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Here is my consolation elk from the Missouri River Breaks, MT, after I stalked a much larger 6x7 bull for nearly two weeks in 1996. The rut wound down, the bigger bull vanished, and this nice one took his place in the herd. Not one of my largest bulls, but a nice Pope and Young Club specimen taken in October just before the end of archery season. I was backpacking out the meat when I bumped into the big boy at close range, the lucky devil! I always vividly remember the ones that got away.
Here is my consolation elk from the Missouri River Breaks, MT, after I stalked a much larger 6x7 bull for nearly two weeks in 1996. The rut wound down, the bigger bull vanished, and this nice one took his place in the herd. Not one of my largest bulls, but a solid specimen taken in October just before the end of archery season. I was backpacking out the meat when I bumped into the big boy at close range, the lucky devil! I always vividly remember the ones that got away.

Reflex (former division of Hoyt Archery) compound bow, Easton Archery Super Slam arrow, Zwickey Archery Eskimo broadhead.

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Some amazing results from our customer using the zwikie delta and the all new Africa hunter made by carbon core .

72 # bow , 700grn Carbon Core arrow , 2 blade Zwicky Delta. 18 yard shot quartering away , dull pass through, bull only managed 10 yards before going down

Purchase your zwikie delta or Eskimos from home of archery today !

Zwickey Archery
Carbon Core Arrows
Zwickey Archery makes some of the best broadheads in the world. Cliff Zwickey 2 Blade 175 grn screw on broadheads now in stock at the Barn. Made in the USA high carbon steel front end loaded for bone busting strength, individually heat treated 11/32 2 edge cutting diameter 1 3/16" x 2 13/16". The worlds best broadheads for the worlds best sportsmen.
I need to order one Cliff Zwickey broadhead and one Judo point, Please
"This historic, elegant broadhead brings back the Witchery of Archery with its amazing quality and classic design. When you put one on your arrow, you'll realize: This is what a real hunting arrow should look like."
Reminiscing about hunting an old friend . He started me bow hunting years ago. I suddenly remembered something he gave me. They were still in plastic, never been mounted . Thought I’d share
Love the heads!!! Eskelites hold a nice edge. 😎

Zwickey Archery Inc. has been manufacturing the “World’s Best Broadheads for the World’s Best

Photos from Zwickey Archery's post 11/15/2020

We are deeply saddened to announce that Jack Zwickey passed away earlier this week. Below is a brief synopsis of his life. We strongly encourage those that want to honor his memory to share a story or use this forum as an opportunity to reminisce.

Jack Zwickey was an interesting character that lived a full 91 years doing what he loved prior to passing away peacefully on Tuesday, November 10th, 2020. Jack was a successful businessman, who contributed significantly to the world of archery. He and his father, Cliff, founded Zwickey Archery, Inc. where they produced “the world’s best broadheads”. Zwickey broadheads have been made continuously since 1938, making them the oldest broadhead on the market in terms of uninterrupted production. Jack was very proud of the fact that he was fortunate enough to turn his favorite hobby into his livelihood, which is something that most cannot say. He remained active until the very end of his life. He went to work each and every day with all of his pets in tow (except for Sunday morning which was always dedicated to going to church), he took long walks on his property in Wisconsin (again with his dogs tagging along), he went skiing, he went swimming, and he frequently ventured out to enjoy his favorite symphony concert. Jack was always on the move. I think it is safe to say there will never be anyone like him. He was kind, he was generous, and above all he was a quirky man that was hard not to love. For instance, Jack had a strict rule that the employee’s must bring all of their pets to work, which made for a fun but distracting office life. Even though he ran a successful business, Jack would giggle with pride when he told you he had bought his ‘new’ sweater at a garage sale for one dollar. He would reuse the same Styrofoam cup over and over until it could no longer hold his ‘nice and hot’ coffee. With his tattered and pet-hair covered clothes, he was often mistaken for a homeless man, and on a few occasions concerned citizens would buy him ice cream or meals. But, with as little as he would ever do for himself, he poured everything he had into others. His generosity knew no bounds, whether he was helping a local business during a rough time, sending shoeboxes full of gifts overseas for Christmas, sending dozens of underprivileged kids to bible camp every year, or just treating the employees to a special meal to break up the monotony of the work week, he was always looking for ways to help those he thought needed it. Those who did not know him well may have thought he was a little eccentric, and they were right, but anyone that had the privilege of knowing him were better people for it.

Jack’s life’s work of manufacturing “The world’s best broadheads” will continue on in his memory by his beloved employee, Joyce Hughes, who has worked alongside Jack for 32 years.

Timeline photos 08/28/2015

Around here, EVERY day is ! Here's our newest addition to the shop, Baylee! She fits right in and keeps everyone on their toes. It's good to have some youthful energy around this archery shop!

Timeline photos 08/27/2015

This year's Judo Shoot was a huge success! We had lots of fun with the boys out on Jack Zwickey's property. More photos and anecdotes to follow shortly!

Timeline photos 08/21/2015

Deer Season and Fall Weather are right around the corner! What are you looking forward to most this upcoming season?

Les flèches Viking Arrows - Bonus du SEASONS HEBDO N°174 07/15/2015

Les flèches Viking Arrows - Bonus du SEASONS HEBDO N°174

So glad our friends at Viking Arrows have had such success at the Game Fair in France where there were over 42,000 visitors! You can see his beautiful arrows tipped with Cliff Zwickey's, and if you can speak French, even better! Maybe you can translate for us. They have gotten broadhead sharpening down to a science.

Les flèches Viking Arrows - Bonus du SEASONS HEBDO N°174 David Chaignon rencontre Julien Besio-Laurens, fabriquant de flèches traditionnelles en bois Viking Arrows, lors du Game Fair 2015.

Timeline photos 07/06/2015

We hope everyone is recovering nicely from their 4th of July shenanigans!

We LOVE our country, that's why all of our products are made in the USA!!

Photos from Viking Arrows's post 06/30/2015

Beauty combined with the Beasts.

Blue Zwickey Eskimo & Roe Deer 06/22/2015

With a combination of these brilliant blue arrows tipped with blue Zwickey Eskimos, and this mythical looking creature, these pictures are alomst unworldly! Beautiful photos Viking Arrows!

Apparel 06/21/2015


We appreciate you, Dads!! There may be others that can teach the newest generations about the witchery of archery, but YOU do it best! We believe part of the witchery is being able to share it someone you love. So, Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing dads that have brought magic to the lives of others, and have passed on the tradition of Archery!

Here's to you, Dad's! Enjoy 25% off all Zwickey Apparel, for today and tomorrow.



We're so excited that Zwickey Apparel has been such a success so far. We'd love to see how everyone is liking their new gear! Send us some pics, and you might find yourself on our website!


We'd love to see some our fans in their new Zwickey Apparel. Send us some creative pictures of you, or you and your buddies sporting your favorite Zwickey gear, and we may even send out some Judo's to the people with the best pictures or feature you on our website! Get creative guys! We

Photos from Zwickey Archery's post 06/09/2015

We want to give a BIG thank you to Viking Arrows for the beautiful gift they sent to us!! The craftsmanship is truly magnificent.

Zwickey Archery - History of the Judo 06/02/2015

Zwickey Archery - History of the Judo

“Judo® is so strong that unless it is misplaced, you may only need to buy one- ever. At least two men (one in Nebraska and one in Michigan), claim to have shot the same Judo® on the same arrow for over 20 years.” –Don Kauss

Did you know the Judo® took over a decade to perfect, and it may have never been mass produced if it wasn’t for Fred Bear!? An article written beautifully by Don Kauss in Traditional Bowhunter’s newest issue explains a complete history on how the Judo® came to be! There may be a million copies, but Zwickey Judo’s were the first, and are still the best.

Want more proof of their strength? Check out this video of Jack Zwickey testing his own Judo’s by chopping down a tree with the same 3!

Zwickey Archery - History of the Judo

Timeline photos 05/25/2015

We want to take a moment to honor and silently thank those that have made the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep everyone in our great country save and free. As we go about our day, let us keep them in our memory, and not forget that we are able to enjoy the luxuries of today, because others have fought for our freedom to do so.

Although this a day to pay homage to those who have died for this country, we think it important to give thanks for those who have stepped up and taken the places of the fallen. So, to those that are currently making sacrifices for our country, we thank you.

Photos from Gateway Feathers's post 04/21/2015

Are you ready for Turkey Season??

"Turkey hunting is an exhilarating challenge. If you've ever experienced a long-beard tom at 20 yards gobbling in your face, you know what we're talking about. Zwickey Archery broad heads, 3Rivers Archery / Carbon Express Arrows shafts, and 5 inch green barred parabolic cut feather fletchings by Gateway Feathers. What's your go to turkey set up? Any archers successful yet in the field? Good luck to everyone this spring chasing birds."

Timeline photos 04/17/2015

These "little" ones make every day at the office a little more fun. Happy Friday everyone!

Timeline photos 04/16/2015

Another great Throw Back Thursday photo. If you've ever been to the Pope and Young Museum in Rochester, Minnesota you might recognize this picture. They used it when Cliff Zwickey was inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame! The picture itself was taken in 1938, and much like the last photo, Cliff is holding another one of his handmade Yew and Osage hinged bows.

Timeline photos 03/26/2015

Throw Back Thursday! This is throwing it wayyyyyyy back to 1934, four years before Zwickey Archery was officially in business. A rare photo of Jack Zwickey and his father, Cliff, the man who started it all! We hope you enjoy this photo as much as we did when we came across it.

Photos from Zwickey Archery's post 03/25/2015

We are so excited to have a new international partner all the way from France! Viking Arrows crafts each of their beautiful footed shafts by hand, and tips every arrow with Zwickey Broadheads. Their work is impeccable (I mean look at these beautiful arrows!), and we love that they strive to stay true to everything traditional. We thank you for your part in keeping traditional archery alive, Viking Arrows!

For more pictures of their beautiful work go here:

Youth Into Archery 03/24/2015

Youth Into Archery

It makes us so happy to see the younger generations getting into archery. There is nothing like bonding with your loved ones, while learning a new skill together in the great outdoors. Here is a great blog post from our friends at Rose City Archery, Inc., and it features some really good advice if you've ever contemplated getting the kids involved in archery!

Youth Into Archery Youth Into Archery by Luke Strommen I remember going to Pines Youth Camp when I was a young boy. This was a week long, local bible camp tucked away in the pines located on the shores of the Fort Pe...

Photos from Zwickey Archery's post 01/26/2015

Today we received these incredible photographs of a very beaten-up Zwickey Eskimo. It has a crazy and terrifying story behind it…

In 1985, this arrowhead was used to save the life of Bill Hill, a guide in Montana after he was charged by a bear in the mountains. The man who shot the bear, Joe Skipp, was kind enough to send us these pictures of the blade used to save the guide’s life! He commented, “I shot into the Grizzly at 4'. Up behind the hump into the spine area. Not sure if the ferrule was broken when the arrow snapped off or the Investigators damaged the head removing it.”

The guide, and both the hunters that were there at the time were charged with killing a grizzly bear illegally, but were found innocent after a seven day trial.

If you want more details on the crazy story here's were to find some:

Everything you know about archery is a lie—and this dude can prove it 01/25/2015

Everything you know about archery is a lie—and this dude can prove it

The title of this article says it all! Who knew we were doing it wrong all these years! Help us bring back in its truest form. Share with someone that needs to brush up on their knowledge of archery.

Everything you know about archery is a lie—and this dude can prove it If Lars Andersen brought his bow and arrow to a gunfight, he'd win.

Timeline photos 01/20/2015

We hope you had a happy Monday, because ours was awesome! We reached 1,000 followers today, and that makes us happy! So to show our gratitude we are giving away a hat and a t-shirt to one of our AMAZING followers!! Like, share, or tag your favorite hunting partner to enter! Thanks for your support guys!

Dale Karch of 3Rivers Archery talks about broadheads 01/17/2015

Dale Karch of 3Rivers Archery talks about broadheads

WOW! We could not believe the difference in pe*******on!! This video will make you think twice about using anything other then a cut-on-contact broadheads. Great video 3Rivers Archery!!

Dale Karch of 3Rivers Archery talks about broadheads Dale Karch, owner of 3Rivers Archery, explains different kinds of broadheads and demonstrates their pe*******on power.

Timeline photos 01/16/2015

Zwickey Archery traditional style hats are finally in stock!! These hats are just as beautiful as our broadheads!

These designs are embroidered on soft brushed cotton, with a camouflage print under the bill. They also have a high quality metal buckle at the back that allows adjustment to any size.

Order here:

Photos from Zwickey Archery's post 01/15/2015

Think you are the ultimate hunter?? Try using Zwickey's 70,000 grain tips on your next hunting excursion! It went over really well at this year's ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis.


ROAD TRIP! The Zwickey Archery Team is in Indianapolis this week for the 2015 ATA Trade Show! So far there has been a lot of great conversation, and laughter, so if that sounds fun to you stop by our booth (it's #6052)!

Timeline photos 12/12/2014

Christmas is just around the corner, and we sure all feeling the holiday spirit here at Zwickey Archery! I hope everyone has a happy holidays during this beautiful time of the year!!

Don't forget Zwickey Apparel is 25% off through Christmas Day! Zwickey t-shirts would make a perfect last minute Christmas present for your best hunting buddies! Take a look:

Timeline photos 12/02/2014

Happy Birthday, Jack!!

Jack Zwickey, President of Zwickey Archery, turned 86 years old today, and he's as spritely as ever!! This crazy man still comes into the shop to work 7 days a week, and brings his two yellow labs, Emily and Chief, everyday.

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