Justice For Yvonne McDonald

Justice For Yvonne McDonald


Did I hear at last night's city council meeting that the investigation is reopened? Finally, this family deserves answers and closure. Heart felt love to all of you ❤
Been looking 4 yo ass fo ever
Please share. These folks are our family in Olympia. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10218880683508056&id=1231264126
Just saw this article this morning. Why is it that these country boys have an estimated month wait for toxicology while it’s been an 8 month wait for family?

“Warnock said it didn’t seem apparent that drugs or alcohol played into the accident. As of Tuesday afternoon, causes of death for the two men had not been determined.

Warnock said his office will begin examination Wednesday morning. A standard toxicology screening will be included in the examination and results will likely take about a month to come back.”
Miss You so much!!!!
It took only 3 days to determine a cause of death for this poor man and his family- has a cause of death been officially determined for Yvonne and her family yet?

Love you Yvonne always. We will find out what happened.
I think we all get the point....STOP THE VIOLENCE!

We are about Love & Justice for Yvonne McDonald. We need support from the community, we still cant access autopsy records. The individual who said he found her has a history of lying to his supervisor, he has been reprimanded for negligence, incompetence and failing to report accidents.

He is still employed with the city of Olympia. justice4yvonne.com


Yesterday, two Olympia Police Department officers were stabbed while responding to a 911 call in West Olympia, and the suspect in the incident was shot. To read the statement on the incident from Interim Police Chief Rich Allen, visit https://mailchi.mp/olympiawa.gov/statement-on-injured-officers. The Capital Metropolitan Independent Investigation Team is handling the investigation of the incident. All questions about the incident and the investigation should be directed to them. The team’s public information officer is Sgt. Shannon Barnes of the Lacey Police Department and can be reached at 360.239.2633.

MMIWWashington Blanket Project, organized by Elizabeth Rodrick 03/16/2022

MMIWWashington Blanket Project, organized by Elizabeth Rodrick

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Washington (MMIWW) welcomes the solidarity of others to support the MMIWW Blanket Project.

MMIWW advocates and provides support service for survivors and families of Indigenous people who have gone missing and/or been murdered. Follow them on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/MMIWWashington/

"Traditionally, Native American gift giving in a sacred manner has always been part of our culture. Giving and receiving a blanket is one of the highest forms of respect in honoring someone. MMIWW would like to give away blankets with our logo on to survivors, families, and community members. Helping to bless others by giving and honoring, will be a blessing for you, your families, and your organizations."
Earth - Feather Sovereign Director/Founder, MMIWW

You are invited to support the MMIWW Blanket Project. Your donation of $77 is your gift of five blankets to MMIW Washington. Checks may be made out to Learning Right Relations, with MMIWW Blanket on the memo line. Mail to LRR, 5515 40th Ave SW, Olympia, WA 98512. Or online donations may be made at gofundme.com/MMIWW - blanket.

Learning Right Relations, non-tribal people working in solidarity with MMIWW, is helping raise the funds needed for this important project.

MMIWWashington Blanket Project, organized by Elizabeth Rodrick Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Washington (MMIWW) welcomes the solidarity of o… Elizabeth Rodrick needs your support for MMIWWashington Blanket Project


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State Trooper Is One Of America's Worst (VIDEO)

Reminds me of some old officers


Joy and Justice gift giveaway Dec 21 - 23 5pm to 7:30pm



Ask: can someone haul all of this cardboard ASAP from the YWCA so that we are ready for our event tomorrow?


Getting ready to serve...Thank you volunteers and donors for making this happen!!



The City of Olympia ( management) have been treating me as if their police and employee ( who has a history of lying to his supervisors about vehicle accidents while on duty, being negligent, incompetent with one supervisors stating that he should never operate a street sweeper again) shouldn't be investigated.

The recent statement by Jay Burney that an investigation was complete is false.

The city hired and paid $50,000 or more to a private law firm hand picked by city Manager Jay Burney and former police chief Aaron Jelcick to review the file.

If you pay someone $50000 to do a job I guarantee you they will do their best to give you the results you want just like this law firm did.

The report made by this law firm includes the same bu****it lies that are in the police reports and they attempted to discredit some of the evidence they had me share with them

I'm not surprised but I will say that Justice for Yvonne McDonald will happen because we will not stop until we get it!


We are excited to have a documentary in the works. We need to make sure that we keep sharing and calling attention to the story of Yvonne McDonald. Her life matters! Her story is not over and her memory is worth fighting for!


Tonight at City Council Jay Burney stated that he has followed the wishes if the family. This is categorically false. The family of Yvonne McDonald have demanded an INDEPENDENT investigation of her murder. The city hired a law firm with the intention of protecting the city, not investigating on the behalf of Yvonne's family. This is NOT justice. The family of Yvonne McDonald does not recognize the actions of this City as legitimate or honest. Jay Burney has not met the most basic demands of Yvonne McDonald's family and his statements at tonight's City Council meeting did not satisfy a single question this community has about Yvonne McDonald's death.

Truth may be a slow train coming, but we will have justice because we won't be silent until we do!


After you vote, make sure to check your ballot status here: https://voter.votewa.gov/WhereToVote.aspx


I havent posted about Yvonne in a while, because I do not want to give those who oppose me the opportunity to attack my aunt further. They have already been disrespectful during this campaign.

I just want to let you all know....My mom and I are still fighting for Justice for Yvonne McDonald: Cant Stop, Wont Stop Speaking Out and we will not stop until it happens!

So much love to all of my supporters.

Please vote.......Justice, Equity, Housing, Safety, and our Environment Matter to all of us and I will fight for it


There is still plenty of time to vote

Timeline photos 10/08/2021

Timeline photos

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🔥REEDers Digest, Edition 3 09/29/2021

🔥REEDers Digest, Edition 3

REEDers Digest Edition 3

🔥REEDers Digest, Edition 3 "How would you protect those communities which are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and make your community as a whole more resilient to climate change?" Talauna's response: I am a single black mother who has experienced homelessness and systemic racism and I can tell you that more....

Interfaith Works 2021 Candidate Forum Promotional video! 07/27/2021

Interfaith Works 2021 Candidate Forum Promotional video!

Interfaith Works 2021 Candidate Forum Promotional video!


Talauna Reed: Not your typical politician. Olympia City Council Pos 5


Congratulations to Talauna Reed for earning the sole endorsement by Thurston County Democrats for Olympia City Council Position #5. This is a historic moment and a true endorsement for change, justice and equality in Olympia! TOGETHER WE WILL WIN!!!

Photos from Talauna Reed-For The People-Nothing About Us Without Us's post 06/25/2021

Photos from Talauna Reed-For The People-Nothing About Us Without Us's post


53 days until the primaries! Talauna Reed for Olympia City Council- A Vote for the People

Photos from Justice For Yvonne McDonald's post 06/10/2021



JOIN US!!!!! And please help spread the word!!!

Olympia City Hall
Thursday June 10th from 2-4pm.

Join the family of Yvonne McDonald,
and demand JUSTICE.

The olympia poLice department and city manager jay burney have helped cover up Yvonne’s murder in olympia since 2010.




TW: Graphic contents
We still need Justice for Yvonne McDonald and Jay Burney will not listen so here is what I sent him this morning. My entire family is grieving the loss of another family member at this time. I Cant Stop and Wont Stop fighting for Justice for Yvonne.

So Jay Burney

You have once again lied to me. You're "investigator" ( attorney) just contacted my mom for the first time ever this week and has never interviewed her. She is currently trying to get information out of my mother right now.
I am going to be very up front with you. The city of Olympia is aware of what an independent investigation against a corrupt police department consists of. In addition your employee Henry Morales who hit my aunt while operating one of your vehicles needs to be terminated and prosecuted. Have you seen his reprimand file even better has your " investigator" seen it? He should have been a suspect from day one. I am not going to be quiet any longer. Do you job and account for the actions of everyone involved. You are accountable to my family and this community.
Asking my mother what she wants investigated is not only redundant but ridiculous and insensitive. She just lost another one of her sisters last week. Have the investigator contact every member of my family, have her contact me....have her interview Henry Morales, Quinn Gagnon and Jordan Reischer and ask them why they did not perform CPR ask how Yvonne had on two pairs if underwear on in the pictures but none in evidence, ask why she is wearing a brown bra in pictures, yet they say there is a pink bra in evidence. Ask what took so long to transport an unconscious naked woman to the hospital. Ask her to ask why they took Yvonnes deceased body back to the scene to take pictures!!!!!
Have her call me I can tell her what needs to be investigated, including you for helping to obstruct justice. Yvonne's life mattered and so does every Black Life. The City of Olympia will be reminded every chance I get.



We need change

It is pretty simple. The money spent by city's defending killer cops and others who are clearly guilty of murder is money that could be spent on improving the quality of our communities. The $50,000 spent by Jay Burney ( olympia city mgr) and the city council to bring on a high profile attorney to protect the interest of OPD in the murder case of Yvonne McDonald is another example of how funds could've been spent on housing, cultural education, training, crisis response, etc.

Jay Burney lied to the public and said the city was conducting an INDEPENDENT investigation AND the members of the current city council showed no opposition to the city manager selecting a law firm to " investigate" the murder of a black woman and telling the public that this firm would be investigating all individuals involved in the case including the street sweeper who has an extensive history of negligence, incompetence, wreckless driving, failure to report accidents caused by him while driving city vehicles, for lying to supervisors, and also was never considered a suspect in the murder of Yvonne McDonald- because that is what we demanded!

First of all the demand was made clear and ignored by city leaders.
And second, lets hold them accountable for all of their neglect, for not ensuring that we are safe, for not responding to the housing crisis that they played a huge role in creating by prioritizing developers and their own personal interests instead of the community, which is true affordable housing and not 450 square foot units starting at 1800 plus a month per unit. Keeping in mind this complex is directly facing a truly uninhabitable homeless encampment. We have it thrown in our faces everytime they undermine the people and try and make moves like the West Bay Yards Agreements without US. By voting for Talauna Reed for City Council- A Vote for the People and others who will not stop fighting for the People is a great start to making Olympia a great capitol city. Just voting current members out of office is not enough!!!

Talauna Gets the Call 03/25/2021

Talauna Gets the Call

Talauna Gets the Call Talauna Reed is out enjoying a brisk jog when she receives a call explaining that Mayor Selby of Olympia has asked for all the people of the color to come to...

I just gave to Talauna Reed! 03/05/2021

I just gave to Talauna Reed!

I just gave to Talauna Reed! Join us! Contribute today.

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Joy and Justice gift giveaway Dec 21 - 23 5pm to 7:30pm
Letter to an Olympia Mayor by Talauna Reed Produced by Justice for Yvonne McDonald #selbygotitwrong
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop




Olympia, WA

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