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Okoboji Cab is open all weekend! Day and night! 💛


Last day for early bird registration! Ages 3+! First two years free! Please reach out to any hockey parent If you need help registering!! 🖤💙

📆 Early Bird Registration Ends 09/15!

Register today:

| Lakes Ice Arena


Call Okoboji Cab during the week nights also! 712-209-5060


I don’t normally make “controversial or political” posts. However, as we move into a crazy insane season for Okoboji, as a business owner I’d like to say a few things. It is tough in Okoboji right now. We are all stressed about the upcoming season, that is just days away. Your local businesses can not find good employees to save their lives. Not only that, but our international students that come here from overseas to help work the jobs no one wants to work are not coming this year. So please be patient with all local businesses here, we are trying. Some of us are going to be working 15-20 hour days to try to give you your summers you love and enjoy. You will be waiting, you probably won’t always have the best service. Okoboji is a moving barge and we all work together in this industry to make it a great summer. Giving bad review on some non-legit review page some bored person decided to create is not helping anything. Yes employees may be grumpy on their 15th hour of work and their 20th bachelorette party of the day. Please be kind, please be patient. And if you know of any good employees that want to work their asses off and give you great service this summer send them to every business in Okoboji because we are all hiring. Some businesses don’t even know if they can open because they don’t have the employees. Think before you speak. 💙⚓️


It’s going to be a great summer when local vacation rental owners post this and it’s your industry!! 🥰 look out Boji summer 2021 here we come! ☀️☀️Call us!! 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️🚕🚕🚕🚕


Okoboji Cab will be closed tonight Friday night. We will reopen tomorrow afternoon. I apologize for any inconvenience 🤍

Okoboji Cab Services 04/10/2021

Okoboji Cab Services

Okoboji Cab opens at 5:00pm tonight!! 💕🥰🚕

Okoboji Cab Services Okoboji Taxi Service


Thank you all so much for using Okoboji Cab! A locally grown small business 🥰


Okoboji Cab opens at 5pm today Friday night and 5pm tomorrow Saturday night
712-209-5060 we have 2 vans out ! 🚕🚕👯‍♀️💃🏼🍸


Okoboji Cab is Open tonight! Call us! 712-209-5060 🚕🚕

Seattle native goes viral in plea to tip delivery drivers, gets $50,000 in donations to avoid homelessness 02/24/2021

Seattle native goes viral in plea to tip delivery drivers, gets $50,000 in donations to avoid homelessness

Taxi/cab drivers make most of their money from tips and are also a part of the service industry! This news clip hits close to my heart as a business owner in the service industry! ❤️

Seattle native goes viral in plea to tip delivery drivers, gets $50,000 in donations to avoid homelessness A tearful plea to the public from a Seattle native regarding tipping your delivery drivers went viral and lead to an enormous outpouring of support.


Okoboji Cab will be closed this weekend starting today! We will reopen Monday morning 2/15 Thanks! 🤍


To get ahold of Okoboji Cab this weekend please call 712-339-1767 (our main line is not working) please share !


Winter Games 41 - Wrap Up Video

Why would you not want to Live, work & Play here?? This video is pulling all the heart strings ❤️


Okoboji......The greatest place in the world! 🤍🤍
Winter Games Okoboji 2021

Photo Credit: Tom Gustafson Drone Photgraphy


Okoboji never disappoints.....thank you everyone for another amazing Okoboji Winter Games 🤍❄️🤍
Photo: Ben Ford Photography


Okoboji Cab is open tonight Thursday night until bar close! 712-209-5060


Okoboji Cab is open all day today for the snowmobile races!! With multiple cabs! 712-209-5060


Yessssssss!!!!!!! 🍗🍗🍗🍗 fun date night idea!! 🙌🏼 stay local!! Support small businesses!!

Come try our wings! We now feature boneless!
-$0.70 bone in or boneless
-Happy hour prices all night!
•$1 off Drinks •$1.50 off Apps


Okoboji Cab is open until bar close tonight! And opens up tomorrow Christmas Day at 6pm!! Merry Christmas!! 🎄


Okoboji Cab will be back open running regular businesses hours this weekend! The light at the end of the tunnel is here! Thank you all for your business this year and supporting me and my girls!! See you this weekend! 712-209-5060 🚕👯‍♀️💜


Need a ride to hang with the Fam?? Or to your favorite local joint? Call us!!


We are open!!! Call Okoboji Cab!! 712-209-5060


A tasty grab and go with some added fresh air!! 🧀 🤤


#1- Dine in! We are set up so patrons will be socially distanced.
#2- Call 712-332-2777 to place an order that we will deliver to your vehicle.
#3- Visit www.theritzokoboji.com to order for pickup &/or delivery to your vehicle.

Your support during these uncertain times has made one thing certain...we live, work and play in one of the absolute best places on earth.

Thank you,
Taylor, Coyote & Crew


Hungry? Dine-in, carry out and order online today! www.snappersboji.com


Are you starting to put those curbside pick ups in?? Take the extra step and have everything delivered right to your door step!! Call Okoboji cab for door step drop off!!
712-209-5060 🖤


Okoboji Cab will open At 3pm today


Okoboji Cab will open at 5pm today! Happy Saturday!!


Lots going on tonight!! It’s local dart night, $8 burger and fries at The Ritz!! wing night at The Gardens! Call us so you can relax and have a good time!! 712-209-5060


Skip out on getting into a cold vehicle and scraping ice off!!🥶🥶 Call for a warm ride or delivery from Okoboji Cab!! 🚕 💫⛄️❄️ 712-209-5060


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Don’t forget about delivery! favorite restaurant, groceries, Starbucks ☕️ 🚕 HyVee donuts right to your door !!




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