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It’s important to remember that it ’s never a good idea to p ut off dealing with cracks or chi ps in your car’s windshield. Left to the ir own devices, you may find th at those little cracks become impossible to s ee through with enough time.


Are you seeing flowers? As au to glass restoration and repair experts, we kn ow nicks, chips, and cracks come in a ll sizes and shapes. If the damag ed area is generally round, and t he missing glass forms a petal-like patte rn, then you have a flower ch ip.


Are you seeing bulls-eyes? As au to glass restoration and repair experts, we kn ow nicks, notches, and dings come in eve ry shape and size. If the damag ed area on your windshield is da rk in the center and lighter arou nd the edges, you have a bulls-e ye chip.


Mobile glass repair brings a technici an and all the tools of t he trade to you! Your damaged vehic le windows can then be repaired at t he location you choose. Call us to ma ke an appointment!


Do you need auto glass restorati on and repair? If there’s a di ng or nick in your rear windshie ld, you do. Why? Small chips a nd cracks in rear windshields can usual ly be repaired, saving you the co st associated with replacing the entire windshie ld.


The 1930s brought significant advancements in au to glass manufacturing. In 1938, for examp le, Pittsburgh Plate Glass developed Herculite, a temper ed glass that was thinner than laminat ed glass but five to 10 tim es stronger than plate glass.


Radical air pressure changes can sometim es cause stress cracks in windshields. Whi le it’s not common, extreme wind pressur es or shock waves from even a dista nt crash or explosion can produce sufficie nt force to create stress cracks.


While Ford was the first au to manufacturer to offer laminated glass in windshiel ds, others took this advancement to t he next level. By 1926, the Rickenback er Motor Co. was producing cars wi th safety glass as a standard eleme nt in every window opening.


The process of glass laminating, us ed for windshields in the early 190 0s, was invented by two European m en: Edouard Benedictus and John C. Wo od.


We recognize how expensive it c an be to replace your entire windshie ld after a mishap on the ro ad. Remember, it’s often possible to repa ir the damage to your windshield a nd restore it in lieu of goi ng through the expensive replacement.


The tempered glass in your si de and rear windows is actually tough er than the laminated glass; however, it 's also more unstable. That means a ro ck could shatter a tempered glass windshie ld, while a laminated glass windshield wou ld stay intact with just a cra ck.


“The reason the windshield is so lar ge and the rearview mirror is so sma ll is because what’s happened in yo ur past is not nearly as importa nt as what’s in your future.” Jo el Osteen


The side and rear windows of yo ur car are made with tempered gla ss, also known as "safety glass." T he glass is designed to shatter in to small bits when broken. That mea ns that, rather than repair it, an au to glass expert will usually replace t he glass.


Window and windshield repair uses special ly designed tools and resins to cle an and treat the cracks or chi ps. As technology improves over time, t he tools and resins we use ha ve become better and better at repairi ng these chips and cracks.We use t he most current forms of technology availab le!


Car makers such as Ford a nd Reo offered windshields as optional featur es on their cars prior to 1915. In 19 15, Oldsmobile became the first dealership to se ll a car with a windshield as standa rd equipment.


As auto glass restoration and repa ir experts, we’ve seen every kind of de nt, ding, and chip. If the damag ed area is shallow with a sma ll dark spot and no radiating lin es, it sounds like you have what ’s known as a B.B. chip in yo ur windshield.


While most automotive manufacturers purchased gla ss from factories such as Libbey-Owens a nd Pittsburgh Plate Glass, the Ford Co. produced most of the glass us ed in its automobiles until the mid-193 0s.


Some changes were made to windshiel ds in the 1930s. During this ti me, Cadillacs made cars with a vertical ly split-"V" type swing-out windshield that join ed in the front center of t he car.


Following a windshield replacement, it’s recommend ed that you wait 24 hours befo re washing your vehicle. This is becau se the high pressure from car wash es can damage the seal and oth er moldings before the urethane has a chan ce to cure sufficiently.


Early cars were basically wagons wi th engines, and since wagons didn't ha ve windshields, neither did the cars. To ke ep things out of their eyes, bo th drivers and passengers would wear googl es. The first windshields didn't show up unt il 1904.


While so many other car repai rs can involve exorbitant pricing and keepi ng your car in the shop f or weeks at a time, your windshie ld isn’t the same thing. Let’s ta lk about whether we can help y ou restore your visibility in a sho rt period.


While deep scratches can be remov ed from auto windshields and side windo ws, this is a job for t he pros. Why? It requires the u se of a grinder and aggressive polishi ng compounds which can in inexperienced han ds create distortions in the glass.


If your vehicle’s windshield is crack ed or otherwise compromised in any w ay, it’s important that you have it proper ly repaired as soon as possible. T he windshield is a vital safety featu re of your car that adds streng th during an accident and keeps occupan ts from being ejected.


Often, to repair chips and sma ll cracks in windshields and windows, a gla ss resin is used to fill in t he chip. This resin is then cur ed and polished.


In the early 1900s, people we re at risk to lose their liv es in accidents by going headfirst throu gh their windshield. This event was call ed “wearing a glass necklace.”


It’s important to remember that a crack ed windshield is more than just an obstructi on in your field of vision whi le driving. Given the right circumstances, yo ur windshield could shatter while you’re behi nd the wheel.


In 1928, Pittsburgh Plate Glass introduc ed an economical version of laminated gla ss. The first financially successful U.S. pla te glass manufacturer called their product Dupla te.


Many vehicles have a rear wind ow defroster, sensor or other technology install ed. When repairing or reinstalling a re ar window with these technologies, our expe rt staff can work around it a nd make sure that everything works on ce a repair or reinstall is comple te.


Have you been hoping to p ut off dealing with the small crac ks in your car’s windshield as a w ay to save money? Since cracks te nd to get larger over time, y ou may find that you have few er options for repair the longer y ou wait to handle it.


The first technology and equipment to tru ly repair windshields was introduced in 1971. Befo re than, the best you could do w as cosmetic repairs. An oil-based liquid wou ld be poured into the crack a nd fill it, which would hide t he crack without fixing it.


It’s important to get small wind ow and windshield cracks and chips repair ed as soon as possible because th ey can turn into a large cra ck that can’t be repaired. This wi ll result in a full window or windshie ld replacement.


Over time, headlights can become scratch ed and cloudy, which can significantly affe ct their brightness and clarity. To rega in a like-new appearance, glass restorers u se a special glass polishing process th at removes dirt and surface imperfections.


Does it ever seem like yo ur car chooses the absolute worst momen ts for your budget to start givi ng you problems? Luckily, repairing cracks a nd chips in your car’s windshield doesn ’t always have to be a budget-busti ng issue.


Did you know that warm weath er conditions can cause windshield chips to spre ad into vertical cracks? This is becau se the heat distorts the shape of t he glass, leading to cracking—a condition ma de worse by the cooling effect of t he air conditioning unit.


During the 1960s and 1970s, ma ny advancements came in the strength of laminat ed windshields and safety glass. In fa ct, the windshields introduced in 1966 we re so strong that they could ta ke three times the amount of for ce and impact from earlier windshields.




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