Evermay Nursery

Evermay Nursery


Could you help me by telling me what this plant is called, how big a pot it needs?
Hi neighbors! I’m looking for a flowering almond bush; do you/will you have that this year?
Thanks for the beautiful selection this morning!
Thanks for the wonderful suggestions and selection today!
Do you still have your website? I keep getting a clothing store when I go to evermay nursery.com.
Thank you to Kathryn Coulombe for your lovely help today! My parents loved their anniversary present peonies.
Beautiful, beautiful flowers and woodland plants! Kindest owner and staff...very helpful and knowledgeable! Nice place to spend some time...love the bantam hens and chicks!

We grow a wide selection of annuals and perennials using an organic soil mix and organic fertilizer.

Photos from Evermay Nursery's post 05/03/2022

We now have an interior plant kiosk courtesy of Austin’s Landscape Service. Come check it out!

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Come to the nursery for some color therapy~


We have plenty of May Day treats for your sweetheart!


Petunias don’t mind the cold—come grab some waves before they’re gone!


We are open with limited hours this week!
Call before you come- 207-991-4467-
Or be here before 3 pm. We look forward to seeing you!


Things are happening here!

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A beautiful day for reskinning the greenhouse at Evermay. Happy, hardworking crew did a great job!


Don’t forget! There is a sale on select perennials all this week!!


Hey!! Catch me this week from 10-2 and you will find select perennials are half price!!


Merlot Red Scabiosa is looking gorgeous.


Thank you to all of our loyal customers for a great season. We look forward to seeing you next spring.

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⚠️⚠️Announcement ⚠️⚠️
Friday, June 25th, will be the last day we are open for THIS SEASON (except by appointment, or if you see our flag waving by the road).
Annuals are still HALF-PRICE, and we also have some lovely perennials. See you soon!



As of tomorrow, ALL ANNUALS will be half price!

(unfortunately we have none of the plants pictured below)


Did you know that Four O’clocks are poisonous to Japanese beetles? Or that Toothache plant is not only helpful for canker sores, but also interesting to look at? Or that marigolds help deter pests without the use of harmful chemicals? Or that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” (like this begonia pictured below)?
(And the begonias are now being offered at a discounted price!)


The Gerbera daisies have arrived! (As well as the geraniums, the begonias, et cetera, et cetera...Come quickly!!


Don’t forget about market today!
You can find us (and many other vendors)
behind Pat’s until noon.


This little guy was left here today!

He’s waiting patiently in the Herb House.


We are now accepting orders for curbside pickup! Check out our website:


Annuals will be added as they become ready for sale, but perennials will not be listed. (We have LOTS at the nursery.)

You can also find us at the corner of Forest & Stillwater in Orono until 5 pm for the rest of this week (Saturday @ the Orono Farmers’ Market as well-behind Pat’s Pizza).

We look forward to seeing you!

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‼️We have pansies that need homes‼️

We are not currently keeping regular business hours (that comes later this month), so call before you come!



Hi everyone! We will be opening around the first of May this year (stay tuned for updates as the date approaches), but in the meantime you can browse our website :


We are looking forward to seeing you all soon.


To our wonderful customers -

This is Evermay’s last open week
of a most unusual season.
We will be open today
(Tuesday, June 16th)
through Friday (June 19th)
Saturday, June 20th will be our
and we will be open

Thank you endlessly for your
continued support,
and remember,
there is always a spot for more basil in the garden.


Hi everyone!
Starting Monday, June 15th, we will be closing at 5 pm. We still have plenty of the quintessential summer trio-cucumbers, tomatoes, and basil.
Hurry in!

Home | Evermay Nursery 06/03/2020

Home | Evermay Nursery

It’s finally time to plant basil, tomatoes, and peppers.

(Don’t forget the cucumbers and zinnias!)


Home | Evermay Nursery We are a micro nursery in Orono, Maine. We carry a wide variety of annuals, perennials, vegetable seedlings, and herbs.


Hello, everyone!
Spring is finally here in Maine, and it is evident at the nursery this week. We are rapidly running out of certain things, but still have plenty to choose from.
We will continue to follow the guidelines set by the CDC in order to help slow the spread of covid-19 and that includes maintaining a website where you can find our annual, vegetable, and herb seedlings listed. However, it is proving to be a challenge to keep up with the constantly changing inventory and we would like you to know all items are subject to availability. If there is something you want, but do not see it on the website, please reach out! We are nothing if not flexible and are willing to accommodate each individual’s needs to ensure you are comfortable and satisfied with your shopping experience at Evermay.
Thank you for your continued support.

Home | Evermay Nursery 05/14/2020

Home | Evermay Nursery

Keep checking the web store for updates, but if you still don’t see what you are looking for, please call or message us.

Home | Evermay Nursery We are a micro nursery in Orono, Maine. We carry a wide variety of annuals, perennials, vegetable seedlings, and herbs.


Shop All | Evermay Nursery

Hi everyone! Don’t forget you can preorder annuals for curbside pickup. We are constantly updating the website as inventory changes.


Shop All | Evermay Nursery


We will not be at the Orono Farmer’s Market tomorrow due to weather. We will be open from 9-5 on Forest Avenue.

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Hanging Baskets are a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Get yours before they’re all gone!

Home | Evermay Nursery 05/03/2020

Home | Evermay Nursery

Hello, everyone!
We have created a web store for preordering plants to be picked up at the nursery.

The site is a work-in-progress and will be updated daily.

Perennials are not listed here, but we have a lot to choose from on site.

Have a look!


Home | Evermay Nursery We are a micro nursery in Orono, Maine. We carry a wide variety of annuals, perennials, vegetable seedlings, and herbs.




Forest Avenue
Orono, ME

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 6pm
Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 9am - 5pm

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