. I'm pretty open the next few days.

Photos from Happy Cabs's post 09/02/2022

Hey everyone. I thought I'd give an update on Phoenix the dog that I took to his owner a few weeks ago. He looks great and happy and has been cleared by the vet to go to the groomer so he did that today. He's gaining weight he's playing a lot because he's only 3 years old. It's been a great experience and if you live at the lake and ever have a pet missing let me know if I am in the area I will keep an eye out. I've included some pictures of Phoenix that I was sent by Deanna his owner, there is also a video included in the comments. She is getting an estimate for a fence to be built around her property so that he can play off leash. I'll be donating to help her out, if you'd like to donate please let me know.


Happy Cabs is now available for boat, RV and car detailing Monday through Wednesday.

Photos from Happy Cabs's post 08/20/2022

This past Friday, August 12 was truly the most amazing day I have had as a business. No, it wasn't a $1000 day. Nor did i get the most amazing raving review on the planet. What I did was help a lost dog find it's way home. You may wonder why that would be what I consider the best day I've had as a business. The simple answer is that I don't do this job out of greed or to be the most popular driver out there. I don't care about either of those things. What I want is to make enough to pay my bills, be able to give back to the community in as many ways as possible, and to help (people, animals, doesn't matter). Following is a true story about how i helped a beautiful, sad, lonely, skinny dog find it's way back home after 2 years. It's a long read, but a great story.

I scroll through all of the lost pet pages daily, and if there has been a lost pet sighted I add a picture and as many details as possible to the notes program in my phone. I often drive late into the night, but in an attempt to keep a somewhat regular schedule I try to stay up until 7am every day. On slow nights I'm bored by 2 and need to stay busy to stay awake. This is when I pull my phone out and pick a dog to try to find. I have spotted only 1 other and I passed that info on.

On August 11th a gentleman posted about a dog he had seen in sunrise beach that very day, with info on where he saw it. He also posted a picture and three things struck me immediately. The dog was skin and bones, it had beautiful pale blue eyes and it had a fluffy tail like a fox. Before my eyes left that post I had already decided where I was going that night/morning after my phone went silent.

It was about 5:30am when I left my apartment and headed towards Sunrise Beach and Beachnut Dr., an area of new construction where the dog had been spotted. I had almost reached the end of the road when I saw something move to my left. I looked over, and there is this wonderful dog standing in the doorway of a partially built home as if it were his. I spent about an hour and a half giving him treats, talking to him, petting him and trying everything I could think of to get him in my truck. Nothing was working. I decided to head to dollar general to get something super delicious and coax him into my truck with it. When I got in my truck and started to pull away I looked in my rearview and saw he was following me and looking a bit worried. I told him I'd be right back, my heart broke for him because he seemed so lost.

A few miles away I pulled into dollar general and found it wasn't open for another few minutes. I decided to check the post again to see if anything had changed in the comments. It turns out, a young woman had gotten on the post to say that this dog looked like one that had been taken from her 2 years prior. I was skeptical so I stalked her page. I scrolled for quite a while when...you guessed it. Photos of her dog started appearing and it looked starkingly familiar- bright blue eyes, a tail that looked like a fox, a large white spot on the nape of its neck, and odd coloring on it's back that I had noticed as I was pulling away. I sent her a pm and asked her to call me. Within about 10 minutes I had her on the phone. I told her about the page stalking I had done and that I was thinking this could very well be her dog. She started telling me about very specific markings on her dog: 2 dark spots on his tongue, freckles on his nose, the coloring on his back (part of his German Shepherd lineage), and his fox-like tail fluff. All of these things I had noticed in my 1.5 hour interaction with the lost dog. At that point I was 95% certain that this was her dog and I told her as much. We both started crying, I told her that we shouldn't get overly excited until we know for sure. I asked her what his name is, she said Phoenix, which I thought was appropriate. I told her I was about 2 minutes from his location and I'd video chat her when I got there.

The entire 2 minutes I was in shock, could this really be her dog after 2 years? I was also in shock because I look for lost dogs 2 or 3 times a week for over a year now and I have yet to find one, let alone find one and solve the puzzle of where it belongs. I was anxious. What if he didn't respond? What if I had gotten her hopes up for nothing? How could I forgive myself if I had?

I pulled up and I was barely out of my truck, had already started the video chat when I said "Phoenix! Come here Phoenix!" The dog, aka Phoenix, leapt up with the most incredible joy that I'd ever seen and headed my way with a look of incredible relief that someone finally knew his name. Once again his Mama and I had a cryfest, we were overjoyed, there was little to any doubt that this was her dog. I said to her "The only problem is that I have tried everything to get him in my truck and he won't get in. I've said let's go for a ride every possible way and nothing." She said "Oh no, all you have to do is say Phoenix, load up!" I did just that and without hesitation Phoenix jumped right in and took his place in front of the passenger seat just as she had trained him. Once again, a cryfest all around, as all doubt was gone. She then said "I can't believe this is happening, I can't wait to see him, and I am so grateful that you took the time to do this. The only thing is I live in Lebanon and I don't have a car to come get him"- to which I replied "I wouldn't care if you lived in Alaska, I'm bringing your dog to you immediately." Another cryfest, but one I'll never forget. She gave me her address, a 40 minute drive from where we were.

As Phoenix and I headed home I just kept repeating to him that he's finally going home. I was weeping the whole way, finally seeing him relax a bit on the ride. And when I saw the happy reunion I was reminded of why I go out of my way to do these things. Because every hour of searching that returned no rewards was worth this one tiny moment of awe. Because, though it had been 2 years, neither of them had given up or lost even a tiny bit of love for one another. And finally, because of the immense satisfaction I found in seeing Phoenix plop down on the carpet and let out a sigh of relief that expressed how happy he was to no longer have to spend his days searching. And this is why Friday, August 12 was the most amazing day I have had as a business.

Special thanks to Off the Cliff/JDs Roadhouse for sponsoring, in part, the random acts of kindness I perform as a business. Thanks to the financial backing afforded by Penny Bale's Houston (Owner of Off the Cliff/JDs Roadhouse), I am able to perform more of these acts than I could with the 10% I donate back to the community. Penny, I appreciate you more than you will ever know. Thank you for helping make this day happen.

Lastly, a shout-out of gratitude to the construction crew who had befriended Phoenix and kept him company during the day. Thank you so much for caring.


My new permit. Looks like I got the first one this year. Gotta be quicker than that if you want to be number one. Also true, "Chaos Coordinator", last weekend was insane.


These girls were so much fun!


This is one group of great guys. I had so much fun singing and carrying on with them the last few nights. Thanks for the business guys. Hopefully I'll see you again some day.

We give 10% back! 06/03/2022

We give 10% back!

Wanting to book a ride in advance? Check out happycabslakeozark.com and inquire through tbe "Contact us" tab.

We give 10% back! Cab, taxi, shuttle, rideshare, Uber, Lyft, ride, limo, designated driver, transportation service, DD, sober driver, chauffeur, airport shuttle


If anyone on the west side would like a discounted rate to the other side of the toll bridge I will be going back to the east side in about 30 minutes.


Happy Cabs for a safe ride to Good Times.

Home - Ozarks Amphitheater 04/28/2022

Home - Ozarks Amphitheater

It's concert season at Ozarks Amphitheater. My Yukon seats 6. If you would like to preschedule a ride, pm on FB or text me at 269-245-1630. Save $10 if you pay for your trip in advance. Book early to ensure you have a ride!

Home - Ozarks Amphitheater Ozarks Ampitheater OZARKSAMPHITHEATER Lake of the Ozarks OZARKSAMPHITHEATER Lake of the Ozarks OZARKSAMPHITHEATER Lake of the Ozarks OZARKSAMPHITHEATER Lake of the Ozarks Upcoming Events Saturday, May 7, 2022 Breaking Benjamin Show Time: 6:30 pm Buy Tickets More Info Saturday, May 7, 2022 Premium Se...


REWARD OFFERED! I am now offering a reward for additional evidence of anyone stating the below about Happy Cabs or myself Kim Grimes.

A theif, A felon, or A vandal - Inquire with OB and LO clerks office about my permits. You can't have a permit to drive as a cab and have a record like this.

A con artist- The only con artists here are the ones manipulating you into believing these lies

Driving illegally
In fact I have permits to drive as a taxi for both Osage Beach and Lake Ozark, I have a class E Drivers License, I have more than the required insurance, I'm registered as a business with the government and have an EIN

Driving people around while drunk
First of all. I am rarely drunk unless I'm around a campfire. 2nd, I am almost always the last driver on the road in the wee hours of the morning. It's basically myself and the police. Ask them if they suspect me of drunk driving fares around. I know what they'll say.

Acceptable evidence would include video, screenshots, a written statement naming the individual and what was said, etc. All of the above are 100% false statements regarding Happy Cabs and statements making these false claims are what I am looking for. You can text 269-245-1630, private message, or email [email protected]. Defamation of my business to gain more business for oneself is not legal.

Yes, I will be taking this through the legal system. If you owned a business wouldn't you?

If you are one of the individuals spreading these lies I urge you to stop. Within the next 24 hours, If you hand me evidence of who gave you the wrong impression of me and you retract any statements you've made to your own passengers, I'll hand you a statement that I will leave you out of any legal proceedings. I don't want to take away your livelihood, I just want to stop mine from being taken from me via vicious lies. Go ahead and fact check first, I've given you all of the information you'd need to do so.



Unfortunately my business has declined over the last 3 weeks due to some malicious text messages that were sent out by some of my competitors. If you received one of these text messages, I would love to hear from you privately. Please send screenshots to [email protected] or just call or text me for a conversation. Thank you in advance. Slander/libel is not a fair way to gain business.

For the 17 months that I have been in business I don't know what a normal day of business feels like due to behavior such as this. For those 17 months I have tried to stay focused and consistent, thinking that eventually everyone would realize that lies were being spread and at that point my business would bounce back. That's not happening and I'm looking to clear my good name. I'll no longer remain publicly silent while these cowards destroy my business.


Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy your day.


I'm only kidding of course. Thank you Kaizen for the humor. Nobody only takes Uber, because even most Ubers aren't Ubers the majority of the time.


I will always meet or beat UberXL price. All you have to do is say the word! Book in advance available.


All hand waxed and ready to go for St Patty's Day shenanigans. Give me a call if you want to book your ride in advance, round trip only. The bow tie will be there too, ginormous and sparkly.


Here's a Happy Cabs response for ya, make sure you click on the pic. Only me...


Happy cabs is up and running. I don't answer cuz I'm driving in bad weather if I don't return your message or call it means I'm backed up considerably.


If I get you out for the night I'll get you home. Equally important, when you support Happy Cabs, you support kindness. We donate 10% back.

Discounted rates to and from Off the Cliff/JDs Roadhouse, currently a Gold Level Sponsor of our kind acts.


Please share. Laker is 1 year old and was rescued just a few days ago when the owner gave him up. He was malnourished, abused, and chained outside with no shelter. He needs emergency help. I know this is last minute, but I'd like to help as much as possible. He also needs a foster if you're aware of anyone who may be interested. Donations for his care can be made by calling R Veterinarian at the Lake or on the Saving St Louis Pets website. Thank you.


I'm out and about if you need a ride or delivery.


2022 Lake of the Ozarks Pub Crawl


Here are the participating venues for Pub Crawl. I'll be driving all weekend and Monday. I'd be happy to get you out, around and back. My Yukon seats 6. 269-245-1630.


Do you worry that your driver will leave you stranded after a night of partying? Happy Cabs has a get home guarantee! If I take you out for the evening I will get you back home. I don't go home until everyone is home safe.


Make you feel my love -Adele's version
Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Better late than never they say. Sorry about the high and the sideways part at the beginning. 😁

Photos from TaylerMade Sweets's post 02/13/2022

A huge shout out to Penny Huston and Off the Cliff/JD's Roadhouse for being the first local business to support Happy Cabs Kindness Initiative for 2022. Already, they have contributed to 9 random acts of kindness in the area through their funding. Please show your support and check them out. They are located on W about a mile from Rick's C-Store and offer a great menu, daily drink specials, live music, karaoke, and TaylerMade Sweets!! Yum!


Sometimes the high road isn't the most lucrative, but it is the most memorable, the most meaningful and the most impactful.


Wee! I've been on this all day. I think it's fun.

Photos from Happy Cabs's post 02/03/2022

Great job Horseshoe Bend Road District! Always the clearest roads around. Thank you!


It's not the beer, I see the muppet and I'm completely sober. Do you see a Muppet too?


Making a delivery down HH in about 20 to 30. Hmu if you need anything.

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Make you feel my love -Adele's versionHappy Valentine's Day everyone. Better late than never they say. Sorry about the h...
Just laugh. I made this over a year ago. I ran into it the other day and laughed my ass off, so I thought I'd share. Bal...
A little clip I like to call Karaoke Kab gone wrong. We were all singing, suddenly the music stopped and we were all kin...
Karaoke at Barstool Mountain tonight. I'll see you there in less than an hour. Be there or be square. I'm so 80s.
Another local business is making false accusations against me, as well as spreading lies about me consistently. I have h...
Being thoroughly entertained at Barstool Mountain while I wait for a fare. If you haven't checked it out, you should!
Please share this video (lake friends, groups, etc). This is a serious problem here at the Lake. Thanks in advance.
What's not to love about spending Thanksgiving with family and friends? Need a lift? Happy Cabs will get you there. 269-...



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