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Angie’s Showroom is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality intimates for people who want

Angie's Showroom Founder Angelina Mahany on The Mompreneur Model on WoMRadio 08/28/2022

Angie's Showroom Founder Angelina Mahany on The Mompreneur Model on WoMRadio

Listen to our podcast with Dori and myself :) 🙏🏻💥😘

Angie's Showroom Founder Angelina Mahany on The Mompreneur Model on WoMRadio A perfectionist at heart, Angelina Mahany dedicated years to sourcing, assessing, and testing fabrics until she found the smooth, soft silks that became a signature of Angie's Showroom. This quest for creating hand-made lingerie stemmed from her struggle to find intimates that made me feel sexy, con...

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Introducing the Shade Flower Lace Set. It’s a pleasure to meet you.


The elegance of staying at home tonight 🖤

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Say it with flowers 🌼 The Shade Flower Lace Set will leave you wordless.

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Robe + Lingerie Set combinations for you 🔥 -


Feel the breeze and dream of Tuscany 🌿

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Worn only by fairies Our Double Mesh Lingerie Set is available on our website from size 32A to 38DD in seductive emerald green or black.

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We are still on Bikini Season 🐍 The Innocent Reptile Swimsuit is available for pre-order only.

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Sophistication & Sensuality. Lace and silk combined to create this magical bra and panty set that will feel soft and comfy on your skin ✨. Only for Goddesses


Each looks tells a story and inspires you to explore your wild side.
What is your story? 🤗

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Come shopping with us and let us show you around. Whether it's gifts or something special for you, we're here for you. 🥰

Here is our bridal set Exotic white Lingerie Set ❤️

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💖As You Love Thyself💗💖 -


Happy New Week!☺☺

Self-love and care is a love letter to you and those you adore- complete with romantic hues, pretty lace, dreamy scents, and more. Buy Now and Pay Later. Visit our website for more.


Have you shopped Emilia set? With smooth support that feels just as good as it looks, it's the one bra you'll never want to take off


As you Celebrate Give Something Away Day, remember you are creating room for more. Shop Now and tell us what your pick of the day is🥺❤️


Happy to be quoted by ContactPigeon
on their topic Retail Trends 2022.



It's time to get back to basics and celebrate National Simplicity Day!❤️

Keep it simple with our elegant luxury handmade lingerie. Make your mark 💪

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It's Finally Here😍 Whohoo 🙌👙 - Tips About Bridal Lingerie.


Cheer Up the Lonely Day is today and what better way than to start with you. Show them your Fiore Pink Rose Lace and let us know their first expression 😻 How are you spreading the cheer today?


All this time indoors got us feeling like... 👀

Happy Pinacolada Day❤️
So, what’s your secret recipe today?


Daytime PJs.
Night Time Pjs.
Say it loud 📣


❤️Feel Hot, Feel Sexy, and Feel flawless with this amazing fit from all angles


❤️It’s National Bikini Day and your last chance to get 15% OFF your awesome Bikini. Guess what? You can Buy Now and Pay later. Visit our website for more information. Code JULY4TH

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OMG! 😍 These are the prettiest lingerie! 🙌👙 -


Fashion is an art and you are the canvas👩‍🎨. What are you adorning today? How does it make you feel🥰?

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Unveiling another beautiful feature for you…. Swipe➡️

We have Shop Pay Installments. If you love it, buy it and pay in installments. Don’t wait until it’s gone.

Shop today and enjoy available discounts🛍️.

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It just keeps getting better and better💪. Starting today until the 5th of July, get 15% Off every purchase🙌. Use our Promo Code - JULY4TH and keep that style on fleek🫶.

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Be Independent🙌, Be Powerful💪, Be YOU👌 -
Whatever the occasion, Whatever the mood, We got you covered. Buy Now, Pay Later!


Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be! Did you know you can buy any of our Kimono sleeves in various colors😊? Visit our website to make your pick today.

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Alert: Your Bridal Collection Styles JUST ARRIVED😍 -



❤️A few months later, I began actively exploring the field of lingerie in the US and Europe. I was trained by a coach who helped me get comfortable in this business early in the first stages.

The main focus of my business was handmade lingerie 😍 that will adorn girls all over the world!
The most important criteria which were important to me were:
❤️the quality of materials
❤️the beauty of products
❤️a fair price of the goods

Soon, I created a website, found product suppliers, and established contacts with my partners.
Do you want to know what happened next?)😊


They say all that glitters is not gold. Swipe➡️

Unless it's the Goddess Blessing Lingerie Set.

Be your own cheerleader this week. Be undeniably good💪🥰.

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They say all that glitters is not gold. Swipe➡️

Unless it's the Goddess Gold Lingerie Set.

Be your own cheerleader this week. Be undeniably good💪🥰.


🔥🔥🔥The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.

Audrey Hepburn❤️


Summer is here, and it's time to think about your wardrobe!🔥🔥🔥

We analyzed the trends of modern fashion houses and made the following conclusions:

💙Bright and vibrant shades (Fuchsia, Electric Blue, Lime Green, Neon Orange) catch the eye
🧡Mesh remains a favorite from season to season
💙Feathers will be very popular this season
🧡Lace in pastel colors with airy and delicate "crumples" is one of the trends of this warm season
💙Now it's time to wear rhinestones and sequins

Ladies, we are waiting for a very bright, juicy, eventful summer. There is not much time left, so hurry! ☺️ And remember, the basis of your wardrobe begins with lingerie! 🔥



Hi all! Today I will tеll you about how the Angie's Showroom lingerie brand was born!😻

I was tired of stores and being a buyer, therefore, I decided to start something new. I was always passionate about all things fashion: accessories, handbags, shoes, lingerie, and nightwear🔥. I always struggled to find beautiful, affordable, and sexy lingerie in the US, so just like that, I decided to start my own company. This was the advent of Angie's Showroom - a luxury, handmade lingerie store!

🇺🇸After moving to the USA, I decided to open my own online lingerie store. I understood that the lingerie market at that time was not very diverse, and I decided to make life easier for a huge number of girls by creating a brand of high-quality and beautiful lingerie. Having this invaluable resource online was crucial for us to get the word to our beloved customers.


🔥🔥🔥Father’s Day is coming, which means that discounts are starting in our online showroom!

We will have 15% off with a code - FATHERSDAY
Presale is valid from June 8 till June 15th

❤️From June 15th until June 19th, with the code FATHERSDAY22 you would can take a 20% discount on all of our products!

Delight and surprise your man with a new set of lingerie right now!🔥😊


4 reasons to wear beautiful lingerie✨

lingerie has always been something more than just a piece of women's wardrobe.

💫 Self-confidence
💫 Self-care
💫 To surprise your romantic partner
💫 To indulge yourself

It has been proven that buying a beautiful set of lingerie can improve your mood❤️

Love yourself every day, with sets from Angie's Showroom!


🎀What should you pay attention to when choosing lingerie for the summer?

1. For hot weather, lingerie made of cotton, silk, or fine mesh will be the best choice💫

2. You also need to pay attention to the fittings.
In summer, it is better to give preference to bras without push-ups, underwires, and frames🥰

3. If you are aiming to wear light color dresses, pant suits, and translucent shirts, then n**e sets are ideal🔥

🥺Are you already prepared for summer, or are you still looking for that very light and comfortable set?
Our showroom has a large selection of sets for the summer, which will be your perfect option for hot days.


Choose lingerie for your summer with Angie's Showroom!☀️

🔥As summer approaches, lighter fabrics begin to appear in our wardrobe. And for most girls, in this regard, there are many difficulties with the choice of underwear.

Properly selected lingerie is a key factor that will make you feel attractive and comfortable.

What lingerie do you prefer for summer?🧐


🔥We are sure that a woman can look the way she wants. Whether she exposes some parts of her body or whether she wears a tight dress or a down jacket, she can always wear beautiful underwear.

😍Beautiful underwear can be worn not only for seduction or body shaping, but because it is beautiful, and also because you like or want it.

Tell us in the comments why YOU wear beautiful underwear!❤️❤️


🎀Who would wear an underwire bra?

An unwire bra is ideal for those who value naturalness, beauty, and comfort.

In such a bra, breast support is carried out thanks to a special cut, straps, and dense fabric🔥

🌸The resulting soft and comfortable bra without wires will suit the owner of any breast size and shape.

The most important thing is to choose the right size and choose the right cup shape.

🔥This bra is perfect for any outfit. Your chest will look natural, while maintaining its natural shape.


Memorial Day is coming!😊
Memorial Day is a day in which we honor all U.S. troops who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation.

🔥In honor of the holiday, we offer DISCOUNTS to our patrons!

Buy a set of lingerie or nightwear with a 15% discount!

The offer is valid from May 24th through 31st!
Don't miss your chance!❤️❤️❤️


Our novelty in a delicate powdery color!🎀

This shade will emphasize your uniquene physique. You willsee yourself differently.

🌸Find your defining features in our stunning lingerie!


The "Shade" set is one of our most favorite customer sets 😍

☺️Please, leave a review telling us how you enjoy our lingerie..

You can feel how softly it caresses your body. Become the next owner of this blue lingerie set!🌸


🎀Brighten up your day with this gorgeous Bloom set!

Fill your day with positive moments, good moods, and beautiful lingerie! This can give you the confidence and radiance that you so desire 🤍


🫐Check out the reviews from our lingerie lovers!

Blythe M writes about our Bando Black Lingerie Set:

“Sleek and divine!
I originally bought this set as a gift for a sister and she could not stop raving about it, so I got one too! Lol! Highly recommend it. So simple and sleek, but it is absolutely divine.”😍🥰


Angie's Showroom lingerie is stylish lingerie for every occasion🤍

🌸Our lingerie is made from delicate, breathable fabric. The sets are hardly felt, so they feel like a second skin.

When you wear lingerie from Angie's Showroom, you get the perfect fit without any chafing or discomfort.

Timeline photos 05/08/2022

Happy Mother's day! We love you 💕💕💕 -

About Us

LOOKING FOR UNIQUE EXCLUSIVE HANDMADE LINGERIE? Congratulations, You just found it all!

Angie’s showroom is your one-stop destination for all your lingerie needs. Whether you are looking for sensual exquisite lingerie for a special date or for every day wear —we have it all in our online store. Angie’s showroom imports all its exclusive handmade designer lingerie from different European countries.

We import exquisite and delicate handmade lingerie, crafted with quality and care in mind. Our aim is to provide our customers with comfort and confidence, and an amazing shopping experience! The collections we have consist of beautifully tailored and customized lingerie, that can be made to order specifically for each customer. Lingerie is one of the most basic and important parts of your wardrobe, and we make sure that our products not only thrill you, but also make you feel beautiful, attractive, and comfortable.

We have an array of undergarments that will suit your wants and needs, no matter what. There are just so many styles, colors, patterns, and shapes available—the options are limitless.

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Black Friday Pre-Sale 15% off17-22 November Code - PRESALE #BlackFriday
It sure feels like summer here in the US! Are you ready for it? @angies.showroom invites you to try something new with t...
❤️The thing that we love the most about our lingerie collections, is how you can wear so many styles in so many differen...
🧐What is the difference between our lingerie and others? 1. Soft and pleasant fabric2. Good quality3. Handmade4. Aesthet...
It's all in the details! And we certainly take this to heart with every set we make. 🙌🏼What do you think about our detai...
Our pieces come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you’re looking for a a bridal ensemble, maternity bra, and eve...
Did you know our lace is sourced from Europe? As a showroom, we are committed to only using high-quality materials in ou...
So good we had to post about it TWICE! Vert Lime Lingerie Set comes with a matching bra and panty, and the matching gart...
Is there anything better than exquisite lace? We don’t think so 😍
Sicilia Set is on FIRE 🔥 this set is made with luxury European lace and la perla silk. Look at that detail 🤩What color w...
It’s impossible not to fall in love with our pink sets!! 💓 great for every day wear, a romantic night, and everything in...



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