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At Just For You Travel, our mission is to provide customers with the best value and high quality travel-related services. www.justforyoutravel.com

No matter the type of traveler or the type of travel, each booking has one thing in common all receive the same high level of integrity, value, timeliness, and professional service. We place a very high value on quality and attention to detail and will meet or exceed our clients' expectations. Places we have visited include:
San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, New York, Toronto, Orlando, St Agustin

travel.nationalgeographic.com 12/19/2014

Taj Mahal -- World Heritage Site -- National Geographic

One of the most recognized buildings in the world, it is sure to delight.
Do you know why the Taj Mahal was built?

travel.nationalgeographic.com Get facts, photos, and travel tips for the Taj Mahal, a World Heritage site in India, from National Geographic.

cntraveler.com 12/18/2014

Best Hotels and Resorts in India: 2014

There are some incredible hotels in India. Here are some of the best.

Which amenities would be key to a successful stay in India for you?

A. Simply a clean room
B. Central location
C. Tech-savvy hotel
D. All of the above

cntraveler.com Hotels and resorts in India on Condé Nast Traveler's 2014 Gold List: The World's Best Places to Stay

cntraveler.com 12/17/2014

What It's Like to Travel to The India That Time Forgot

If you travel to India you may want to ditch the pandemonium of the big cities and venture to some lesser known regions. Here are some highlights one on South eastern area.

Would you like to go here?

cntraveler.com Not too far from the high-tech campuses of Bangalore and the nightclubs of Goa sit two less-traveled parts of South India, where modernity barely...

creativebloq.com 11/07/2014

The 32 best photo apps | Photography | Creative Bloq

For those who prefer to travel light and just make use of your phone or Ipad's amazing technology, you won't want to miss these great photography apps. No one will know you left your bulky DSLR at home!
What is your favorite photography app?

creativebloq.com We select the best photo apps for iPhone, iPad and Android from cool cameras to photo editor tools.

cntraveler.com 11/07/2014

8 Traditional Korean Temples That Allow Overnight Stays

Have you been there, done that? Well you probably have not had an opportunity to spend the night at a temple in Korea. If you would like to have a new enlightening experience on your next trip, check this out! :)

cntraveler.com These temple stays make for an experience like none other, whether it's sleeping under a 100-foot Buddha statue or sharing tea with monks.

cntraveler.com 11/05/2014

Best Hotels and Resorts in South Korea: 2013

Wondering where to stay on your next trip to Seoul? Here are some of the finest hotels in this trendy city!
POLL: Do you prefer to stay in branded hotels or boutique style properties?
A. I like consistency so I prefer branded hotels.
B. I like the uniqueness of boutique style hotels.
C. Depends where I am going.

cntraveler.com Hotels and resorts in South Korea on Condé Nast Traveler's 2013 Gold List: The World's Best Places to Stay

cntraveler.com 11/05/2014

8 Must-See Neighborhoods in Seoul

Most people who visit South Korea, be sure to include a stop in the capital city of Seoul. There are so many wonderful districts to explore in this vibrant city and these are some of our favorites! Where would you like to wander?

cntraveler.com Whether you’re an arts lover, a sports fan, or a shopaholic, you’ll find a reason to visit one of Seoul’s many amazing neighborhoods.

cntraveler.com 10/29/2014

Top 30 Islands in the World: Readers' Choice Awards 2014

Many of us dream of island escapes during the harsh winter months. If that sounds like you, then be sure to take a look at these amazing islands!

Which island would you like to visit?

cntraveler.com Condé Nast Traveler readers ranked the best islands in the world. Is your favorite on the list? Read about all the best cities, hotels, resorts,...

travel.nationalgeographic.com 10/27/2014

Best Winter Trips 2014 -- National Geographic

Where do you want to go this winter? Do you look for something sunny or a winter wonderland? These are some of our favorite winter destinations!

travel.nationalgeographic.com There’s no reason to hibernate this winter when there are new beaches, slopes, sports, and festivals to discover.

cntraveler.com 10/25/2014

World's Longest Train Rides

A Grand Adventure doesn't mean you have to be gone for months! Why not try an amazing rail journey? Some of these trains offer all of the services you would find in the world's most luxurious hotels! Where would you like to travel by train?

cntraveler.com On these trips, the journey *is* the destination: Here are seven of the longest train journeys in the world—perfect for anyone not in a hurry.

m.theepochtimes.com 10/23/2014

Five Exotic Luxury Travel Experiences in Europe for 2014 - The Epoch Times

If you would like to visit Europe in style, this might be just what you are looking for!

Which exotic trip would you like to go on?

m.theepochtimes.com Regal Travel takes aim at the jet-set market, offering an Italian experience with amenities such as Ferraris and private jets. Phil Butler/Tyler...

cnn.com 10/21/2014

Top tips for flying long-haul with young children

Are you brave? Would you consider taking your kids on a long haul flight? If you answered "yes" then be sure to check out these awesome tips!

cnn.com A mother-of-two explains how to fly with kids without making everyone else on the plane hate you.

usatoday.com 10/15/2014

10Best: Beaches of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country rich in natural beauty and nowhere is that more evident than on its pristine beaches! Some of the world's best beaches are located on the shores of this small country.

If you could spend all day at a beach, what would you be doing?

A. Soaking up the sun
B. Playing beach volleyball
C. Reading a great book
D. Other ________________

usatoday.com Visitors to Costa Rica will find unspoiled beaches perfect for unplugging.

travel.nationalgeographic.com 10/14/2014

World's Best Ecolodges Photo Gallery -- National Geographic Traveler

If you are intrigued by the idea of "responsible travel", then you will definitely want to take a look at these innovative eco-lodges. We

travel.nationalgeographic.com Photos of the best ecolodges from around the world.

cntraveler.com 10/12/2014

The World's Roughest Cruise Itineraries

If you are a novice cruiser, you may be a little nervous about getting sea sick on a cruise. Not to worry as many of the popular cruise ships are equipped with state of the art stabilizers that allow you to shoot pool while 20 foot waves may be crashing against the windows. Whether you prefer calm waters or like a little adventure, be sure to check out these notoriously rough waters.

cntraveler.com Which bodies of water offer up the roughest seas? Find out and decide whether the allure of your cruise outweighs the potential for some rocking...

foodandwine.com 10/09/2014

Best Cruises for Food Lovers

One reason many people are drawn to cruising is the incredible food. From All-You-Can-Eat buffets to 7 course tastings at restaurants founded by the world's most celebrated chefs; you will not go hungry on board these amazing cruises.

foodandwine.com High-end beers, vegetarian menus, seafood-centric restaurants and locavore cuisine: A guide to the best eating and drinking on ocean and river...

thedailymeal.com 10/05/2014

101 Best Restaurants in Europe 2014

Europe has some amazing restaurants, period! Whether you are visiting the east or the west, islands or mainland, you will definitely want to try some of these great eats on your next trip to Europe!
Where did you eat the best meal you have had in Europe?

thedailymeal.com The Daily Meal presents its third annual list of the 101 Best Restaurants in Europe, a carefully selected collection of the Continent\'s finest...

huffingtonpost.ca 09/30/2014

And Europe's Finest Destination Is..

Are you wondering where to go on your next European adventure? Let us help! Here is one of the best destinations for 2014.

huffingtonpost.ca (Relaxnews) - A World Heritage city synonymous with port wine has been crowned the best European destination of 2014 for its “postcard-perfect...

cnn.com 09/25/2014

Beyond Mickey Mouse: Disney tops cruise ship rankings

Cruising with Disney is a unique experience. Even if you are a seasoned cruiser, Disney is sure to impress you with their spacious guest cabins, exciting programming and scrumptious dining options!

Where would you like to set sail to on your next cruise?

cnn.com Enough talk about drifting cruise ships with overflowing toilets -- that's cruising's rare dark side. On the other hand, how about a four-story...

time.com 09/18/2014

These are the 17 Most Beautiful Places to Visit While in Brazil for the...

Brazil has been in the spotlight recently. As the recent host of the World Cup and upcoming summer Olympics in 2016, we think you will fall in love with some of the country's most beautiful areas too.

Which area of Brazil would you most like to explore?

time.com Aside from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has more gems from the South American country’s seemingly endless must-sees

huffingtonpost.com 09/14/2014

The 11 Best Adults-Only All-Inclusives on the Beach

It is far easier to enjoy a romantic getaway without squealing tots running around! That is why we love these adult only all-inclusive resorts!

huffingtonpost.com If an all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink beach getaway with your honey sounds like your idea of a vacation, then we've got some great resort picks...

fodors.com 09/11/2014

5 Best All-Inclusive Resorts for Honeymoons

If you are planning a honeymoon soon, you won't want to miss these amazing all-inclusive resorts. Where is your dream honeymoon destination?

fodors.com There's no wondering why couples go the all-inclusive route for their honeymoon—pay one price and leave your worries and wallets behind. So we...

fodors.com 09/06/2014

Top 15 Beach Destinations for Winter Escapes

Many families want to getaway to beat the winter blues with a healthy dose of sunshine. These are some of the best beaches for those sun-seekers.

Where did you go on your last winter vacation?

fodors.com When most of the US is stuck in winter's icy grip, it’s a relief to know there's always somewhere warm and breezy to escape to. Start planning your...

ridemax.com 09/05/2014

Disney Spring Break: Three Tips for Beating the Crowds at Disney’s Theme...

Although many Disney Parks can be busy over spring break, if you follow these tips you can find out how to beat the crowds.

How would you like to experience Disney's Magic?
A. On a Disney Cruise
B. At Disney World
C. At Disneyland
D. Other ________________________

ridemax.com Disney Spring Break: Three Tips for Beating the Crowds at Disney’s Theme Parks Posted on February 6, 2014 by Mark Winters It’s that time of year...

travel.nationalgeographic.com 09/02/2014

Best Winter Trips 2014 -- National Geographic

As kids are heading back to school it is time to start thinking about what you are going to do over winter break. Here is a bit of inspiration.

Where would you like to spend winter break?

travel.nationalgeographic.com There’s no reason to hibernate this winter when there are new beaches, slopes, sports, and festivals to discover.

fodors.com 08/31/2014

10 Best US Theme Parks for 2014

A quick getaway to a theme park may be all many adults can (or want) to commit to. Many of these great amusement parks are a short flight away and perfect for a fun weekend getaway.

What are your favorite types of rides?
A. The scarier the better
B. I prefer not to lose my lunch after going on a ride

fodors.com It’s already clear that this is going to be a record-breaking year, with new attractions that push the limits of speed, height, and imagination.

caribjournal.com 08/31/2014

The Caribbean’s Most Romantic All-Inclusive Resorts – 2014

Does jet-setting to the Caribbean to enjoy a romantic escape at a luxurious all-inclusive resort sound like a perfect holiday? Let's make it happen!

caribjournal.com There's an exotic quality to the islands of the Grenadines, a feeling that you're in a truly different corner of the globe.

sandiegomagazine.com 08/29/2014

52 Weekend Getaways - San Diego Magazine - May 2014 - San Diego, California

Here are some more amazing destinations for a quick getaway.

Where do you want to go next weekend?

sandiegomagazine.com Whether you want to hike, snorkel, stargaze, or spend time with the family, here are 52 great (and quick!) escapes—one for every weekend of the year.

huffingtonpost.com 08/15/2014

5 Pieces of Advice for Volunteering Internationally

Here is some great advice to ensure your Voluntourism experience is positive for you and those whom you'll help.

Have you had the opportunity to volunteer while traveling? Share any tips you may have.

huffingtonpost.com There is a lot to do to prepare for a successful experience. In honor of International Volunteer Day, and in an effort to develop more impactful...

huffingtonpost.ca 08/12/2014

Is Voluntourism Really Right for You?

Do you have visions of making the world a better place? Then Voluntourism maybe just for you! Find out a bit more about giving back while on vacation.

What type of volunteer projects interest you?

huffingtonpost.ca Many of us have volunteered during our travels before, and it seems that many more are considering it with each passing day. For good reason, too....

therichest.com 08/10/2014

10 Of The Most Unique And Luxurious Vacation Destinations

Are you looking for a unique but luxurious vacation? These awesome destinations will definitely be brag-worthy!

Which unique destination would you like to travel to next? Call us so we can start planning.

therichest.com This world is, fortunately, filled with beautiful places that overwhelm the viewers’ eyes.

cnn.com 08/07/2014

Peek inside the world's most expensive hotel rooms

These luxurious hotel suites won't leave you wanting for much! Many of these are bigger than our homes!

If money was no object, which of these suites would you like to stay in?

cnn.com Once, five-figure suites were a rarity. Now -- as the wold becomes populated with more millionaires -- they are an increasingly common feature at...



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