Jumping Jack Taxes Oklahoma

Jumping Jack Taxes Oklahoma


Comenzando mañana a las 11 am hora central y todos los miercoles a la 1 pm hora central, comenzamos con nuestra sección de " Hablemos de taxes" con preguntas y respuestas con Liz de 10 Tax Services LLC.
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Financial Professionals
Tax Preparation Services, Bookkeeping, Notary Services & Life Insurance

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It’s stressful to be a business owner during tax time 😩. But my company Jumping Jack Taxes Oklahoma can help.

LINK IN BIO to book a free virtual consultation. We the fastest growing financial services serving 50 states.

We offer:

• Personal Tax Prep

• Small Business Tax Prep

• Accountability Program / Bookkeeping

• Tax Consult / Tax Planning

• Crypto / NFT Taxes

• Life Insurance

And it’s owned by the culture ✊🏾


Someone needed to hear this on today! We are in the EVE before the IRS opens its virtual doors. To all my small business owners, side hustlers....Don't be James! 😅😅😅💰


Just so you know WHY your 2019/2020 refund is late. Why your returns are backlogged & why your 2021 returns will most likely be delayed. 😬


5 qualifications for up to 8K child dependent credit, this credit is in addition to the child tax credit.

1. Have earned income (job w2, 1099 contractor or business owner)
2. Child must be aged 12 or younger.
3. Make less than 125K
4. Paid someone or a daycare to watch your children while you work, look for work or full time student. It can be anyone you paid EXCEPT your spouse (wife,husband), other parent (mom, dad), other child’s sibling age 18 or younger.
5. Live in U.S. for 6+ MO. To claim the credit form 2441 has to be filled out “Child and Dependent Care Credit” you must provide name of person or daycare, Address, TIN (ssn, EIN,ITIN) and amount paid. Click link in bio to book a over the phone consultation.


DELIVERY DRIVERS??? Don’t miss out on these 12 tax write offs that you mite not know of.

For more info contact us at https://www.jumpingjacktaxes.com/thestevensonfamily and set your appointment now!!


The Kangaroo Heroes will be on all of our tax & accounting marketing campaigns this year 2022. Imagine seeing your Hero as you’re driving down the street.

That’s legendary 🔥💎

Having a Kangaroo Hero in your wallet has its perks:

• Exclusive access to all of our virtual / in-person financial & networking events. We host speakers to come and educate on different topics

• 30% off all of our financial services from tax prep, bookkeeping, planning & consultations. And if there’s not a Jumping Jack Tax location near you, then you can book a virtual appointment to access the services.

We’re releasing 10,000 Kangaroo Hero NFT’s in the first week of January for 0.07 ETH which is roughly ($300 USD) + Gas Fees.

This is going to be major 🔥

Jumping Jack Taxes Oklahoma updated their website address. 01/05/2022

Jumping Jack Taxes Oklahoma updated their website address.

Jumping Jack Taxes Oklahoma updated their website address.

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Completed my continued education hours and have the privilege to be added on the IRS Website directory. This is what sets apart a “Tax preparer” Vs “Tax professional” As professionals we make sure we study the laws, codes and stay updated on any tax law changes each year. Ready for tax season 🔥🚀🚀🚀


See you in 2021 Tax season enjoy the holidays ! 🎄


We would like to officially welcome Alicia Davis to Jumping Jack Taxes OKC team as one of our tax professionals! She will be a great asset to our company 🙌🏽 Looking forward to the 2021 tax season with her. Let’s go 🔥🔥🔥


Download the Jumping Jack Tax App today to book your appointment for Taxes, Life insurance Or bookkeeping! Link to download 👇Also available on Google play.


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We’re providing 30 jobs this year and probably 100 more next year 🚀🔥

To fill out your application click the link below 👇


Facts!!!! Everybody has to start somewhere……don’t give up on your dreams no matter what. 💎💎


Hard work always pay off…..content is everything 2021 of your trying to build your business! Feels good for our franchise to be recognized for our great work by your mentor . 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 much more to come!


Don’t wait until it’s tax time to ask for tax advice and wonder why you owe so much in taxes. Be proactive, not reactive. 😂


The credit is 50% of total expenses you paid someone to take care of your child while you work, look for work or while being a full time student. The maximum amount of expenses you can claim for 1 child is $8,000, which means you could see up to $4,000 increase on your refund if you only have one child. The maximum amount of expenses you can claim for two or more kids is $16,000 which means you could see up to an $8,000 increase on your refund if you have two or more kids. Stay tuned for part 2 of what the 5 requirements are!!


Did you know 20 out of a 100 small businesses fail within the first 12 months and only 25 % will make it past the 10 year mark! Don’t allow yourself to be a failed statistic 🗣 Get your numbers in order with a professional so you can plan for success 🚀 DM “Success” for more info on how we can help! Follow us for more content on IG @ronandlizzyjumpingjacktax

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Some great info for small businesses to know when it comes to tax deductions and more from Jack!!

For more info follow us at JJT / 10 Tax Services LLC


Hey everyone, hope your having a great day. When you get a chance today we would love if you guys could leave us a Review on your experience here at Jumping Jack Tax Business Page. We definitely appreciate it!! Thank you!!

Jumping Jack Taxes Oklahoma now takes appointments on their Page. 11/29/2021

Jumping Jack Taxes Oklahoma now takes appointments on their Page.

Jumping Jack Taxes Oklahoma now takes appointments on their Page.


When you have a business and your friends/family ask why they never see you 😩

This is massively relatable.

Listen, it’s nothing personal. I’m just drowning in bills right now lol.

The IRS wants their money.
The landlord wants their money.
Invoices have to be paid.
Payroll has to be met.
Overhead costs need to be met.

Nothing personal, I promise 😂


Jack wanted to drop some wisdom on y’all this Wednesday

The real wealth is in the knowledge. Stop trying to skip the process 🔥


Come and join the biggest black and brown growing Tax , bookkeeping, and life insurance company in the country….. contact us today!! Download the app and find us >>>>> https://apps.apple.com/us/app/jumping-jack-taxes/id1292400875


Don’t forget to insure the most valuable asset in the world. YOU. Text “life” to (267)765-5749 so my life insurance agency @jacklifeinsurance can help you get a policy today!



Actually, it might not even be legal in some cases. Check below 👇

There is a this large misconception that writing something off on your taxes means that it’s free or that someone else is paying for it.

The truth is that a write off is more of a glorified discount that is around the taxpayers marginal tax rate.

So you CAN’T just buy whatever you want and have the government pay you back.

Business expenses need to be ordinary and necessary. So if it doesn’t have anything to do with your business then you likely can’t write it off. And regardless, YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! You just might get a deduction on the cost from your taxable income, aka lower your tax liability.

Buying a $60,000 car to avoid taxes means you still had to pay for a $60,000 car. You still had to spend $60,000 of your business’s income to buy it. So don’t buy stuff you don’t need just to “save” on taxes.


Watch this before you leave your job to start a business….

I saw a few people say they wanted to leave the 9 to 5 and start a business because it’ll be “stress free” and that’s FAR FROM THE TRUTH.

And since most entrepreneurs don’t show you the stress, you think it’s just nice cars and trips. Nah.

Take this from someone like me who:

currently has 15 members on my team whom I have to make sure they eat.

Works 16+ hours per day

Invests 90% of profits into infrastructure

Gotta pay taxes to the IRS

Dealing with difficult customers sometime who place chargebacks after the work was done

Had times in my business where it was massively unstable from a revenue standpoint but bills don’t disappear although money isn’t coming in like normal

And I could list 1,000 other things.

Again, I’m not discouraging you from doing it.

I’m telling you to find another reason outside of “stress free” because you’ll be searching for that pill forever and a day.

It needs to be a reason that’s deep enough to keep you in business when you feel like you’re going OUT of business.

Hope that didn’t go over your head.

By the way, if you are looking to transition into entrepreneurship or you currently have a business, CONTENT is going to be your biggest driver of traffic. Most entrepreneurs are not utilizing social media effectively.

I created a $49 dollar content strategy showing you how to properly plan, structure and strategize your content so you can post 5-7 times per day. Link in bio to grab it.

I hope this video and the content strategy takes you to the next level 💯


Posted @withregram • @princedonnell Business owners: Too many write offs could hurt your future. Let me explain.

I’ve worked in banking before launching Jumping Jack Tax and when it came to lending, they asked for at least two years of Profit/Loss Statements

Most business owners I met didn’t have their books in order


They didn’t show enough profit so then got denied.

Lack of funding could impact your business in the future if you need it.

So make sure you have a proper write-off strategy based on the goals you set forth with your financial professional.

And this is why I created the Jumping Jack Tax Accountability Program as a way to help you (business owner) to organize your books through:

1. Handling your bookkeeping
2. Reconciling transactions and creating Financial Statements

And then we also work with you each month to:

1. Develop future financial goals
2. Create monthly game plans

These are all offered under our program where you’ll have a dedicated account executive for your business.

And we do all of this for $350 per month which the so our team can talk about onboarding you into our program 💰

Contact us asap to
Get started!!! Thank you!


If you use PAYPAL,ZELLE, CASHAPP or VENMO you may want to watch this 🔊


Very suspicious lol. Life Insurance is the simplest way to create generational wealth. I got someone approved for ONE MILLION DOLLARS for around $80 bucks a month.

If you didn’t know, I’m a licensed Life Insurance Broker in 49 states.

Give us a call so my team at @jacklifeinsurance can create a strategy to get you life insurance today at an affordable rate!


Jack wanted to drop some wisdom on y’all this Friday.

The real wealth is in the knowledge. Stop trying to skip the process.


200+ happy clients last year and running!!! Download the jumping jack tax app and find us!!!


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Come get your life insurance with us today!!!


Simple but important tip to set your kid up for success

Opening up a custodial / UTMA account.

Uniform Transfers To Minors Act

It’s like a trust account for your child but super super simple to set up for free.

I opened an account for my son using E*Trade as son as he got a social security number.

I’ve been making transfers to his E*Trade account every week since then and buying Index Funds, Blue Chip Companies or Tech Stock.

So he’s a part owner of a bunch of different companies.

Not only does this start to train him to have an investor/ownership mentality from a young age but it’s also setting him up financially.

If there’s 52 weeks in a year:

Let’s say I make a transfer of $100 bucks every week.

That’s 1,092 weeks I have until he’s 21 years old.

That’s $109,000 I gifted him and assuming it grows at an 8% rate of return each year, he would have roughly $250,000 dollars available to him ( not factoring inflation and other cost )

That’s WAY MORE MONEY than I had at 21 years old.

And I know what your saying:

Is it safe to give a 21 year old $250,000 dollars?

My guess is that if I educate him or his portfolio and stress discipline/patience, he makes the right decisions.

But I’d rather him have the money than not have the money.

Personal choice.

Set up that custodial account for your kids today 🏦

They’ll thank you in the future 💰


Sometimes you gotta learn how to sit back and play the background and let your homies/wife/husband/partner lead.

A good leader becomes a great leader by not being scared to follow sometimes. Nobody knows everything.

Make sure everybody on your team is shinning 🌟

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