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Timeline photos 09/18/2021

Timeline photos

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Goodbye Pat's Towing, Inc. Gary Keahey started this company in the fall of 1996. It's been a great run. Gary has made many friends and some frienemies. Many scenarios have had an influence on this decision. In the end, it boils down to FAMILY MUST COME FIRST !!! Thank you all for your support and trust all these years. You have fed our family and paid for our lights. We love you all. Thanks and God Bless 🥰

Photos from Pat's Towing's post 08/11/2021

Photos from Pat's Towing's post


Not only is it President's Day, its also extremely cold and frozen outside. Under the snow is a layer of ice on the roads. Stay safe. Don't be stupid. Stay home.


You're out on the roads , and so are we. Give us a call for your towing and recovery needs. 405-793-7774. OKC/&surrounding areas.


We wish everyone a safe New Years Eve!! 💛🎉🥂🎊💛



UPDATE: OHP releases info on deadly I-44 crash, identifies victims 07/09/2020

UPDATE: OHP releases info on deadly I-44 crash, identifies victims

laws have failed another tow brother 😔

UPDATE: OHP releases info on deadly I-44 crash, identifies victims I-44 crash ends in fatality, other driver in critical condition


As a wrecker operator, life is what you do while waiting for the phone to ring.☎️



It takes a particular individual to jump out of bed at 3am and gently kiss his wife’s forehead, whispering “I got a call.” As he throws on his uniform, grab his boots and rushes out the door. He knows that the police and/or fire dept. are waiting and counting on him to be there within 10. To clear the intersection, help a stranded motorist or even deal with a death. His adrenaline pumping, not knowing what to expect but ready to assist regardless of the situation. They have had many good experiences and also many bad. Never forgetting the first fatality or even the first hoarder tow. His reward is getting the tow and maybe a nice review... it doesn’t matter cause he loves his career and is a proud operator. While I understand the typical perspective of a tow co. It’s not what we all do. I’m not the guy who repo’d your car or towed it from the apt. complex. Most of us are fathers with children at home who see us as their hero’s. Waiting at the window for them to come home and maybe get a glimpse of the beacons. Some are mothers who have overcome so much and have decided to sling chains and bump elbows with the best. Regardless they all have a story and believe in helping others. The industry I love is being strongly effected by the recent pandemics. 60-80% drop in business and many will not be able to withstand the blow. I ask that you keep them all in your prayers and may we all be considerate to each other a bit more. We are upon difficult times and more to come. Let us all let go of the bs and understand forgiveness is freedom from hate. No matter the color, s*x, religion or political preference. I share the emptiness and fear of what is yet to come. May we all look forward to better days and remember God does not place things in front of us that we cannot handle. Stay safe, always be cautious and wash your damn hands! 🙏🏽


Just a little winching 😜

Photos from Pat's Towing's post 01/26/2020

Welcome to our newest rescues 🥰


Red Ribbon Day Parade

Photos from Pat's Towing's post 10/13/2019

This day was fun!


Kelly Fox : it is unfortunate that you feel that my office staff's proper response and legal obligation was somehow directed to afflict you or hurt your feelings. Sadly, for people of your circumstances (you are, by far, not the first) , we must follow the laws, rules and regulations put forth by the great state of Oklahoma. ONLY the LEGAL OWNER (printed on front of the title , or on a current registration [printed within 3 days]) can access a vehicle to remove personal items. This is for the safety of all vehicle owners. We cannot take the word of a complete stranger into court to show why we let someone "clean out" the belongings of the owner. If the owner isn't available, a notarized affidavit from the owner, giving (said persons) to act on their behalf , is also accepted. However, in that case, you must understand and agree that you are now a party of financial responsibility for that vehicle. There must always be a legal paper trail for us to do our job effectively and proper. I hope the legal owner has given you what you need . Please be safe and always . GOD BLESS.

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