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Debra Goguen-Jansson, Independent Pure Romance Consultant As a Passion Consultant, I empower and guide women on how to take charge of their life, passion and finances.

"To share the Passion Parties opportunity that any woman can experience the prosperity of owning her own business to share the products that will enhance any woman's relationship and to share the philosophy of women helping women."

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CLICK HERE to purchase Amethyst Rose Wellness Spa Gift Certificates!

💕Happy Mother’s Day from Amethyst Rose Wellness Spa 💕 (Locations Bay Shore & Kismet) let me spoil your loved with a massage, organic facial, reiki or pilates. 631-859-3900

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What color heart are you??


Costco for me!


Omg! This is awesome! Grab it now. Website in the comments. Great for neck tension or just playing around. Hint hint❤️


♥️♥️LOTS OF VALENTINES DAY SPECIALS❤️❤️ message me, I’ll hook you up!🎁🎁🎁🎁


🎁VALENTINES DAY FUN🎁 message me for some awesome specials❤️❤️❤️


I have been challenged to get 10 web orders in the next 20 hours!! If I send you my link, would you take a look and see if you can help me by placing an order? To make it super fun, if you get 4 items or more, I will send you a 🎁Free Gift (val$25). Plus, if you refer a friend to shop, I will add in a little extra bonus 🎁if she spends $100 or more. ❤️

What do you think, can I send you my link? Remember Valentines Day is coming💕

Photos from Amethyst Rose Wellness Spa & Pilates Studio - Organic Skin Care, Massage's post 04/10/2020

Photos from Amethyst Rose Wellness Spa & Pilates Studio - Organic Skin Care, Massage's post


Have you thought of being a Pure Romance consultant? You can now for $39!!!!!
That’s $39!!!!!
Message me or emoji!


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Hey my beautiful peeps. Does anyone want to go to a party with me tonight at 10:30? It’ll be so much fun! It is on zoom. It’ll be fun!!!!! My two amazing friends Tracy and Julie are hosting it. Zoom spaces limited to let me know❤️❤️❤️


Did you ever want to take a leap of faith and start your own business? Maybe start a side hustle for a little money....I got you but....I have an incredible offer... join my Pure Romance Team for $99 right now (sale ends at 10pm) and activate you will gift you $150!!! In inventory which you can sell and pay off kit. Basically I’m handing you a business on a platter.


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♥️♥️I love Siri’s voice❤️. New Products from Pure Romance


❤️Omg! Pure Romances new Product Launch is amazing. Now they are showing Spanx type gorgeous lingerie!❤️. If these “peep” out, you will not mind. So beautiful


😘😘amazing products launching right now in Pure Romance🥳🥳

Photos from Pure Romance Parties by Debra's post 12/09/2019

💜Every Monday our CEO Chris Cicchinelli goes live at 9am for 15 minutes for a motivational chat....today was amazing. What do I want the next 5 years to look like....where do we really want to shift our minds to and think differently to get different results? Do you want to keep struggling with the same thoughts, same bills, same life????

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🎊This is Huge! 🎉Save 20% on your $100+ order with a this code CYBERMONYAY

(PS.... this never happens! Text or call me if you have questions❤️



Patty Brisben is amazing♥️♥️♥️


Kit Giveaway and some awesome information on creating your own Best Life with Pure Romance is happening TONIGHT, Thursday, October 17! If you need to be invited to the event, comment below!!! You have till 9:45 to let me know!!!


I mean big!!!!!


You can and will have it all....jump!


Are you madly in ❤️love ❤️with your job? Do you make what you want 💰when you want? Are you surrounded by 🤪happy motivated people all the time at work? Can you vacation ✈️and make your own hours? 🧘🏻‍♀️I am really interested in knowing❤️ drop me yays 😃and nays 😩below


🏆I have a free business kit for someone that wants to give what I do a try. Let me know if you want me to put your name into the raffle bowl. No purchase or party required. I am just paying it forward! You have nothing to lose!🤩🎟💕❤️💕


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Today I’m home on the computer, paperwork, and some cleaning. I have difficulty focusing and procrastinate. My “kickstart” is in my coffee! Delicious!!! Yesterday I maintained my focus and energy all day. I sell Young Living, this oil is living up to what I expect from an essential oil.

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