Cryo Body Doc

Cryo Body Doc

We use Cryoskin 3.0 combined with shock wave technologies to freeze fat and also expedite it's removal! We also offer Cryo chamber and Gainswave!

"With over 20 years of experience and an extensive education in medical aesthetics, David Allingham, MD, MS is a leading physician serving the communities in and around Oakton, Virginia. At Cryo Body Doc, Dr. Allingham provides a variety of innovative treatments to help patients look their best and restore optimal functionality with effective, drug-free treatments for a variety of conditions. Thes

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Which #Cryoskin Treatment do you want to try??? Come in or give us a call 703-255-1190!
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Which #Cryoskin Treatment do you want to try??? Come in or give us a call 703-255-1190!
#noninvasive #lipo #dmvdoctors #loudouncounty #fairfaxcounty #princewilliamcounty

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Double chin before and after! 4 CryoSlimming® and 2 CryoToning® sessions.

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Whether you're thinking of adding #cryotherapy to your business or just want to learn more, here is a quick comparison chart of the nitrogen vs electric chambers.

If you want to learn how you can add cryotherapy to your business, contact one of our experts at Impact Cryotherapy to discuss your project, whether you're starting or growing, we can help.

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“Neoplasia (benign skin growth) removed under local”(title)
Christmas may be about the spirit of giving, but this year for this gentlemen it was in the spirit of taking away.


Chronic lower back pain
Wow! 👍The extreme cold blast felt perfect during our pandemic winter. I have energy like I have never experienced before! #cryobodydoc. Love it 👍


Cryo Body Doc


Cryo Body Doc's cover photo


Wow! Extreme cold blast felt perfect after Cryo Sauna. Not only that .I have so much energy too. I love it.


Feels amazing ! She has Chronic lower back pain . After trying to Cryo- Chamber Sauna she feels a lot of pain relief.


Wow! Why not try out our Impact Cryotherapy chamber? All the UFC fighters have! Come on in!

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Recovery is an important part of a balanced training plan. Rest days, stretch and mobility sessions, rotating muscle groups, and more can all contribute to recovery. Plus, some recovery methods help manage stress levels.
Select UFC GYM locations offer specialized recovery services to further support the success of our hard working athletes. This includes #cryotherapy, the application of extreme cold to aide in the relief of muscle pain, sprains, swelling, and inflammation. Have you tried #cryo?
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Call us today at CryoBodyDoc to try out #cryochamber !!! 703-255-1190

Over the past weeks as the COVID-19 virus has spread, the search for ways to fight the virus ramp up. With no cure currently available, hand-washing and social-distancing have been key. Staying healthy is vital. The pursuit of wellness has never been more important. Impact customers, you have a tool to help in the pursuit of wellness: cryotherapy.



We all fall off our game sometimes, especially during a major lifestyle change. If you’ve strayed from your routine, use these three tips to help you get back on the path to achieving and maintaining your summer body. ☀
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Patient Success Story by Dr. James Fontaine of James Fontaine, MD Dr. James Fontaine of James Fontaine, MD provides GAINSWave therapy in San Diego, CA. Since he began offering the treatment, he has hel...

HUMANN.COM 06/07/2020

Facebook-Exclusive Offer: Save on Neo40!

Neo40 now at CryobodyDoc! Ask for a sample when you come in for your #Gaineswave consult! #gaineswave #ed #erectiledysfunction #ED

HUMANN.COM If you’re like me, you try to live a healthy lifestyle. You avoid fatty foods, exercise a bit and go to sleep at a reasonable hour. However, on you most recent doctor visit you learn that your blood pressure is still on the high side of the normal range. 


Saying bye to almost a full inch of fat! #Cryotherapy #cryoskin #cryobodydoc



Check out this Slimming before and after photo! #amazingresults #beforeandafter #fatreduction #cryoslimming #results #bodytransformation #Cryoskin


Saying good bye to a whole inch of fat today! 👋👏

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#keepgoing #staystrong #positivethoughts


Wow! Awesome results! 2 inches lost! #CryoShockwave #cryoskin #cryous #cryo #cryoskinvirginia



We compared the two sides, and cryo-really freezers fat visibily!

We did the cryo-to only one leg , and we noticed an inch of difference. Even in a thin athletic female. We then did the other side of course;)
Then, our practice does the ultrasound as well, both side of course. Ultrasound stimulates new vein formation to expel the frozen fat, so the frozen fat doesn’t just warm up again “


“Potential use of adipose Stem Cells in COVID-19”

Based on recent overseas studies, the US Stem Cell network that we are in is pursuing this. So, one of my patients, a chronic pain gentleman, receives his own Stem Cells here as you see in this picture



Yes, for difficult to get fat even if you’re slender. No risk of too much weight loss, because you only lose 19% per treatment.So safe!



It can be hard to continue on the path to your health and fitness goals in the midst of a sudden lifestyle change, but now can be the time to prioritize your own health more than ever! Use these three tips to help you maintain a healthy routine while you’re social-distancing and staying at home. 💪
#health #fitnessgoals #cryoskin #keepmoving #tips #goals #confidence #rejuvenate 04/09/2020

If All That Hand Washing Is Drying Out Your Skin, Try These 13 Top-Rated Hand Creams If you’re skipping hand cream, you might want to think again. Hands are washed and sanitized more times a day than any other body part—and…


Stay tuned for how far this awesome patient of ours has come! The results are REAL! Come by and see for yourself ladies and gentlemen!!! #Cryoskin #cryobodydoc #weightloss


I have been looking for a treatment that can get both my belly skin tighten, and luv handles reduced and WOW! In just one treatment of Cryoskin, I have not only seeing the difference, but I could not believe I had lost 1/8’ off my waist and loose 0.6 LBS! You try this! It is the most effective, no downtime treatment you can find!


This cryoskin treatment is the real deal! I lost .75’ off my thighs and I really look forward to getting more treatments to get the most out of it! I would highly recommend it to anyone, who needs, that little extra stubborn area anywhere on their body that cannot get it off through healthy eating and exercise alone.


I have always struggled getting rid of the last few inches off my waist after I lost a lot of weight. I am so excited to be doing the CryoSkin treatment to help get rid of the small stubborn belly fat I cannot get rid of with diet and exercise alone. I have already lost an inch on my first’s quick results and I love that! I highly recommend it to everyone that wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle because this treatment will keep you motivated!


The GAINSWave procedure breaks up plaque formation in blood vessels and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in the p***s. This increases the blood flow to the p***s and improves sexual function. In addition, the GAINSWave procedure activates the growth of new nerve tissue in the p***s. . . . This process, called neurogenesis, enhances sensitivity in the p***s. Because GAINSWave uses low-intensity sound waves and is non-invasive, it is often referred to as Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (LI-ESWT). . . . Learn More by clicking the link in our bio. . . . #curated #gainswave #erectiledysfunction #ed #peyronies #menshealth #malehealth #edsolutions #medicalinfo #webmd #urologytips #malehealth #sexualhealth


#Gainswave Questions? Call us today 703-255-1190 for more information

Did you know that erectile dysfunction can save your life? Dr. Joel Kahn - America's Healthy Heart Doc reveals how, and why it's imperative you speak with a physician if you're experiencing these warning signs:

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Tendinitis, Synovitis, Bursitis - Any Joint

US waves are just acoustic shockwaves. When delivered to an area of inflammation , new or old , it can turn things around for you, with no drugs. So no side effects. Stop throwing Advil at everting! Fix it instead.


“Acoustic Shockwave for Shoulder Tendinitis”

Sound waves create bubbles under your skin. When those bubbles hit an area of impedance, they burst, and that tiny jetstream stimulates cells to increase blood vessel formation. Blood vessels to and from damaged tissues brings more good stuff in, takes more garbage out.


“Stem Cells for bilateral shoulder tendinitis in a gymnast”

Fat was extracted from her love handles. Over 800 million Stem Cells redeployed back into her shoulders an hour later




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