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Taking a break from mindless memes, if anyone is looking for a new outlet for work or a career change, check this out tomorrow. Town of Hempstead is having a meeting and enrollment for construction training. I estimate that this would be worth at least $2000 and more than a semester of school if you were to obtain it in your own. I'm not affiliated with this, so you'll have to go tomorrow or December 15th to sign up. I haven't updated my company info in awhile but I still write a ton of resumes, cover letters, and linked in profiles as well as help find jobs for people. If you need any assistance, reach out.

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As this year #2020 comes to a close, take with you the you learned, the you've , and that , survive at all cost attitude. Put your aside, follow those and bet on yourself; will handle the rest.


Job Opening:

NYC Housing Authority is looking for people to help with the lead testing they're conducting for the next 2 years, no experience necessary. This is a contract position, starting pay is $41,000 to $52,000 with options for benefits and room for advancement/permenant placement. The job is located in the 5 boroughs and involves going into homes.


While doesn't typical recruit for this industry, we wanted to give a quick shoutout to those who the so that we can live our . Diversity is extremely important to me in all fields but we can't ignore the sheer volume of immigrant workers who greatly contribute to the livelihood of, and help pump the lifeblood of our great country. We it!


This is a familiar, ongoing issue in today's job market: the speculative job posting. I've spoken to several of my clients about this recently as well.

Although the job market is getting better, many of these postings aren't actually reflective of positions open.

There are dangers in doing this, such as misleading the public and also hurting the confidence of job seekers who endlessly apply to jobs that may never call them back.

This is where hiring a company like makes all the difference. We understand these pitfalls and aggressively market our clients/candidates to employers of all sizes. By staying assertive and personal, it allows us to handle the brunt of the work while our candidate can continue their lives uninterrupted until the interview process.


The world is forever a different place following and the shutdowns. While we've been able to find jobs for roughly 15 applicants since April, we understand that many more are still in the hunt. Our in the picture is diligently looking while the world seemingly falls apart behind him. While this may look silly, there's some truth to this. No matter what goes on in the you have to keep your expectations high, be and open to . As for our clients, we're here for you all the way and will continue diligently working to find you all good paying, sustainable .

Keep your , stay and always bet on ! For else, there's


I stole this from (Original quote by ) but it's true and very applicable. Forget what your job title is sometimes and think about the skills set and attributes it indicates you have. People who have spent time in hospitality or in the restaurant business learn how to deal with the general public better than anyone else; good, bad and indifferent. This experience offers great building blocks to many other careers from logistics to banking and beyond. It might just be a waitstaff job you hold as a teenager but that will help build your foundation, work ethic and confidence at a young age.


It really is like this with some resume writers! A lot of people don't realize it but most recruiters/human resource specialists only look at resumes for about 10 seconds. Straight and to the point is critical, as well as using language that passes through ATS screeners to even get to that point. Do you need a top notch resume that shines? Inquire within!

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When we first launched Kinections, we marketed our brand as “different” and this is what we’re “different” compared to. Searching for a job can be a job itself; you can have a great resume, interview well, references check out, and still not get the opportunity. However, as career specialists, it’s our duty to keep our clients informed, confident and eager until the day they find the right opportunity. If we have news, we will tell you; if you get declined of an offer, we continue the search. If you use us for anything, you’ll never have to chase us down and someone will always be available for questions, comments, or concerns. We take pride in the intimate service we provide and our high success rate in finding great candidates for opportunities. As for the author of the post above, I came across his post while sifting through and I feel for him. For better results and personal service, message us and let us help you!


Ain't that the truth... I'm all for understanding that everyone needs a hand sometimes, but always beware of becoming reliant on something that can disappear at any time... we have opportunities to work, inquire within....


Anyone here looking for a job as a medical assistant? I got you, DM me or email me your resume:


Came across this during my morning scouting session. We're not directly linked to this district, but if any kindergarten teachers are looking for a job, Lido School is hiring:


Not everyone is equipped to work in an setting. The and offers a wide variety of roles and in some cases, big . Whether you work union or private, this sector is constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of clients, from to simply home , there are lots of opportunities. Our founder has a deep rooted background in and , working for some of the biggest clients in the world. This is where many of our originated from. If you’re interested in working in this field, or any others, contact us today!


One of the things I always emphasis with my clients is the value of gig-work, seasonal assignments & part time work especially in these challenging times. Sometimes simple jobs that provide supplemental income can make a difference in a persons . There are tons of jobs available in your local area, you just have to break the mold of always looking for them online and just keep your eyes open when you’re out and about. Also, in some cases you can literally just walk in and talk to a manager, which saves that business and . These posts are all for businesses within 3 miles or so of Oceanside, including and looking for an assortment of employees. If you need a side job, check them out!

Vacancies rise among Suffolk police 911 operators 07/26/2020

Vacancies rise among Suffolk police 911 operators

Covid-19 has closed a lot of doors for many people both personally and professionally. However, if you're looking for change and open to something new, there's opportunities arising everywhere, including in emergency services; see article below for some interesting details on dispatch work on Long Island.

Vacancies rise among Suffolk police 911 operators Lt. Anthony Calandrillo told a Suffolk County legislators on July 16 that vacancies had climbed to the point where 13% of entry-level dispatcher positions were unfilled.


Everyone wants to make more money, but is everyone willing to put in the work to do it? It’s not all about money always either, benefits can make or break the value of a position, as can other factors such as convenience, opportunity, happiness and flexibility. Great example: to get to NYC via train, it costs about $300 for a monthly pass, plus a subway ticket which is about $130 per month. Couple in gas to get to the train, inflated prices for lunch and food and also social spending while you’re there, just working in the city can cost you $750-$1000 per month. A standard work week is 40 hours and with 4.3 weeks per month, a full time employee works around 175 hours per month. If you make $75k annually working in vrs a job that pays $60k annually a few towns away from you, you’re actually making about the same if you account for all those extra costs. Not to mention, how many hours you work is often considered just your time at work, but what about the time you spend ? It all factors in... just some for thought on a

Kinections: People, Progress and Products, LLC updated their website address. 07/24/2020

Kinections: People, Progress and Products, LLC updated their website address.

Kinections: People, Progress and Products, LLC updated their website address.


Not everyone gets to work from home or inside a climate controlled office; be safe out there field workers! Work safely & efficiently; but also stay hydrated! Take breaks when you need!


Is this you at ? There’s few things worse than feeling stuck someplace you hate for more than 40 hours per week. Don’t be fooled into thinking the unemployed are the only ones seeking new opportunities; many of our clients have and but are seeking something more. It’s not always about ; many people simply want to be or . If you’re looking to make some ; reach out to at 516-655-0243 and we can get you started!

is one of my favorite all time!

3 Tips To Help You Find Your Dream Job 07/15/2020

3 Tips To Help You Find Your Dream Job

Tip #1 should be to just call us! This is a good read though, check it out:

3 Tips To Help You Find Your Dream Job When I graduated college 8 years ago and got my first job, I was super excited to be done with the job hunting process for awhile. Because after all, job searching can be a super stressful and frustrating time. After years at the same firm, I was ready to take the next step in my career. When I st.....

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Is anyone looking for a job or need help with their resume?

After months of planning, , , and , I'm proud to announce the launch of my career services firm: Kinections: People, Products and Progress . We specialize in a variety of and services including resume and cover letter writing, interview coaching, job placement, referrals and career guidance. We also provide office support, permit and documentation expediting and research assistance for existing projects. During the ongoing -19 Crisis, We found nearly 20 clients work in between dealing with the hardships of a pandemic and returning to my old position as an emergency responder; it was there that the concept of Kinections was born. Our fundamentals are simple: we believe that every person has value and talent, they just need the right arena to show it. With our integrated professional connections and partnerships across many industries and my deep understanding of the modern job market, we feel that we can help just about anyone achieve their goals. Feel free to reach out to us at any time to inquire about our services. Thank you all for the continued support, I look forward to working with you all! Please feel free to share and distribute this post and give a follow to the company page:

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