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Wright Way Financial Services TM


If ever you had to guess about going with Wright Way Tax Services TM erase them. Keiona Colson-Wright Mba and her team has you back and will make sure to provide you the best costumer service under the sun. Don't start your business without them.
5/12 Topic: Business Entity, Taxes & Credit

Catch Keiona Wright of wright_way_tax_services during our Table Talk Tuesday session via IG LIve () on 5/12 at 12pm CT. Tune in to learn how to decide which entity type is best for your business, how to establish business credit and how to take advantage of the current business loans. Tune in, ask questions and get feedback.

Keiona holds an MBA in accounting and finance and has over 16 years of tax preparation experience. She is also a member of the ILCPA (Illinois Certified Public Accountant) Organization. She is currently working as an Accounts Receivables Analysts at Cassiday Shade, LLP law firm in downtown Chicago.
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Please see below for how to update your information for the STIMULUS PAYMENTS!

Clicked on the link and still need help. Call 708-762-9100

Stimulus Direct Deposits to be released as early as April 9th. And check to released as early as April 24th.

File those 2018/2019 Tax returns today! IRS Debt will not prevent you from getting a stimulus check!

Text : 2018 or 2019 to 708-762-9100 or 773-272-8662.

We are Open TODAY!

Something to do while quarantined! READ
Check my girl’s book out!
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨Tax Updates: The deadline for 2019 Taxes has been extended. All payments due also deferred and waived. This has ZERO affect on prior year tax returns. However I urge you to file any an all past due taxes now for a chance/opportunity to ask for a HARDSHIP. And pay those past due balances interest free!

At Wright Way Tax Services social distancing was never an issue as we offer virtual tax prep, small business free -5 min consultations, and much more via email, fax, Skype and FaceTime!

Please don’t wait. Think you owe! Let us help you lower that tax bill TODAY!

You’re at home call me! 773-272-8662 or TEXT “HELP” to 708-762-9100📱

Wright Way! 💻💰💰💵
Refund are now being released within 21 days. The wait is over!

Who hasn’t filed?
Name your preference 👇
If you prefer H&R Block comment 💚
If you prefer Jackson Hewitt comment ❤️
If you haven't filed your taxes comment 🤦‍♀️
Starting a business. Well record keeping is most important.
EITC Update: Early filers of EITC can expect to see their funds deposit approximately FEBRUARY 22nd!
All other filers can expect to see their deposit around the first week of MARCH.

You can start checking www.irsgov/refund from your mobile device or via the website for deposit dates next week.
Tuesday Tax Topic: 🗣Let’s Talk Form W4 Withholding

When starting a new job it’s exciting ! Yay! And congrats you got the job. But wait you Human Resources stops by with a ton of papers and you just want to sign and start your job already.
One of the most important forms you will fill out is form W4 -Employee Withholdings. This form is used to calculate the taxes you will pay on the income you will earn while working. For both federal and state.

Previously you would claim “0” if you wanted to pay the maximum in federal taxes which will result in an overpayment(tax refund). The more exemptions claims the less of an overpayment (tax refund).

Misunderstanding : If you want more on your check claim the kids you have or your family size you pay less taxes. You pay less taxes and result is LOWER REFUND.

See changes made to 2020 W4 Withholding Form.

The option to choose the number of exemptions is obsolete.

When I get my refund I’m going to ......? Let me hear it.
Car 🚗
House 🏡
Vacations 🌞
Investments 💰

I help business owners save money on taxes by maximizing their deductions using proven tax strategies Due to Covid in person appointment require vaccination card and also a Covid form filled out prior to appointment.

Mask are mandatory. No extra people will be allowed at the appointment to keep everyone safe; this includes children.


For those of you who run payroll, manually or through a payroll service such as ADP, Gusto, or PayChecx your quarterly payroll taxes are due end of the month.

This is the time to check to make sure all check registers are ran accurately so that the correct amount of payroll taxes for both the company and employees are reported correctly.

Yes, this means YOU... if you run payroll on yourself.


It's 4th Quarter... also known as "the last stop". This is the last time in 2022 to get right with Wright Way... Pun intended. Join me live as I discuss what you should do now in your business to help save money on taxes. Not all tax saving strategies are wrapped as a tax deduction.



A you a Turo Hosting? Come learn what your tax deductions will look like. Or if you simply drive your car for business purposes tune in.


🚨🚨I have rebranded expected to new the brand here soon.
Wright Way Financial Services is the new name.
I will still host Tax Tip Tuesdays and Thriving Business Thursdays 🚨🚨




Airbnb and Taxes


Airbnb and Taxes

Everything you need to know about filing taxes as an airbnb host

Photos from Wright Way Financial Services TM's post 10/11/2022

Singing 🎶 Seven whole days … and not a word from you… Seven whole nights .. I’m just about through… I can’t take it … won’t take it… can’t take it no more…. 🎶🎶🎶

Ma’am!!!! And Sir!!!! The wait it over!

🚨🚨🚨There are 7 Days Lefts to file your taxes IF you filed an extension and expect to OWE!

That’s right Oct. 17th is a hard deadline for many and a misunderstanding of tax filing deadlines for others.

Below 5️⃣ Quick Tips for Last Minute Filers


Top of the Morning ☀️ and Top of the new week! It's time to crush those, "To-Do List" crush those goals! !

Here is a little tip for your this week. Get those receipts out from last month and get them organized and tucked away. Why????? 🥴 So that you can create your budget for the remainder of 4th Qtr.!

Happy Monday! Now Let's Kick Butt in our Businesses 💪🏾💪🏾


5 out 6 ain’t bad!!! I have a ton of books to read for self-care….

I used to think reading tax law, tax books 📚 were considered self-care 😂😂😂 comes to find out that just more work 🥴🥴🥴

But I enjoyed my Sunday !!!! I was completely Unavailable 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

I hope you took an opportunity to relax





This Month - Upcoming Event and Tax Changes

Come join me as I unleash some not so comfortable information about what's to come this upcoming tax season.

Don't be scared😱I got you!




📢 Are you RRRRRREADY !!!!! For some tax taaaallllkk!!!!!

It’s time to get your head in the GAME! The Tax Game! It’s time he get your business offensive line STRONG 💪🏾.

Join me on Tuesdays and Thursday as we discuss Tax Time Strategy!

We will talk:

🏈 Organization and bookkeeping

🏈 Depreciable Assets

🏈 Tax Forms and Entity Structure

🏈 Tax-Free money opportunities


Time is UP! You have waited long enough. It's time to just file those taxes as accurately as possible. Here are a few tips to make this last minute processing run smoothly.

* Give the tax professionals all the information at one time.

* If you have missing receipts make sure that anything over $75.00 is accounted for on your bank statements(business bank statement).

* Provide your professionals with an updated and accurate profit and loss statement (P&L).

* Provided updated personal information - new addresses, current phone number, current photo ID

* If you have dependents make sure you provide and include all child care information, child tax credit payment letters, tuition statements (college).


Have you heard the saying it’s not what you do it’s how you do it? Well over at Wright Way we do thing differently. Not your average tax and accounting firm. We provide an educational experience for tax taxpayers and businesses owners. After all, this is your business and want want to help you succeed 💪🏾


Come "DINE" with us. We are dedicated to making sure your business financials are in order!! Grab the freebies and let those marinate while you work. Then you want to move on and book your consultation call so you can fill your "stomach" aka your business with the best tax plan ever!

Lastly, satisfy your sweet tooth by learning a skill that will help you stay organized and keep your receipts in order.


🚛🚚 If you see a trucker today! Honk your horn! They keep they stores full, and sooo much more. We appreciate you all!


Late night business talk

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FYI, you’ve always had options to have certain penalties abated. You have to be eligible to be afforded the right to have the penalties removed. This is not the first time the IRS has removed penalties from taxpayers accounts. The difference between now and then is that you don’t have to APPLY for the penalty removal if you qualify the penalties will be automatically removed.


IRS Penalty Forgiveness Explained

Have you had penalties added to your tax account? Are they still there? If you have penalties on your account from tax years 2019 and 2020, please tune in to find out what's what.


🎶 If at first you don’t succeed. Then dust yourself off and try again. You can dust it off and try again, try again 🎶

Helloooooo September 👋🏾!!! Guess what y’all you get to dust yourself off and try again. Don’t worry about last month because it’s gone with the wind 💨.

Things to do this week in your business:
🔹 Get prepare to close the books 📖 for August
🔹 Gather you receipts 🧾 and organize them
🔹 Check your outstanding invoices and send reminders to clients
🔹 Review your own outstanding vendor invoices
🔹 Update your bookkeeping software
🔹Set a reminder to balance your books as soon as your August bank statement becomes available which should be next week.
🔹 Set a reminder🎗 to schedule ⏰ a meeting with your accountant / tax professional / CPA to discuss tax planning strategies and prepare to make your estimated quarterly tax payments if applicable


You need to know the answer to this question. 🤔🤔🤔


Don't Give Up

Being a business owner can and will be stressful. And the thought of tax season doesn't help. I'm going to give you some quick tips to help you at least start to navigate the financial part.


It’s month-end! And I have a packed schedule this week?

🔸 Checking to make sure that I am organized.

🔸 Following up on anything outstanding. You know those things we keep putting off until tomorrow 🥴🥴🥴

🔸 And whewwww that bookkeeping 🧾 as much as it a tedious task it is certainly needed.

What does your week look 👀 like?


___________ Checklist?????

Dropping another FREEBIE. Tune in to find out and grab your copy! Let's end month-end on a good note.


Happy Movitivational Monday !!!! I want to encourage you to do better in your business than you did last week.

With that being we are smack dead in the middle of 3rd Qtr. aka Tax Planning Season ✔️.

One task that can seem so hard but yet so easily manageable is staying organized and keeping track of your expenses 🧾.

It’s better to have them all in one place rather than all over the place 😫😫😫.

💡 Shoe Totes are awesome for holding and storing receipts 🧾.

🧾 shopping online❓ create folders📂 on your computer print to pdf and SAVE!


🙄 Don’t Just Sit There….


A change is going to come


Brace yourself...tax season is coming! 😉
As you get ready to head into tax season, ensure you are maximizing your deductions. Check out our guides to help you:

🚗 Drive in Luxury TAX FREE using the Business use of a Vehicle Tax Guide. Grab 👇🏾


😴 Make money in your Sleep providing accommodations to those vacationing. Grab your guide below 👇🏾



Freebie Friday



Did you know the structure of your business can affect the growth of your business. Come join me to learn more.


How Do You Pay Yourself as a Business Owner

Well that depends on a lot of factors ... lets talk about it.


Going Live at 8:45
The Most frequently asked questions about paying yourself as a small business owner


free training ...... !!!!!

Let talk bookkeeping and accounting.


How Would You Feel If .......

Receiving a letter from the IRS is not the end of the world, but it could cause a world of problems for your business if you are not equipped to respond and produce the required documents.

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Airbnb and Taxes
This Month - Upcoming Event and Tax Changes
Late night business talk
IRS Penalty Forgiveness Explained
Don't Give Up
___________ Checklist?????



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