EPIC Creations Laser Engraving

EPIC Creations Laser Engraving

We are able to make your custom ideas and bring them to life at a low price we look forward to you contacting us for your custom work today.

Have you ever wanted to create objects from scaled models, create a prototype for something to manufacture and mass produce or just play with designing.Maybe you saw a design you liked but wanted or needed to design it to your specific application but just haven't had the means. Epic creations may just be your ticket. For Hobbyist, engineer's,and designer's 3d printing is the future and could be a

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Here is something for gun enthusiast in the area. If you have a wood buttstock of any type of gun that can be taken off and that is less than 24" long that you would like a custom engraved image or some sort of lettering of your choice. I'm able to do it so if anyone is interested please comment below or msg me on here and we can get the ball bouncing. And when you think or anything custom you think expensive but thats not the case here nothing is over $100 and price depends on the job.


Heres an update that should bring others some happiness like it brought me around the holiday because without the advancements in firearm optics this memorial day wouldnt be worth celebrating. Side note with advancements in optics there comes the want to customize them to your liking so with further a due i present you a holographic sight for my AR-15 with custom engraving on it.


Its been awhile since ive given any updates and im sorry but heres one for everyone my niece is in softball this year and considering i have an engraver i figured what better way to personalize and keep accountability then too put her name on her bat ive seen people put tape with there names but it will eventually tear and come off so i made it permanent and anyone from the local schools that would like this on your childs bat the max length i can do is 30inches and it will cost $20. Messege me or comment if interested thank you.


Here are some names on stemless wine glasses and an happy 10th anniversary engraving on a wine bottle for some friends.


I'm starting a little early but for are cyber Monday we a taking 20‰ off all are backlit mirror pictures in stock now these all have remotes with various modes and brightnesses.


Any backlit pictures with either painted glass or mirrors are local pick ups only and any custom made key chains, dog tags with chains and pet tags are shipable thanks to everyone for your orders


This is a key chain of the BAANC ( Bikers Against Abused and Neglected Children ) showing my support and selling them for $5 for anyone that wants to show their support of the cause.


These are my painted glass pictures of the BAANC ( Bikers Against Abused and Neglected Children ) showing my support and selling them at half price for anyone that wants to show their support of the cause.


Here are some new item I've been working on and are for sale just msg me and we can get the ball bouncing the eagle globe and anker show up a lot better on the mirror with red lights


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EPIC Creations Laser Engraving's cover photo


EPIC Creations Laser Engraving


This is the Ohio state logo laser engraved on slate so if anyone would like things engraved on slate you can contact me for that to


These are 8x10 picture frames with mirrors custom engraved to any black and white picture or lettering you choose could be your custom gift for a man cave or a gift for any other occasion. They are going for $50 each and can be preselected or custom made to order every picture comes with it's oven power cord and wireless remote with 12 flash modes and a dimmer.


Can create these as is no choice of colors till next saturday. They go for$6 a piece plus shipping currently only accepting paypal for distant orders. Thank you.


I will have custom pet tags in these designs in these colors for 6.00 a piece with any custom engraving on the tags. Thank you


These are soon gonna be the colors available so get yours why they last again theys are supporting my cause as someone currently fighting Astrocytoma Brain Cancer and i thank everyone for there support. These are all designed and engraved by me so they are special for each one who buys one they are $4 with a dog tag chain thank you.


Just some ideas for wallets if anyone is interesting of for most any flat leather items with any type of design.


If anyone is interesting in supporting my cause they are $4 each and choice of colors are not a choice. Thank you


Update for everyone we are back up and running and if your interesting in placing an order just send me a msg. Thank


Hello im just updating everyone that was planning on placing orders. We are gonna be down for acouple weeks doing maintenance. Everyone that already placed orders will be completed on time. Im sorry for the inconvenience.


Since man cave engraved stuff works for the guys id like to expand items to women as well so here are some ideas. Tell me what you think and if your interested.


Harley one logo on painted glass with options of as is for $25 or with your choice of back lighting for $50


Couple more orders


This is the sons of anarchy on painted glass in a normal frame without back lights for $25


Custom made man cave sign soon to have green back lighting.


Here is a better picture showing the painted glass


For those that find it hard to justify paying $50 we have a slightly cheaper solution for you this is the crown royal logo with blue back lighting on painted glass and these will be going for $40


This is a custom engraving its going to have red back lighting


Its not finished yet still waiting on cords but how does it look so far?


Man cave sign


Quick update to clarify pricing of the types of signs normal picture frame with custom engraved image on glass are $20 normal picture frame with custom engraved mirror $25 and shadow box picture frame with custom engraved mirror with back lights are $50


Back lit man cave picture.


Back lit man cave signs


Engraving on a wood gun stock

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