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My little 1.8 stroker build you worked on is an absolute ripper! Can’t get it on the Dyno till early spring but expecting low 400’s HP, as projected. 👍🏁
just adopted one of your children
Bill & Michelle, hope you're both well. Let me know if you have or ever come across a nice Chevy 396 engine. Thanks, Steve T.
Had the dragster out for the first time last Sat/Sun 18th/19th. First pass, no Trans brake 7.70,174mph. Found out that the TB,RPM AND TACH wires broke off of the terminal strip on the Dedenbear delay box. Fixed it back up with help from Jamie Dymond and Dave Bochan and the Berard family. Next pass 7.649, 179.00 and then 7.648, 179.56. Not bad. Sunday between the rain showers the car went 3 rounds in our first Points meet of the season, then we got rained out. Car was very consistent , very happy. Thanks Bill, Joe, Mike, Michelle and the rest of the crew.
11.31...I think I can hit 10s
Would you mind sending me a message or a number to call. Looking in a price for a set of A460 head to be ported?
Had my engine dyno by u guys, now that it’s in the car and new carb put on, question is can u dyno the engine again now that it’s in the car?

If so cost?

72 Corvette SBC 350 built by the late and great Dave Gagnon!
Want to give a huge thanks to you guys at CCE.. my bullet sounds great and performs perfect. Will be hitting a track soon. Only down fall is it will be n/t lol

CCE delivers Custom Engines and Precision Machining for Ultimate Performance. We remanufacture stock restoration and high performance engines.

Carlquist Competition Engines, LLC is the premier East coast custom engine builder. We are committed to providing superior services and products to achieve exceptional results for our clients. We provide the highest quality engine machining, remanufacturing and parts available. Our high performance engines are built for many different makes and applications and we have a vast database of builds wi

Photos from Carlquist Competition Engines's post 07/27/2022

Roughing out an intake for another shop using our custom raised oval gaskets.


O-rings to seal the big boost. Don't mind the piles of chips, it was a busy day.


We will be closed Monday May 30th in observance of Memorial Day.


Batches of heads going through the process, ported, valve jobbed and out the door. Larger scale doesn't need to mean reduced quality, we take pride in each head, each valve seat cut, and hand blending each seat into the port.


This photo here is a good example of why bi-metal blocks are difficult for a lot of machine shops. You can see on the deck where someone's resurfacer was skipping off the sleeves and bouncing onto the aluminum.


Trying to sneak in some of the small projects can make for some interesting photos. Jet ski cylinders re-sleeved and rough bored.


Fixing up some bullet billet aluminum blocks. Turns out things break a lot making about 500hp per cylinder.


Re-cutting o-ring grooves after a much needed resurface. These heads survived being a nitrous engine, and then a twin turbo monster making 3000+hp without ever getting torched, but eventually things get a little warped. .005 resurface, and re-cut the grooves within .002 to put a .003 bigger wire in. Going cross-eyed getting these grooves lined up but it turned out great.


Sleeves are in and decked on this Audi rs3 block. On to the next project!


Audi 5cyl sleeve job. 1500hp 5 cyl? Sounds good to me.


New Year? Yes please! Here's to better times ahead for us all! Wishing everyone a happy, safe and healthy 2022!


Another pump gas hydraulic roller gurney engine wrapped up and headed out. I swear we don't just build Gurney headed engines.... but we do think they are really cool


Our schedule is full. DO NOT just drop off engines to get built. Customers MUST call before bringing in any kind of work. Please don't assume we can do even partial or smaller jobs without prior discussion. Thank you.


Check out this piece of history. Hank the crank custom crank out of a gurney eagle small block Ford engraved “All American”. Any ideas who that could be for?


Adding some cool features to our new line of cnc ported cathedral port heads. 2” valve 245cc intake runner, and fits on small bore ls engines like the 5.3 and 5.7


The first step is always the most important when machining raw castings. Here we are well on the way to another batch of c6fe iron Ford heads being turned into premium race heads for vintage road course racers and collectors. Fun fact, each casting is 12 lbs lighter after fully machining.


“Just some camel humps and a 3/4 race cam” this little sb2 headed small block out of a 55 Chevy drag car sure likes to rev! Still pulling well past 9k rpm.


Congrats Lou Proto on the win in Warrior Outlaw at yellow bullet!


Here’s an almost finished port surface in mastercam of our new Brodix ls-7 port. Being able to look at the port in all directions and measure cross sections to extreme accuracy is a huge advantage when designing ports. At this point I spend as much time “porting” on the computer as I do with a die grinder.


Just finished up these 11 degree ls-3 heads with all of the tricks. Dry decked, bronze seats, softened chambers and of course cnc ports and chambers, all done here at Carlquist competition engines.


Here’s a little back plot verification on a whole program. The tool paths have already been checked out in mastercam but it’s always good to ensure there’s not going to be any crashes after posting to the machine.


Could the person that borrowed my oil system priming tank please return it?! What was only supposed to be a day or two has been much longer and I've forgotten who I leant it to. Thanks.


Another Brodix aluminum big block Chevy looking great after being surfaced in the cnc machine. It seems like most shops struggle trying to machine these hard sleeves, add to that the aluminum deck surrounding it and there’s always terrible scratches where the cutter pulls the iron chip through the aluminum. We’re proud to say we have it all figured out and our decks come out perfect!


Short pull to 6500 on the 935 twin turbo. The light shutting off at the end was just a cameraman getting a little scared and bumping the light switch.


Porsche 935 on the dyno. It was great to spend some time with the Dawes making this historic engine create some wonderful sounds and smells (a good amount of horsepower too).


Here’s a little vintage mopar pro stock to get you ready for the weekend. This 500 Ci big block mopar has been quite the project with all the custom parts, but hearing it make pulls on the dyno made it all worth it.

Photos from Carlquist Competition Engines's post 12/10/2020

Here’s a little project out of the picture archives I dug out to share. We get so lost in the moment trying to get work out the door it’s hard to appreciate some of the projects we tackle. Prototype Maserati cylinder head that needed some weld up repair and re-machine. With protrusion machined into the deck of the head to seal compression, counter bores for the pistons (which come out of the top of the bores), and an o ring groove to seal the coolant.


Happy thanksgiving everyone! We are thankful for all of our wonderful customers, friends, and of course our family here at CCE is thankful to everyone following the rules and keeping us safe, allowing us to keep working. Now let’s dig in!


Here’s a finished up m10 build for a street Bmw 2002. This little 2.0 has h beam rods, 10:1 mahle pistons and a ported head with a little bit of a hot street cam. This little engine breathing through some dcoe 40 side draft Webber’s and putting power through a worked over 5 speed should be a blast to drive.


Sometimes that glimmer just catchers your eye and you have to stop to appreciate it.

Photos from Carlquist Competition Engines's post 10/31/2020

Volvo b5254t machined for darton m.i.d. sleeves, bored, torque plate honed, and decked with .002 sleeve protrusion. When done correctly, this upgrade adds a lot of strength and reliability to these engines which have an issue with cracking between the tops of the cylinders. With attention to detail and accurate machine work, this makes for a long lasting improvement in reliability and strength for our customers looking to get the most out of their 5 cyl Volvo power plants.


Ever wonder why some engines just seem to wipe out cam lobes? Here’s an in depth explanation on lifter bore location and how we check blocks. Even if you have a finish machined block or are another machine shop, you can bring a block down and have us check location for you so you can make a decision on A ) fixing bore location, B ) calling it close enough, or C ) using a roller cam cam.


Making some piston dome clearance for this very rare supercharged pre war (ww2) Alfa Romeo. It’s always nice to get away from the conventional and do a setup from scratch. Hand ground carbide form cutter, ridiculously long boring head extension, and not being able to see the feature being machined while machining it.

Careers at Carlquist Competition Engines 09/21/2020

Careers at Carlquist Competition Engines

Careers at Carlquist Competition Engines Find your next great career opportunity at Carlquist Competition Engines


408 c.i. Ford Windsor, 10:1 cr, hydraulic flat tappit, performer rpm air gap, 233/[email protected] 110lsa .560 valve lift. Quick fuel 780cfm vacuum secondary. The big difference between this engine and many commonly available crate engines is our new cnc ported liberty 180 cylinder heads. Overall a very nice street engine. 517hp and 524 ftlbs of torque.

Photos from Carlquist Competition Engines's post 09/19/2020

Freshly cnc ported liberty 180cc head for small block fords. All said and done this little guy is 204cc and flows over 300cfm at .700 lift and 245cfm on the exhaust side. We just finished up running a 408 with these heads on the dyno. The results were pretty impressive.

Photos from Carlquist Competition Engines's post 09/16/2020

Ls-2 block with dry lock sleeves, bored to 4.065. We are constantly expanding our capabilities and improving on processes to increase the quality of our finished product. This surface finish would have been impossible not even 2 years ago on a bi-metal block like this. Thanks to some r&d on cutters and machining practices we are definitely on the leading edge. Thanks Martin wimberly and performance plus for coming up with an outstanding cutter.

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O-rings to seal the big boost. Don't mind the piles of chips, it was a busy day. #turbo #bigblockchevy
The first step is always the most important when machining raw castings. Here we are well on the way to another batch of...
Here’s an almost finished port surface in mastercam of our new Brodix ls-7 port. Being able to look at the port in all d...




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